tagMatureLeanne, The Series Ch. 06

Leanne, The Series Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Culmination

At 3:45 on a hot sunny day I'm walking through the neighborhood. I'm headed over to my teen lover's house. Yeah, me, 48, married, with a daughter and I'm screwing my best friend's daughter, oh, and now his wife too. Read the earlier tales to get the full picture. But today Leanne my eighteen year old sex toy has told me to come over and use the yard gate to the pool. I have to exercise caution because even though her mom tricked me into fucking her the other night, Leanne's boyfriend and dad are still unaware. I told Susan, my wife that I was going to look at new mowers and would be gone for a couple of hours. So I'm covered.

I approach the gate in the six foot tall solid fence and wait. I really have no reason to be barging in so I need to know who's there first. Fortunately the entrance is on the back side of the property so no neighbors will see me listening at the gate. The pool is set so the long side is against the house and the sun favors the far side. As I put my ear near the gate latch I can hear a voice. It's her and she is very happy.

"Oh Frank, that's so good. Lick me baby, lick my pussy."

Frank is her boyfriend, a real nice guy. I almost feel bad cuckolding the lad, but I get over it, ha ha. I move so I can see through the gap between the gate and the post. It's not a close fit so I get a pretty good view. Oh, and a good view it is! Leanne is lying on a lounge, her legs spread wide and her bikini bottom hanging off one foot. Frank has his agile swimmers body between her legs, on couple of towels. His face is nestled into her sex and I can hear his slurping from five feet away. Leanne's head is thrown back and she is practically panting.

"Cumming Frank, get ready, I'm going to cum for you baby!"

He seems to dig deeper and grips her cute little hips as she bucks herself into him. I start rubbing my boner through my shorts; this is going to be a great show! Then I hear another voice, this one from the house. It's Joe! Her father!

"Leanne! I'm home! Where are you darling?"

Oh shit! They're caught! But I'm shocked, they don't even flinch! I know they heard. I'm glued to the gap in the gate. Leanne had told me to be here; maybe Frank came over on a whim. She knows I won't mind if I don't get to play with her today. But her dad coming home early could not have been expected. Why aren't they panicking? If I was shocked before I'm blown away by what happens as I watch! I see Joe walking up to the two of them on the lounge. Frank is still licking Leanne and she is now languidly looking at her approaching father. He stands there, watching for a few seconds. I swear I can see a bulge growing in his slacks. I'm five feet away and I think I've stopped breathing. Joe finally speaks.

"Leanne, looks like Frank is taking good care of you."

She's panting now.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, dad, I'm about to cum again!"

I see Joe rubbing the front of his pants. What the fuck is going on? Leanne is cumming now, I know the signs. Frank is pressed down into her pussy as she bucks into his face. Now I notice that his swimsuit is gone. I guess he took it off before they started. I can see his hard cock swinging under him as he continues to pleasure her. She finally collapses and Frank picks his head up out of her drenched crotch. I can see Joe has a hard on now, it's pressing out against the fabric of his pants. Frank seems to be fascinated by it. He looks up at Joe from his kneeling position on the towels. The shocks just keep coming. First my best friend catches his daughter having sex and just watches and now this. Frank looks up at Joe.

"May I sir?"

"Of course Frank. Please get me warmed up."

I watch Frank. Leanne's nineteen year old boyfriend and a member of our church youth group casually reaches over and begins to undo Joe's belt. Joe just stands there. Now I know this is not the first time for this. As Frank works his belt, Joe flips his shoes off, shifting from foot to foot. Now frank works the button on the dress pants and slowly slides the zipper down. Nuclear bombs could not get me away from this gate! Joe's pants drop now and he deftly disengages his feet from them and nudges them aside. He has pulled his shirt over his head as Frank undid his pants so now he stands in front of his daughter's naked boyfriend in only a pair of cotton briefs. I can see the bulge and now the wet spot at the tip of his cock. What a family! Leanne has come back to life and is now rubbing her pussy as she watches. I have my cock out and I'm stroking, I could care less if I get caught.

