tagIncest/TabooLearning About Susan Ch. 02

Learning About Susan Ch. 02


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Kai stands, letting the hot water of her shower wash over her naked body. She just stares at the tiled wall in front of her. "Oh god... what did I do?" She keeps repeating to herself, reliving the past couple of hours over in her head. Sure, what Kai and her mother had done was fun... but why did she feel so guilty about it. Being restrained and made to cum with a vibrator had been really hot and a huge turn on, but Kai was confused. After tying her mother up and teasing her with the remote control vibrator, Susan and Kai had both went to shower and clean themselves off.

"That felt so wrong... but then why is even thinking about it turning me on?" She asks herself out loud. Finally, with a huff, she turns the water off and steps out of the shower. She towels herself off, deep in thought. Finally, she goes into her room and lays down on her bed, still completely naked. Kai just lays on her back, staring up at her ceiling, wondering exactly where her relationship with her mother stands. Susan passes by Kai's door, yelling something about going out by the pool. Kai only slightly pays attention, lost in her thoughts.

Finally, after about an hour of just lying there and thinking, Kai quickly dresses in a skimpy black bikini, just something to cover herself up while she goes to talk to her mother. Kai walks out to the pool, spending the short trip working out what exactly she is going to say. Kai quietly walks up the path to the pool. She peeks over the tall, wooden fence and sees Susan lying face down on a pool chair, her bare ass tanning under the sun.

Despite her earlier confusion, Kai feels herself start to grow wet from the sight. Fuck... she's going to make this difficult to do isn't she? Kai asks herself. She swallows and opens the gate. "Hey mom... how's it going?" Kai asks, trying not to sound offended by her mother's lack of modesty.

Susan looks up at her daughter, "Hey Kai, come to join me?" She asks, rolling over, exposing her equally bare breasts and vagina.

Kai hesitates before she answers, "Actually, I was kind of hoping we could talk about what happened between us." Susan just looks at Kai, waiting for her to continue. Kai swallows and says, "Let me be honest mom... I'm not sure how I feel about what happened earlier."

Susan nods, "What do you mean?"

Kai thinks for a second before answering, "Well... in the moment I had fun. I really enjoyed what we were doing. But after in the shower I was thinking about it. That is when I felt weird. You're my mom and we just... you know... had sex..." Kai says, lowering her voice at the end.

Susan sighs, "So are you saying that everything we did was a mistake?"

Kai shrugs, "I honestly have no idea. Everything we did was so wrong, but for some reason, it felt so good. Even coming in here and seeing you naked turned me on a little bit, but I feel bad about it."

Susan nods, "You feel guilty about what happened then?"

Kai nods, "Yes, but at the same time, I don't. Like I can't remember the last time I felt that..." She pauses searching for the right word. "...close with you."

Susan smiles and stands up from her chair. She walks towards Kai, her large breasts swaying side to side slightly. Susan places her hands on her daughter's shoulders and looks into her eyes, "Kai... you know that you are my whole world! Can I let you in on a little secret?"

Kai gives a quick nod.

Susan continues, "I was so nervous this morning, I almost felt sick. Then when you came in, I could tell you were nervous too. But then once we got started, I was too caught up in the moment to feel anything bad. So please... can we just try it again? For me?"

Kai is silent, staring into her mother's eyes, "Do you think that will help?"

Susan nods, "I do. Look, we can start small and work up again. Start by taking that top off. We both know it doesn't do too much good in the way of covering you up!"

Kai giggles, "You are persistent about my bathing suits being too small."

Susan smiles, "You know that's my job as your mom right? Now come on, try to get comfortable. Just focus on relaxing and enjoying the moment. Think of what we did earlier less of us being mother and daughter and more of two grown adults exploring their sexuality."

Kai sighs, "Fine. I'll give it a second chance."

Susan's smile grows, "That's my girl!" She leans in and gently kisses Kai on the lips. Her hands work quickly behind her daughter's back to untie her bikini top. As they part, Susan pulls the material away from her daughter's breasts. "Now how's that for a start?" Susan asks.

Kai looks at her Mom, "Can we just... you know... let this happen naturally?"

Susan nods, "Of course! I don't want to make you uncomfortable. She goes back to her chair and lays down, face up. Kai stands still for a moment, thinking, This is not how I planned on this going... I can't believe that I agreed to this a second time!

