tagTransgender & CrossdressersLe Sexe Superieur Ch. 11

Le Sexe Superieur Ch. 11


It's back to work at the water department and with Peyton.

I'm proud of Bobbi. She filled in for me so well. She's still trying to attract the boss, who looks even sexier with some of the clothes she bought in Saint Louis. Peyton flirts with her, but that's about it.

Wilson, the new and single female employee, Bobbi reports, is working out well, and doesn't seem to have eyes (so far, anyway) for any of the pretty male employees. However, several of the boys have been trying to cozy up to her.

Over time, I've upped my work wardrobe with some sexier and snazzier things, mostly responding to Peyton's attentions and requests. Padded panties are now my everyday underwear, along with "nip" bras. My hair's longer, and I have it styled. My makeup is more come-hither. When I go shopping for groceries after work, I'm aware of more women checking me out, and I fantasize about seducing and bedding them. From time to time I even wear a waist cincher to give me an even more attractive middle.

From time to time - no surprise here - Peyton and I make out a little while we're ostensibly having a management meeting. It makes me want to fuck and be fucked royally again. But any initiative is up to her! Who knows who else she's playing with?

The new development - something I haven't dealt with before - is that our office is going through its bi-annual audit by a company from out of town. This is really Peyton's overall responsibility, so when the team of three women CPAs visits, I'm introduced, and then they're ushered into an empty office with computers so they can examine our records and financial transactions. As far as I know, I've done my job by the book, and I assume Peyton has too, so I don't give it another thought.

The three auditors - two middle-aged and the third just out of college and newly a CPA - are all smartly dressed in business suits. Of the middle-aged pair, one is plump with her dark hair severely brought back into a bun. She's the team leader, and she has a certain air of impassive "it's all business." For some strange reason, I keep looking at her, wondering where she comes from sexually.

Two days into their visit, after they've left for the day (presumably to go out on the town) Peyton calls me into her office, with a concerned look on her face.

"Andrea, Andrea. We've got to talk."

"Yes?" I wonder if she's hot to plan another scene.

She closes the door. "It's the auditors. There's this one, Hudson, the big one, who approached me today. I won't pretty this up at all. She found some funny stuff on the books. Just after the last audit, I made an unauthorized loan to myself from the miscellaneous account; around $4,000. I had this girlfriend that I was trying to impress, so I was buying her stuff. Stuff that was way too expensive. Didn't work; she ditched me. Me, Peyton! I paid the account back in full after three months. I thought I'd covered my tracks but Hudson knows what to look for."

"Jesus. So where is this going?" I ask. It's unusual for me, but I put a reassuring hand on her arm. "Hudson? Is that her first or last name?"

"First. She made it clear that she found this independently, and the other two aren't in the know."

"And ... ."

"Here's the part you may find hard to believe. She said that since I'd paid the amount back, she wouldn't tell my boss in public works."


"But ... . That was only if I did something for her."

"Which is ...?"

"This involves you, I'm sorry to say. Please listen before you reach any conclusions. She said she saw you looking at her out of more than mere curiosity. And she looked at you, too, out of more than just curiosity."

"Well," I admitted, "I looked at her wondering if she was butch or hetero or what. There was some strange flavor about her personality."

"And here's where I tell you more," says Peyton. "One other time when she was here I saw something in her too, when she was a bit more trim and attractive, and we ended up doing an SM and bondage thing at my place. So that's her strange flavor, I guess. She's thoroughly a dominant. She ran me through her paces."

"OK, so ...?"

"So she says she'll cover over what I did if she can do another scene ... with you and me ... at my place."

I'm perturbed: "And I had nothing to do with your little loan. And you want me to save your job? To give in to this blackmail?"

"Yes. I'll make it up to you. Somehow."

I really like seeing her beg - the high-flying, roguish boss who played with me; inveigled me into having sex with her, et cetera.

And yet, something strangely draws me toward this kind of kink, which I hadn't tasted until our little evening at her place, with me handcuffed and being led around by my balls. How would this play out with her and me being under the control of this amazon Hudson woman? It's no surprise that my horniness and curiosity get the best of me. I consent, under the condition that for future rendezvous with Peyton, I say when and what.

Maybe this chain of events will actually be in my favor (unless of course, my wife finds out).

As for my wife, I tell her that Peyton and the audit woman and I are going out for dinner, to celebrate a fine and satisfactory audit, "just to thank Hudson for a job well done." Hadley, also working in the government sector, is very familiar with audits, so she gives her blessing for the evening. I dress up nice - not too sexy - nonetheless with shaped panties and nip bra, and shoes with modest heels.

But of course we don't go out for dinner at all.

I arrive at Peyton's expansive apartment just as Hudson pulls up in a black luxury sedan. She greets me with a thin smile and stony eyes, wrapped in a long black leather coat. She's wearing a mannish, wide-brimmed black leather hat as well. Me, in my colorful, thin dress and stylish shoes, and lipstick, feel at a loss for words, just muttering, "How are you?" She just looks at me blankly and goes up the steps ahead of me.

Inside, Peyton hasn't changed clothes from the office. She smiles briefly, welcomes us, and serves some finger food and liquor.

Hudson in a deep voice: "My good friend Peyton. I have missed you. I see you convinced your second-in-command to join us. Good. I like his looks."

Before sitting down, Hudson takes off her coat, revealing her bulky body encased in a black, shiny leather corset, from which her large breasts nearly spill out. Her black-nyloned legs are zipped into long spike-heeled leather boots. Around her neck is an over-the-top spiked choker, with a similar bracelet around her left wrist.

"Hudson, you look absolutely dangerous tonight," Peyton quips.

"You have to pay for your financial misadventure," says the auditor, smiling thinly.

After the food and drinks, we all go into Peyton's playroom, where Hudson - her hair still back in a severe bun - selects a short whip and slaps it against her other hand authoritatively. She has Peyton and I strip and then cuffs our wrists together while facing each other. And then the same with our ankles.

"Andrea, put your leg between Peyton's and make contact with her cunt, and you both kiss each other. Be my loverboys."

It's funny, my lipstick against Peyton's lips, my perfume mixing with her sweat. Suddenly we're equals, so to speak. Before, she'd held the power. I sense her hesitation as she steps out of her role - and her confusion about how to behave or react.

I take the initiative in kissing, for once. Strange! Maybe that's exactly what Hudson wants.

As we kiss, Hudson walks around us, drawing her whip - a riding crop - across our fannies, along our arms and legs, and in around our genitals. My erection rises between Peyton and me, and I know Hudson sees it.

"You have been very, very bad," says Hudson, swatting Peyton's derriere loudly. "Tell me how bad you have behaved."

Peyton swallows her pride and says, "I have sinned. Please forgive me, Mistress Hudson."

Hudson gives her another loud swat, and I feel Peyton's body cringe in response. It's not kind on my part, but I actually enjoy seeing Peyton brought down to earth. Yet I feel close to her, like she's my sister or something.

My nipples touch hers.

Then Hudson swats me until I'm forced to say, "I am bad, Mistress Hudson, because I did nothing to stop Peyton. Please forgive me."

"Keep kissing, you two," barks Hudson.

The evening has just begun.

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