tagTransgender & CrossdressersLe Sexe Superieur Ch. 01

Le Sexe Superieur Ch. 01


Around seven a.m. is always a hectic time around our place. Got to get our daughters Avery and Whitley dressed, give them some breakfast, make their school lunches, and not least of all, dress myself, then quickly put on some makeup, fix my hair and grab a bite.

My wife Hadley has already left around 6 a.m. because of her long commute. She's a civil engineer working for the state transportation department, and she travels a lot. The night before she leaves, I make her a snack for the road, iron a shirt or two, and if she's going to be gone multiple days, I make sure the laundry's done to give her enough clothes to take. She's truly the family's provider and I try to support her in every way. She works long hours!

This morning I make sure the girls have everything they need for school, pack them into our Toyota, and we're off. As they chat in the back seat while we wait at a stoplight, I adjust the rear-view mirror to check my makeup. Fortunately, I have a good complexion, so I don't need to apply much powder. And my eye makeup is rather minimal for an everyday look: just mascara and eyeliner with just a hint of gray-blue eyeshadow. I only have to apply Tender 'n' Smooth cream every weekend, so I don't need to shave daily like some guys do.

I leave Avery and Whitley at the school's drop-off curb, wish them a good day, then buzz over to work. Along the way, I pull alongside a car at a stoplight and glance over. The wife (I assume it's the wife) is driving, and I look at the husband, with nice, flowing long hair, dangle earrings, and a sleeveless dress. He's really very pretty and presentable, and he's smiling as they converse. I really can't see the wife very well, except to notice her slicked-back hair and what looks like a business suit.

Arriving in the parking lot at work, I exit, smoothing out my rather tight skirt over darkish opaque tights. My man-mound leaves a dent in it, which I'll admit is enhanced just a little with padding in my pocket-brief, just so it gets noticed. Of course, some guys do just fine without any help. My butt is accented nicely by the skirt, and it fortunately doesn't need any help. Today, I'm wearing a light tan sweater through which my nipples leave nice impressions. Like so many guys do, every night I rub in a little nipple enhancer which helps make them more prominent and visible.

I walk into the offices of the our local water service company, where I assist with billing. I've loyally worked there five years now.

"Hello Andrea," my boss Skyler greets me. We're long-time friends and we work well together. She's a little taller than me, with a nice trim figure. Today she's wearing dark trousers, along with a starched blue shirt and tie. She has good taste in ties and I compliment her. She gives me the once-over and I notice her eyes make the briefest of stops at my man-mound, and then my prominent nipples.

"You're looking spiffy today," she offers. "I hope your wife appreciates your taste in clothes."

"I get the occasional compliment," I joke. "Hadley is so busy. But, you know, she actually buys me clothes once in a while. Actually, it's usually lingerie .... "

We both laugh.

"Well, I just wish my husband had your taste," she comments. "He can be a little lackluster in the clothes department. But he did lose some weight recently."

From time to time, I've wondered if Skyler is attracted to me beyond friendship, but she's never made any moves or given me anything beyond gift cards for Christmas and birthday. And that increases my comfort level and trust. We often go out to lunch together. She doesn't have any children.

It's time for me to do my four hours of data entry, so I ease into my office chair, push a wandering strand of hair out of my eyes, put on my stylish eyeglasses, have a cup of coffee ready, and get to work.

Around me are around four other office worker bees, all male, and all dressed similarly. I hate to say this, but we're all sort of competing for the attention of the office's overall boss, Peyton. It's stupid and total nonsense, and she comes across as this really swaggering, ne'er-do-well -- like she's a bad, bad girl -- and she does have that come-hither twinkle in her eye. Just to be clear, she's definitely the boss, and the office works together very well. But just to be around her is to be drawn into her freewheeling ways. Her hair is longer than usual for a woman, and it has a golden hue. Her ample breasts are kept subdued under the vests she likes to wear, like a riverboat gambler. Trim, creased trousers and cowboy boots complete the picture. And there's the subtle aroma of a husky Yardley scent. Not least of all, Peyton's single.

It's commonly known that Peyton's been trying to put the make on my co-worker Bobbie, who's now separated from his wife. Involuntarily, the rest of us are a big jealous, and maybe we're trying to look just a bit sexier to compete.


(Note: This is a really short first chapter of a novella, but with the beginning of the new year I wanted to set the scene and get the action going. Writing the whole story will take more imagination than my previous stories did. Leave some comments about where you'd the story to go if you wish ... It should be a fun ride.)

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/08/18

Try to read "The left hand of darkness" by Ursula le Guin make those cogs turn!

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by ValoryG01/14/18

Response .....

Please picture a world in which gender roles (and therefore clothing, etc.) are reversed (as an exercise of the reader's imagination). The only thing not changing, of course, is that women are still havingmore...

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by mumblegooseegg01/12/18


very promising -- sincerely hope you can keep on in this intriguing vein!

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by Anonymous01/12/18

I actually loved the way the reader is just dumped in at the deep end and has to work out the basis for the world the story is set in, not all authors can pull this off but I think you did.

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by Anonymous01/12/18


Why are the men and women dressed as opposite genders ? I understand he concept you just did not give any introduction as to why

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