Kai shakes her head once and lays down on the pool chair directly next to her mother. The two women lay in silence for several minutes. Kai lays on her chair, wondering if coming out here was a mistake. Every time she thinks this, a much different thought immediately follows. Maybe she'll make a move and we can do more. Kai thinks, over and over again, trying to make sure her mother does not catch Kai's wandering gaze.

Despite her earlier hesitation, Susan was right. Kai was quickly warming up to the idea of being only semi-dressed around her completely naked mother. Feeling the last of her restraint leave her, Kai stands off her chair and faces away from her mother. She can feel Susan's eyes looking over her back. Kai closes her eyes for a second as she mentally prepares herself for her next move. When she opens her eyes, she puts her hands on the sides of her bikini bottoms and quickly tugs them down. She can still feel her mother's eyes, but so far, Susan has said nothing. Kai smiles to herself. She bends over from the waist to pick her bottoms up from the ground. Her ass parts, giving Susan a nice view of her pussy lips and asshole. Kai slowly straightens back up, giving Susan plenty of time to look away. To her surprise, Kai turns back around and Susan is still looking at her.

"What?" Kai asks innocently.

Susan tries not to roll her eyes, "Oh come on Kai, you know exactly why I'm looking at you! I thought you were uncomfortable with what we had done so far and then you go and do that! You finished with the show you little tease?"

Kai smiles, "Well, I was feeling a bit more comfortable after just sitting here with you."

Susan looks at her, "So do you still feel weird about what happened earlier?"

Kai thinks as she sits back down on the chair. The cloth material feels strange on her now naked body. "A bit, but not nearly as much as before." Kai finally answers.

Susan and Kai are silent for a few minutes. Kai suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks over and sees that Susan has rolled onto her side and is now looking directly at Kai. "If you're interested, after dinner, I have a little surprise for you."

Kai raises an eyebrow, Oh really? What kind of surprise?"

Susan gives her a small smile, "You'll just have to wait to find out. But I'll give you a hint. You'll be wearing the same amount of clothes then as you are now."

Kai looks down her body then back up at Susan. Kai gives her a small smile, "Depending on what it is, I might be down."

A couple of hours later, Susan and Kai finish their dinner. Kai goes up to her bedroom, while Susan works on preparing her surprise. After a short while, Susan comes and gets her daughter. Susan knocks on Kai's door. "Come in!" The voice from inside the room calls out. Susan opens her daughter's door and enters the room. Kai is laying on her bed, laptop open. She looks up, and stares for a second.

"Why are you naked?" She asks, giving Susan a strange look.

Susan raises her eyebrow, "I said the surprise involves not wearing anything. What did you expect?"

"For you to at least start it wearing something!" Kai says back.

Susan shakes her head, "I'm not putting clothes on again just to take them off in a few minutes. If you're interested in joining me, then get naked."

Kai opens her mouth to protest, but stops herself. She just shakes her head and quickly disrobes in front of her mother. Susan watches with interest. Kai blushes slightly as she finally is naked in front of Susan for the third time that day. Susan motions for Kai to follow. "Come on, let's go." Susan says, leading the way out of the room.

Susan walks into her bedroom, where a plastic table has been set up. On top of it is a soft looking towel. Kai looks at her mother, "What's this?"

Susan answers, "Back before I was with your father, I lived with my roommate, who was a masseuse. She taught me how to give a really good massage. And well... that kind of led to us..." She pauses searching for the words. "... intimate with one another. She was the same one I was talking about earlier."

Kai looks skeptical. "So your plan is to give me a massage?"

Susan nods, "Just a massage. Nothing more and nothing sexual about it."

"Then why do we both have to be naked for this?"

"Because otherwise the massage oil will get all over my clothes and your clothes. Trust me when I say that massage oil is a pain in the ass to get out of clothes." Susan answers.

Kai smiles, "I guess this sounds pretty fun. Let's do it!"

Susan returns her smile, "Great. Just hop up on the table and I'll be right back." Susan walks into the bathroom to wash her hands and grab the oil. Kai looks at the table for a second, debating if she should lay face up or face down. After thinking, Kai decides to lay face down on the table. A moment later, Susan comes back into the room, a bottle of massage oil in her hands. She walks over to the table, opens the bottle and coats her hands in the oil. Kai turns her head and watches with a mild interest. Susan then starts the massage.

She starts with Kai's shoulders and works her way down. Kai sighs happily as she can feel her tension being worked away. Susan gets down to just above her daughter's shapely ass. "Alright Kai, I need you to spread your legs." Susan says, stopping to reapply the oil.

