tagMatureLeanne, The Series Ch. 01

Leanne, The Series Ch. 01



My name is George. I'm 48, married to Sue. I'm typing this out on my phone as I sit in bed next to a naked sleeping 18 year old girl. No, not my daughter. She's a member of our churches' youth group and we have spent the last hour having unbelievable sex. Everybody else has left the room to get some rest. I never thought I'd have this tale to tell.

Okay, I'm rested now and ready to tell the whole story. It's not short. This incredible turn of events took a long time to happen. I'll shorten it up as much as I can without losing the delicious suspense.

Sue and I have been going to this church for twenty years. For the last six she has been the leader of the youth group. I watched all those kids from birth to now when they are all teens or college age. Oddly the group is mostly girls and mostly reasonably attractive. Sorry no hot cheerleader fantasy here. They all love me.

When they were young I carried them around and hugs were the rule of the day. That, of course, ended as they became ladies, except for one girl, Leanne. Leanne never stopped hugging me. I was always very well behaved and hugged her back, making sure that hands were high on her back. Now she didn't rub into me or anything and as far as I knew she wasn't sexually active. She just really liked me.

I had no thoughts about them other than occasionally loving watching the pool parties. The suits were typical and nothing wild but I could see enough and fill in the blanks. Leanne wore a snug tank suit and always hugged me. It had no immediate effect because I forced myself to behave. When she turned eighteen things began to change.

Leanne had a regular boyfriend now. A terrific guy, now part of our group. He treated her so well, he teased her but he held her and they would sit and talk forever. This is important because I think Frank took her virginity and took it like a gentleman. I think it opened a door for Leanne, and I was on the other side and I wasn't alone. Her behavior changed. She started wearing tighter clothes and our hugs got a little longer and closer. Then 'the look' started.

Leanne had always liked me. I liked her, a lot. She was smart and sassy and a very very hard worker. But now when she looked at me her eyes had a knowing look about them. I knew from that look the girl had become a woman. Now when we talked her eyes locked onto mine and they were bottomless blue. She would touch me as she talked. Nothing overt, but more than ever before. It changed the way I looked at her too.

Leanne is about five foot six. She probably weighs, I don't know, a hundred and twenty? She has a young firm size B chest. I'd watched those little tits grow and now they stood out proud. She has a nice figure. Just enough hip to compliment her waist. Her blonde hair is long, past her shoulders and she usually wears it long and free. Then there are those eyes!

Now, when she passed me in the crowds at church her hand would run across the base of my back. Once it dropped and brushed my ass. I'm no kid but I am a five day a week gym guy and it shows. I was confused at first, what guy my age wouldn't be? This shit isn't supposed to happen, but it did. It took me awhile to accept the fact that this young lady had an interest in me that certainly appeared to be more than friendly. But, I had to be very careful. If I was wrong and made an overt move hell would be a walk in the park compared to my life. So, I decided to reciprocate, very lightly, and see what happened. The fact that Sue and I are very close friends of Leanne's parents, Joe and Charlene didn't help either. But I was captivated by this young lady and I had to test my theory.

So, I started rubbing her back as I passed after she had done it to me, never first. The first time I did it she turned and looked at me. My heart stopped, bagged before I ever got anywhere, but no, she just gave me that look, that mature woman in a girl's body look. I passed test one.

Now she ramped it up. The next time we were in a dense crowd at church I felt her hand run over my ass. She didn't grab me, but it was firm enough to let me know it was no accident. Fifteen minutes later I did something I haven't done in decades, I touched a teenage girl's ass. Actually just a very gentle brush, identical to hers. She turned again and gave me a smile that stiffened my cock. Test two, passed. Now I waited to see what she'd do next.

During all this she kept up the appearance of a typical eighteen year old. She always called me Mr. G and teased me just like she always had. But when nobody could see, I got the other Leanne. Now, just seeing her started getting my dick hard. I had to remember to be careful. I had to respond to her advances and make none of my own. This was her game to play as far as she wanted. I expected nothing, so everything that happened was a gift and she had more to give.

Leanne's mom Charlene runs the Church's annual clothing sale. So, every week she comes to the community hall, empties the donation bin, sorts and prices the clothes. Leanne would help her. Some nights I have been up on the second floor in the church office. I'm the treasurer so I need to pay bills. The church secretary is usually there. She is about eighty and practically deaf, but she is a good hard worker.

