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Leanne Revealed


It was 10:00 on a Wednesday. LeAnne was having a pleasant morning sitting at her desk in her office chatting with a salesman from one of her company's premier vendors.

She had an uncharacteristically light workload today and decided to make coffee and take a short break.

Michael was, like most sales reps, an extremely good looking man. He was in his mid-thirties, well-built and impeccably dressed, with jet-black hair. He embodied the stereotypical image of the high volume sales pro. Above and beyond his Hollywood good looks, he was what LeAnne considered a genuinely nice guy. He was the one rep who didn't start eyeballing her breasts or legs the instant he entered her office, and he was unfailingly polite and pleasant in conversation.

Michael seemed always to be genuinely concerned about the real person he was talking with when he looked in her eyes and spoke with her. LeAnne had liked him from the time she had begun work at Concord Conglomerated, and over the past year they had become good friends.

Today as Michael sat opposite her on the black leather couch, she realized he was one of the only people in her life she could discuss trivial everyday things with in a relaxed manner. Indeed, over the past months her life had become increasingly complex and even bizarre, and to sit and have pleasant conversation with a good looking male friend brought a rare and precious kind of normality into her world.

They both liked their coffee the same way, Colombian, fine ground and fairly strong with just the right amount of cream and sugar. She fixed his cup and handed it gracefully to him as she sat down at the opposite end of the soft leather couch. As usual, that first sip on a break from the action was always the most magical.

As they fell into easy conversation, LeAnne realized that although their relationship was anything but sexual, she was more attracted to Michael than anyone else in her life. She could tell that Michael almost certainly felt the same way, but was too decent to try to play it out by hitting on a married woman.

As these thoughts filled the back of her mind, the value she placed on this friendship blossomed exponentially. She found herself basking in the glow of it, wanting somehow to grasp and embrace the purity of the time and place. The simplicity of these moments she was spending just now contrasted so very starkly against the confusing web her life had become in the past few months, and it was easy to lose track of time talking about nothing with Michael.

The little oasis in time was brought to an abrupt close as the door to Brock Magnusson's office swung open and Brock's booming voice interrupted the stillness.

"Mike, hey how are ya!" Brock strode intrusively into the room, open hand extended. LeAnne and Michael immediately rose from the couch, Michael smiling easily and returning an outstretched hand to meet Brock's for the obligatory professional handshake, LeAnne nervously smoothing the front of her skirt, eyes lowered.

Magnusson didn't even acknowledge her presence.

"Sorry to keep you waiting buddy, damn conference call," Brock continued, "Come on in, I've got some orders that are going to make it a very, very good month for you my friend!"

The two men headed in to Brock's office and LeAnne headed back to her desk.

Michael turned briefly, "Thanks for the coffee LeAnne; it was really nice talking with you, as always!"

LeAnne looked up and smiled sweetly, immediately seeing Brock's face over Michaels shoulder. She didn't know what to make of Brock's strange smile, or the look behind his eyes, but she knew that didn't matter. Whatever was going on behind those eyes was almost never good.

The smile faded quickly from her face as she seated herself at her desk.


As Michael seated himself in a comfortable couch opposite, Brock closed the office door behind them and sat on the edge of his expansive mahogany war station.

"So, taking a little coffee break with LeAnne huh?" Brock had his sardonic grin on, his double meaning obvious.

Michael smiled affably and acknowledged, "Sure, I was lucky to catch her at break time. Actually, luck had nothing to do with it, I try to get here at 10 sharp just so I can have coffee with her. We've been friends for a while and it's become a little friendly ritual of ours over the past year or so."

The grin didn't alter as Brock gazed at Michael with a measured intensity and lowered his voice a little, "Look me in the eyes and tell me something buddy,"

Michael shrugged, blinked once and looked slightly sideways into Brocks steely glare as the big man continued,

"Ever think about fucking her?"

Michael broke off his gaze and gave a little half-laugh, "Sure of course, not that I'd ever do anything about it, I mean she's married for God's sake!"

Brock retorted, "But if the opportunity presented itself, you'd definitely go for it, wouldn't you?"

Michael hesitated slightly, sex being something he wasn't really in the habit of discussing with other men.

