tagMatureLeanne, The Series Ch. 05

Leanne, The Series Ch. 05


Chapter 5: A Big Surprise

This is insanity. It's one in the morning and I'm creeping through the neighborhood. Susan had gone off to visit her brother and Becky our nineteen year old daughter had gone to stay at her best friend's house. I'd been quite happy at home until I got a text.

"1am use back door no lights my room no talking just fuck me please."

Her parents, my best friends would be home sleeping. My eighteen year old lover wants me to sneak in and fuck her while her parents are home! Madness, but I cannot resist the little nymph. We've been having this strange affair for a few months now. I told you the tale of how this 48 year old man snagged himself a little teen lover. Well, the girl's a bit of a nympho and kinky too, so the text does not surprise me.

It's incredibly dark at 1245 AM. I'm wearing athletic shorts, a tee shirt and boat shoes, that's it. No point in having a lot to take off. My cock is already at full mast just thinking about her. She's a blonde about five six or so and 140 pounds maybe. Her chest is a good B and they sit beautifully. She has started shaving her pussy so she looks even younger which is disquieting sometimes and exciting at others.

The slider to their deck is new and very quiet. In times like these every tiny sound seems like a fog horn blaring. I'm inside. Inside my best friend's house, almost naked, getting ready to fuck his daughter for the, I don't know, tenth time. This is what teen pussy will do to a man!

The house is a ranch. I take off my shoes and carry them. I know the layout well so I can steer around the shadows of the furniture and get to the hall. Her door is the first one on the left. I remember the first time I saw her naked. I was right where I am now in the middle of the afternoon and I watched her fuck her pillow. I jacked off into my hand as I watched. I got the surprise of my life when two days later she whispered that she'd seen me. What a memory!

I'm at her door now. It's just slightly ajar. There's no moon tonight and this is the back of the house so there is almost no light. I nudge her door open and slide in, moving it back when I'm in. This is the craziest and stupidest thing I have ever done, but I cannot stop myself. I stand there and now I can see her shape in the bed. It's warm and she's just covered by a sheet. I can tell from her breathing she is not asleep. I watch as she throws the sheet back. I can't make too much out but I know that body well. I shuck my tee shirt, carefully placing it at the foot of one of the bed legs, I need to be able to find it later, and the shorts go there too. I'm pretty sure Leanne's naked. She rolls on her back and spreads her legs, as I move closer she takes my hand and puts it on her leg as a guide.

I'm kneeling by the bed and I let my hand slide up to her apex. My hand is drawn by the heat of her sex and soon my fingers are caressing her soaked and open flower. She gasps as I gently probe her slit and then take my wet finger and massage her erect clit. She's panting, working very hard to be quiet, her hips are twisting trying to get my fingers on the right spot. My little plaything now moves my hand away and begins to gently pull on my arm. I know what she wants. If she had trouble staying quiet before this will kill her. As I move she opens wider. I place my cheek on her inner thigh as a guide. I can smell her womanhood now. I love eating pussy and I love this one most of all. So young, so wrong, so damn good!

My lips brush hers as I close. I hear her gasp. I shift around and put her legs over my shoulders and wrap my arms to reach her pert young nipples. As I squeeze them I bathe her sex with my tongue. I think she has a pillow in her mouth. She's moaning like mad but I can barely hear it. Her pussy is flooding my face, more than ever before. This sneaky shit turns her on and this is the ultimate.

Her hips twist and thrust as I center my mouth on her clit, using one finger to caress her nipple and the other to slide into her gushing slit. She tenses and clamps my head, hard. My little lover fills my mouth with her teen juice as she cums. I back my mouth and finger away, letting her recover. In a minute her hands are on my shoulders, urging me up. It's time. She stops me and pushes me towards the floor, and then I remember, her bed squeaks. She wants us on the floor. I shift off and she slides out. I can feel her gorgeous body rub against mine as she moves. I keep my hand on her to guide me as I follow her down. She's on her back and I move over her.

She spreads wide and I feel her thighs on mine as I crawl up to get my hard cock lined up with her. Oh, how I love the first time I slide my dick into this teen tunnel. I feel her hand down there and when I get close she grabs my cock to help me. It is so dark I can hardly see her face, just the white glow of her lustful smile. I am completely lost now. I could care less if the light went on and my two best friends saw my naked ass between their darling daughters' hot thighs. She's got me at her entrance. I feel her rub the head of my cock up and down, lubing me up, she's learning. Now she puts my helmet at the soaked portal and pulls on my dick, just a little. I shift my weight and slide my cock into her steamy sex. Oh fuck, it feels so good! I'm not going to last at all but I don't care. I need this.