The office has two desks and an old comfy arm chair. The secretary's desk faces the window and mine faces the opposite wall where the door is. The chair is situated in front of the desk. This night I heard steps, very soft steps. Then Leanne's head popped around the corner. She smiled and signaled to ask to come in. I was surprised but felt the blood moving to my dick, just like every time I see her now. She had a skirt on and a tank top. I motioned to the comfy chair; she smiled broadly and slipped in. Dropping into the chair her skirt flew up and I got a quick first look at her panties, pink, lovely. She made a very lame attempt at covering herself and I got a very fake look of surprise. Lead on young lady, I'm following!

I worked for a little and she just watched. Then she got up and came around, putting her red hot hands on my shoulders and her mouth right next to my ear. Any sort of real work ended there. She began to whisper, my cock went hard.

"I really like you Mr. G. I know you like me. I really trust you. I need to talk to you about something important, really important. I just wanted you to know that Frank made me a real woman a while ago. You know what I mean. I want to talk about it but all my friends are still virgins and they don't understand and I'm not sure how my mom would react. Can I talk to you about it sometime?"

Her hot breath in my ear and the mental image of tall handsome Frank fucking this hot little nymph had my heart racing. Trying not to overtly pant, I reached up and covered her hands with mine.

"Of course Leanne, I'm honored that you'd trust me with such a huge personal secret. Any time you want, I'll be glad to talk to you about anything."

The last bit I threw in as cover, just in case. She pulled away from my ear and slid out the door as silently as she came in, giving me a small wave. I went home and fucked Susan for an hour!

Next week I was in the office again but alone this time. Charlene and Leanne were downstairs. After an hour or so I saw her cute face in the door.

"Can I come in, Mr. G?"

I looked up and smiled.

"Of course, Leanne, come on in."

She was in another short skirt and tank top and she, once again flashed me her panties as she bounced into the chair, light blue today. I pretended to go back to work and let the silence hang. This is your game young lady, your move. After a minute or so she spoke.

"Mr. G, is it okay to like having sex?"

It was like a lit bomb got dropped in my lap. I'm thinking, 'is she going to tell her mom what I said?' Is this a trap? Caution ruled.

"Leanne, you're eighteen now. So I'm going to speak to you like an adult."

This was just cover for my next statement.

"Yes, it's okay to like sex. It's meant to be enjoyable. But it is also meant to be enjoyed after marriage."

She laughed and shook her head.

"Mr. G, let me help you. I'm not going to tell anybody about what we talk about, okay? So turn off the church talk. Like you said, treat me like an adult, okay?"

I decided to risk it.

"Leanne, I've had my share of lovers. Sex is great. Yeah you are supposed to like sex. What that means is, whoever your partner is, they are doing it right."

She got a big smile.

"Mr. G, I mean I REALLY like it!"

"Hmmmmm explain, you lost me."

She blushed, a little, and squirmed. I watched her open and close her legs, a flash of blue every time. She was nervous but she looked a little turned on.

"Mr. G, I mean a lot. Frank was my first and he was sooooooo nice and gentle! Now I can't get enough! I got Mom to put me on the pill, which is good cause Frank well, can I say it?"

I had to be panting by this point and my dick was ready to pound nails, but I had to keep the illusion of maturity, sort of.

"Say whatever you want Leanne, it never leaves this room."

She squirmed some more and now her hand was between her legs over her skirt. She was squeezing it with her thighs.

"Mr. G, Frank fucks me every chance he gets. Oh God I love it! But I feel a little guilty."

"Why Leanne?"

"Well, like it's wrong or bad or something."

If this was a trap, I didn't care.

"Well, you're very lucky to have Frank, he sounds like a great lover. My confidential advice, just between us, enjoy it but be careful."

She paused, thinking about that and her face changed. Something new was on the way.

"But I have a little problem, Mr. G."

I cocked and eyebrow.

"Mr. G, I've started to wonder what sex would be like with some other people."

I had to ask, to hope, to dream.

"Oh? Like whom?"

She blushed and abruptly got up.

