bySateema Lunasi©

I lay there beside him, my mind wandering over thoughts that would make a whore blush, as his hands sleepily caressed my arm.

“Where is your mind, Lily?”

“Wandering.” I replied with a smile. “Thinking dirty thoughts.”

He smiled, blue eyes glittering and tickled me a little,

“What kind of dirty thoughts?” he asked, hand snaking up to my side and under my shirt. He simply held my side, pressing pleasurably into my ribcage.

“Just thoughts, you know...naughty things I shouldn’t think of.” I laughed.

He tickled me a tiny bit more, his hand tracing tiny circles along a part of my body that is rarely touched. I squirmed and fought his hand playfully, but he was so much stronger than me, I gave up and sighed.

“Okay...I was thinking of stupid girl things. Like how many women have you...you know?”

He sighed and looked at me defeated.

“Women always ask that to men, don’t they?”

“I guess we do.” I admitted. “So?”

“Hmm, let me think...quite a few. Does it matter?”

“No.” I said quickly. “It was just a curious question, that is all. Well, who was your first?”

He laughed then, looking at me as if I were a five year old. We both laughed and he tickled me.


“Okay...” he relented. “My first was a girl named Theresa, back in Ireland long ago.”

“You went to school with her?”


“Well, who was she to you?” I pressed.

“My governess.” He said flatly.

I paused,


“Yes, seriously. I was fourteen and she was nineteen.”

I think I pondered that for a moment. I squirmed a bit under his hand. He squeezed me rather hard, almost painfully.

“So, how many...just an approximate number?”

He laughed hard now.

“Maybe one hundred. That is a good shotgun guess.” He laughed.

“One hundred? Did you do kinky things with them?” I laughed as he tickled my sides and the small of my back.

“Yeah, sometimes.” He admitted with a grin.

“What kinky things? Like, did you tie them up, or spank them or something?”

He pulled me closer to him then, and in one swift gesture pulled me over so that I was laying on top of him, against his massive chest. I lost my breath for a second, but composed myself.

“Yes, sometimes I did, Lily.”

“Did they like it?”

“I would not have done it had they not liked it, Lily.”

He placed one hand on my hip then and he sat me up, so I was straddled on top of him, sitting straight up, my back arched a bit. He playfully stroked my arm with one hand and surprised me when with the other, he produced from somewhere near the bed, two thin little white leather wrist bands with a strange little clasp attached to it with a lock and key. I laughed.

“With these, Lily, or similar things.” He explained. He placed them in my hands carefully so I could examine them. The inner lining was soft suede, and the outer lining was harder leather. The small metal rings were strong and deceptively delicate. I examined them carefully, turning the little key in the lock. They opened. On impulse and some strange curiosity, I slipped my hands inside. I showed them to Liam and blushed. He smiled, almost sweetly.

“Very nice...” he grinned. He reached then for my hands, now cuffed in leather straps and he pulled my arms up to the brass headboard of the bed, quickly snapping them closed over the brass poles. He locked me there, straddled over him, my arms stretched over his head, my breasts just inches above his face. I must have been a sight; a flurry of red hair in two long braids, a thin white, spaghetti strapped shirt and a short plaid mini skirt and knee high boots. I looked like a schoolgirl, which I think did even more to enflame him.

“That was tricky!” I lurched against the brass to try and free myself, but found that the movement just caused my body to buck against him, and I heard him groan,

“Lily, stop teasing me.”

He looked up at me with fierce blue eyes and suddenly I had an urge to kiss him, to completely surrender to him. A naughty thought lingered in my head. Tease him? Yes, well, he would surely feel teased when he discovered I wore no panties under the skirt. I almost smiled.

“You look so sweet that way, Lily. Do you like being that way?” he looked directly into my eyes.

“Yes.” I admitted.

“Good.” He traced a patient finger over my breasts, feeling the nipples harden under the fabric of my shirt. I shivered.

I looked over his chest, firmly muscled and lightly golden from California sun, and I wanted to taste the skin there. I felt the firmness of his thighs against mine and it made me breathe harder. He stroked my breasts over the shirt. I wanted his hands under the fabric, on my skin. He knew that of course, and set out to tease me.

“Why are you shaking, Lily?” he teased. “What do you want?”

“I want you to kiss me...”

“Then I will.” He said simply, but instead of pressing his mouth to mine, he kissed the column of my throat, surprising me, then he softly bit at my throat, making the strangest sensations. I found myself moving against him again, and I felt his erection now. He made a very soft and gentle trail of butterfly kisses over my neck, then bit rather hard, causing me to bite my lip and hold back a little yelp. He looked up at me and said,

“Lily, the beauty of this is that we learn to trust each other. If you behave...I will be so soft with you, but if you misbehave, I will hurt you, but either way I promise you will like it.”

His words put a tiny bit of fear in me, followed by a rush of excitement I could not control. I could simply close my eyes and concentrate on the powerful and sculpted body beneath me...strong thighs, powerful chest, beautiful face, angelic eyes...

He kissed my throat again, then moved down to the low rim of my shirt, kissing the flesh just above it. His hands moved up then, up my hips, over my bottom, then up my sides under my shirt, over my stomach and then the found my breasts, bare and swollen with desire now. I tried not to move against him. I closed my eyes,

“No, look at me.” He ordered.

I obeyed.

“That a girl...” he coaxed with a whisper.