Frank casually grips the waistband of Joe's underpants and, pulling the front out to clear his cock, slides them down his legs. Once again, Joe steps out and kicks them away. Now Frank reaches up and lightly grasps my best friend's cock and slides it in his mouth! Holy Shit! Joe leans his head back and sighs.

"Oh Frank, that is so good! Yeah, keep it up!"

Frank seems to be enjoying sucking his girlfriend's father's cock. I can see him moving his mouth around and holding his hand at the base and stroking. Joe begins to fuck Frank's mouth, holding the young man's head in his hands as he does. Leanne is working her pussy hard.

"Oh daddy, that is so hot! Oh Frank, keep sucking him baby, I love to watch!"

Joe gently disengages Frank's mouth from his dick and smiles at Leanne. No! She smiles back and gets up, throwing two lounge cushions on the pool deck. As Joe moves around Leanne casually lays down and spreads herself, wide. She has a coy smile.

"I'm ready Dad. Do you want to fuck me?"

As Joe kneels down between her legs I remember what she said about 'one other', it was her father!

"Oh yes baby girl I want to give you a good fucking."

"Oh, but daddy, I'm all full of Frank's cum."

"I'll just have to add to it then."

He kneels down and rubs his hard cock up and down his daughter's slit, lubing the head. Then, still up on his knees he slides in as Leanne moans.

"Oh I love how your cock feels Dad, stick it in, stick all of it in!"

Joe slides his cock in and begins a rhythmic fucking. Frank is up on his feet now and his cock is sticking straight out. I watch as he moves up next to Leanne and Joe. He turns and now his cock is level with Joe's head. Joe reaches out and pulls the nineteen year olds cock right into his mouth! Frank moves slowly, fucking Joe's mouth as he reaches down and pinches Leanne's tits. I can't take it anymore and my cock spews cum all over the gate. I watch as everybody seems to cum. Leanne bucks up.

"Oh daddy, cumming! Harder! I'm cumming!"

Joe's panting

"Me too baby, get ready! Gonna fill you up!"

Joe releases Franks dick and the kid just stands and strokes it five or six times till I see a white rope surge out and all over Joe's face and Leanne's belly. I turn and sneak away, not wanting to be seen after the excitement.

My afternoon got severely shortened by not being able to participate so I was going to have to think of something to tell Susan. During the short walk I managed to come up with some tale of how the mower I wanted wasn't there. I went around back through the pool fence to go in our slider. Looking in I saw my eighteen year old daughter on the couch. I stopped dead in my tracks. Backing up till I could just see around the edge of the sliding door, I peeked. She was naked and spread wide. I haven't seen her naked since she was 8. She had grown into a beautiful woman. A copy of her mom with nice big B cup tits with rather large areolas and nipples I notice.

But what made me stop dead and back up is that I can't see her pussy because a naked woman's head is buried there. I'm beginning to get the idea that I was the last to know anything around here. I cannot immediately recognize who is licking my daughter's pussy so I just keep peeking and waiting. I had no idea she was into women. My curiosity is killing me so I carefully reach over and move the door open just a crack so I can hear. Wendy is getting a first class pussy licking and is not keeping it a secret.

"Oh fuck! OH yes! Lick me! Suck my clit! Oh fuck!"

She has her eyes closed so I can get a look now. My daughter is incredibly good looking. I mean I knew that but now I see her naked and consumed with lust it's just well, awesome. It's also really exciting. I just finished watching a bi-sexual incest show and shooting a load and I'm hard again watching my daughter get her pussy eaten by, well, I don't know who, but it's clearly not the first time.

I can peek because we have a six foot fence around our pool too, just like Joe. Actually we got them at the same time and saved money. Now I'm glad because none of the neighbors can see me take my dick out again and start jerking off, watching Wendy have lesbian sex. I watch her slim thighs quiver with excitement, her hands on her lovers head pulling her in. Then she throws her head back as she cums in her lovers mouth, again. My hand is stroking my dick, any guilt about watching my own daughter have sex is long gone and I'm heading for the point where I want to be the next tongue in that slit. What's happened to me? I've become a major pervert and I have Leanne to thank. The next time I get her alone she'll get a good thanking too!

