tagMatureLeanne, The Series Ch. 02

Leanne, The Series Ch. 02


CHAPTER 2-Finally

This is my story on how a 48 year old married guy ended up having sex with the 19 year old daughter of my best friend If you want, go back and read chapter one to get the whole story.


It was three weeks until anything happened again. I was at the church every night Charlene was there but no Leanne. I didn't dare ask Charlene why. Then, that fourth week, she was there. I was, once again in the office alone, door ajar. I heard Charlene and Leanne downstairs. I waited, I hoped. I wasn't disappointed.

"Busy, Mr. G?"

Her increasingly mature voice broke the silence.

"Never too busy for you Leanne."

It was warm that night so I was just wearing a pair of linen shorts and being a wicked horny old man I had no underwear on. I wanted this nymph and if it happened I wanted nothing in the way. But it was her show and I was determined to let her proceed as far as she wanted.

Leanne was in a simple sun dress with flip flops, the standard teen girl summer uniform. This time, she sat a little more slowly but I did get a tiny panty flash. I was worried. There was a pause. I let it hang. Clearly there was something on her mind. She finally spoke, barely above a whisper.

"Did you enjoy....you know?"

By now there was no point in being coy or subtle. I looked deep into her eyes as I answered.

"Leanne, I can't remember when I've enjoyed anything more than that."

Now she sat up and smiled, she looked relieved.

"Oh I'm so glad! I was wicked horny and I was afraid I'd gone too far, teasing you and making you do stuff and all."

"You didn't make me do anything and you certainly didn't tease me. You saw what happened."

Leanne got a dreamy look.

"Oh yes! I'd never seen that before! I always have it inside me when it comes. It was cool to see how far it shoots and what it looks like. You're sure it was okay?"

Of course, I was hard now. My cock was pushing up the light material of the shorts and a dark spot had appeared. I was still seated and waiting to see what was next. Leanne made no move. She just sat with her hands far away from her crotch and her legs demurely closed. Very curious.

"It was fine Leanne; Just two adults having adult fun."

"So you're not feeling weird about it?"

She was heading somewhere. I just followed.

"Not one bit. I've done that before for ladies, I like it. I'm sure you could tell."

She gave me that smile.

"Yeah, I told you then. It was amazing. I've seen it again now too. It's really fun!"

I assumed Frank was jacking off for her.

"Glad I could introduce you to some new fun."

She sat there. I could tell she wanted to say or do something but she was unsure. After a few seconds. She got up.

"I better go check on mom, she may need help."

She left the office and I assumed she was gone for the evening. I figured I'd fiddle around until they left, just to make sure, but I was sure the act was over for this night. Oh how wrong I was! I moved the chair from behind the desk and I was sorting files on the floor. Maybe five minutes later I heard the stair creak. I hadn't heard the front door so it was either Charlene or Leanne. It was Leanne. She slipped into the partially open door and surprised me by quietly closing it.

"See, I told you those stairs squeaked. You could hear that, right?"

My first big surprise was when I noticed her breasts were moving differently. She had no bra on and her healthy B cup tits were standing proud. This was new, and very interesting. She slipped into the big chair. This time both her legs were in the chair.

"Oh yes, very clearly. You're right."

She leaned forward and got a very concerned face.

"Was I mean to you, Mr. G?"

I was surprised.

"I don't know what you mean Leanne."

"Well, I was talking to my girlfriends about it and they thought it was mean to make you watch and, well, jack off. And when I made somebody else do it he shot, just like you and his cock never went down. He fucked me, Mr. G. Really hard and it was sooooo good! But it got me wondering if I had been mean to you, you know to not let you, ummm well, you know."

My first reaction was alarm.

"You're telling your friends what we did?"

She laughed.

"Oh, Mr. G! I don't tell them who it is! I just say it's a boy! I would never tell on you!"

With that she reached out and put her hand on my knee. My cock got hard instantly. I had turned the office chair to face her as she talked and it was quite close to the overstuffed chair she was nestled into. She left her hand there as she continued.