As soon as I'm all the way in I feel her quake, she is already cumming. I slowly stroke my cock in and out, aware of any noise, but it's tough to concentrate. Leanne is panting and I can feel she has a hand in her mouth. Her pussy clamps again, another orgasm. My cock is buried in girl fluid as I stroke. This is the best fuck I have ever had in my 48 years. I feel the tension in my groin. I give her a squeeze with my hands. Her hands move to my ass and press. She knows I'm close and wants it. I wrap my arms around her and thrust. Now I'm at the point of no return and I bury my cock in her pussy. Oh damn, so good! My cum courses out into her vagina, one, two, three hard bursts, then I'm done. I lay there, still in her, trying to breathe quietly.

I hear a noise in the room and suddenly a flare of light. A match! My eyes try to adjust and identify what's going on as the match moves to a large candle. As the flame takes I see the face holding the match. Leanne! But... I look down into the very satisfied face of Charlene, Leanne's mother. She is grinning and moving her hips, making my softening cock move in her cum filled snatch. She whispers.

"George, I know you've been fucking my daughter. I confess I helped her make it happen. She confided in me one special day about her desire for you. I'm as wicked as she is so I had to help. But the more she told me, the more I wanted to feel it too. I wasn't sure you'd be interested in me so we set up this little prank. I hope you're not mad."

Now Charlene is an older version of Leanne. A little fuller but I admit I was expecting Leanne so I ignored any discrepancies. As she's talking I look over and Leanne is naked on the floor, a pair of panties I don't immediately recognize in her hand. Her pussy is soaked and I see a vibrator on the floor. She'd been masturbating, listening to her mom get laid. I look down at my best friend's wife and feel my cock coming back to life. Charlene smiles.

"My little girl bringing you back to life?"

I lean down and place my lips in her ear. She quivers as I whisper.

"No, right now, more than anything, I want to fuck her mother while she watches. Baby, I've wanted to fuck you since the day I met you."

Charlene throws her legs around me and I begin hammering her pussy. Leanne's eyes go wide and she takes the vibe to her pussy. We are all still trying to be quiet but it ain't easy. I move my eyes from Charlene's face, a picture of lust to her daughter with a kinky look of desire as I watch her fuck her teen pussy hard with her mother's toy. I'm not going to last this time either. It doesn't matter, Charlene has been cumming non-stop since I started so I just let the wave roll over me and plunge in deep sending the second load of cum deep into her mom pussy. Leanne's cumming too. Her eyes roll back and she pants hard as I see juice flood out around the pink plastic toy.

We lay there in the candlelight, panting and sweaty. But very satisfied. Now reason re-asserts itself. My little secret is nothing of the sort. I sit up and look at the mother daughter sex duo.

"This is bad. I'm an ass. I never should have started this."

Leanne looks at Charlene clearly looking for her mother to take charge.

"George, what's the problem?"

I'm a little dumbstruck at her naiveté.

"Charlene, we're married and not to each other. I love Susan with all my heart and I know you love Joe. This is going to fuck everything up. Sooner or later somebody will find out."

Charlene moves in and kisses me for the first time. I swear I can taste pussy on her lips but it must just be her remnant on mine. She leaves her lips close to mine as she speaks.

"George, everything will be fine. You let me take care of Susan. Will you trust me?"

Here I am sitting in a teen girl's bedroom with two naked women, mother and daughter. I'm so deep into this there is no way out. I just nod my head. Charlene kisses me again, hard this time, her tongue sliding into my mouth. Oh the joy of experience! She kisses better than her daughter, though I will never say so. She breaks away giving me that Mona Lisa smile.

"Go home George, everything will be alright. You have my word."

With that she gives Leanne a knowing smile and my little sex muffin smiles back at her mother and then winks at me.

"Mr. G. think you can be here around three thirty tomorrow? My mom won't be home till five."

As I quickly put my clothes back on I smile.

"Oh yeah, but we need to be careful."

My little plaything smiles back.

"I'll be by the pool, use the yard gate, but be careful."

We all very quietly laugh and I slip out in the candle lit gloom.

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