Leann Rimes & the Nashville Orgies


As Gina had ridden his thick cock up and down earlier after they got to the suite, he had thought of Leann and wondered what her pussy would feel like surrounding his surging prick. As Gina had cum and cum screaming like a banshee while Dylan pounded her pumping ass into the bed, he was imagining Leann with her legs wrapped around his head as he fucked her in long slow strokes. As he introduced Gina to anal and fucked her bucking ass into submission, his only thoughts were of Leann's ass and what it would feel like for it to bounce against his thighs as he filled her again and again with his cock and hot jism. He was so turned on by thoughts of Leann, that even after Gina had passed out from end to end orgasms from his inexhaustible prick, he went and took a shower and beat off to the idea of Leann kneeling before him sucking his cock. His sperm blasted all over the shower wall and left him drained and weak. Only then did he go to sleep dreaming of Leann Rimes.


The next day was a busy one as Dylan was on the phone to LA and looking at the race track. He saw the two cars that they were going to use and meet the other drivers. His crew was arriving all through the afternoon, and he was trying to get everything ready for the shoot tomorrow. If Gina thought her days were going to be filled with sex and lunches and more sex, she soon got a rude awakening as she struggled to keep up with Dylan and his whirlwind of energy. He had her on the phone calling everyone, checking with the airport about flight times, and nailing down places for them to stay. He also spent a good 4 fours in the metal shop instructing the welders how to build a proper safety cage for Nicole when they rolled the car. He had a run in with an old welder who did not take kindly to a "Hollywood fag" trying to tell him what to do. When the man said something to Dylan about "who fucking cares about your driver chickie," Dylan grabbed the man by the throat and pushed him hard into a wall. He lifted the guy off the floor three inches and promised him that if anything happened to his "chickie" then he would personally shove the man's torch up his ass and turn it on. After that he had no more problems from anyone.

At about 6 PM, Dylan was waiting at the airport gate for Nicole. He was excited to see her, plus he was anxious to get working on the bit. Plus, Nicole could be extremely jealous, so he was meeting her alone. No need to scare Gina that early in the shoot. The rest of the crew had arrived through the day and they would be getting together early in the morning on the set to start working the stunt out.

Nicole came off the plane looking stunning. She had on high heels that made her almost as tall as Dylan, and white hip-huggers that ended very low on her hips and a white halter-neck top that left her midriff bare and hugged her large breasts, pushing them together to form great cleavage. "Hey Dylan, it's great to see you. I've missed you!" Nicole said as she threw herself in his arms, her breasts flattening against his chest making his balls tingle and cock wake up. After they kissed hello and headed towards baggage claim, Dylan checked her out from behind. Her pants were riding so low he could see an inch her ass crack, and her tits were bouncing when she moved. As she moved through the crowded airport, the people parted for her. Men to stare at her big bouncing breasts and tight ass, and women to gaze at this scantily clad hussy! She was a beautiful and exciting woman, and he was semi-erect as they walked together. He was with an extremely hot piece of ass -- and she was just one of three or four women that had captured his attentions in the last few days. "Damn! How am I going to hold this together without one of the girls cutting my dick off," he thought to himself.

As they drove back to the hotel, again with the silent driver at the wheel, Nicole caught him up on the busy stuff in her life since last time they were together. Two days! But Dylan loved her energy and wit and sat back and let her carry the conversation. There would time for a lot of talking starting tomorrow on the set. He had arranged for her to stay in his two bedroom suite and that was fine with her. As they took the luggage up to the room, he could see that she was about to make her move on him. After they put her luggage in her room, she asked to see his. He was wondering where Gina was. Maybe she had taken the hint and gone home? As he opened the door to his bedroom, Nicole gasped and he did a double take. Lying in his bed, naked as a jaybird, lay Gina playing with the bright red hair surrounding her juicy little cunt.

"Who the fuck is this bitch, Dylan?"

Before he could say anything, Gina sat up in bed, her twins bouncing with the movement, and introduced herself. "Hi, Nicole. I'm Gina, Dylan's assistant here in Nashville. He told me you like women and so do I. So why argue over that great cock, when we can both have it? What do you say?" The whole time she was saying this she was rubbing her clit and dipping her finger tips into her fiery hole. "It has been a really long day for you and us. You should have seen Dylan beat up a guy who didn't want to build your safety cage right. It was awesome!" Nicole was speechless as she stared at the eager young redhead. For a moment, she did not know what to do. "Come on and play with me, Nicole. Let Dylan figure it out for himself." He was never sure what sold Nicole on it. Gina's eagerness, her fresh hot body, or the fact as she said the last line, she pulled the fingers from her wet cunt and sucked them into her mouth. Whatever it was, it was one of the sexiest things he had seen in a long time. Nicole in her barely there pants and top, Gina in all her glory feeling herself up on the bed.