Brock was his biggest account and the two had spent time golfing together but hadn't got that close. He knew Brock's reputation as a major player, maybe this was that opportunity to get in a little tighter and seal that exclusive contract.

Michael found himself suddenly in the spirit of the conversation. He echoed Brock's low volume, pulling in a little closer, his eyes narrowing.

"Oh God yeah, I mean just look at her; she's so delicate, with such a pretty face, and she's got those perfect tits. I'm not a real fan of great big boobs like a lot of guys, so a 'B' or 'C' cup like LeAnne really fits the bill. I mean damn, they're so sweet and perky! Okay, I admit it; I've fantasized quite a bit about spraying my load all over her titties."

Brock drove the momentum as he spoke, "She does have a great rack and a sweet little body, but what really gets me hard about LeAnne is that attitude. She's got that kind of catholic sorority girl thing going on, prim and proper little married girl and all that. When a woman is that uptight and in denial of her animal sexuality, she's unconsciously begging to get taken and stuffed full of cock."

Michael was a little taken aback, "You really think so Brock?"

Brock's smile deepened, this was becoming an interesting day. "Michael my friend, you know my reputation right?" Mike nodded with a smirking little frown of recognition, "Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. I have been in the game for a long time, and I have a nose for women. I'm telling you right now the bitch scent is all over LeAnne. Some days, she practically reeks of horny cunt."

Michael's sense of decency was now fully assaulted, but he was already drawn in by the primal nature of the discussion. He thought to himself about sales tactic of learning a client's interests and running with them, and he knew that Magnusson was after pussy like a big game hunter.

It bothered him a little, talking about sweet little LeAnne this way, but it was giving him a throbbing boner.

Suddenly, Magnusson seemed to break the magic.

"Time to get down to business Mike," He interjected abruptly as he turned and walked behind his desk, falling back into his overstuffed commander's chair.

Michael's disappointment was overtaken by the sudden slight worry over the visible tent he'd pitched in his pants.

Brock picked up his phone and barked "LeAnne, lock the door, flip the sign, roll the phones and get in here, I'm calling a meeting." then dropped it back in its cradle.

Michael was puzzled, but things began happening quickly.

In less than a minute the door handle turned and LeAnne entered, a sweet, nervous little smile on her earnest face, "Yes sir?"

"Close the door behind you honey." LeAnne obeyed then stood in front of the door, smoothing the front of her skirt self-consciously. Michael noticed her knees rubbing together slightly.

Michael had often noted how LeAnne acted like a nervous little poodle in Brock's presence and was instantly filled with a sense of sympathy, even pity for her.

Brock spoke casually, "Michael and I were just talking about you LeAnne."

He gave his words a moment to hang, prompting a response.

LeAnne stood awkwardly, barely looking up over her dark rimmed glasses, wringing her hands as she spoke, "Oh, that's nice...I hope it was something good." She finished her sentence with a pleading little half question mark.

Magnusson didn't miss a beat, "Oh yes, something very good indeed."

LeAnne ventured a hopeful little smile.

"Michael here has just told me how much he adores your sweet little titties!"

Brock's sardonic smile widened as he noted the sudden awkward discomfort his words had painted across both of their faces, especially LeAnne's, which had gone bright crimson.

He then spoke as if he were ordering LeAnne to fetch a file from her drawer:

"Unbutton your blouse immediately please."

Michael's immediate shock and revulsion at Brock's behavior had a paralyzing effect on him. He felt as though he should speak up, come to his sweet little friend's defense, stop this whole thing immediately, but something stopped him. Michael's feelings would run the gamut from shock to pity to naked lust over the next few seconds.

Leanne barely hesitated a microsecond, just long enough to look sadly over the top of her glasses at Michael's face with her large, doll-like brown eyes. His eyes were just like any other man's now, focused well below her chin.

She let her eyes drop towards the floor again and obeyed. Her slender, trembling fingers began slowly unbuttoning her crisp white blouse from the bottom up. The silence of the room was broken only by the sound of her fingertips moving over the starched white cotton, and Michael's heavy breathing, and her own heartbeat.

With Michael here watching, it felt exactly like the first time Brock had made her undress in front of men.