Kai does so, but asks, "Why?"

"So I can massage the backs of your legs easier." Susan answers, picking up each of Kai's legs and spreading them a little further. Susan quickly begins to massage Kai's upper thighs, working her way down both of her daughter's legs. Upon reaching Kai's ankles, Susan works her way back up the inside of her daughter's legs.

Susan quickly looks up at Kai's face and smiles. Perfect. Kai isn't paying attention. Susan brushes a hand over her daughter's slit. Kai quickly picks her head up and looks back. "Why did you do that mom?" She asks.

Susan shrugs, "Sorry baby, I just wasn't paying attention. Time for you to roll over though."

Kai just sighs and rolls over. Susan applies more oil to her hands and starts massaging Kai's shoulders. Kai closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation of her mother's hands on her body. Susan works her way down from Kai's shoulders, massaging her breasts, stomach and then her legs. As Susan reaches Kai's ankles, she begins to work her way up the inside of Kai's legs.

As she reaches the top of her daughter's thighs, Susan's hand once again brushes over Kai's pussy lips. Kai's eyes shoot open and she looks at her mother with surprise. Susan looks down at her daughter, "Something wrong?" She asks.

Kai opens her mouth to respond, but Susan just slowly starts to rub her clit. Instead of answering, Kai just sighs happily. After a few more seconds, Kai says, "Come on mom... This is wrong."

Susan nods, "I know. But I can feel how turned on by this you are. Are you saying that you don't want to do this?"

Susan keeps up her rubbing. Kai shakes her head and says, "Fuck it... Your right. Let's do this." Susan smiles down at her daughter and brings her lips down to Kai's. The two enjoy this moment. Susan pulls away from Kai and climbs up on the table with her, straddling her daughter's hips. The two kiss a second time, this time more passionately. Suddenly, Susan pulls away as she hears the door creak. Both women look over a mix of shock and horror on their faces.

Bobby got out of his last meeting for the day, he sighed to himself. It was 5 pm, there was nowhere to really go and no one to go with, unless he wanted to go out with the people who were in that last meeting. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he mumbles, "God, I fuckin hate these meetings. All this crap for almost no payoff. Waste of everyone's time and money..."

He trails off as he reads his newest email. "Well, that certainly makes things better for me. Guess that guy couldn't make it out here after all." Bobby smiles to himself, realizing that his only meeting tomorrow afternoon is canceled and he can go home. He quickly makes his way to the hotel, with the goal to check out as quickly as possible before leaving. "Should I call Susan? No... I think it would be more fun to surprise her."

A couple hours later, Bobby pulls into his driveway. Night has settled and his house is fairly dark, with the exception of his and Susan's bedroom light. "Kai must have gone out tonight. Perfect, Susan and I don't need to worry about being too loud." He says with a smile on his face. He pulls forwards a little more and sees Kai's car parked next to Susan's. "Hhmmm. I wonder why her car is here. Maybe she's watching a movie or something in the dark."

Bobby gets out of his car and makes his way into the house. He quietly puts his bag down on the floor. Plenty of time to take care of that tomorrow. He quietly makes his way up the stairs. When he gets to the top, he hears hushed voices behind his bedroom door. Bobby frowns in confusion as he quietly walks down the hall. The door is closed and Bobby slowly turns the handle, not wanting to interrupt a potential fight between Kai and Susan. Peeking through the crack of the door, Bobby tries not to gasp.

Susan and Kai are both naked with Susan straddling Kai's hips. Kai's body glistens from some type of oil. Susan and her daughter are locked in a passionate kiss, as Kai's hand cups one of her mother's breasts. Bobby feels his cock begin to grow hard at the sight. Suddenly, the door creaks and both women look over at Bobby's one visible eye through the crack. Kai sits up and tries to cover her naked body with one hand and cover her mouth with the other. Susan looks equally embarrassed.

Bobby swallows and steps into the room. Kai starts to get up, "I'm just going to be off in my room. Please don't come and find me." Bobby looks over Kai's sexy naked body with an interest, hoping Susan doesn't notice.

Susan recovers faster than Bobby, "Stay here. You too Bobby, the three of us have a lot to talk about."

"Can we at least put some clothes on first?" Kai asks, trying to cover her naked body with her hands.