"Show her what she's got in store for her," Dylan said to Nicole. She was standing in the middle of the room staring at Gina suck her fingers. She hurriedly began removing her clothes. First came her halter top as Nicole unclasped the back and threw it to the floor with a flick of her fingers. The full beauty of her large billowing tits swung into freedom. Dylan's cock throbbed each time he took in their splendor! They rested high and proud on her impressive chest, their quivering pink nipples stood out on the creamy half-spheres, peaking higher as she raised her arms over her head in a provocative motion. Then came her tight hip-huggers, her shapely curves being revealed as she pushed them down her full thighs. As she stepped out of her pants, she was left standing in only a thin wisp of a sheer white thong. Then bending over, slowly drew her silky thong down tantalizingly over her curved hips and lushly rounded ass. Then with another flick of her hand, she discarded them at her feet beside her pants. Nicole stretched languidly, showing off her voluptuously nakedness to the two on-lookers, from her high, rounded tits to the soft blonde-hair of her quivering pussy mound.

She had not intended on doing anything else tonight other then fucking Dylan into the wee hours of the morning, but this succulent young pussy on the bed in front of her was completely changing those plans.

"Come here, honey," Gina said in a husky voice. "Let me have a closer look at you."

Nicole moved toward the bed, her hips swaying sensuously back and forth. Her body trembling hotly as she approached Gina, her tits and her ass bouncing softly as she presented her ripe fullness to the watching young girl. As Nicole approached the bed, her burning hot desire was building in her trembling cunt. Gina reached out for her, "You're one gorgeous woman!" the red-head whispered as her hands grabbed Nicole's asscheeks and pulled her close. Suddenly Nicole felt Gina's face worming into the narrow split of her hotly seeping pussy, her nose and then her tongue parting the tender lips and probing lewdly up inside her wetness. Nicole jumped as Gina's talented tongue found its way into her juicy tunnel while her fingers kneaded the smooth flesh of her quivering ass. She arched her back as Gina started a fast-paced licking and sucking of her naked cunt. Her tongue flicked and teased Nicole's rapidly juicing slit. Her hot tongue ran over the trembling lips of smooth cunt flesh as well as her hardening clit. Her thumbs spread the soft, slick lips and her teasing tongue probed deeper into her hot wide-spread cunt. Gina moved up on her legs, forcing her head further into Nicole's hot and bothered crotch, her lascivious stroking with her deftly worming tongue, slowly up and down in the excited blonde's hot pussy, pausing at the most sensitive areas to rotate it about it in small titillating circles against her lust-moistened cunt. Gina pushed forward move and Nicole cried out, losing her balance and beginning to fall backward, but Dylan was there to catch her and he laid her down on the bed, her legs lewdly spread and Gina kneeling between them.

Gina's tongue never stopped its non-stop teasing between Nicole's dripping cuntlips, as she slowly worked her way up the edges of her insanely tingling pussy to her throbbing clit. Gina's talented tongue was creating a maddening pulsing deep within Nicole's hot cunt and she could feel the building of sensations deep inside her stomach. She began to thrust her hips up at Gina's probing tongue, trying to drive her tongue deeper into her greedy cunt. Dylan watched as Nicole's big tits swung back and forth on her chest as Gina continued to muff dive into Nicole's helplessly exposed pussy.

"Oh GOD!" she moaned as she drove her hips at Gina's face. "OHH GOD!!" she repeated as Gina slipped two fingers deep into her drenched hole and ran them across her G-spot. At that touch, Nicole's whole world exploded in colors as Gina's expertly sucked all her gushing juices from her climaxing cunt.

"OOOOOO FFFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!" Nicole screamed and her hands flew to squeeze her hotly quivering tits, and twisted her hard-tipped nipples. Gina continued below lapping and sucking on Nicole's hard thick throbbing clit, building her lust-filled cunt to greater and greater heights.

Dylan could hardly stand it anymore as he watched Gina eat Nicole into a huge orgasm that had his hard cock at full mast. As he shrugged off his clothes onto the floor, the small pink opening of Gina's wetly seeping pussy was right before him waiting and ready for his full nine inches of hard cock! He walked over to the bed and kneeled down on it behind Gina's upturned ass. As he looked at the two hot women bucking and thrashing about the bed in their sexy dance of pleasure, Dylan's cock responded to the seductive sight. It seemed to grow thicker and longer right before his eyes as the two deliciously naked women played before him.

