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Learning Hypnosis Ch. 02


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Learning Hypnosis: Chapter 2 – The Roommate

Diana came back and sat down. “I didn’t realize how long we’d been talking, Master. I really appreciate you spending so much time with me.”

“No problem, Diana. I’m just glad that I can help. Let’s see how the beer suggestion works this weekend. I think that we ought to start off with weekly sessions so that we can tailor the suggestion to make sure that it’s most effective for you. If you have any friends who’d like to try being hypnotized for anything, I’d be happy to try to help them out, too, and, as long as there aren’t too many of them, I’d offer them the same deal I’ve offered you – free hypnosis in exchange for a home cooked meal.”

“That would be great, Nick.” Her use of my name surprised me. She looked over my shoulder and said, “Hi, Suzy!” I stood up and turned around. I was face to face with a goddess. With Suzy for a roommate, I could see why Diana felt like she needed improvement. Suzy was about 5’8” with long blonde hair – the kind you only see in conditioner commercials on tv. She had the most intense, sapphire blue eyes that I had ever seen, a stunning smile and a body that belonged on a Greek statue. I was speechless.

Diana stood up next to me and wrapped her arms around my left arm. “Suzy, this is Nick. He’s a hypnotist. He’s hypnotized me so that I don’t like beer so that I can lose weight, and he’s made me feel great! He’s great to talk to, too. You should let him hypnotize you, too!” She was so bubbly and energetic that it was infectious, and she gave me time to recover from the effect that Suzy had on me. Suzy had looked a little suspicious when Diana said “hypnotist”, so I stepped forward, stuck out my hand and smiled.

“Hi, Suzy. Diana is being charitable. She’s spent about an hour making someone her father’s age feel good. I’m trying to learn hypnosis so that I can help my wife quit smoking, and Diana has volunteered to let me practice with her. Would you like to sit down?” I was hoping that this information would help Suzy relax about me. She took my hand to shake it. Her hand was warm and soft. She looked me in the eyes when she shook my hand, and I almost felt like I was getting hypnotized myself!

“Hi, Nick, it’s nice to meet you.” Her voice was soft and a little breathy.

I sat back down in the chair, and Diana flopped back into the couch. Suzy moved between us with a dancer’s grace and sat down next to Diana. Even sitting, everything about Suzy was perfect. I had never seen anyone so stunning. Hell, I had never even fantasized about seeing anyone who looked like this. I had to get inside her head – among other things!

Suzy said, “I have to admit, when Diana told me that she was going to try getting hypnotized, I was a little suspicious, but you seem like a nice enough guy.”

I laughed. “Well, my wife seems to think so.”

Diana piped up with, “Well, if you make your wife feel as good as you’ve made me feel, she’s a very lucky woman. You really ought to try this, Suzy.”

“You mean he’s already hypnotized you, Di? He didn’t make you do anything, did he?”

I leaned in and looked Suzy in the eyes. “Actually, all we’ve done is that I’ve planted a suggestion that Diana doesn’t like beer and would rather drink water. Other than that, we’ve just been talking and I’ve been enjoying being back on a college campus. You sound like you’re a little concerned about me ‘making’ Diana do something. Although I’m just learning, everything that I’ve read and heard says that you can’t make someone do something that they don’t want to do. In fact, there was this experiment that another hypnotist told me about…” I went on to tell her about the paper knife vs. real knife experiment. “So, even though they were hypnotized, some portion of their brain still wouldn’t let them do something they knew would be bad. And, as far as safety is concerned, that’s actually one of the reasons why I had Diana meet me here in the student union, so that it would be somewhere public and safe – which is good for her and good for my marriage.” I laughed.

I could see that Suzy still wasn’t convinced. “Although being under hypnosis is generally a private thing, if Diana wouldn’t mind, I could put her back under and show you what it’s like. Would you mind if I hypnotized you, again, Diana, with Suzy here?”

“Oh, sure, Nick.”

“Would that make you feel a little better, Suzy?”

“I guess so.” Seeing me put Diana under would make Suzy more susceptible to being put in a trance, too.