I'm going to cum soon and I'm not guilty at all. Then I sense a presence behind me. I remember there is a second door to our back yard and I have no idea where Susan is. I look in again, no that woman is a brunette, so it's not Susan eating out our daughter. I laugh at the fact that I actually had that thought. As I begin to turn a small hand touches my right shoulder and stops me.

"Keep watching. It's gonna get better."

I'm standing in my own back yard with my hard cock sticking out of my pants watching my nineteen year old daughter have lesbian sex with I don't know who and my wife is telling me to keep looking! So, I look and I don't have to look long. The mystery woman has gotten her face out of Wendy's kitty now and is slamming her with two fingers. Wendy is writhing and practically screaming.


Now the hand is a blur and Wendy looks like she is having a seizure. Then she yells.


The Woman yanks her fingers out and the most amazing thing happens. A stream of milky white fluid shoots straight out of my daughter's pussy. I'd seen squirting on porn films but never, in 48 years had I seen it in person. Now Wendy was quivering and her lover jams her fingers back in, she has done her before. Wendy is yelling again.


The hand yanks out again and her pussy emits another jet. Now my daughter collapses and her lover sucks her fingers as her head turns and now I can see. It's Charlene! Joe's wife!

Susan's hand is still on my shoulder and I feel her pull me around to be given another shock. My wife is standing in our back yard naked. I just stare at her. I am totally speechless, standing there with my hard cock still out, I haven't cum yet. I just watched my daughter fuck my best friend's wife at my wife's instruction and now my wife is standing in our yard naked and smiling. Smiling?

"George darling, did you ever have that feeling you were the last to know anything?"

Stunned to the core I just nodded. Susan grinned.

"Well Tiger this time you were sooo right! Let me say this to calm you. It's okay, actually it's more than okay, so don't worry. I know, I know about Leanne, Charlene, and about Joe, Leanne and Frank. Oh and let me tell you there's also me in there too.

As she is talking Susan is undressing me. I'm just standing there, still stunned. Here I thought I was getting away with fucking a hot teen and now it seems I'm the last one to the party. Before she's finished with her speech Susan has my pants and briefs around my ankles and my shirt is who knows where. I step out and I'm standing in my back yard naked. Charlene and Wendy are next to me. My wife, my daughter, my best friend's wife and me, all naked in my back yard. Yeah, I'm not too fucked up by all this. Wendy looks at her mother.

"Mom? Can I? Please?"

Susan puts on her maternal face, fairly amusing, given the circumstances.

"I think you need to ask your father dear."

My nineteen year old, smoking hot daughter looks up at me, her nipples still hard. I can smell her sex.

"Daddy, can I suck your cock? I've wanted to forever but mom made me wait until she finished her silly game."

I just nod my head. In all my 48 years I've never entertained a sex fantasy like this. Wendy squeaks with glee and drops to her knees on the manicured lawn. In one swoop she has my cock buried in her hot teen mouth and I'm getting hard breaking the ultimate taboo. I'm getting used to this now and I'm all in. I look down at my daughters blue eyes as she looks up at me with my rampant prick sliding in and out of her mouth. I let my hands fall to her head and just gently fuck my daughter's face. Susan catches my eye and then flicks her eyes towards Charlene.

"George, may I?"

Another revelation. I never knew my seemingly average wife was bi sexual. Oh, and apparently she's incestually bi-sexual, if that's a word. That parts just a guess at this point but by now I've discovered that this crowd has kicked down all the fences. I shrug my shoulders and nod. Susan smiles broadly and I watch as she and Charlene embrace. Between kisses and caresses Susan fills in some blanks. I remember most of it but with my daughter giving me a blowjob and watching their firm tits and hard nipples rubbing on each other as they swap kisses, I may have missed some.