"Uummmm, hot pussy!" Dylan said approvingly as he ran her hands over Gina's lovely skin, caressing her heaving tits and quivering belly. "I hope you're ready for this, baby," Dylan whispered lustily, "because I sure am!" With that, he took his iron rod in his hand, red and angry looking, and lodged the big mushroom head in her wet slot. He pushed her knees apart exposing her red-haired snatch. "God, you look hot!" he exclaimed as he rubbed the head of his cock around the open mouth of Gina's dripping twat. He rubbed it around the opening, stirring up the hot juices inside, and then he pushed inside her burning cunt. Gina closed her eyes as she felt the giant prick begin its slow penetration into her. No matter how many times he had fucked her, it always felt too big when he first put it in her. But she closed her eyes and concentrated on licking and sucking Nicole's gushing pussy. As Dylan's massive cock slowly screw itself into her hot went cunt, she could hear his hoarse breathing and hear Nicole's weeping cries of pleasure as Gina's mouth continually brought her off again and again. As the nine inches of hard muscled cock plunged into her widening hole, she pulled her knees higher and angled her pussy for deeper penetration. Her cunt-muscles throbbed and convulsed uncontrollably around his huge pecker, as he drilled into her cunt. She heard a passionate cry and then realized it came from her own lips as the base of his cock stretched and strained her cunt-lips and the head of his invading prick touched her somewhere deep inside.

"Aaaaahhhhh ... oh, shit ... oh ... ooohhhh!" she cried as her pussy twitched in wild spasms of pleasure. She removed her mouth from Nicole's sopping hole and looked down between her legs and gasped at the sight of her cunt stretched to the point of tearing, the lips a bright red color, wrapped tightly around the base of Dylan's thick shaft. Yet, just a she was looking at the incredible site of Dylan drive his thick cock between her slick cunt lips, her head was seized in a strong grip and her face was pushed back down into Nicole's swampy cunt. Gina groaned deeply into Nicole's pussy as Dylan continued the assault on her upturned cunt. She grabbed Nicole's hips tight to her face and devoured her dripping, hot cunt, lapping and sucking and biting wildly.

"Aaaahhhh ... suck it ... suck it!" Nicole cried out. "Fuck her, Dylan! She's going crazy on my cunt. Fuck her. Fuck her hard!" Dylan had begun a slow steady rhythm into Gina's tight pussy as he gazed excitedly as she devoured Nicole's smoking cunt. He stroked deeply and smoothly, loving the gripping spasms of her almost virgin hole. They all three shook and

writhed with their own intermingled lusts and pleasures, each feeding off the other as their excitement and frenzy grew and grew. The intensity grew with each thrust of Dylan's giant prick into Gina's convulsing pussy. The deeper he ploughed into her the more the heat of her loins melted to pure sexual honey around his deeply probing cock. She licked Nicole's cunt wildly and hungrily, driven to more frenzied and delirious actions by Nicole's gasping and crying. She could feel Nicole start to cum, the heat and throbbing of her enlarged clit was pure ecstasy.

"Aaaaaggghhh ... suck ... suck it ... ohhhh my GODDD!" Nicole screamed with delight as her orgasm shook her body.

Just at that moment as Dylan speared his cock head into her leaking cunt and buried himself as deep as he could go in her tight little cunt, Gina's battered muscles contracted around his massive staff and released in the most amazing orgasm she'd had yet.

"Aaaawwww ... I'm cumming ... oooooohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!" Gina's excitement what almost uncontrollable as she bucked and shouted and convulsed as each tremendous wave of orgasm over took her. Dylan rode out her massive climax which left her gasping and dazed. Dylan withdrew his shining prick from her ragged pink hole and little riverlets of girl cum oozed out of her gaping pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm, that was good, baby," Nicole moaned, sliding down the bed to Gina's ravaged cunt and began to devour the girl cream that was leaking from deep inside her. She held the lips of the ravaged pussy apart and plunged her tongue deeply into Gina's hot hole.

Dylan watched the girls writhe on the bed in their new positions as he fisted his angry cock which was sticking straight out and ready for action. Nicole's wide open pussy was just in front of Dylan and he was ready to sink his full length in her smoking twat. He climbed between her thighs and growled, "You're next, baby."

"Uuummmm, I want your cock!" she said in a muffled voice as Dylan lowered his hips until

her spread cunt touched the head of his cock.