“Ok, then.” I looked back at Diana. I didn’t need to do anything other than say, ‘Trance, Diana,’ but I wanted to go through the whole spiel for Suzy’s benefit. “I am going to put you in a trance, Diana…” and I went through the same routine I had done earlier.

Once she was “under” I turned to Suzy and said, “See? Nothing malevolent. At this point, if I hadn’t already given her the suggestion about the beer, I’d do that. When I wake her up, I will tell her that she will feel refreshed and energetic, which is why she was so perky when you came up.”

“And you really can’t make her do anything that she doesn’t want to do?”

“From what I’ve been told, no, I can’t. Would you like to try it? I can wake Diana up so that she can keep an eye on me and make sure that I don’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. Is there anything that you’d like to work on – the way that Diana wanted to stop drinking beer? It’s obvious that you don’t need to lose weight or work out – I hope my saying this doesn’t embarrass you, but you’re easily one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

She blushed a little and then laughed and said, “Thank you, but what would your wife say if I told her that you said that?”

“My wife would agree with me. Just as I’m perfectly capable of looking at another guy and understanding why he is handsome and physically attractive to women, she is perfectly capable of looking at another woman and appreciating how beautiful that woman is. It’s like going to an art museum – just because she and I have certain paintings in our house we are still capable of looking at other art and appreciating it for its beauty.”

She said, “That sounds like a very … mature attitude. No guy here would ever admit that he even looked at another guy, let alone considered him to be handsome. They’re all afraid of being called gay.”

“Well, I have to admit that when I was their age, I probably would’ve been the same way. I’m going to wake up Diana so that she isn’t just sitting there in a trance.”

“Oh, geez! I completely forgot that she was in a trance. She’s normally pretty quiet.”

I had a feeling that when Suzy wasn’t around, Diana wasn’t quiet, but was the energetic, perky young woman that I had met. I decided that I probably needed to work on Diana’s self-confidence around Suzy, too. “Diana, I am going to count to 3, and you will wake up from your trance. When you wake up, you will feel very refreshed. You will feel energized and happy, like you just had a wonderfully restful nap. 1 – 2 – 3.”

Diana became the bundle of energy I had seen earlier, “I feel so good. You really ought to try this, Suzy.”

I said, “We were just talking about that. Is there anything that you’d like to work on, Suzy? One of the things that hypnosis is good for is assisting the memory and studying. Or are there any habits that you’d like to break?”

“I could probably use some help on studying, I guess.”

“I’d be happy to try to help you. Hypnosis is really good for assisting with memorization. Before we do that, though, we’ve been sitting here for a while. Would y’all like to move into the Snack Bar? I’m kind of thirsty.”

Diana piped in with, “The drinks there are really expensive. Why don’t we just go back to our dorm, Nick?”

I said, “I don’t mind, but I don’t want to do anything that would make either of you feel uncomfortable.”

Diana looked at Suzy and said, “It’ll be ok, Suze, Nick reminds me of my father. It’ll be just like having him stop by, except that we can both talk to him.”

Suzy smiled that wonderful smile and said, “I think I’m convinced. Nick, we’d love to have you come back to our room for a drink.”

We all stood up, and I bowed with a flourish that made them laugh and said, “Lead on, ladies.”

Their dorm room was nothing like what I remembered my dorm room looking like. Their furniture matched. They had drapes! They had framed art posters carefully hung rather than rock posters taped onto the walls. Everything was clean and organized, and the beds were made with designer linens.

“Wow,” I said,” your room is beautiful. Very different from my dorm room when I was in college.”

Diana opened their ‘fridge. “Would you like a drink, Nick? We have some beer to get rid of now that I won’t drink it, or we have Diet Coke.” I took a Diet Coke, as did Suzy. Diana poured herself some water. They each sat down on their respective bed and I sat in a chair across the room.

“Ok,” I said, “Suzy, if I’m going to hypnotize you, let’s switch places, then. It’ll be better to hypnotize you in this chair than on your bed.” We stood up and she sat down where I had been. “And, Diana is here to make sure that you’re ok.” They both laughed. I held up my finger and went through the routine to hypnotize her. Once she was under I said, “Suzy, I want you to imagine a room – it’s a library. As you walk in, there is a large book shelf on your right. The text books for each of your courses are on the shelf. You feel very relaxed and comfortable. Do you see the room?”


