tagTransgender & CrossdressersLe Sexe Superieur Ch. 09

Le Sexe Superieur Ch. 09


Luis and Fiona leave late in the evening. Too late, really, for Peyton and me to get enough sleep for the next day. We get around four hours of shuteye, after showering and me stepping into my nightgown. I suppose because my boss and I had so much sex with Luis and Fiona, we sleep apart.

Next morning, Peyton again locks me into my brass, elastic and leather lingerie, and tight shoes. And again, they make me horny.

This new day involves more whirlwind meetings, sneaked glances at other guys and women, and constantly politely smiling at people Peyton introduces me too. On this day, I wear a more substantial, longer dress to deal with the overly air-conditioned rooms, and yes, I keep grabbing those great pastries.

Peyton and I go out shopping during the noon hour. She's looking for fashionable trousers and a leather jacket (she finds only the trousers), but she also manages to drag me into a "special" men's store to buy me some quite sexy panties and nylons. She insists on picking them out: more lacy and frilly than I like (including one blue pair with ruffles on the rear- which she laughingly refers to as "rhumba panties"). Rhumba, rhumba. Then she checks her smart phone and quickly takes us via Lyft car to a wig shop, where she has me fitted for a very long hairpiece with faux hair all the way down to my waist ...

It seems she has a very specific vision of what she wants her little Andrea to be. As for me, as long as she's buying, I don't care what she has in mind.

That evening, we dine again with Luis and Fiona, who then depart to drive back to Austin. Too bad; I wanted to know Fiona better.

So, Peyton and I end up back in her suite, feeling just fine after the evening's wine. We watch TV for a while we wind down. She pulls me close alongside her with a strong arm around my neck and shoulders. I feel her warmth. She makes me feel content.

"I liked your perfume today, Andrea," she confesses. "You looked great and you were so helpful. Some people mentioned how lucky I am to have you."

"What did they mean by 'have you'?"

"Now, now, your imagination is running away with you, Andrea! ... Well, so now our little trip is coming to a close. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, really. And thanks for shopping for me today. But I do feel a little guilty about cheating, if you know what I mean."

"What happens in Saint Louis stays in Saint Louis," she says in a bemused way. "Look at it this way: You expanded your world a little."

"Yeah. I'll be honest with you, Peyton. I'm realizing ... I enjoy ... being submissive. I like serving you, I do. I like being under the control of a powerful woman ... and ... I like giving you pleasure. So there it is."

"Why thank you, Andrea. It's rare that someone I'm involved with speaks so honestly and ... reveals so much. On my end, I truly enjoy having you be my slut and my concubine. I like making you into my complete sex object. I know exactly what I like and I usually end up getting it." She smiles a broad, confident smile.

And with that, she has me stand and lifts the dress up over my head, carefully spreading it out on a sofa. I'm wearing only her erotic lingerie and shoes. She leads me into her room, where she carefully releases me from the three tight garments, but leaves the cock ring in place. As usual, I get moist rather quickly.

She undresses completely and I love looking at her breasts, butt and tiny cunt. The somewhat masculine image she cultivates has now diminished. But her voice is still commanding and not to be denied.

"Do you still have the tampon inside you?"

I turn around to show her the string hanging loose between my buns' cheeks.

"Go change," she orders, handing me a new one. "Time for a new one."

Which I do, in the bathroom. I really do enjoy having these inside me! Makes me feel so ... womanly.

When I return, there's a new garment laid out on her bed, along with the long wig she bought earlier.

"I found this at a specialty shop on the Internet," she says. "Try it on ..."

This is no longline corset like she had me wear before, which was so arousing. No, this is much more glamorous - a red outfit looking a little like the woman's swim suit that I'd seen in my sister's book - what women wore 50 years ago - cut high on the hips and strapless, with a low-cut back. Except this is made from a satiny material with some rhinestones around the bust. After slipping into some blackish seamed pantyhose Peyton also provides, I pull it on. After she zips it up in back, it's very, very tight, deliciously compressing my waist. I stuff my cock and balls out of the way. We insert some panties and whatnot into the cups and now I have nicely projecting tits ...

We top it off with the very long, blonde wig (which we arrange down my back with an elastic). Peyton has me enhance my day's makeup with some hot red lipstick. And then those locked shoes go back on. She does a 360 around me, eyeing me from all sides.

"And oh yes, dab on a little more of that perfume you were wearing today."