"I don't tell Frank anything either. But I have to tell you Mr.G, after last time, when Frank and I were alone next, ohhhh I was so excited. I did things with Frank I've never done before!"

As she talked she alternately stroked and squeezed my leg. I was in heaven. She had never touched me like this. I took it as a good omen. She had stopped talking so I jumped in to try and keep it going, once again treading a line that was getting increasingly trampled.

"Well Leanne, it's always good to expand your horizons. Was Frank happy with your new adventures?"

She leaned back and got a well, wicked, look on her face. Nice Leanne had left the building, my favorite Leanne had just arrived.

"Mr. G, Frank LOVES everything about me! After I sucked his dick for the first time he was even happier!"

She giggled as she watched my jaw drop. I couldn't help it. Watching the words come out of that cute young mouth was just too much.

"Did I shock you, Mr. G? I'm sorry. But I really am starting to love sex and Frank has been sooooo nice to me! And well, you are even more special Mr. G, you let me do whatever I want and never ask for anything. You never even ask what I do with Frank. You already know what I do alone!"

With that she winked and spread her legs, just a little, still not enough to let me see the panty of the day. I felt the need to do some kind of explaining.

"Leanne, you have shared your life with me and I'm very grateful. You were very nice and didn't tell on me when I kinda caught you masturbating and then you came up here and we shared it. You're a gorgeous young lady and I feel like I've won the lottery when you take any interest in me. Anything you do is fine by me, I'd never ask for anything. I'm just happy to know you and listen to you mature."

"Mr. G, can I ask you a question?

"Sure, anything."

I wasn't expecting anything here.

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

I decided to be honest.

"Leanne, you're not gorgeous, like fashion models or Rebecca."

Rebecca was one of the youth group girls who was a real beauty but totally vapid. Leanne pouted. I continued.

"But you are truly beautiful. You have a lovely face and a wonderful personality. I have always enjoyed your company."

She glowed at that, for a minute.

"Mr. G you didn't answer me. Am I pretty?"

She just gazed at me. I couldn't read her look at all.

"So, Mr. G?"

"Yes, Leanne, I think you are very pretty."

"Oh thank you Mr. G! I thought you thought so! Frank says I'm gorgeous!"

She got this emotional girl look and leaped out of the chair. Next thing I knew she was straddling one of my legs and hugging me. If my dick was hard before, it became petrified now. I knew she would feel it against her right thigh, I didn't care. She knew she turned me on, hell I'd cum for her. If she wanted to feel my cock against her, that was fine with me. Her naked legs on mine were very exciting. Then I noticed, no panties! I couldn't feel any fabric, what I was feeling was her sparse pubic hair rubbing my leg. I smiled at her. She was eye to eye with me and her face just glowed.

"Well Frank is quite correct, Leanne."

She hung her hands around my neck and moved her mouth to my ear. My dick pulsed with need. Leanne began to whisper.

"So, Mr. G, if you were going to ask me for anything, what would you ask me for?"

By this time she had given up just wiggling. She was giving me a fucking lap dance. Rubbing her crotch hard against the bulge in my shorts. She had me. I could feel her bush rubbing my cloth covered cock. . Now she stopped rubbing and just looked at me, waiting for an answer.

"Say it Mr. G, you know you want to."

She slowly massaged my dick with her crotch. I groaned and gave in.

"I want to have sex with you Leanne."

With that she slid off my lap, right down on her knees and reached up to my belt. I was stunned into inaction. I had dreamed of this and now it was actually happening. But her mother was right downstairs.

"Leanne, your mom?"

She was rubbing my dick through my shorts with the heel of her hand as she undid my belt. Her breath was coming fast and deep. Her hands seemed to quiver as she loosed my belt and unsnapped my shorts.

