tagLoving WivesLearning and Growing Ch. 01

Learning and Growing Ch. 01


This is a major re-write of my first story, "Susan, Bob, and Me." I had some helpful suggestions on improvements. I decided to start over. This version and subsequent chapters are the result.

As background, much of this story is based on my actual experiences. Other parts are fiction but represent fantasies some of which might happen in the right circumstances. I was very much the nerd in school as described in the story. Physically I am very similar to Jim, tall, slender and have filled out so I'm no longer skinny. I'm proud to say that my cock fits the description in the story. More than one girl friend has told me I could be in porno. Not sure about that but it helped give me confidence and overcome my shyness. Susan in my story is a composite of several real girl friends who were very patient in showing me how to satisfy a woman.


My name is Jim and I'm 20 years old. A year ago I was very much a nerd. Only one date in my life, with a friend. Girls were scary creatures. I was always the shortest in my class and wore thick glasses. Kids called me four eyes back then.

During the past two years I grew a bunch and am now an even six feet tall and not quite so skinny. I changed to contact lenses, no more thick glasses. But these changes had not yet caused an improvement in my self image. To me I was still the short, geeky, four eyes that other guys picked on and girls ignored.

I was good at two sports, running, and swimming. In high school phys ed, we ran the mile and I could frequently could beat the track team guys. Coach wanted me to join the team, but I was far too shy to actually do it. One reason for my shyness was discomfort in showering with other guys. I not only put on some height but some significant length in a more vital area. I wasn't interest in guys but it seemed that my cock had a tendency to grow at inopportune times. Doing so in the high school locker room would have been bad. It never did but I worried.

Swimming was my other sport, not that I did it in any organized way. I was just good at it. Nice clean dives, good swim strokes, and able to swim like a fish under water. I took a course in scuba and loved it.

Our small town had a nice community pool and after leaving my part-time summer job, I usually went swimming. One day, I remember it well, was different. As I climbed out of the water I saw a very good looking girl sitting in a chair next to mine. Being my shy self, I didn't say anything, but she did.

"You looked really good out there." Are you on a swim team?"

"No, I just like to swim."

"I have seen you before and like to watch you."

"Thank you." (as I said, I was pretty shy, no great conversationalist)

As it turned out, however, I did have a nice chat with her. She asked me about school, my interests and hobbies, and so forth. Her name was Susan. She was married, and would be a senior in college the next semester. I later found out she was 23. Oh, she also was very, very good looking: blond, about 5ft 7, maybe B or C cups, slim with a cute bubble butt. Her yellow bikini suit barely met pool standards. I might have been shy but my eyes worked well.

That night featured terrific fantasies and my hand on my cock worked overtime.

A couple of days later we met up again at the pool. This time I was much more comfortable being around her.

"You really look good in that swim suit."

Self-consciously I looked down and to my horror saw a fairly large bulge in the front of my nylon suit. The suit wasn't exactly a Speedo but close to it. Oops. And now that she said that the problem was definitely getting worse.

"That suit fits you perfectly. And I can tell that you are well built where it counts. I'll bet the girls have fun with you."

Blushing furiously, I responded "Not really, I'm pretty shy around girls."

"Are you a virgin?" Susan was very forward.

More blushing, "yes."

"All you need is a little more confidence and some experience and girls will be falling all over you. You need someone to get you started."

I didn't know what to say to that.

"The day is still early. Let's go over to my house and I'll fix you some ice tea and we can talk."

"OK." (puppy dog me)

Now I was sitting in her kitchen as Susan fixed some ice tea. My focus was on her sexy bubble butt, barely covered by her bikini. My suit had this terrific bulge in front which I attempted to hid by keeping my legs partly under the table.

"My husband and I have a lot of fun in bed and he also lets me play around a little with other guys. I would like to be your teacher."

"How are you doing back there?" she asked.


"Do you like my butt?"

"Yeah, it's very sexy."

Turning around, she said "How about my front? Do you like my boobs?"

"Yes, you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen."

"Stand up, let me see if you really mean it."

By now, of course, my cock was straining every fiber of my swim suit. Licking her lips she said "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

What a deal. Zip, down went the suit. Actually I had to work at it a bit due the expansive nature of my cock. My new-found pride and joy sprang out.