“Each time you sit down to study, I want you to think about this room. When it’s time for you to study, I want you to say the words, ‘Time to study,” and count from 5 down to 1. When you reach 1, you will be in a trance just like you are now, except that you will be able to read your text books. Each page that you read in your book will be copied into the book in the library in your imagination. Do you understand?”


“Whenever you need to know anything that you have studied, I want you to say ‘Time to review,” and count from 5 down to 1. When you reach 1, you will be in a trance just like you are now. You will be relaxed and calm. You will know that you have studied and you are prepared. You will see yourself walking into the library and you will be able to pull the book off the shelf and look up exactly the information that you need. It will be right there on the page for you. You will be able to write and respond to questions without leaving the trance. When you are done, you will imagine closing the book, putting it back on the shelf and leaving the library. When you leave the library, you will feel refreshed and relaxed and you will not be in the trance any more. Do you understand?”


I turned to Diana who was watching in fascination. “See? That’s all there is to it.”

Diana said, “Wow. That is so cool. They had a hypnotist at the Rec Center one time. He made people do all kinds of funny stuff. Could you make Suzy do something like that, just for fun?”

“I suppose so.”

I turned back to Suzy.

“Suzy, when I count to 3 and say, ‘Wake, Suzy,’ you will wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and energized. You will not remember being hypnotized. You will stand up, stretch your arms up over your head and leave them there. It will feel good to have your arms in the air. Do you understand, Suzy?”


“Suzy, when I say, ‘Do you realize you have your arms in the air,’ you will say that they feel comfortable like that. When I say, ‘Suzy – Arms down now,’ you will put your arms down and you will return to this trance state immediately. Do you understand?”


“1-2-3. Wake, Suzy.”

“Did I doze off for a sec?” Suzy stood up and stretched – and dear god was it wonderful! She stretched her arms up over her head, arching her back and sticking out those perfect breasts. “Wow. I feel wonderful.”

Diana sat on her bed giggling as Suzy left her arms in the air. Suzy looked at her and said, “What’s so funny?”

Diana was almost in hysterics. I said, “Do you realize that you have your arms in the air?”

Suzy looked at me and said, “They feel comfortable like that.”

“Suzy – Arms down now.” She dropped her arms and just stood there. Diana asked, “Is she backing the trance now?”

“Yes, she is. Trance, Diana.” Diana went back into her trance.

“Suzy, can you hear me?”


“Suzy, when we are alone or only with Diana, you will call me ‘Master’. If there is anyone else besides Diana around, you will call me ‘Nick.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Suzy, it will make you feel good each time you call me Master. It will not seem strange to you at all. Master is just the right thing for you to call me. Calling me Master will make you will feel warm and happy. Calling me Master will make you want to do what I tell you. Each time you call me Master, your desire to be under my control will increase. Do you understand, Suzy?”

Suzy said, “Yes, Master.”

“Suzy, I want you to sleep. As I count from 5 down to 1 you will go deeper and deeper into your trance. When I reach 1, you will not hear anything in this room until I say, ‘Suzy can you hear me.’ Do you understand?”

“When I say “Suzy can you hear me?” you and I will be alone in the room. You will not see or hear anyone else in the room. It will feel very comfortable to you for us to be alone together. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Suzy, 5-4-3-2-1, sleep.”

“Diana, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Nick.”

“When we are with Suzy, you will also call me Master. Calling me Master will make you will feel warm and happy. Calling me Master will make you want to do what I tell you. Each time you call me Master, your desire to be under my control will increase. Do you understand, Diana?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Diana, being hypnotized has excited you, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Diana, being under the control of someone who reminds you of your father excites you even more, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Diana, when you hear the door close you will be alone in the room. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You will be very glad that no one is here, because you have been feeling very, very horny. The fact that I remind you of your father has made you incredibly horny, and you have been waiting to be alone so that you can play with yourself while fantasizing about your father. You can feel your pussy getting wet just thinking about it already. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Once you have started playing with yourself, you will not hear or see anything else in this room until I touch you on the head. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now matter how much you play with yourself, or what you do or think about, you will not have an orgasm until I say, “Diana, cum.” Do you understand, Diana?”