"Charlene and I cooked this up baby. We've been having sex for about a year now, hope you're not mad. She knew Leanne wanted you.

There's a pause as the two women kiss some more. Now their hands are massaging each other's tits. I keep looking down and Wendy who is loving my cock. I'm not going to last much longer.

"Wendy I'm gonna cum soon baby."

I'm fucking her face a little harder now. Susan and Charlene have stopped making out to watch my first incestual orgasm.

"Get ready baby, dad's cumming in your hot little mouth!"

Wendy holds tight and I just hold her head and flood my daughter's mouth with my cum. It feels like it came up from my toes. I'm no sooner done with my last spurt when Wendy jumps up and grabs Charlene, lip locking her and obviously sharing my cum. Susan hugs me from behind as I watch the lezzie cum swap.

"Let's go inside lover. You need time to recover and those two want to put on another show.

I take my wife's arm and we go through the slider and up to our bedroom. Wendy and Charlene are ahead of me and by the time Susan and I are in the room they are on the bed and Wendy is on top of Charlene, rubbing her young nubile frame all over her lover. Charlene has her is a hug and they are kissing deep and hard. I just stand and take it all in. So much, so wild and so soon. Susan hugs me from behind, watching the action over my shoulder. She whispers in my ear.

"Be honest George, does this bother you? I need to know you're not just caught up in it."

I take my wife's hand and move it down to my slowly recovering cock. She squeezes it gently and hums.

"I'll take that for a yes. Now, would you like to fuck your daughter? I know you've fucked Charlene, I gave my permission, I didn't think you'd mind and I found it very exciting. Do you know when she asked my permission?"

Susan is stoking my cock now which is trying very hard to get hard. I'm starting to breathe harder. Wendy has now slid down Charlene's mature but trim frame and is fingering the MILF as she descends. Charlene lays back and spreads her legs as wide as she can, exposing her pussy, glistening with sex juice and wide open. I remember how it felt when I slipped my cock in, thinking it was Leanne. As Wendy's face disappears into our neighbor's crotch I answer Susan.

"I have no Idea, baby, when?"

"That day you were over resetting Joe's thermostats and fucking the crap out of his little girl. When you thought you were getting away with it. Charlene was in our bed with me and had just made me cum for the third time. We knew Leanne was fucking you and it made us so fucking horny. Just after she pulled her big strap-on out of me and I collapsed on our bed she asked me if she could fuck you. She was so sweet, how could I say no? Besides, I knew it would fuck with your head, big time!"

By now, watching my daughter Wendy eating Charlene's pussy had me back up to full strength. Susan's hand was still stroking my cock. I laughed as I turned towards her.

"Oh man, you should have seen my face baby! Here I thought I had been fucking my little teen plaything and suddenly I'm looking at her mom! I didn't know what to think! You two are very mean!"

My wife and I were face to face now, with my back to the bed. We could hear Charlene moaning.

"Wendy baby, eat me lover, make me cum again!"

From the fluid sounds I knew that Wendy was getting a mouthful and I was a little jealous but then remembered, I would have a turn sooner or later. I looked down and tuned them out as I looked at the woman I loved most of all.

We walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed on. It was my turn to put on a sex show, not that my audience would be paying any attention. Charlene and Wendy were deep into a Sapphic love affair.

Susan lay back and spread her legs wide. Her pussy shimmered with wetness. I wasn't sure if all of it was hers and which of the two others had contributed. I also didn't care. I looked into my life mate's eyes.

"Susan, I love you more than anyone else. I don't know why you did this but it is wonderful! I have to tell you, you will always come first."

Susan glowed under my compliment.

"Thank you baby. I took a risk with this little vixen. But as soon as she started teasing you, you became a tiger with me. I knew every time you screwed that little girl. Even after that little tart drained you, you came home and gave me such a wonderful sexing. I know you love me baby, those weren't guilt fucks. Now how bout you stick that nice hard cock in me and fuck me while your daughter has lesbian sex next to us. Then maybe we meet the rest for more fun."

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