"My, that's a big one. Have you ever measured it?"

Blushing, I said no. Actually I had but what guy wants to admit it. My honest measurement was 8 1/2" and 7" circumference at the base. A bit smaller at the head.

"It's beautiful. Can I touch it? It's so big and hard, even bigger than my husband's. He will be jealous."

Susan played a little with my cock. No girl had ever before seen my cock, much less touched it. She stroked up and down a few times. "Nice tight balls. You have great equipment. Do you like what I'm doing?"

"Yeh, but I might start squirting pretty soon."

"I better stop then. I want to have more fun with you."

"Can you take off your suit? You promised to show me. I want to see."

Susan unfastened the upper part of her bikini. Here I was, my cock sticking out, looking at the best set of boobs a young guy could dream for. Maybe midway between B and C cups with a perky up-tilt.

"Do you like them? Shall I take my bottoms off too?"

"Yes, please, I want to see all of you."

Golden pubic hair, she was a true blond.

"I'm only a few years older than you but I've had experience with guys. At your age your cock is your center of the universe. But if you want to be popular with women you have to learn how to satisfy them sexually. Most guys just want to stick it in, finish all too quickly, and leave the girl hanging. Not good for your reputation!"

"You have everything it takes to be a successful lover: a nice personality, a really big cock, broad shoulders, nice lean butt. Do you want me to teach you?"

"You bet, that would be great!"

"OK, we start by being clean. If you want a girl to give you a blowjob or if you eat her pussy, cleanliness is real important. A shower together is perfect. Let's do it."

Susan led me by my cock to her shower.

"First thing, we wet ourselves down. Good. I'll go first and show you what to do. This will be fun. I take a big squirt of body wash on my hand and apply to your chest. A second squirt for your cock. Now I start washing you with both hands, just like this."

Susan used her hands like a wash cloth. She put one hand on my cock and the other on my ass. As she stroked my cock she rubbed between my ass cheeks and slipped a a finger into my butt.

"Do you like my finger in there?"

"Yeah, feels kinda funny but good."

"OK, I don't want to do too much right now. Now your turn."

Similarly, I washed Susan, paying lots of attention to her breasts and pussy. She placed her hands on mine and moved it up to her breasts. "Play with them. Feel my nipples. Squeeze them with your fingers. Not too hard, yes that's good."

She moved my right hand down to her pussy and moved it around in a circular motion. "That feels good. Now slide a couple of fingers along my slit."

My hand and fingers worked around her pussy. She shifted slightly and I put the two fingers inside her. "Yes, keep doing that."

"Now take your other hand and rub it on my butt. Slip your hand between my cheeks, then back up the crack of my ass. Here, like this."

My inexperience was embarrassing. "Stick your finger in my butt, move it around."

"OK, now get behind me and slide your cock between my legs. Not in my pussy, just along my slit. That's right. Now go back and forth like you are fucking me. Perfect! Wow, your cock is so big I can play with the head when you push towards me."

"On another occasion we could fuck in this position, but not this time. Let's rinse off."

Susan led me to the bed and started playing with my cock.

"Here, taste this." My cock was leaking precum and she used her finger to pick up some and put it in my mouth. "How's that?"

"OK, doesn't taste like much, maybe a little salty."

"Here's some more."

"You know what a blowjob is?" "Yeah, I've seen porno movies." "Would you like me to do that to you?"

"Would you really? That would be super!"

Holding my cock in her hand, she leaned over and kissed the head. Then she licked around the head like an ice cream cone. The sensation was exquisite.

"Like this? You must, look how much you are leaking."

She licked up the precum. Susan put the head in her mouth, bobbing up and down a little so just the head was going in and out. Her tongue bathed my shaft, licking up and down its length. She slid deeper onto my cock, taking most of it. Her mouth was warm and slippery. Nothing likewhen I used my hand to jerk off. Each bob of her head took in a little more until all but two inches remained.

"I like to deep throat my husband but your cock is so fat that I don't think I can do you. How does this feel?" She put her lips tightly around his cock while her fingers moved up and down.

"Great, but you better take me out of your mouth, I'm almost ready to come. Oh, it feels so good. I'm ... going ...to cum."

