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Learning Cross

byLisolette Gilcrest©

Cross couldn't help but chuckle as he realized that for the second time in a row the young Tala had become knowledgeable in a pleasurable experience beyond anything that she could have felt possible... then immediately passed out into a lovely slumber. He sat there on the bank of the hot springs for quite some time, smiling down at her and occasionally caressing her face or patting her leg lovingly, until she stirred and murmured, apparently distressed by something either within her dream or deep within her consciousness.

Realizing that it had grown quite late and the two should be retiring for their next day of training anyways, Cross walked over and picked up his trousers sliding them on quickly and then bent to pick up the long gown he had gifted to her just an hour earlier. Walking back to Tala and kneeling by her side, he slid his right arm under her neck, propped her up and pulled the dress over her head, the garment now hanging haphazardly around her neck. He paused to chuckle again, amused about how ridiculous she looked and how completely out of touch with her surrounding she was. She was completely vulnerable to him and had obviously given to trust him to some degree considering she was obviously letting down her guard with him and letting him demonstrate things that would likely addict her in the near future.

Tugging at the dress a bit to pull it over most of the upper half of her body, she stirred again and muttered some profanity and this time Cross stifled his laugh, hoping he could actually pull off getting her back to the room without her waking again... she would need the sleep for he was going to work her over and over repeatedly in the coming weeks with little to no mercy. Hoisting her up over his right shoulder, he reached down with his weak left to pick up their rucksacks and made the brisk walk back to the Inn that they had been staying at the past two nights. Smiling smugly to any of those who gave him anything remotely like a sideways glance about the elder gentleman with the young girl, he was back to the Inn, keying the door and laying her down in bed within twenty minutes.

He turned to the equipment area and began setting out and preparing the tools for the next day's training, when he heard her sit up with a yelp of panic. Spinning around within a fraction of a second, it would have been clear to any who might have observed his reaction that Cross's reflexes were nothing less than enviable. Instantly focusing on Tala, he noted that she was looking at her arm which had not quite made it through the sleeve when he redressed her and that she had likely awoken out of the sheer disorientation that the unintentional binding had caused her. Speaking softly to reassure her, Cross cleared his throat to first get her attention, "Tala... it's alright, you're back at the room..." Once she looked to him and smiled sheepishly with a lazy nod, he added firmly, "Now go back to sleep." With a small grunt and a quick motion, she had removed the dress that was inhibiting her from moving freely and laid it reverently at the side of the bed, then flopped back down upon the pillow and was making small whistling sounds almost resembling a snore within the minute.

Once he was done with the gear, he removed his trousers once again and tossed them over the arm of the chair and looked back over to her, smiling at the naked form he could see strewn about the covers of the unmade bed from earlier that morning. Then it struck him... it had probably been decades since he had last left his bed unmade. His rigid discipline, military training and his subsequent lack of a bed for years made it such that he was mindful to press down every crease of any sheet or blanket he may have been afforded, in the hopes that he would be privileged to return to the bed the next night. For twelve years now, he hasn't ever had to worry about what someone else might deign to furnish him, nor would he ever have to trouble himself with it again. In fact, he could hire someone to make his bed every day of the week and twice on Sundays, for Master Thorgrum had seen that Cross was well compensated for his years of service.

But Cross would never consider such a thing and at this point he was muttering curses at himself for allowing Tala to be such a bad influence on him, humouring her in running off to start training before having properly made the bed and starting the day. He would correct that bad habit of hers in the morning. Walking over to stand beside the bed, he looked to the sweet and fearless girl and smiled once again, then laughed and shook his head as she let out a particularly loud snore. Nudging her gently aside, he slipped in next to her and slid his left arm under her to cradle her and move her head to his lap so that he could run his fingers through her hair and watch over her for a few more minutes before he drifted off into his own reverie of the evening's events.

A few hours later, Tala woke up nuzzled on Cross's lap, her arm draped over his thigh and his hand resting down on her shoulder. Rolling over to her back, she blinked a few times and rubbed her eyes trying to orient herself, as she was still unused to such lush surroundings and certainly wasn't accustomed to waking up next to a man. Turning back on her right side and craning her neck a bit to see if Cross was asleep or awake, she noted that he had again fallen asleep sitting up and made motion to gently urge him to lay down, resting her hand on his thigh and looking down to suddenly observe that he had grown erect through the night. Not understanding that a man's erection could occur without direct stimulation, she assumed that Cross was obviously awake and now just testing her. She moved her hand up and down his thigh a few times and watched his face for a reaction, but didn't see anything of the sort.

"Gabe...?" she queried softly, but he didn't stir and she realized that he was indeed sleeping, so she moved her hand up his thigh and lightly caressed his sex with no reproach from him for not asking first. She quickly retracted her hand instinctively, then propped herself up on her right elbow to look more closely at his face, staring intently at him for what seemed close to five minutes until she concluded that he must certainly be sleeping, her eyes occasionally glancing down at Cross's still-erect member. Finally, after convincing herself that he had actually permitted her earlier to touch him, she reached forth, taking the liberty to pet his cock gently, causing it and him to stir a moment, all the while she held her breath and closed her eyes hoping he wouldn't scold her.

She repeated this "touch and go" several more times until it was clear that he was in a deep sleep and by that time she had also convinced herself that she could make a compelling argument that the touching was clearly and expressly ordered earlier. As she reached down and grasped his shaft to stroke a few more times, she was staring at it intently, studying it, tracing the veins and the ridge of the head with her fingertips fascinated by its design, when she remembered that her orders were not only to handle him, but to kiss his erection like she would kiss him. Taking a deep breath and swallowing hard as she glanced up to him one last time, she looked down at the appendage in her hand and licked her lips determined to take advantage of this opportunity to get to learn and explore him without the scrutinizing eye of the man she was undeniably intimidated by, though she would never admit it to him.

Bending towards his lap, she placed her lips very near the head and paused trying to garner the nerve to do as she was considering, licking her lips nervously once more and taking a deep breath, inhaling him and nodding. Closing her eyes she moved forward and quite simply placed a kiss at the tip of his cock and looked up towards Cross's face, waiting for some reaction. Disappointed that he did not seem to instantly respond with the pleasure she had felt earlier, she was discouraged but determined to gift him with the same ecstasy, so she bent down again and kissed the tip a few more times, then parted her lips and took just a bit of the tip into her mouth, her tongue moving slowly around the head testing what it would feel like. Surprised by how soft and warm it was, she was reassured and parted her lips further taking the entire tip into her mouth and slowly swirled her tongue around the tip imagining that it was his tongue, gently prodding against it and yielding to it as she moved it with less grace than she had hoped within her mouth. Cross shifted a bit in his place but did not rouse.

She withdrew him from her mouth slowly and looked up to see if he had awoken, then parted her lips again and kissed the head more passionately, thinking back to how he had made her feel by showing her the special way to kiss someone. At this, Cross let out a soft moan and arched his back again, adjusting himself in his seated position and rubbing her shoulder impulsively in his sleep. Taking his encouragement she continued learning him with her mouth, turning her head in small half circles to try different angles and grasping him fairly firmly at the base for several minutes. She heard him moan again and arch, but thought nothing of it and did not look up until she heard his husky voice tentatively say, "Lilie...?"

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