He then pushed up the fabric over my breasts so I would be exposed. He smiled sweetly then, and stroked the bare flesh there, the soft part, then catching the hardened little peaks in his fingers and squeezing gently. A soft moan escaped my lips. He looked satisfied with my reaction, and then he cupped both my breasts in his hands and began to kiss them, one at a time, softly and sweetly. His kisses soon became open mouthed kisses, putting just the tiniest bit of wetness on my skin, tingled by his warm breath. He then took one of my swollen nipples in his mouth and began to flicker his tongue against it, and I closed my eyes and let the sensations take me. I was startled back to Earth by a sharp pain in my breast. He slapped me there, hard and was now pinching my nipple brutally. I screamed.


“I said, ‘look at me’, Lily!” he explained. I quickly obeyed, fearful of another punishment like that. My breast was sore now, and I almost cried.

“It hurts...” I whispered.

“I know darling. I am sorry for punishing you so firmly so early on, but I couldn’t help it. You’re very beautiful. I wanted to hear you scream my name. You’re lovely...”

He then took the nipple again in his mouth very softly and caressed it with his tongue, sending the pain away. He kissed me there so long, tickling, teasing, licking and lightly brushing his teeth across the hardened tip, that I almost lost my mind. He moved the sweet torment to the other, then back again, until his torment became a firm and pressured suckling, drawing exstasy from me in moans and soft whispers of his name.

One hand moved down over my back, then under my leg and he widened his eyes just a little, his hand discovering the slightly wet thatch of hair between my legs. Surprisingly, his erection became even harder and thicker. I couldn’t help but writhe as I felt his fingers stroke me there, rather like he were stroking a pet cat. He clasped a nipple in his mouth again as he did it, and I moaned as I felt his finger work its way between the nether-lips and then carefully into the tight passage. He began to work it in and out of me, making me squirm against him. He asked me then,

“Say no if you change your mind.” It was a slightly sobering thought, but did not change my mind. I said,

“I want this. I want you so badly...inside me.”

He smiled again, so sweetly,

“Patience darling...I have to ready you first...”

“No, now, please...now...” I couldn’t believe I was begging.

He looked solemn for a moment and said, as if he were patronizing a child,

“Lily, feel this...” he pressed his massive erection against my inner thigh and reminded me the size difference in us. “I have to ready you more, darling, or it will hurt badly...”

I nodded then, realizing the pain I would feel if he just entered me now. It didn’t matter. I wanted him so badly. He continued to stroke me there and push his finger in and out of me, then he slowly added another finger and stretched me more, almost painfully. Soon he entered a third and I was crying now. He slowed and said softly,

“You can tell me to stop any time...”

“No, don’t stop...I know it has to hurt....”

He worked me more then, saying softly,

“Shh, my sweet darling, don’t cry...”

His fingers worked me back and forth and his erection swelled even more against my thigh. I saw his hand move to the side of the bed again, into a little drawer. He began to slide down, kissing my breasts, my belly, my navel, my hips, until his face was just beneath the apex of my thighs, the most secret part of me, where his fingers still worked me. With one hand, he carefully and discreetly opened a small package, which I knew was a condom, and with the other hand, he parted my nether lips. His tongue touched me there, instantly finding my clitoris and stroking it with his tongue. I shivered wildly, moaning and shaking. He began to suckle me there, flickering his tongue against the core of the pleasure. I thought I would die. I wanted to grab him, to scratch my nails over him and feel his skin, the muscular frame, the impressive erection, but I could not move. He had pinned me there in a circuit of pleasure and I wanted to explode.

“Please Liam...please...”

And in seconds he was out from underneath me but he never removed his fingers. He stood on his knees on the bed behind me, nudging the erection against me, and then he carefully positioned it against the core of me, replacing his fingers with the thick shaft. It was stretching me painfully but he worked in slowly then began a slow rythem back and forth and soon pleasure mixed with the pain. I had felt this before, the first two times he had made love to me. He pushed quicker and harder until he was pumping into me with firm force and we were both moaning together.

“Move against me, Lily, push against me...”

I hesitated but was punished with a hard slap to the backside for doing so. He grabbed another leather strap, this one resembling a riding crop and he swatted my thigh with it,

“Do as I say, Lily.”

I hesitated again out of pure shock, and was punished with a series of hard smacks on my thigh, my backside and my back. I moved against him then, and he rewarded me with soft caresses down my back. He was pumping into me again, faster and faster, then slower again. His hands reached under to feel my breasts, pinching my nipples and lightly swatting them with the riding crop. My entire body was on fire. He did not let up on me for nearly an hour, and then my body lost control in a wild series or orgasms. He reached to unlock the restraints and he released my hands. I instantly latched onto him, turning and kissing all over his chest and neck, tasting the salty skin, digging my fingers into his back. He laid me down on my back and pulled my legs up on his shoulders. His eyes were so blue, so bright and he leaned down to kiss my lips, then he drove that hard organ into me again, bucking against me fast and in a heated fury. I was gripping him, scratching my fingernails over his back and screaming his name. In a fury of white heat and intense pleasure, we came together, paralyzed and trapped in passion. My body finally calmed down and he lifted off me, holding me in his arms, against his chest to feel his heartbeat.

“My God, Lily...I’ll be addicted to you if you keep this up.”

“Hmmm, too bad.” I wanted him to be addicted to me. I wanted him however I could get him. “So, you have introduced me to bondage, huh?”

“If you’ll let me, I’ll show you some other things as well.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see, Lily.”

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