tagSci-Fi & FantasyLeandra: Prey or Huntress?

Leandra: Prey or Huntress?


She put up an on-line personal ad a few short months ago. She was getting a lot of responses in the form of e-mails, IMs, and winks.

He IMd her, using fancy words and flattery. Telling her from the start how beautiful she is with her redhair and sexy smile and how she won't end up wanting him. He said from the beginning he was a no-strings-attached kind of guy. But she was an emotionally-attached and charged kind of woman. This information did not suit her. She confessed that what aroused her most were words. He supplied her with a link to literotica and told her to read it. "If it makes you tingle, let me know and we can fix it." So, boldly, she sent her own literotica link to her erotic writing. He claimed that he wrote his, she didn't know about that. But it was nice, having her writing on hand for just such an occasion.

She gave him an option of which story he wanted to read. She noticed his story was a two-parter and she wasn't sure she was up to reading a long sex story. She plowed through it and enjoyed the story. She had to give the guy props, he was a good writer and drew her into his story. She said, "You only have one story?" He took offense to this. He thought very highly of himself and asked her how could she expect more from him. She imagined him strutting around, all puffed up and cocky, with his cock raised. She laughed and told him this. He went on and on about how complete his story was, how detailed, how long, how masterful his story was and was shocked that she could ask for more stories. To her story he said, hot stuff. Did he even read it? Did she even care? No. He told her he wanted her. He asked where she lived, yah right like she was gonna tell some strange guy where she lives. Moron. He said, "I could be halfway there already." She said she bets he could be. He wouldn't get that chance...or would he?

She enjoyed bantering with him, playing hard to get. She enjoyed making him hard with her words. Ah yes, the lioness enjoys toying with her prey. He asked if she would partake in mutual masturbation, if not in person, at least on the phone. "It wouldn't even be phone sex, just the climax." She replied coolly, "That's anti-climatic." He was getting frustrated, demanding an answer from her. She said no and he said maybe another time. But he thanked her for the stories they would be helping him tonight. She laughed and said her goodbyes, preparing to go to sleep.

She tossed and turned, trying desperately to get comfortable. She gave up after twenty minutes of sleeplessness. She logged on-line, went back to his story, that she had previously bookmarked. She was feeling aroused by the stories and the flirtation. She looked at her buddy list and noticed He was on-line as well. She knew it was crazy, dangerous even, but she was thoroughly taken by him. She IMd him and gave him her phone number. The phone rang.



"This is um, my first time having phone sex."

"All the better. I love first times and coming of age stories and situations. Which is why my story was the best one."

"I'm already of age." She replied a bit quickly.

"Yes I know, I saw that from your profile. I also see that you're not too far from where I live. What county are you in? Just give me that, at least." After careful consideration she told him. She got comfortable.

"Do you have a webcam?" He asked. She said no. "Tell me what you are doing."

"Maybe I will. Maybe I won't."

"Don't toy with me. Touch yourself." He commanded. His voice edgy and demanding.

"You like ordering a woman around, don't you?" He didn't answer her. He was stroking himself.

"Well, are you touching yourself?" She laughed and pulled her shirt off.

"No, but I just removed my shirt. What are you wearing?"

"Boxers. What are you wearing, babe? My cock is getting nice and hard for you."

"A silk chemise." She lied. "I'm really wearing matching pajama pants and shirt."

"I like the chemise better. What color?" He asked.

"If I were wearing one it would be violet. But I'm wearing angel pjs."

"You a goody-two-shoes, angel?" He asked, his voice deep. "I like good girls."

"Some think I am. Hmm, it's chilly in here. My nipples are getting hard." She lied, enjoying the interaction.

"Pinch them for me, babe. Pretend I'm there touching them. How's it feel?"

"Mm feels good." She says.

"Now I'm sucking on them, you like that don't you?"

"I might like that."

"You're being coy again. You're good at that."

"Mm yes I'm good at a lot of things." She looked at the clock and saw that it was only 1 am. She was horny and itching to be held and caressed.

"What else are you good at?" He asked.

"Get a pen and some paper. Write down this address. You can probably get here in an hour, if you drive 65 mph. You still want me?"

"Ooh yes, more than ever. Not afraid I'm going to kidnap you?" She laughed.

"I'd like to see you kidnap me without getting your dick bit off by my guard animal first."

"Ooh talk dirty to me more." He pleaded.

