tagAnalLe Semeur Ch. 03

Le Semeur Ch. 03


"So...you had an audition with Old Faithful tonight?"

Justin was incredulous that someone could produce that kind of volume. We were at the Bistro, my favorite Italian place, looking at each other across candlelight and plates of pasta. He had gone home while I was interviewing Clay in order to change. I knew tonight was going to be a special night; he had on a necktie and a tight collared shirt...that he looked about ready to burst out of.

"Yeah, he was pretty talented," I said, forking tortellini. "He's going to make a good addition to the team."

"And he's just a little nerd, isn't he?"

"I wouldn't say that...he looks a bit like me."

Justin immediately thought that he had offended me. "I didn't mean -- I thought -- you're not anything like that. If you're a nerd, you're a fucking sexy nerd."

"Thanks," I said, reaching out across the table to hold his hand. "I feel..." Oh no. Should I tell him this? "I feel lucky to have you. I, um...I love you."

Justin blushed beet-red. He looked down at his dinner and mumbled, "Really? 'Cause...'cause I love you, too, Chase."

I squeezed his hand and smiled at him. I leaned over the table and kissed him, a little wetness in my eyes. "Well..."

"Well..." he said, and chuckled.

"Well, you know what people do when they're in love?"

He smiles back at me. "They start a family?"

We both laughed. "I don't know...maybe I should stop taking the pill," I smirked. We laughed again.

Justin stopped suddenly. "Hey...this is something I've been wanting to go in for for a long time. We're both bi, and we both want...we both have that fetish. We're men..." (You got that right, I think in my head, looking at his physique.) "...so we can't get pregnant ourselves, so..." He faltered. "No. It's a dumb idea. I can't believe I'm even talking about it."

"No, keep talking," I said. "It sounds, um, interesting."

"Well, I was wondering if you'd be in for, uh, finding a girl who'd go for it and we both try to knock her up and, uh, we...we go from there."

"You mean, you want a -- a ménage-à-trois?"

"Only if you think it's a good idea," he said quickly.

"Good idea? I think it's a great idea! Only, where does this leave us?"

"Look," said Justin after some thinking. "I love you, Chase. It would just be physical with the woman. We'd make sure she knew that."

I thought about it for a moment. The thought of making a life with the guy I loved along with sating my need to make a baby was too much for me. "Let's do it! You got any ideas for the woman?"

Justin leaned in as if he were telling me a huge secret. "That woman at Le Semeur tonight. I could totally see her going for it."

"But you don't know anything about her. You don't even know where she lives."

"I told her to come back if it didn't take. We should know in at least a month."

I had actually gotten a look at that brunette. She was my type, definitely. She was short, with a cute smile and figure to match. She might have been thirty, but she looked younger. And had a totally suckable rack. "She would be good..." I finally said to Justin. "This is exciting. I can't wait to get started."

"Awesome," Justin said. I could see the lust start twinkling in his eyes as he grinned at me. "You...you wanna go to my place tonight?"

My heart started beating so fast that I thought it would fly away. I flagged down the waitress right then. "Check, please."

* * *

I sat on Justin's couch drinking a glass of Chianti. I looked at Justin as he stood at his counter, pouring himself a glass. He was already getting more comfortable; he had slipped his socks and shoes off, completely barefoot; his necktie was slung over a chair; his shirt was unbuttoned all the way down his chest, showing the wifebeater T-shirt underneath. He sat down on the couch beside me.

"Hey," I said. "Do you think...we've only been dating for a couple of weeks. Can we really take on this kind of lifetime commitment? I mean...I love you, but..."

"We'd only be making the baby. We wouldn't raise it," said Justin soothingly, rubbing his hand on my thigh.

"Isn't it wrong to create a life without intending to take care of it?"

Justin laughed a little. "The meaning of life is spreading your seed, babe."

His eyes were shining as he looked at me straight on. His hand worked its way up my leg and settled on my dick. I hummed out a long, low moan at the bottom of my voice. "I hope the baby will look like you. We need more people who look like you in the world."

Justin smiled and chuckled as he started to massage my stiffening penis. "How do you know it'll be mine? I know you got it in you, baby."

"Maybe...maybe it'll be both of ours. Maybe it'll be one of those things you read about on the news, where she'll have twins and either one has a different father..."

"How do we make that happen?" said Justin. I could see that dirty grin. He was starting to get aroused.

"You fuck, that's what you do. You have hot, sweaty, burn-the-sheets, claw-your-back sex."

"Hmm..." he smiled, kissing my neck. "I need practice."

