It was cold, dark, the middle of winter and I stayed way too long at the drinks night for work, once again having to run for the second last train out to Emerald, because the next one was another 30 minutes away and I didn't want to be sitting on the platform in the loop by myself on a Friday night at 11:00pm. I hadn't drunk too much as I had to drive home from the station, but still the night was pretty good. An old mate turned up and did drink too much, falling off his barstool and rolling his ankle. Staying around long enough to see if he was alright meant I had to bolt.

I sprang down the escalators and dived into the doors just as they were closing, then found my customary seat at the back of the train. The carriage was almost empty except for some girls giggling up the other end, so the i-pod went in and I tuned out completely.

This was why I jumped when three stops later she sat down opposite me. I had seen her a couple of times on the train but was never able to catch where she got on or got off. She wasn't a stunning girl by any stretch so I don't know what it was about her that made me lose my breath. Maybe it was the short cropped white hair, the face jewellery, or the tights and boot combination that worked for so many but on her seemed different. Silver tights, mmm...

"Nice, aren't they?" Oh shit...

"Sorry?" I replied, pulling the earphones out.

"The boots. Their nice, huh? That was what you were staring at?" She smiled, both of us knowing full well it wasn't.

"Um, yeah, sorry. They just reminded me of my friends."

I just remembered what it was about her. She had a confidence that radiated. When she spoke on the phone or to her friends, the silky command in her voice was intoxicating. I could tell she was persuaded the same way I was, she had that look about her, but confidence is the sexiest quality in a person that ever existed, and hers made my spine tingle...

"I've seen you on this train a couple of times before, but don't you usually catch the earlier one?"

"Um, yeah. We had a work function tonight though. I thought I would hang around, you know, cause..." Oh shit, shut up Holly, you're babbling. She smiled to herself, almost hearing what I was thinking and I felt myself going a bright red.

"So your other work buddies didn't go?"

"What other work buddies?"

"The ones you fight with on the way home. The others on the train."

"Oh no, they're not my work friends, I just know them from the train trip we share." A dollar for every time someone had assumed that. Well, actually, that would only be a couple of dollars, HA. Shit, how much had I had to drink...

"Awesome. Well, if you're not averse to making friends on the train, my names Leah." She held out her hand.

"Hi, Holly." I took it, and she squeezed, not too firmly, but as I softly let go, she caught my finger, dragging along it. Her eyes bored into me and I think that was the moment I lost control a little.

We sat awkwardly for a few seconds and it was all I could do not to drop my gaze back down to those gorgeous legs. She shuffled around in her bag for a minute and then pulled out her i-phone. As her attention was drawn to it, I took the opportunity to look her over properly. She had a black knee length jacket and silver stockings covering her knees as her crossed legs poked out the top of it. The boots were Ug boot style and came up over her ankles, and she casually kicked her leg out in a show of pent up energy. I traced her all the way up, begging for a small show of what was under that coat and starting to picture what she might look like without it, and without what was under it, when I met her eyes. She smiled that smile that said I know what you're looking at and I smiled back, busted again, but not really caring.

As her leg lazily kicked the air I crossed mine diagonally to hers. Her gaze never left her phone and I for a second wondered if I didn't give her the same feelings she gave me. I panged with disappointment and put my headphones in, trying to tell myself to get a grip, get back to the car and forget about this, when her leg grazed mine.

"Oh, sorry," she said, looking up quickly and smiling. "Not watching..."

She turned herself away again and we went back to what we were doing for another stop, but once again, her leg grazed mine. I looked her in the eye and she looked back at me, smiling. "Sorry" she whispered, but the swaying of her leg slowed and turned into a slow caress of my legs. Her gaze dropped back to her phone as she sent tingles through my thighs. I sat back, pushing my jacket into my waist and resettling my bag, all the while mentally unable to move my leg out of her reach. What the fuck was I doing?

For the next ten minutes we exchanged smiles and compliments, as her feet explored my thigh and my tights got wetter.

Two stops before I was able to get off, and Leah sat up, leaning forward. I jolted out of the haze her touch was giving me. "You getting off?" she whispered, smiling that smile I couldn't take my eyes off as her hand ran along the edge of my knee. "T-two more stops." I stammered. .

"That quick?" She grinned, and I realised then the double edged question. She was coming on to me. Both palms explored my crossed legs as she stared me down, playfully tickling the spot behind my kneecap.

"No, mm-my car's at Emerald..." I couldn't explain what she was doing to me but these were feelings I hadn't ever had before. I felt completely helpless and willing at the same time. I don't know whether it was the time, the long day, the perfume she radiated or what it was, but I was hypnotized. Her eyes bored into me and if she wanted to she could have stripped me and laid me down on the bench there and then.

But she didn't. She sat back and watched me, still kicking that gorgeous leg in the air and smiling.

As we pulled up to the station I stood, and so did she. I paused to let her out first and she turned back to me. "Come on." I didn't understand at first, I was going anyway, but I followed her out. She slowed and I came up next to her, feeling led along like an obedient poodle. We turned into the car park and walked toward the end. There were a couple of cars still down the back and mine was concealed behind another one.

"You know, I've seen you a few times on the train home. I normally get off a couple of stops later, but I heard you telling your mates earlier this week you were looking forward to the night out tonight, so I thought I'd take a chance and park here to see if I could catch you on the way home."