Susan shakes her head, making no effort to cover her naked body, "No. We need to have this conversation now. Bobby, take a seat on the bed and we'll get started." Bobby is still speechless and does as she says. Once he is seated, Susan says, "So this is a surprise for all of us I'm sure."

Bobby interrupts, "A surprise is a bit of an understatement! I walked in on you two naked and kissing. What the fuck led up to that? Where were you going to take it?"

Susan sighs, "Bobby listen, it started the other day when Kai watched me cum out by the pool. When she and I had our little girls chat, we both said we were turned on by what happened and were not sure how to deal with that. We decided the best thing to do would be for us to... experiment with each other. That was this morning, before you walked in, I was giving Kai a massage to try to relieve the tension between us. When you walked in, things had clearly passed that point."

Bobby looks between the two women. Kai is still trying and mostly failing to cover her body with her hands, while Susan sits naked in front of him, making no attempt to cover herself. Looking at the two sexy women before him, Bobby can't help but have an erection. Kai sees this and quickly blushes and looks away. Booby says, "So, you two both wanted to do this?"

Susan nods and looks at Kai. Kai sighs and says, "I just wanted to see, but it turns out, I was pretty turned on by it..."

Susan smiles at her, "Looks like you aren't the only one. Right Bobby?"

Bobby shifts uncomfortably, trying to hide his erection. "I... um..."

"Bobby, I'm not angry. I can see your enjoying looking at Kai as much as me. Just admit that this is turning you on." Susan says.

Bobby sighs, "It's turning me on."

Susan smiles, "See? Not that hard was it? Now that we've all admitted to liking this, Bobby, how do you think we should go forward?"

Kai looks up at Bobby, with interest in her eyes. Bobby looks at Kai, then Susan. He says, trying to avoid the question, "I think there's a few things we could do..."

Susan pulls Kai close to her, pushing her arm away from her moderately sized breasts before using her other hand to spread Kai's crossed thighs. Kai's body glistens from the oil and the young woman makes no effort to stop her mother. Bobby stares at Kai's sexy body. "Come on Bobby, be honest, what do you really want to do? Deep down, what is it that you want?" Susan asks.

"I want to fuck your daughter." Bobby says quietly, before repeating himself, only slightly louder the second time.

Kai looks at Bobby for a second, then at her mother. "Mom?" She asks.

Susan smiles, "Do what you want baby. I'm willing to share." Susan then gently kisses her daughter's neck.

Kai sighs, "Fuck it... let's do this..."

Susan smiles, "Great. Follow me!" She stands, grabbing her daughter's hand and leading Kai to the bathroom. Bobby follows, watching Kai's toned rear sway side to side as she follows her mother. The three enter the bathroom and Susan leads Kai to the tub. She leaves the room, quickly returning with the bottle of oil. "Mind as well get messy in here." Susan says with a smile, opening the cap and pouring oil over her body.

Kai smiles as she helps her mother rub it in, even cupping her mother's breasts and pussy with her hands. Kai uses her middle finger to gently rub her mother's clit. Susan sighs, "Good job baby... keep it up... you're making me so wet"

The two women begin to passionately kiss as Bobby quickly undresses. Fuck... I can't believe this is really happening! He thinks excitedly. Susan and Kai begin to feel each other's bodies as Bobby finishes undressing. He watches for a second, as mother and daughter feel each other's most intimate areas. Kai's hands are fondling Susan's breasts, while Susan's hands cup her daughter's ass, slowly jiggling it up and down.

Susan looks over her shoulder at Bobby, "Come here love." She says with a smile on her face. Bobby's hard cock sways side to side as he walks over to the tub. When he gets close, Susan takes the head of his cock into her mouth and begins to bob up and down on it. Bobby reaches down and begins to play with her breasts, with Kai watching from the other part of the tub. Susan pulls her mouth away from Bobby's cock and says, "Come on Kai, join the fun."

"You two both look pretty occupied with each other."

Susan looks back at her daughter, while stroking Bobby's cock. "Come up here then and enjoy. Bobby, you have some fun with Kai. I'll join in after you two get started."

Kai looks at her mother to see if she is joking. Susan's expression shows she is serious. Kai swallows nervously and switches places. Bobby's cock is erect and wet with Susan's spit. Kai grabs the base and takes the tip into her mouth. Bobby groans with pleasure as Kai leans forward and starts to suck him. Kai suddenly feels hands caressing her ass and feeling down towards her exposed cunt.

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