tagMatureLeanne, The Series Ch. 04

Leanne, The Series Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Church Gets More Interesting

I'm George, I'm 48 good looking and in great shape. I've got a good looking wife and a very attractive daughter and I am currently having an affair with my best friend's eighteen year old daughter. If you read my first story you know how this all began. I guess you never thought good church going folks had such a lust for sex. Yeah, well neither did I. This is a continuation of that saga and it gets even wilder, if that's possible!

I got dressed and out of Joe's house before he and Charlene got home from work. Joe and Charlene are Leanne's parents and my best friends. Yeah, I should be ashamed, but I'm not. I'll tell you, it wasn't easy! I'm trying to get my clothes on and my little teen sexpot is masturbating herself. I wanted to dive right back in and slide my cock back into that hot tight slit. But it wouldn't do to have her parents come home to me plowing their little girl. It would have to wait.

So, now it's Sunday and I'm in my pew with my family. Our pastor is Korean so he still has a bit of an accent and he's boring anyway. Trying to stay awake I occasionally look over at Leanne. They sit across the aisle from us. Every time I glance, she catches me and gives a tiny smile. She's wearing a skirt and it's none too long. As I strain at the edge of my peripheral vision I see her slide it up, just a little but the damage is done. I feel the growing in my pants. Damn that little girl! Now she's whispering to her parents. Her mom smiles and nods and then Leanne slides out of the pew. I think she's just going to pee but she catches my eye and flicks hers up as she passes. Oh that wicked girl! She's headed for the loft and wants me there!

It's time for the sermon. This will go on for about twenty minutes. I lean over to my wife.

"Hey, I need to go use the bathroom. Something at breakfast may not have agreed with me."

She nods, making a face. Too much Information, I guess. The way is clear. I slip out of the sanctuary and look around, no Leanne. I know where she is.

I manage to get up the steps without hitting any squeaky ones and I glide down a short hall to the closed door of the choir loft. Normally there would be about twenty people in here but its summer and we don't have a choir so it's empty, well almost empty, I hope. I open the door slowly, the pastor can see it from the pulpit, but he's walking the aisles so I'm clear. Once inside I look around. The back row of the loft pews is not visible from anywhere and there she is. My cock lurches at the sight of her.

She's laid out flat on the red pew cushion. On the floor are her red cotton panties, next to her little bra. Her skirt is up around her waist and her tank top is around her neck, letting her wonderful little teacup breasts free. Her nipples are hard and her look is glassy. Her fingers are deep in her glistening slit. Oh my little teen slut! This space is designed for acoustics so every sound will echo down. Silence is the key, emphasized by Leanne holding her pussy wet finger to her lips as she smiles a me. I sit next to her and put my lips to her ear.

"Young lady, the loft is closed during services."

She smiles, she loves these games.

"Oh but Mr. G, I was so bored and I just needed to get away. I'm feeling better now. May I stay up here? I promise I'll be very quiet."

I slip my hand up here smooth thigh and she moves hers out of her pussy to make room for mine. I love the way she feels, so soft, so wet and hot. She sticks her whole hand in her mouth and her eyes bulge. She's coming and trying not to make a sound. Soon she calms. Her face goes into that wicked smile. Now she whispers.

"I'll be nice and quiet but I'll need something to keep me from talking."

Keeping my head down I watch as my eighteen year old lover begins to unbuckle my belt. My cock is dying to get out. Once the belt is undone her little teen fingers work the button and zipper, leaving my pants gaping open in the choir loft of our church. With the Pastor droning on I lift my hips, just a little and Leanne deftly slides my pants and my boxers down to my ankles. Her hands are trembling as she slides off the pew and between my open legs.

I'm not sure how long I'm going to last. This is, without a doubt the kinkiest thing I have ever done. Leanne looks up into my eyes as her tongue slips out and begins to massage my rampant cock. She doesn't have a lot of experience sucking dicks but she makes up for it with enthusiasm. Basically, the little girl loves cock. I watch as she keeps eye contact and bathes the head of my prick with her tongue. My mouth opens to moan and she pauses and frowns at me. Now I put my hand in my mouth. She smiles her slutty little smile and slowly takes as much of my cock as she can in her teen mouth. I'm not going to last very long and I give her two fingers close together to indicate I'm close.

I feel her hand clasp around my dick as her lips and tongue caress me. She lets out a very quiet moan as she feels me getting harder; she knows I'm cumming soon. My hand goes to my mouth; my hips go up off the pew, thrusting my cock into my teen lover's mouth. Leanne pushes me back down, taking more of my dick in as she does. I tap her head, I'm cumming! She backs off till just the head of my prick is in her mouth. I feel her caress the underside as I pulse, releasing jets of hot sperm over her tongue. Her hands grip my thighs as I sigh into my hand. One, two, three jets of cum and I'm done. She just holds me in her mouth, knowing how sensitive I am.

Slowly she lets me out, bathing the cum off of my cock as she does. I notice she hasn't swallowed yet. Looking up at me as her lips let my softening dick go she opens her mouth, showing me the pool of my cum. Smiling, she closes her mouth, swirls a little and then visibly swallows. I swear I could get hard again but time is running out. We dress quickly, hiding behind the pew and trying not to laugh at the situation. I slip out first and soon I'm back in place next to my family. Five minutes later, Leanne is back next to her mother. I see her whisper into mom's ear and Charlene smiles. She must have given mom a good story about where she was. If I only knew.

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by elainazemacova12/12/17

Sneeking peeks while at church

I enjoyed your short piece very much. Your story reminds me of times when I will look about while at services. I never have gone as far as the couple in your story, but I have been distracted and attendedmore...

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