"Oooh, you're hot!" he said as he speared his hard prick right to the center of her womb. "Aaaahhhhh," she groaned at the feeling of a long, solid cock filling her cunt!

"Mmmmmmmmm ... I love it ... I love your cock!" she cried as her wriggling and squirming hips were impaled on Dylan's erect cock. A whole new threesome had formed right before their eyes. Now Nicole was under Gina eating her sore juicy cunt, while Dylan was plunging his giant cock into Nicole's freshly eaten pussy. The pleasure was so intense for Nicole that she took her two big swinging tits in her hands and began to pinch and pull at her nipples while Dylan drilled away. Dylan was gazing lustfully at Gina's tight ass bobbing up and down on Nicole's deep probing tongue. He grabbed a firm young cheek in each hand and pulled the two white buns of her ass apart to expose her pink, wrinkled asshole with its light surrounding fringe of red hair. He leaned forward and flicked his hot tongue out at the puckered hole, tantalizing it with the tip of his tongue. He pressed his tongue into the very center of the tightly clenched hole and easily penetrated the seeming tightness.

"GODDAM! OH FUCK!!!!!!!" Gina screamed at the double stimulation of tongues on her clit and up her ass. She exploded in her second cum of the afternoon as both Dylan and Nicole feasted on her young hot body. She was shaking and trembling from the sensations that the two lovers were giving her and finally, dazed she fell to the side leaving just Dylan and Nicole. As soon as Gina cleared Nicole's body, Dylan grabbed her long legs and pushed them up to her big tits, mashing them into her chest. He pulled his long cock out of her tight hole and positioned it right at the entrance of Nicole's rosy asshole. "I've gotta get me some of that!" he growled at her savagely. Then she felt her asshole being forced open wider and wider has Dylan tried to spear her anus with his massive cock.

"Aaahhh ... aaaahhhh," she sighed as she felt his cock start to go in. It was so tight. But it

was going in ... she could feel it ... slowly pushing in deeper ... deeper ...

"Aaaaahhhhhheeeeeeaaaaa!" she screamed. "SHOVE IT ... PUSH IT ... FUCK IT!" She felt the tremendous release of her asshole relaxing to receive the massive cock, the incredible feeling of her bowels being filled with hot, huge cock. The cock in her ass was drilling deeper and deeper, and her muscles were squeezing it even tighter. It was too much pleasure. She felt herself almost blacking out from the intensity of the plunging cock deep in her gripping ass.

Dylan began to fuck her ass savagely. Her ass was burning, stretching from his constant thrusting, her pussy was oozing rivers of cunt juice that ran down her ass crack and lubed up his raging cock as it jammed into her asshole again and again.

"Fuck me ... fuck me hard ... oh, God!" Nicole cried as she felt his giant cock pushing her to the summit of a fiercely powerful orgasm. Oh, it's sooo good, she thought in her sex-ravaged mind. And suddenly, her asshole clamped down on his invading member and her body went into overdrive as a thunderous orgasm hit her. "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Dylan really began to pour cock to her now. His dick seemed to swell even bigger in Nicole's plundered ass. She thought that his enormous cock must be plunging right up into her body cavity, shoving her heart and lungs aside to make room for it. That is how through and through she felt fucked.

He finally reached the crest. His balls erupted and fired cannon shots of cum into her steaming asshole. As his long fat prick pumped in, the hot, thick cock cream poured from her well-stuffed ass hole. Nicole screamed as she felt the white hot jizz hose down her innards. Her ass churned against his thrusts as he continued to pump into her, spurting load after load up into her ass. His heavy balls seemed to pour the gunk into her by the gallon. Finally, his prick drained at last, slipped out of her ass with a loud slurping sound and he collapsed between a sleeping Gina and a fucked out Nicole. As she drifted off to sleep, Nicole thought to herself, "Nashville is a really great town!"


The next morning at 5:30 AM, the phone next to Dylan's bed rang startling him to consciousness. After getting his wakeup call from the front desk, Dylan dropped back on to his bed and closed his eyes. All at once, he realized that he was in bed alone. Where were Gina and Nicole? Memories and images of the last night's orgy came flooding into his brain and his morning wood gave a large lurch as he remembered. After they woke up from round one at about 8 PM, they ordered a huge room service dinner, than they raided the mini-bar. While eating and drinking, the intense level of sex started again. First, he fucked Gina on the suite dining table, and then he took Nicole over the back of the couch both in her sopping pussy and her tight asshole. Eventually the two hot women pulled him into his bedroom and fucked and sucked him to a complete standstill. After that he had no idea what happened next.

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