"Oh." Was that all I could muster? My hands were shaking.

"I know you saw me too. I've caught you looking so many times I've lost count."

"I, um..."

"Don't respond." She stopped me in mid sentence! God I wanted her. "I liked it. It made me very, well, you know..."

We made it to my car and I stepped over to the door. She followed. "Nice car. How long you had it?" She came up next to me as I unlocked the door and threw my bag in. For some reason I didn't follow it.

"A couple of years." I responded, closing the door gently. "It was my brother's but he traded up so I just bought it off him. Piece of junk really..." I lied. I was twitching and feeling the blubbering coming on again. I could barely look at her without feeling like I was going beetroot red.

"Hey Holly, do you mind if I test a theory?" she whispered.

Oh Fuck...

"Uh, no, I mean wha..."

Leah cupped my cheek with her palm and leant in. Her lips met mine before I could get the question out. I wanted to push back, but couldn't. I was frozen. It happened so quickly I was rooted to the spot. She swung around in front of me trapping me against my car as she dropped her bag, moving her right hand around my waist.

She pulled back for a second. "Thank you. That's that one out of the way. Now let's try this one." She moved in again, pressing her body hard up against mine and forced my lips open with her tongue. I was melting there on the spot, completely lost and stunned, when I felt her hand move around to the front of my stomach. I instinctively pulled my hand onto hers to stop it moving up, and she pulled back. "No" was all she said. Not pushy, not demanding, more instructive. I wilted and moved my hand around to her elbow, and she started to explore me.

Her fingers sent sparks of lightning through me as they wandered up and around my breasts, tracing the underside of them, back and forth before moving up the side of my left breast before her finger grazed over my very sensitive nipple.

"Aahhh..." I moaned into her mouth as she continued to dominate me. I was powerless to stop her and at that point, had no desire to at all. She left my lips and traced around my cheek, working towards my ear.

"You are so fucking sexy" she whispered, and pulled back. She stared right into my eyes. "Be a good girl and keep an eye out." She said, and winked as she leant towards my cheek, her tongue taking us on a journey of its own.

All I could manage was a nod, both hoping and fearing above anything what that meant. Both hands cupped my chest now as her thumbs worked my nipples and I shuddered, eyes rolling back into my head. Then her hands started their decent, as her lips found my neck. I grabbed the roof of the car and moaned, begging her onwards with my mind. She traced my hips and moved her hands around to my rear, cupping and squeezing my cheeks. She moaned into my neck and traced back around to my lips, leaning her head against mine and staring into my eyes.

One hand came up. Her finger found the top of my leggings, dipping inside as she pulled back from my neck and stared into my soul.

It traced around, pulling them down a fraction as her eyes never left mine. I whimpered, as if in pain, but not. I was soaked, so hot I was melting, and so shaky, my legs were about to give way, but I held her eyes, demanding myself to impress her, prove how strong I was.

Her finger traced all the way around to the front. "Ipsy Wipsy spider..." she whispered, as her hand plunged into my tights. Her index finger found my slit and pressed into it.

"Please..." I whispered, as she plunged down past it, dragging up again and almost all the way out, her fingers remaining in. I didn't know what I was begging for, but nothing else came out. I was on fire...

"Climbed up the water spout" Her hands found the sides of my leggings. She grabbed them with her fists and locked her arms.

"Down came the rain" She pushed them down, dropping to her knee and as I pushed my hips out, and my leggings came down. I tried to watch for other people, tried to be discreet and not make too much noise...

"And ate the spider out..."

Her tongue touched my thigh.

I bucked and my knee bent, giving her all the access she needed. She slowly traced upward, her hands tracing the back of my leg as she kissed the front.

"Oh fuck, please, please, keep... uh" I was incoherent as she coated my inner thigh with her saliva, ascending at a painfully slow rate. I couldn't hold it any more. She hadn't even made contact yet and I could feel it building. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her up, ramming her mouth onto me.

"Oh FUCK" She hit my clit with a ferocity it needed, and if there was anyone within earshot they would have come running, and I would have let them. Nothing was going to stop the wave that was about to hit.

Her tongue lashed up and around my clit as a finger traced across my entrance. I came harder than anyone had made me come before, ever. The convulsions racked my body as she held her position over my clit and entrance, moaning and intensifying my orgasm.

She stayed there a second as I slowly regained the strength in my legs before standing up. She came back up to her feet and as I pulled my leggings back up, her palms found my cheeks again. She kissed me, softly and sweetly, my cum covering my face. I pulled her in, my hands begging to explore her, somehow return that passion, but feeling like anything I could come up with would come up short.

"Come home with me." She whispered, and turned away, bag on shoulder towards a small RX7 parked across the car park road. My breathing slowly returned to normal but my pulse thudded as loudly as ever as I dropped into the driver's seat, panting as though I had run a marathon. Fuck, I needed a cigarette! I started the engine and followed her out.

She turned right, home was left. I didn't know her from a bar of soap and she had given me the greatest sexual experience I had ever had, but to follow her meant trying to improve on perfection. Turning away would leave her behind forever, never to be tarnished.

But if anyone could improve on perfection, she could. I put my indicator on and turned...

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