"Oh stop with the oohing. If you aren't here in an hour, I get back in my car and leave and you will never hear from me again. Got it?"

"I can't wait." She hung up the phone, walked into her room and let her bird out of its cage. She went to her dresser and picked out the violet chemise she spoke of, black silk gloves and perfumed herself with lavender essence. She lit a few candles and took out a matching blind fold.

"Men are so gullible, aren't they my sweet?" The bird chattered and laughed with her. "He sounds like a big old oaf that is used to getting his own way. I bet he has his way with weak women often. Ah, he barked up the wrong tree this time, didn't he? Poor SOB won't know what hit him. She laughed evilly, preparing herself, setting her plan into motion. She threw on a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie, she zipped up. She perched the medium sized bird on her shoulder and hopped into the car. She drove a few minutes and turned the car off in the middle of the empty parking lot. When she had her guard pet with her she never felt unsafe or vulnerable. When she had in the past, bitten off more than she could chew, so to speak, he helped himself to the chewing. He was a good familiar and obedient to his mistress.

A jet black sports car pulled into the parking lot. It was a warm spring night and the top was off the convertible. His hair was down to his shoulder, he had a stereotypical surfer look to him. Bright blue eyes, tan skin, most likely already forming wrinkles on his clear physique. He looked about 6'2 feet, chiseled features, angular face, well-toned, but not overly built. He wasn't a muscle-head and this pleased her. He parked the car and stepped out, he walked up to her window. She rolled the window down halfway.

"Leandra?" He asked. She stuck her gloved hand out the window. Her green eyes mesmerizing him. "I'm Raul. Where do you want to go? There's a motel down the road, it's secluded." The heat from his hand spread up her arm, she elegantly pulled her hand away from him. He ducked his head in to look into her car. The bird on her shoulder startled him and he took a step away from the car.

"Scared of a little bird, are we?" Her voice like silk. "Tut, well precious I am sure he's a canine type of guy. We mustn't take offense right?" She spoke to the bird on her shoulder. The bird bobbed its head and said "nuts," she laughed. "Relax, Raul, Arden won't harm you. He *likes* men, usually." He moved closer to the car, and nodded at the bird.

"Just not used to birds, is all. The motel?" He asked.

"I have a better idea. Why don't you come inside, we can go to my special place." A warning bell went off in Raul's head, but being a thick-headed male, he ignored it. The warning said, careful, this one plays with fire. He locked his car and ran his fingers through his hair, peered into the mirror and then got into her car. He'd never had the woman make the decision where to go, but what the hell, he was horny and as soon as he got her in bed, he'd have the control back again and have her wrapped around his dick, literally. Once he was sitting beside her, she turned to him and he got a full view of her for the first time. They hadn't exchanged pictures on the internet. There was a stray tendril of hair, peeking out from her hood and it was red. He hoped the old adage of redheads being great in the sack was true. He wanted to know desperately if there's fire up above, so too fire down below. Was she flaming there too? She was wearing black satin gloves and her neckline plunged dangerously low.

"Hmm, dangerous for who?" She asked and winked. He blinked twice, stupefied. "You were looking at my cleavage." She amended.

"True. So where are we going?" He slid his hand across the seat and placed it on her right thigh. She raised her thigh a bit higher up, easier access for him. "Nice gym clothes. They don't really go with the gloves though. What happened to the silk chemise, baby?" The bird stared at him, his vision moving down, resting on his crotch, he didn't notice the bird, but the bird noticed him. He rubbed his package, moving his hand higher up her thigh. They drove for about fifteen minutes and came to a stop in the middle of the woods. He opened the door and waited for her to get out of the car. She remained seated, staring at him, expectantly.

"Oh, you're one of those women. Chivalry is dead sweetie." She glared at him, until he opened the door for her. She stepped out. She was a tiny bit of a thing at 5'0 foot, 100 pounds and she was devastatingly beautiful. Her eyes were emerald green. The bird remained perched on his mistress' shoulder. Arden continued to stare the man down. "Can he stay in the car?" He asked in a whine, pointing to the bird. She whispered to the bird and it took flight, landing on a branch of the tree above them, a pine tree.

"Does he always go with you on dates?" He asked.

"I hardly call this a date. He goes where I go." He was about to object when she slid her gloves hands up his chest, she cupped his chin and kissed his lips. Her word seemed final. He wasn't much for words, but did enjoy an erotic story or two; especially ones that were anonymously written. He could get away with claiming it his own. But she was too smart for that. She'd already guessed it wasn't his story, because she spoke with the woman who wrote it when she first read it. She didn't let on. She breathed hot air into his ear, he shuddered.