When she finished the last button her hands fell to her sides.

Any of the feelings Michael had before, that he should say something, protest, help her, were now vanished from his mind as he stared at her exposed white skin and the lacy pink of her bra.

He simply remained in shocked silence as his heart pounded and his cock strained at the front of his pants.

Brock rose from his desk and walked around behind her, laying his beefy hands on her shoulders.

"Good girl Leanne." He turned to Michael. "You see, in the world outside this office, you would never even be able to get a casual dinner date with a woman like Leanne. She's married, has a reputation as a good catholic wife to uphold, and she couldn't be seen at a restaurant with a handsome man other than her husband, isn't that right Leanne?"

Leanne showed no emotion, just nodded her head and said "Yes sir, that's right."

"The fact is," Brock went on, "Even if you could get a date with her, it would be the obligatory two or three dates later when you might get to kiss her and maybe, just maybe get to second base with Leanne and get a hand under her shirt, onto these luscious little C cups. That's just the kind of girl she is, in that world out there."

Michael simply sat, hypnotized by Brock's methodical monologue, his painfully erect penis straining against his pants.

"But here in the world of my office, things are different."

Brock's large fingertips curled suddenly at the openings of Leanne's blouse and began slowly pulling it open, his nails raking back across the lily white skin over her collar bones and hooking into her bra straps at the tops of her shoulders.

Brock's hands moved with an alarming deftness and yanked the gathered blouse and the pink bra straps savagely down Leanne's pale slender arms.

Michael jumped in his seat as her perfect breasts bounced gingerly in to view. Leanne began shaking visibly, and Michael's sympathy for her would have increased, except that the shaking movement transferred itself magically to the spring-like, marshmallow density of her soft, milky white boobs. He was completely mesmerized by the motion, as it caused her pink nipples to bob and quiver ever so slightly there before him, just a few feet away.

The cool air of the room caused those sweet nipples to crinkle and stiffen right there before his dazed eyes. They jutted straight out towards him as they danced delicately on her quaking body.

Brock's voice broke the atmosphere only slightly, "You see Michael, here in my world, you can get to first, second, third base, even home plate if you want to, without buying dinner, or sitting through a romantic comedy. You see Michael, Leanne here will do everything I tell her to unquestioningly, won't you my dear little sweet meat?"

Leanne's expression didn't change. "That's correct Master, anything and everything."

Brock wrapped his huge fingers around a perfect breast and gave it a violent shake, released it and gave it a sharp upward slap. Michael noticed Leanne's height dip as her knees gave out slightly.

"Michael my friend, you just hit a double. Come over here and take second base."

Michael hesitated slightly but rose and came forward. Brock told him, "Only you know how much you've wanted to get your hands on these, go ahead, fondle, suck, grab, pinch, bite them, slap them if you want to," Brock winked, "she likes that. Have a blast buddy!"

Leanne's eyes closed and her nostrils flared as her body tensed slightly, trying to prepare for whatever was coming.

What came was Michael's hand gently caressing her soft tit-flesh, his well-manicured fingertips gently circling and tweaking her pert nipples, his fingers gently tracing their way across the soft tender skin, teasing, feeling, adoring. Leanne sighed in relief.

"Pretty nice, huh?" Brock smirked, "You see Michael, Leanne really is the same sweet, married office girl you've always known, but I figured out a side of her that even she didn't know existed until recently, and I've made it work for us all."

Michael gazed up from the perfect breasts and looked inquisitively.

Brock beamed, "All of us including Leanne."

Brock was on a monologue roll, but Michael didn't care, absorbed as he was in the marshmallow soft, firm perfection of Leanne's breasts. They were even better than he had imagined. He leant down to flick the pert buds of her nipples with the tip of his tongue, kiss and suck them sweetly.

"You see Michael, I took a great interest in psychology and human behavior at business school. In fact I minored in psych and I kept studying it after college.

I already had an interest in perfecting my skills as a pickup artist, so I was especially interested in all the little games people unconsciously play out in day to day life in regards to their sexuality."

"It didn't take much for me to figure out from her body language and little bits and pieces of her unconscious speech that dear little Leanne had found herself stuck in a sexless marriage.