Her head bobbed faster and then mouth-fucked just the head. The sensation was overwhelming. Never in my whole life... I felt my cum travel the length of my cock. I pushed deeper and made small thrusts as I came.

After the first big spurt Susan quickly pulled my cock out and collected the next couple of spurts on her hand. She put some on her finger.

"OK, now taste this."

"Isn't that gross?"

"Well, I just tasted it. To be a good lover you have to be adventuresome."

She fed me my cum, which tasted salty and warm, somewhat like egg whites in consistency. It was ok, not great.

"Good! We are going to have so much fun together. But it's getting late, Bob will be home soon. How about tomorrow afternoon, you busy?" I can assure you nothing on my agenda was more important!

I stopped by Susan's house the next day after swimming. She hugged me. "Are you ready for your next lesson? Take your clothes off and come with me."

"By the way my husband wants me to shave my hair and go bare. What do you think?"

Connoisseur of pussy that I was (not), I diplomatically said "Either way. I didn't know girls shaved down there."

"It's becoming more popular. My husband likes to eat my pussy and thinks it would be more fun with a shaved one. Have you ever eating a girl's pussy?"


"Would you like to eat mine? I'll show you how."

"Yes, if you show me what to do."

Susan spread her legs and for the first time I enjoyed the sight of a girl's pussy in all its glory. She showed me how the lips would open up and using both hands, spread apart to show me the pink hole within. Dipping first one finger, and then two, she said "That's where your cock will be going one of these times we get together."

That was sufficient incentive, to say the least.

"Come here and start licking me. I'll show you what I like."

I did as she asked and moved down to her pussy. It seemed unbelievable that I was between the legs of this oh so sexy girl. She tasted salty, slightly sweet yet tangy. I lapped up and down her slit, each time sliding past her pussy hole. I could feel her lips spreading apart, making it easy for my tongue to reach her hole. I used it like a little cock.

Susan continued to give me directions. She pulled my head tightly between her legs. "Put your mouth on my pussy. Suck me." My mouth and face were covered with her juices. I sucked on her hole and then flicked my tongue up and down.

I kissed her mound just above her clit. "See that little button up at the top? That's my clitoris. It will become very sensitive as you play with me. I'll tell you when to lick it."

I stuck two fingers into her pussy while tweeking her clit with my other hand. Her lips were red and greatly enlarged. "Now, lick my clitoris. Quickly!" I continued to finger fuck her as I mouthed her clit. She shook as her climax consumed her. I put my mouth back at her pussy and tasted a rush of additional juice. Her sudden, strong response amazed and delighted me. My first effort at satisfying a woman!

"You are a natural. I can't believe that was your first time. You are going to be a frequent visitor to my pussy. Wow! Come up here and kiss me." I hesitated since pussy juice covered my face and mouth. "That's all right, I know what my pussy tastes like. Kiss me."

She reached down and stroked my cock which had somewhat wilted while I was distracted with her pussy. It quickly resumed its full size. Susan pulled my cock into her mouth and did her magic. I came within minutes.

"It's getting late and I want don't want our first fuck to be rushed. Let's get together again next Saturday. Don't spend all week jerking off, I want you to be real horny with lots of cum stored up."

Naturally I was disappointed in having to wait for the big event. The week would go by slowly! But Saturday did eventually come and I was at Susan's house right on time. We started with a shower just like the first time.

"Today I want you to fuck me."

"OK but you have to show me what to do."

"You bet! I'm the teacher." I suppose years from now people would ask me who my favorite teacher was.

She scooted herself down to my groin and continue to stroke my cock and play with my balls. "You could be a star in a porno movie with this cock." I think my head grew some, along with the head on my cock.

Susan started licking the head and shaft, and ask me if I liked it. Huh! Is the Pope Catholic?

"My husband loves me to give him blow jobs so I've had a lot of practice. I've even blown a few of his friends. Your cock is about the best I ever had. I'm going to try this time to get it all down my throat."

Information overload: blow jobs to friends, deep throat! She really stuffed my cock down all the way. I don't know how she did it, but could see her throat bulge. Not that I had anything to compare it to, but Susan was terrific.

"I'm coming."

"Shoot it down my throat."

"Here it comes", followed by four or five blasts. Hand jobs were never like this!

"Now eat my pussy."