“Yes, Master.”

“When I touch you on the head, you will not stop whatever you are doing, but you will also listen to my commands and you will do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” I stood up and walked to the door. I opened it and closed it. Diana sighed, got up and locked the door and went back to her bed. She was pinching her nipples through her t-shirt even before she got back to the bed. She slid her hands into her lycra and slid them off – and, even better, no panties. As she bent over to take off the lycra, she showed me the wonderful tight bubble of an ass that I had been admiring earlier. She turned and I realized that she had a completely shaved pussy! I had been trying to get my wife to shave for years and here was this gorgeous young thing about to get off in front of me with a shaved pussy. I was almost in Heaven.

Climbing onto her bed, Diana reached under her pillow and pulled out a thick dildo. Spreading her legs, she started to rub the head of the dildo on her pussy. I heard her start to moan quietly, “Mmmm…Yes, Daddy….I’m your little slut, Daddy.”

I watched her start working the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy with one hand, while she ran the other under her t-shirt and pinched her nipples. Just watching her had me rock hard, again. This was going to be a problem if I didn’t do something soon.

Forcing myself to turn away from Diana and her dildo, I turned to Suzy.

“Suzy, can you hear me?”

She came up out of sleep and said, “Yes, Master.”

“Suzy, I am going to ask you some questions. You will answer them, and answering them will make you feel good. You are very comfortable with me, and you can say anything to me without being embarrassed. You consider me one of your best, most trusted friends. There is nothing that you want to hide from me. You want me to know everything about you, but you will only answer the questions I ask. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you a virgin, Suzy?”

“No, Master.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, Master.”

At this point, Diana chimed in with a whispered, “Oh, god, Daddy. Please fuck me harder. Fuck me…Fuck me…Fuck meeeeee….” I turned to watch her drive the dildo into her pussy. Her hips bucked with each stroke. I had a feeling she was going to be very sore, but she certainly was enjoying herself. I tore myself away from the one-girl orgy on the bed and looked back at Suzy.

“Do you date, Suzy?”

“Not often, Master.”

“Why not?”

“The boys here just see me as a bimbo. None of them think I have a brain, and they just act like drooling idiots whenever they’re around me.”

“Have you ever dated an older man?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you attracted to me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Have you ever considered being with a woman?

“Sometimes, Master.”

“Does the idea excite you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Have you ever done anything with a woman?”

“No, Master.”

“Does Diana excite you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Have you ever seen her fucking herself with her dildo?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Did that excite you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Suzy, do you shave your pussy?”

“No, Master.”

“Have you ever considered it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“What do you think about the idea of shaving your pussy?”

“It turns me on. It feels a little slutty. I like the idea that I could be conservative on the outside and have a shaved pussy.”

“Why haven’t you done it?”

“I want to have Diana do it so that it matches hers.” I had to restrain myself from getting up and dancing around the room. I calmed myself down. I’d have to work carefully and be patient to overcome their mutual inhibitions to get this to happen.

“Suzy, when I count down from 5 to 1, I want you to go to sleep. While you are asleep, you will not hear or see anything that goes on in this room. You will imagine Diana playing with her dildo over and over again. You will imagine Diana shaving your pussy. You will imagine how good your pussy will feel when it is smooth, and how sexy and slutty it will look. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“When I touch you on the head, you will wake up from your trance, and you will feel very horny. The hair on your pussy will itch a little bit. Just enough to be uncomfortable. Other than that, you will feel wonderful and refreshed. Do you understand?.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Your pussy will itch, and you will ask me what I think about shaved pussies. You will not be embarrassed and it will feel very natural to ask me that question. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You will tell me that Diana has a shaved pussy, and ask me whether I think that Diana would be willing to shave your pussy for you. You will not be embarrassed and it will feel very natural to ask me that question. Do you understand?”

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