tagMatureLeanne, The Series Ch. 03

Leanne, The Series Ch. 03


CHAPTER 3-second time

Now, you've probably read the first story of how I was seduced by the eighteen year old daughter of my best friends. Well, it didn't end there. In fact I had no idea how far this was going to go. But for now all I cared about was that this hot little teen liked to fuck me. Hell, what more did I need to know?

After feeling that nymph's tight pussy around my dick I was hooked. It was all I could do to keep my hands off her every time I saw her. But I did. One of the few advantages to getting older is that sometimes you get smarter. As much as I hated it I let Leanne lead. We shared our hugs and a quick rub but she said nothing. Next week she didn't come to help Charlene. As soon as I was sure she hadn't come, I went home. I knew Leanne wanted to fuck again but I also knew it would be on her terms.

It was the next week when I got to sample that hot teen quim. Charlene had asked me to come over and re-program their thermostats. Joe is usually the one to ask me for this stuff and based on what was going on I was curious. I didn't give it too much thought. I planned on going over around two forty five so that I would be done, conveniently, by three.

Sure enough I was working on the last of the three when I heard the door. Leanne saw me and smiled.

"Hey Mr. G. Fixin stuff for mom and dad?"

"Hey Leanne, yeah, just returning favors."

She gave me that smile and headed for her room.

"Well, don't let me interrupt."

With that she was gone, leaving me very confused. Had I actually fucked this girl? She was acting like it never happened. I shrugged. I had fucked that eighteen year old hottie and if it never happened again it would remain my hottest memory. I went back to programming. Then I heard the shower. The vision of her washing that gorgeous little body got me hard in no time. I sighed, and forced my mind back to what I was doing.

As I snapped the last cover closed I heard her behind me. Before I could turn she was wrapped around me from behind.

"I was hoping I'd find you naked and hard in my bedroom, Mr.G. You're very mean to keep working on this stuff when I need to cum."

I turned, she was naked. I took her in my arms and gave her the deepest hottest kiss I possibly could. She moaned deeply. Pulling away she was gasping.

"Oh shit, I just came from your kiss! Oh fuck that was hot! Will you kiss my pussy? I'll suck your cock if you do."

I answered the way I knew she liked.

"I'll kiss your pussy little girl, but only if you promise to gush your hot cum all over my face."

Her whole body wiggled as she practically ran to her bedroom. As I turned the corner she had flipped herself up on her bed and was lying back with her legs spread wide. Then I noticed, she had shaved, her teen pussy was slick and wet. She gave me a coy smile.

"I did it for you Mr. G. Almost all the girls do it now. They say it makes having their pussy eaten soo much more exciting. Do you like it?"

Knowing where this would end up I was in the process of shucking my clothes. Then I had that thought.

"Your parents?"

Leanne was idly rubbing her clit and pussy now. I could see the wetness spreading.

"We've got an hour, please Mr. G. Lick my pussy!"

As she said that my briefs hit her floor and I was right behind them. My face was inches from her teen sex. I could feel the heat. I could smell her excitement. I wondered.

"Has anyone else licked your pussy Leanne?"

I was nibbling her thighs now, very slowly working my way up. She was panting and squirming, trying to get her kitty into my mouth.

"OH YES! Frank and .....another." PLEASE EAT ME!"

I couldn't hold out either. I just stuffed my face over her slick slit and plunged my tongue in. Her legs shot up and wrapped around my head as I felt the flow of girl cum slide into my mouth. I reached around her legs and clamped my hands on her lovely little tits.


She was twisting, trying to get all of her hot pussy in my mouth. I already had a mouthful of teen pussy juice and I was in heaven. She started to relax and I got the signal. I let go of her tortured nipples and moved back a little just giving little licks at the edge of her pussy lips. She was limp.

"Oh My God that was good! Thank you Mr. G!"

My eighteen year old plaything just lay there, her legs spread wide and her smooth teen sex glistening with my saliva and her girl juices. My cock was rigid. I had never fucked an eighteen year old, ever and now I had a full time pliant plaything. It couldn't get better than this, or so I thought.