"Oh, I can't say. Thank you Mr. G. You've been so nice to listen to me, bye."

With that, she was gone. My heart was still racing and my dick was still hard remembering the flash of blue panty. I was wondering what was next. What happened next was not by her plan.

On this particular day Joe had asked me to go over and switch out his fridge filter. I don't mind, he's an accountant and does my taxes, which are not simple by any means. I'm a published author and I own income properties. Joe is clueless about home repairs so I've done little stuff for them for a long time. They both work and I have a key. Access is pretty much at my discretion. Their house is about three blocks away so I usually just walk over.

About three thirty on Monday afternoon I had some time so I stopped by their house. No cars in the drive, as usual, and I assumed nobody was home. I forgot that High School got out at three. I used my key on the kitchen door and saw no need to announce myself since I assumed I was alone. I was wrong.

As I was reading the package instructions I heard a noise. I stopped and listened. It definitely was not someone trying to break in and it was not some household equipment malfunction. It was Leanne.

I very quietly slipped off my shoes and moved out of the kitchen. The floors are all that laminate stuff so socks were the rule for silence. It's a ranch so I just passed through the living room and headed towards the hall. I've been all over their house so I knew Leanne's room was the first one on the left. I could see from the living room that her door was wide open. I approached slowly, trying to see around the door frame. If she was facing the door she'd see me.

I had a very good idea what she was doing and it made me hard instantly. I should have left, but I knew that wasn't happening. I could see into her room now. She kept it very neat. I knew the bed was on the wall to the left of the door. I was looking at her desk under the window and the small area of floor in front of it. There was a small pile of clothes. I looked more closely and saw her bra, on top of a tee shirt and next to them a pair of shorts with her cotton panties on top. Pink, with flowers. I could clearly hear her now. She was moaning deeply and the bed was moving. I knew she was masturbating. I stopped to listen.


As she groaned the bed would creak. I moved up an inch or so. I could see the right edge of the bed now but not Leanne.


My cock was so hard I thought it would bust my fly. But I was terrified of being seen. I inched up another step. I could see her feet now. Toes down. She was face down in the bed. Feeling safer I moved up. Now I could see her.

She was lying face down on the bed her feet towards me. She was completely naked. I tried not to gasp. She has beautiful skin, free of any blemish. A few stray freckles. Her hair hung down over her face. Her hands were gripping the top end of the mattress. Her gorgeous tight little ass was stuck up in the air a little. I could clearly see the light dusting of wispy blonde hair around her gaping slit. Every time she moved I could see her soaked pussy and tight little rosebud.

Under her was a pillow, on edge. I could see the top edge was a deeper color from the steady volume of clear and white fluid running from her pussy. Leanne was fucking that pillow. Fucking it for all it was worth. As she bucked each time her clit and soaked slit would run over the edge and she would gasp and cry out. She must have known she would not be interrupted because she was giving it her all. She would thrust her hips into it and curl her hips forward to rub her clit and pussy on its hard edge. I couldn't help myself. I slid my zipper down, reached in and took out my cock.


Her two ass cheeks opened and closed as she flexed. Her pussy was gaping open and I could see the wetness and the dark spot on the pillow grow. I had never been so horny in my life. My hand moved steadily on my prick, I was close. So was Leanne. Her pace picked up and soon she was furiously fucking the pillow, racing for her orgasm. The bed was banging against the wall now, it covered up my breathing which was reduced to panting watching this hot teen rubbing her pussy.


I felt the surge and cupped my hand. Four hard shots of cum filled it, nearly overflowing. Leanne was quaking on her bed, cumming, hard.


I saw her hand now between her legs, rubbing her clit. Then she slowed. It was time to disappear. I slipped back down the hall and out the back door with my dick still hanging out. I rubbed my cum off in the grass and went my house. A Half an hour later I went back and made a noisy display of entering. Joe was there by then and Leanne had gone to a friend's house.

Remembering the look of that girl fucking that pillow was my beat off fantasy for a long time. Now, every time I saw her I saw that. Oh, it was nice. I tried to figure out how to catch her again but I knew that was just a lucky break. But something had changed with her too after that. I know I had gotten away with seeing her because she never said anything.