She won't bother us Mr. G. Besides, I don't know about you but I won't take long. I've wanted to do this for a very long time! "

That was the end of any resistance I had. As she pulled my zipper down I stood, letting my shorts fall. I stepped out of them and Leanne was still on her knees.

"Oh Mr. G! No undies! God it looks so big!"

I'm a little more than average but today I'm sure my cock was bigger than I ever remember. I crossed my arms and shucked my tee shirt. Leanne was massaging my cock with her little hands.

"Leanne you better stop that or we will be done sooner than you like."

She stopped and stood, looking at me, smiling. It took a second but I got the hint. I reached down and grasped the hem of her dress lifting it up and over her head. I tossed it in the chair and gazed at her. She was naked from head to toe and beautiful. Her tiny little tits stuck straight out and were capped with hard nipples. Her pussy was covered in a neatly trimmed downy muff. I could smell her excitement. She bit her lip and looked at me.

"Where do you want me Mr. G.? Hurry, I am soo horny!"

It was obvious. I took her under her shoulders and put her cute little ass on the desk. I didn't know where her mom was but it was too late now. I wasn't going to stop till we both came. She lay back on the desk and spread her legs wide. Her little pussy was weeping fluid and her lips were fat with excitement. She was practically panting. I was ready to move between her legs when I had a brief bout of sanity.

"Leanne, are you....uhhhhh?"

She smiled.

"Safe? Mr. G? Is that what you want to know? Remember? I'm on the pill, have been for three years. Now stick it in me Mr. G. Please fuck me!"

That was it. I pulled up her legs and moved in. As I closed she wrapped her long teen legs around me and pulled me close. I took my cock in my hand and massaged her pussy with the head.

"OHHHHHHHH god! Put it in, please! Don't tease me!"

She was not being very quiet, but I was a lost cause. I wasn't teasing I was lubing up my dick. I moved my now slick prick down her furrow till I felt the indentation.

"Are you ready Leanne?"

Her eyes were wide, she leaned her head up to look at me.

"Oh fuck yes! Stick it in me! Fuck me hard and cum inside me....NOW!"

I rammed my cock into her. Ohh she was sooo tight! I stopped before I hit her cervix and then just began fucking this little girl as hard and fast as I could. The desk banged against the wall, I didn't care. I'd whacked off so many times thinking about this that I didn't care if the pastor walked in with my wife.

Leanne was beside herself.

"Oh fuck I came when you stuck it in! More! Fuck me more! Oh shit this is sooo good!"

I could feel the flood running out of her pussy and then she moved her legs so they were almost around my neck. That changed the angle and I get even deeper. I was not going to last long. Leanne was keening under me in what had to be an unending orgasm.

"Soo good, sooo good. Fuck me harder! Cumming again, more MORE!"

I was panting. I was close and it was going to be big.

"Leanne! I'm gonna cum in your hot pussy!"


That was it. With one final plunge I felt the surge in my balls and that wonderful feeling of cum erupting from my cock deep into this teenager's warm wet pussy. I felt like I shot ten times, though it was probably only three or four. I stopped fucking and just hovered over her, my hands on the desk next to her small frame. I was panting, she was panting. I felt my cock shrinking and the flow of our combined juices passing out of her pussy. I backed up and fell out. I just stood there, trying to catch my breath. She smiled, making no attempt to hide her red and dripping gash.

"Wow, Mr. G! You ARE the right person!"

I smiled lamely.

"I tried."

Now she was getting up and heading for her dress.

"Oh you succeeded! Can we do this again?"

I was pulling my shorts over my sticky cock.

"Of course Leanne but what about your mom?"

She gave me this very weird smile.

"Oh don't worry; she will not be a problem."

We got ourselves back in order and Leanne left to find her mom. I finished putting the room back to rights and went downstairs. Charlene was just finishing up and packing her stuff to go. As she put the tote bag on her arm I noticed something. I could swear, in the bag was a small bra and a pair of polka dot cotton panties. My jaw dropped. I looked up and just before she turned to leave, Charlene gave me that damn smile.

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