Leanne was coming back to life now, the tide of her orgasm ebbing. As she looked at me she idly began to palm her luscious teen vagina, her finger slipping in and then running up over her prominent clit.

"Oh man Mr. G. I love sex! I love sitting here letting you watch me rub myself and looking at that beautiful cock of yours, so nice and hard! After the sexing you just gave me I owe you don't I?"

Her face had that coy, little girl look about it. But there was no little girl left here. This was all wanton woman now. My little Leanne had gone through the looking glass and fallen into an erotic wonderland. But she had taken me in too. I'd become a nasty old man, fucking and licking this little girl with no conscience at all. She was a habit I had no intention of breaking. Until she decided otherwise I was her toy and I knew how to play.

"Yes you do young lady. I just gave that pussy of yours the best licking and sucking I could. You were very nice and came all over my face too."

I've learned that she loves filthy talk and it showed. As I spoke, her hands were busier and soon I saw a trickle of her juice run out. Oh how I loved making this little girl cum! I looked straight into her eyes as I continued.

"But you do owe me, little girl. You promised to....suck...my...cock."

I drew out the last in slow measured tones. She gasped and slid two fingers inside her well used slit. She loved it.

"Now Leanne, now I want you to put my hard cock in your hot little mouth and suck me. Suck my cock till I shoot hot cum over your teenage tongue."

"Sit on the bed."

She panted as she rose. I lay down with my feet off the side as my teen sex toy kneeled between my spread legs. She ran her hands up my hairy thighs and massaged them as she gazed at my rampant prick.

"I'm dying to blow you Mr.G. I couldn't decide the other night whether to suck your cock or fuck you. I would have done both but there wasn't time. Now I can enjoy your cock!"

With that she held the base of my prick and I watched in lust filled wonder as the mouth of my little church going girl slid over the red head of my prick. How I managed to not cum is a mystery. Leanne didn't suck my cock, she worshipped it. Her tongue and lips caressed every little bit. As her mouth moved up and down her tongue lapped at the underside of the head and rolled around the shaft. This girl had sucked cock before and she liked it. She let my slide out of her mouth and looked up at me, on her knees, between my legs.

"I love cock Mr. G. I love the feel of it, I love having a hard cock in my mouth."

"Leanne baby, if you keep sucking me like that I'm going to cum."

She smiled a wicked little smile.

"Cum for me. Tell me when and I'll pull back. I want to feel your man cum shoot over my tongue. When we're in church, come meet me in the organ loft and I will let you cum in my mouth during the sermon."

With that image in my mind she slid her hot steamy mouth back over my prick. I reveled in the sublime naughtiness of the image, ignoring the impossibility of an excuse to leave my wife and daughter in the pew as I snuck off to fill this nymph's mouth with cum while being harangued by our pastor. I was close. I could never last with this girl.

"Leanne, I'm close baby. I'm going to cum soon."

She popped off, for just a few seconds.

"Cum for me Mr. G. Shoot your cum right in my mouth!"

She slid back over me and that's all it took.

"Cumming! Cumming for you little girl!"

She slid back until only the head of my prick was in her mouth. Her lips massaged me just behind the head as her tongue licked the underside. I felt the surge.


My balls tightened as the jets of cum surged out. The teen made a groan around my prick as I felt her tongue massage the cum from me. Four shots and I was done. I gently pulled away, my prick way too sensitive for her nubile mouth. I was gasping. I looked down and she was swirling my cum around in her mouth. I had to think it. Damn! What a slut! She just smiled at me as she made a show of swallowing. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I was movement in the hall. But since there was not explosion of rage, I assumed I was wrong. You know what they say about assuming... Leanne looked up at me as the last of my spend crossed her tonsils.

"Oh, Mr. G. you are going to have to let me do that again! I really like the way you taste!"

Then she got a little look on her face.

"Mr. G. You never told me if you liked the way I taste?"

I smiled broadly.

"Leanne, I'll lick your pussy anytime, anyplace. You have the tastiest pussy I ever licked!"

She grinned and leaped up to hug me.

"I'm going to hold you to that Mr. G. and I'm warning you. I'm getting very kinky!"

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