Last week was my first effort. This time I felt more confident. Susan spread her legs. She slipped a finger between her lips and then into her hole. "Come here lover. Make love to my pussy." I was drawn like a magnet towards her honeypot. I started with some very light licks around her lips, then nudged the tip of my tongue between her outer lips. "Oh, baby", she reponded. "You are really learning. So good! Don't rush, we have all day. Yes, right there."

I licked the length of her slit, then stuck the tip of my tongue into her pink hole. I could smell her musky arousal as her pussy started to become wet.

"Here, I'll spread my lips, go deep with your tongue." My tongue probed her hole almost like a cock. In, out. Then I placed my mouth between her spread lips and sucked her flowing juices. She pulled my head to her crotch and clamped her legs. I was enveloped in her wetness.

"Damn, I'm coming!" I stuck two fingers into her and rolled my tongue around her clit. Her pussy contracted on my fingers as she shuddered with orgasm.

I felt really proud that my technique was getting good enough to make her come. We played with each other for a minute as she settled down. I massaged her breasts and sucked on the nipples. She stroked my cock, making it hard again.

"Now I want you to fuck me. What position do you want?"

What did I know? "I don't care, you decide."

"I like doggy style the most. And you can watch your cock going in. I'm already juicy down there, you did a great job eating me. But you still have to go slow putting that thing in."

On her tummy she spread her legs, raised her butt up a little and told me to rub her pussy with my fingers. "OK, now put your cock at my pussy and rub it up and down. Don't push it in yet. Just up and down with the head."

"Now find my pussy hole and put your cock head at the hole. Just barely push in. Too fast. Slow is better. OK, now push in a little, then back out. That's it. Now in some more. Easy, take it slow. A little in, then back out. You feel great. How much is in?"

I looked down and saw about two or three inches in her pussy. Wow, sex overload, my cock in the pussy of this beautiful, sexy girl.

"Just a little way. Do you want me to keep going?"

"Don't go in any deeper for the moment, just keep going in and out. It feels great." Of course each of my stokes went a bit deeper and Susan didn't seem to mind at all. I held her hips and moved my butt back and forth. My fat cock was enveloped in her tight hole making a squishy sound.

"Just be still for a moment and let me get used to you. You're deeper than my husband has ever been, deeper than any of his friends."

"OK, put the rest in. Wait a minute. Now start fucking me. Start slow, almost all the way out, then back in. That's it. Now pull almost out and fuck me with just the head of your cock going in and out. Oh, that feels so good. You're doing great."

I was using just the last inch or so of my cock, spreading her lips, then coming out almost completely. Then back in. It was hard to keep control, I wanted to push hard and deep. My cock head was becoming very sensitive.

"OK, now do deep, long strokes." I thrust in all the way, then back out until just the tip was beween her lips. Then in again.

"Reach under me. Spread your finger around your cock, rub my pussy lips. Now move your fingers to my clit. Oh, yes!"

I had a good rhythm going with my thrusts and my fingers working her clit. A milky white foam covered my cock and her lips.

"Faster. Faster. Oh, so good."

She pushed back on me and shuddered. I felt a flood of juices envelop my hand. I held her hips and shoving my cock deep as I spurted a week's worth of cum into her. My first fuck was apparently a success for both of us!

"Stay on top, stay in me." Susan and I laid there with my shrinking cock still in her. I was exhausted. This was the most amazing experience of my entire life!

A quick shower together and I was on my way home. A most interesting, educational, and pleasurable afternoon to say the least. Susan told me I did great and wants to get together again.

I didn't see Susan at the pool for a week. And then she was there!

"I can't stay, got some things to do. But how about coming over to my place about three tomorrow afternoon?"

"I'll be there."

My fourth visit was as educational as the first three. She gave me a super blowjob and I came profusely (I had purposely held back on my jerk off-ing during the preceding days). We played with each other and I explored her body some more. My tongue found a sensitive spot behind her ears, just above her hips on her side, and of course her nipples. I worked my way down to eat her pussy but she stopped me.

"Your cock is ready again. I want you to fuck me."

Ever the obedient pupil, I did just that. We started in the doggy position again but then she had me lay down and she mounted me. First facing me, and then away from me. Both positions felt great but I like it best when she faced away so I could watch my cock go in and out.

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