Which I gladly do.

"Do you know what you're wearing, Andrea?"

"Looks like something a Las Vegas showgirl might have worn years ago. I like the way it makes my waist tiny."

"Ever hear of Hugh Hefner and Playboy and Playboy bunnies?"

"Well, I've seen a couple photos of these playgirls - bunnies."

Peyton smiles. "This is an actual Playgirl outfit, Andrea. When I was growing up I had this fantasy of being fucked by a Playgirl, as unusual as that might sound. Girl fucking girl, you know."

"Ah-ha. And so ... "

"And so, my little playgirl slut, you are finally going to fuck me ..."

She dashes my hopes by digging out a strapon dildo, which she helps me ease into. The prong is black and long, larger than my own erection, and, I guess, reinforces her image of me as a woman.

I almost protest. This isn't exactly what I agreed to!

But she's already positioned herself on the edge of the high bed, lying there with her legs open and cunt beckoning, as I walk up, like the woman I imagine myself to be, and allow her to put her muscular legs over my shoulders. With a pillow under her head, she's taking me in, both visually and physically, as I toy with the tip of my black cock against her nubbin, before slowly inserting it just below. She closes her eyes briefly, her eyelids flutter and she breathes deeply as she completely relishes the moment. I'm now inserted up to the hilt of the dildo. I pull back a few inches, and then give her an energetic thrust or two back up to the hilt.

It's funny; the tables are turned; oddly enough, I feel like I now own her. I'm fucking her, for Christ's sake. There's some ESP or something passing between us; I know exactly what she needs and wants and I'm giving it to her.

I now have my hands on her thighs over my boobs as I begin thrusting somewhat faster, and with longer thrusts. Her breasts are quivering with the motion. She closes her eyes again and clenches her teeth, then says, "Jesus, Jesus, give it to me." She takes a deep breath and sighs. "Goddamn it, FUCK. FUCK."

And so we are in an intensity I have never experienced with Hadley.

After a couple minutes, she relaxes a bit and has me stop. I don't think she's had an orgasm, although she seemed headed there, and I think she's disappointed.

Seeing her sweating, and acting less cocksure and commanding, I see a new softer side of her. She temporarily removes her legs from my shoulders.

She has me remove the strapon, which I let fall to my tight shoes. I enjoy the hell out of wearing this corset-like outfit; seeing my healthy cupped breasts and my narrow waist, and feeling that long wispy hair fall down my back to my waist.

"Now, Andrea, unsnap your crotch and let's see your own dick, baby." She laughs. "Go for it."

My cock unfurls itself, and drops of pre-cum immediately form on its tip. I smooth the slippery liquid around and hold the enlarging, warm organ in my hand.

"Does your dick want to come home?" she asks, smiling.

"That's about right."

I don't wait for an invitation. She raises her legs over me again, and I insert. This time, I'm in too much of a frenzy to start out subtly, and begin thrusting deep and quickly.

"Whoa, slow down, slow down, slut" she instructs. "Let's not do the 3,000 RPM, OK?"

"Oh, OK."

So I return to a slow fuck. She is so warm and slippery inside. Her little tuft of hair just above her cleft turns me on. Then with a little more force I insert myself fully, and I mean fully, into her and leave it there. Wait a moment. Pull all the way out and insert fully again, with a little force.

Now we're on the same wavelength again. Her eyelids begin fluttering again, and she begins to twist her body this way and that to more fully engage my cock. Her hand makes its way down to her cleft, and her waist begins to rise off the bed. Her head falls back as she tightens, gasps, tightens some more, and shrieks. And shrieks some more.

(Whoever's in the next suite will either figure there's sex or murder going on in here.)

This makes me fuck with total abandon, and, taking a last glance at my bejeweled breasts cupped in tight red satin, I throw my head back and come, come, come.

Afterwards, she rewards me with a long, lingering kiss. She insists that I sleep with her still wearing the Playgirl outfit. She says she likes to feel my tits and nice waist and my girly dick and long hair.

We fly back home the next day, having shed our libertine selves for the time being. It'll be back to business. She doesn't even make me insert a tampon for the trip. For Peyton, it's back being a very competent pilot and my boss, but of course things have changed between us. Who knows where our relationship will go?

I have a wife and two kids to go home to, and she to her adventurous single life. For myself, I'm kinda glad to get off this fast train ... for a while.

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