"Leandra, that's a beautiful name."

"It means lioness." She purred softly into his ear.

"Can't we go inside? We're in the middle of nowhere, park ranger might come along." She ignored the question and slipped her tongue into his mouth. He was getting frustrated with her not answering him. He took matters into his own two hands and towered above her, folding her into his arms. He pushed her backward until she was against a pine tree. He pinned her there his lips hungrily seeking. His big hands cupped her breasts. He tore off her sweatshirt, trying to get at the prize of perfectly round, rosey-tipped nipples. His head came down and he touched her left nipple with the tip of his tongue. She purred, her fingers working fast to unbuckle his belt. He was wearing faded denim jeans. She hid the blindfold behind her back. Sensing that she was about to lose control over the sexy surfer, she stopped him in his tracks as she slipped the black blindfold over his head, pressing his temples briefly.

"Wait. Stop! What are you doing Leandra?" She removed her left glove and placed her finger against his lips, quieting him down. She ripped his shirt off him, her claws scraping against his back. He arched forward, feeling her nails, as she trailed them around to the front of his body. His breathing came in fast gasps.

"Let me see what you have down there." Raul began to pray silently, praying that she doesn't damage his goods. "Relax Raul, I'm just hungry. I'll leave you in one piece, if you're an obedient boy. There, that's it. Calm down, listen to my voice. Do you hear me? Do you want me?"

"No, Yes. Oh God, I don't." He shook his head, as if clearing his mind. Her hands were hot on his flesh. She had no need to restrain him, he was like putty in her capable hands. She pressed her body against his, nibbling on his earlobe. He slid to the forest floor. "Who are you?"

"Not who, What." She emphasized the "wh".

"What are you?" He asked, trying to calm his nerves.

"Very old and very tired. I grow weary of this world." She said softly.

"You don't look very old." He squeaked out.

"Looks are deceiving, but how would you know that?" She slipped her finger into the band on the blindfold and snapped it gently. She took his hand and placed it on her chest. She ran her claw down his arm.

"Is that a knife?" He asked curious. Despite the odd turn of events, she captivated him.

"A blade? You think I'm going to cut you up and leave you out here to be a news story?" She laughed at the thought. "Hmm. Alas, no, it's not a blade. It is merely my fingernails."

"More like claws." He said under his breath. She smiled, satisfied.

"Come, I am bored." She pulled him up by his ear, and then replaced her lips with her fingers. Do you promise that if I let you go you won't run? Or scream, I hate when they scream." She sighed to herself. "Raul, do you?" She pinched his nipple for effect. He winced. "Lucky that wasn't my claws, dear. I am going to make you a deal. I can either take you back to the parking lot, blind fold on and you will never remember this night. Or, I can remove the blindfold and you can slake my hunger for flesh. I am not a human woman, that much you have must have already guessed." She reached down and took his nakedness in her hands.

"What option do I have?" He asked, shrugging his shoulders. She dropped his member.

"I am no monster." She huffed her breath. "You have two choices. Choose wisely."

"You weren't like this online, or even on the phone for that matter. You sounded sweet and,"

"Easy." She supplied.

"Yes, no, you sounded desperate, if you really must know." His head hurt him, trying to figure out what was going on. He was beginning to get tired.

"Oh I am desperate, Raul. You have no idea, how deep this need and desire runs."

"Do you go around targeting vulnerable women? You like to have control Raul. I noticed that right off the bat. You human men are so predictable. Very full of yourselves, you are."

"Actually no. Everything I told you was a lie. I didn't write that story and I'm a virgin." His words tumbled haphazardly out of his mouth. Such delicious lips.

"I can see through that façade. Yes, you didn't write the story. But no, you are no virgin, you are quite adept in the bedroom. You shot a movie of your last sexual escapade and thought of showing it to your friends and placing it up on the internet."

"How do you know about that?" He seethed angerly, his blood rising.

"Because it is my purpose to know. I also know that you are scared shitless right now. I could kill you right here with but one slice of my claws."

"If you know that, then you would know that I erased that damn tape, right after my girlfriend broke up with me." She stroked his cock slowly. "What are you doing to me?" He felt drugged, he couldn't think straight. He needed to stand up and run, but her touch was warm and gentle and her smell intoxicated him.