I stopped him, looking at him right in the face. "You mean, tonight's the night?"

He kissed me deeply and fully, then looked back at me and whispered, "Yes."

"You inside me?"

"Me inside you."

Again, my heart started to beat furiously. "I love you," I whispered at him.

Pure sex flashed across his face. "Show it," he growled.

I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down past his ass. He wasn't wearing any underwear. That sly fox -- he came ready for action. I saw that behemoth of a penis, already throbbing before my eyes. "You're dick's so fucking huge," I told him. "You've got a monster." I licked the bulbous head of the cock again and again before sucking on it like a baby at a breast. Justin started to moan and jerked his hips so that a couple inches entered into my mouth. I took it in and devoured as much as I could, taking the hard penis as far into my mouth as it could go. I was rewarded for my efforts with some of Justin's pre-ejaculate dribbling out, all warm and salty, on my tongue.

I gripped the base of Justin's massive hard-on and kept working the dick in and out of my mouth. Sometimes I took it out and ran my tongue all over its veiny surface. "Baby, baby -- stop it. Wait!" Justin panted out in ragged breaths. "I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that. Let's get into the bedroom."

I was almost more eager than I've ever been in my entire life. I bounced into Justin's bedroom, almost upsetting my glass of wine. Justin followed me. I turned the light on once we got by the bed. I wanted to see everything.

I turned around to face Justin. He had walked out of the rest of his pants on the way over. I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and threw it on the ground. Giving his penis a few extra jerks to make sure he stayed hard (not that he needed any help), I stripped off his wifebeater and I got a nice, full view of that thick, beautiful beast of a body of his. I ran my tongue all over that taut, hot chest.

"Let's see you," Justin said to me. I stripped off my sweater and my shirt. "Ahh..." he let out. He ran his fingers along my torso, from my chest and along down my stomach. Then he gripped my arms. "Nice and fit and trim...damn hot, dude," he said.

He took off my pants, stripping down my underwear as well. "Are you ready?" he said, turning me around and gripping my hips.

"Never readier," I replied.

Justin went over to the table by his bed and took out a small bottle of Wet. I saw it and giggled a little. He bent me over, put some lube on his fingers, and started to grease my hole. I quivered as he did it. I turned my head around and saw him oiling up the monster. "This might hurt a little," he whispered in my hear as he bent over me.

I reached around and grabbed his as to pull him closer. "Make it hurt," I answered.

Justin blew out some air across my ear. I felt the head of his dick right up against my asshole. And then, with a little pushing, it went in. It took a couple of minutes, but eventually every last inch of Justin's throbbing cock was in my ass. Then Justin started pushing back and forth, back and forth. I humped my ass back at him. It burned a little, but it felt good to have the man I loved inside me.

We fucked ourselves into a frenzy. "Oh, baby," Justin groaned, "oh, baby, your ass is so hot..."

"Let me turn around," I said. "I want to see you as you fuck me."

Justin slipped out of me and I felt profoundly empty. I stripped back the sheets on his bed and lay down on my back, spreading my legs and opening up my ass for my lover. I jacked on my own raging cock as I waited for him. I kept jerking as Justin went back inside me. His heavily muscled arms supported him as he fucked that giant penis in and out of my tight hole. With my free hand, I played with Justin's hair and ran my hand down along his chest, which was starting to shine with sweat and get even more tense as Justin hammered into me with only one purpose.

It got too much for me. My penis erupted and thick ropes of sperm shot out, finding their landing zone on my chest and stomach. "Shit, babe," Justin said, "I can feel your ass tighten as you jizz..."

"Oh, God, give me your cum. Come inside my ass," I moaned.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...here it is...I'm gonna -- ah!" And with that, I felt Justin's semen splashing into me, squirt after squirt after squirt. He pulled out of my ass and collapsed on top of me. We lay there, a sweaty, jizzy mess, gasping for breath.

I tapped Justin on the back. "Just a sec. I have to go clean up."

Justin got off of me and said, "Of course, sure." Justin shuffled off to the kitchen, saying that he was going to wash off his dick. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up.

I came back to find Justin still stark naked, sprawled out in bed. His hand had been resting on his stomach, and as I discovered him, he was using two of his fingers to walk down each ab in his six-pack. "Hey," he said, catching my eye. "I would have lasted longer, but...I got excited for obvious reasons."

I climbed into bed with my Justin. We kissed each other. "We'll have lots of other times...hell, I'll be ready again later tonight, if you will." We both laughed.

And like that, with me wrapped in Justin's fine muscled arms, we two young naked men in love drifted into sleep.

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