She started giving me, well, the smile. Charlene was a pro at it. She'd always given me this smile and I never quite knew what was behind it. Now Leanne was doing it. She'd catch my eye and just smile. It was a knowing smile but could easily be construed as just casual.

It was a Saturday and the group had a painting project. I was already there when Leanne got dropped off. She was talking to all her gal pals when she happened to see me. Her eyes lit up a little more than usual and she raced over. I saw her coming and opened my arms. I hugged her the way I always do when we meet. Nobody minded it all looked very innocent. My hands were in the middle of her back and I could feel her bra, which I always liked. Usually Leanne just wrapped her arms around me, gave me a cinch and let go. This time she held me and I felt her hands giving a quick rub up my back. After that we broke but she didn't entirely let go. She looked up at me and I knew something had changed.

"Gee I missed you Mr. G! I'm so glad you came!"

Still holding me, very unusual but I refused to read into it.

"Hey Leanne, I missed you too."

My hands were still around her so I just moved them a little to emphasize my point. We were in the church parking lot and surrounded by kids and parents. Leanne shocked me. She looked up at me and gave me that smile and very quietly she said.

"Did you know I have a mirror in my room?"

With that she took off with her friends. I was stunned. She had seen me. I knew it. I panicked. I was screwed. It would be all over now. But then I paused. That had been over a week ago. She had said nothing. Until she could whisper in my ear. Damn!

She was still playing grab ass with me and I was still reciprocating. She'd catch my eye in the crowd and maneuver over. Then I'd feel her hand brush my ass, firmly. I, of course, would return the favor. I loved the feel of her hard round teen ass and every time I'd remember what it looked like bucking up in the air. But now when she broke away she always mouthed "thank you' and smiled. I was enjoying this touching a lot. Combined with my mental movie of her masturbating it ramped up my sex drive, much to Susan's delight. I was waiting for her next move.

Sue and I were over at Joe and Charlene's one afternoon, just hanging around in their living room. Leanne came home and was her usual charming self. But when she knew nobody could see her she locked eyes with me and just smiled. Damn that child. Soon she announced she was going to shower. As she turned to leave the room she passed right behind me. Everybody was talking so they didn't hear her whisper.

"I have a present for you. In my room, five minutes."

Her hand traced across the small of my back firmly as she passed. At first I wasn't sure I heard her right. As I watched the clock I thought about it. No, she had clearly told me to go to her room in five minutes. Well, five minutes was like five hours. I mumbled something about needing to piss and went down the hall. I could hear her in her shower so I was confused, till I looked into her room. In the center of the room I saw the light blue cotton panties lying on the floor.

They had been laid out nice and flat, clearly on display. The slightly darker gusset was facing my way. All her other clothes were out of sight. There was no doubt she had left these for me. I ducked in and grabbed them. They were still warm and the crotch was soaked! I went to the master bath and closed the door. No sooner was the door shut then Leanne's panties were at my nose. She smelled slightly musky, but I also caught the scent of her soap.

This was going to be fun! I unbuckled, unsnapped and unzipped. My pants and boxers were around my ankles and Leanne's musky teen scent filled my nose. She must have been masturbating and pulled them up into her pussy when she came. My hand was stroking as I mashed her soaked panties against my nose and re-ran the sight of this teenage nymph rubbing her gaping pussy on her pillow as I watched. And she knew! She told me she had a mirror! She must have liked having me watch, she never complained. Plus I had this pungent soaked gift. I stroked hard, Leanne's damp panties at my nose. In record time I was at the edge. Then I was cumming. As the last shot came I had a thought. I put her panties down and let the last burst of cum land on top of the soaked crotch. Oh it was heavenly! I took one last big sniff and did myself back up.

I wanted to keep them but I knew it was way too dangerous. As I passed back by her room she was still in her bathroom. I reached in and dropped them near her other clothes not bothering to arrange them. I wanted to make sure she knew I had been there. The only reaction to my gift to Leanne was when she saw me again in church. She gave me her usual tight hug, this time with just the subtlest amount of rubbing her body against mine, looked up at me with that smile and mouthed "thank you." I turned very red and had to duck away for a few minutes. She had liked my gift. I had to force myself to not think about her touching, sniffing and maybe tasting my cum on her panties. After all, I was in church!

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