"Make your choice, before I make it for you." She was losing her patience. She was angered with herself, she had picked him out so very carefully. Only, she hadn't planned on him growing a conscience last minute. Damn him! What was she to do now? He had to choose. She willed him to choose correctly. She knelt beside him and kissed his lips, taking him into her arms. His hands trembled as he caressed her face. He sipped kisses from her moist lips. "Leandra" he whispered. "I would know you." She stood and using her claws, she tore the blindfold in half, staying away from his eyes. She quickly put her gloves back on. She stood in all her glory, her hair was ablaze with fire, her green eyes slanted and feline like. Her skin a perfect alabaster, she had no freckles as one would suspect from her features. Her face was slightly pointed.

Raul stood, shielding his eyes with his arm, from her brightness. He wished he had his sunglasses with him. The pain was intense and he almost wished he had kept the blindfold on. He realized the magnitude of his situation. He noted the glimmering gold chain of her necklace, the emerald pendant, a droplet nestled between the flushed globes of her breasts. His head began to ache him and time seemed to slow down. He took a few paces back, his knees going weak. She moved with grace and fluidity catching his falling form. She held him in her arms, kissing his brow, and singing in a foreign tongue.

"It will pass. Just close your eyes, it gets easier." She reassured him. He lay in her arms, taking this advice.

"Will I ever be satisfied with a woman after this?" The question threw her off guard.

"I do not know the answer. If you are afraid, we can end this here and now. You should know, I'm not always so accommodating." She gazed into his crystal blue eyes, and ran her fingers through his soft locks of golden hair. Arden, perched above them in the tree, seemed to be grinning at his mistress. She was right, the dizziness did subside and her brightness was a little easier for his human eyes to bear. Raul didn't notice the silent watcher as he regained his composure and stood in front of this fiery goddess. He gazed with appreciation at her body with a sculpture's eye; an eye for light, form, and beauty. He appreciated the sharp angles of her face, the soft swell of her breast. His eyes followed each sinuous curve of her body, settling his gaze on the triangle of red ringlets, leading to the secret cavern of her passion. He threaded his fingers within her mane and kissed her lips loudly, his tongue sliding in and slipping against her slightly roughened one. His lips found her ear, and sucked on the lobe, fingers hesitating. He brushed her hair off to the side, to wonder at his discovery. Her wild tresses were hiding two pointed ears. She turned her face away, but then closed her eyes as she felt his lips linger on the points, licking lightly. A guttural growl and soft moan urging him onward.

"Can you wiggle them?" He asked, jokingly.

"Wiggle what?" Her eyes slanted and she looked offended, not understanding the humor of it.

"Your ears, it was a joke. I was just wondering."

"Oh." She grinned and wiggled first the left ear then the right, and stuck her tongue out for effect. He caught it with his lips and sucked on it, relishing the roughness of it. She pushed him off of her and crawled on top of him, pinning him to the ground. She took his member in her hand and she stroked it. She put first one hand and then the other gloved hand up to his lips. He bit the tip and pulled the gloves off with his teeth. He stared at her, then looked to the claws, pensive. She watched him, wondering what he would do next. She figured he'd become afraid of her or put off by the position she held him in, but instead he again surprised her. He lifted his head off the ground and licked the claw carefully. The claw tore his lip. With animal instincts she sucked on his lip, savoring the warm blood. She lusted after him and her vision was blinded by her need for hot male flesh. She moved down his body, holding him in her clawed hand. He watched, his heart beating fast, his breath coming shortly. She smiled at him and he saw her fangs. She dipped her head down and licked the head of his erection. He squirmed around.

"Leandra." He said. She lifted her head up. She knew what he meant to say.

"I won't hurt you." He knew she wouldn't and tried to relax his tense body to enjoy the sensations her tongue was lavishing on his hard member. She was careful with him. He reached down and grabbed her head, her mane flying suddenly when the wind picked up. He let the soft hair slip through his fingertips. She sucked on his cock, her teeth barely scraping the flesh. He pulled her up towards him. He grabbed a hold of her breast, and kneeded it, as he licked her nipple. He flicked his tongue against it, watching her nipple pebble up in response. He bit down on it, testing her tolerance level and when she moaned in response he realized he could be rough with her. He took full advantage and bit down hard on her nipples, yanked her head back so he could bite her neck. He wanted to ravish her. She moved down his body, a trail of kisses following her.

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