As I observed, than carefully poked and prodded, it eventually came out that her unemployed, depressed husband hasn't given her a good rodgering for years, isn't that true baby?"

"Yes Master, that's true."

As Michael continued his ministrations to Leanne's breasts, she had stopped shaking and began to breathe more deeply, sighing lightly.

"And that isn't the only thing. Even before I figured out that she was un-sexed, I had come to the conclusion that Leanne was submissive and masochistic. In fact her body language and unconscious mannerisms were practically begging for the right person to notice it. She's so fortunate that I ended up taking over this office, aren't you my pet?"

Michael noticed that Leanne's thighs were unconsciously rubbing against one another, "Yes master, I'm a fortunate slave."

Brock seemed as though he was bringing his monologue to a close, "So Michael, all this to say, go ahead and try to keep that sweet, wholesome image of Leanne in your mind, but there is a very real side to her that needs to be dealt with. She is my fuck toy. Even though she never has consciously given full consent and is always a bit reluctant, she gets all her sexual needs met here at work."

"Simple humiliation and debasement are all the foreplay she needs. In fact, I'll warrant she's spectacularly well lubricated and ready to go right now."

Brock paused for a moment then shouted like a Sergeant Major; "Leanne, attention! Assume the position!"

Leanne shiny black heels clicked nervously across the floor to the front of Brock's desk and she bent forward, placing her hands on the top of the desk.

Brock followed her over and reached down, pulling her skirt up roughly over her sweet little ass and bunching it up at her waist.

Michael gazed down at the twin milky lobes of Leanne's slender little butt, delicately curved above the expanse of her creamy thighs, made so much paler by the contrasting black tops of her silk stockings and the jet black satin garter straps.

Holding hard to her bunched up skirt, Brock brought his free hand up swiftly and mercilessly against the unguarded flesh on the underside of her left buttock with a resounding slap. Leanne let out a yelp and danced slightly left to right. Brock followed quickly with three more violent spanks, alternating left and right side.

Brock then turned to Michael, "I will bet you dinner I can shove two fingers into her hole and bring them back out completely wet and gooey, what do you say?"

Michael shrugged a little, slightly puzzled.

Brock laughed, "The fingers go in no matter what, and if I dry-hole her, dinner is on me!"

Brock held up his free hand. He was a big man, a college quarterback from what Michael knew. Michael reckoned that Magnusson could probably wrap his entire ham hand around a football with ease. He winced a bit at the thought of two fingers that size tearing into Leanne's tender, unguarded little flower.

Brock then hooked his fingers into Leanne's flimsy thong and tore it from her like it was made of paper.

Brock winked at Michael and held up his index and middle finger, the combination of which Mike estimated to be even bigger than his own erect cock.

Brock slapped both his huge hands down on LeAnnne's now slightly reddened butt cheeks, completely obscuring them from view, and pulled them apart violently, exposing her stretched pink anus and tiny vaginal opening. The petals of her little pink flower already appeared swollen and moist. Leanne began whimpering almost imperceptibly. Brock parked the blunt tips of his huge digits against the opening and unceremoniously drove them in up to the last knuckles with a loud, wet, SLAP!

Leanne's whimper had turned to a howl, and risen simultaneously with the insertion, to end abruptly in a pig-like grunt, perfectly timed with the percussive slap of Brock's ham fist against her wet pudendum.

Brock smiled as drew the two fingers back out, shiny and wet, well coated with a copious amount of clear, viscous slime. Her pussy was dripping with it now.

Brock inserted a third finger and slammed his fist home again, eliciting another shocked animal grunt from Leanne. He brought his hand slowly back out of her and encircled her pudenda and anus with his fingertips, coating her entire crotch with her own slippery goo. He then delivered a few hard, wet spanks to her Venus mound, coaxing a crescendo of desperate cries from deep in Leanne's throat and causing her to rise on shaking legs to the pointy toe tips of her shiny black pumps.

Brock worked the three fingertips back in to Leanne's tight vaginal hole and began circling his big stubby thumb around her rectal opening. He cocked his elbow out and jammed his hand home again, filling her ass and pussy, then began a rapid fire assault, hand fucking both her holes violently while she grunted and moaned aloud like a bitch dog.

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