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Learning Oral Sex


We used to go to the beach a lot. It's probably why I've had skin cancers removed now. But back then it was the in-thing to play volleyball and watch all the lovely girls dressed very skimpily. And, as often as possible, manage to do more than watch. At this one place where a bunch of us usually hung out there were probably two dozen or so regulars. At any given moment there would likely be more than a dozen of us. As a game ended, we would form another team and play the next game and then lay back down to sun ourselves and talk a little while others played the next one.

One of the girls in the group was Janie. Black hair, extremely pretty face. Looked a lot like an actress, Veronica Hamel. Age probably around twenty four or five. A good trim body but maybe not quite the perfect magazine swim suit body. Breasts normal and not unusually large like the magazines feature and hips perhaps slightly too much. But slim and in good athletic shape. She wasn't as outgoing as some others, more reserved and quiet. She lived alone, which was not the norm. Most girls shared apartments to cut costs, sometimes three or four of them. So, I figured Janie must earn a little more than some. I knew she was a secretary or assistant in a relatively small business or company from things she had said.

Since she was definitely in the upper tenth or so, as far as looks go, lots of guys hit on her to one extent or another. I never saw her actually date anyone and never saw a guy seem to succeed with her but I actually didn't know her that well, we just were at the same place on the beach a lot for several months. I certainly recognized that she was attractive and did talk with her often in a very casual way and played on the same volleyball team occasionally. So we knew one another.

I should add that I wasn't the greatest adonis on the beach. I was o.k., six feet one and 185 pounds, dark blond hair bleached blonder by the sun, needing glasses. I was also lousy when it came to making out with women. I had four older sisters and maybe that's what made me that way. I mean, once I got to know someone things went fine but I was really bad at picking up girls. I realized they were all humans like me and not just meat for me to take advantage of. By this time in my life I'm twenty four, had graduated college and had a decent job. I had fucked a few girls, all of them fairly easy lays I'm afraid, but never was in a long term relationship so I hadn't learned to make love, just to shove my cock in and go at it. I did know, though, that better sex existed, I just hadn't experienced it yet.

Anyway, we're all laying on the beach on our towels. By accident, I was laying on my stomach and facing Janie's feet. She was also laying on her towel, on her back, about six feet or so up from me. So I was looking up her legs, across her crotch to her upper body and head and face. It's difficult to look at a pretty girl's crotch and not have thoughts of sex. I was licking my lips. Truth is, I wasn't doing that, thinking of licking her pussy. I had never licked a pussy, although I wanted to. But maybe it looked that way to her.

I was so rapt in staring at her crotch that I didn't notice she had sat up slightly and was looking at me. We both had sun glasses on so it wasn't easy to see exactly where our eyes were looking. Then things happened that had never happened to me before in my life.

Her legs spread a little, showing even more of her crotch, as she pulled them under her and stood up. She took about three steps toward me and knelt down, facing me. Her knees were almost to my shoulders, her pussy, covered by her bathing suit, was about an inch from my head, maybe three inches from my mouth as I looked up and stared right at it.

"George," she said, "I need to go to my place. Would you like to go along?" No explanations like, to use the bathroom or to get a drink, just would I like to go with her?

As dumb as I was about women I wasn't that dumb. So I said, "Yeah," and we both gathered up our few possessions and headed off together. It was about a four block walk. I didn't know where we were going but knew it couldn't be far. It meant we walked together for ten minutes or so and I needed to say something. I realized that she caught me looking at her crotch and that somehow that had to be what triggered her offer. I had never seen her go off with anyone else like we were. But what do I say? More to the point, when we get there, what do I do?

Do I tell her I'd never eaten pussy before? That maybe she needed to guide me through it? Is she going to want to suck me, to fuck me? Am I going to be so unsettled by the whole process that I won't get a hard on? I mean, it's got to be sex she's interested in, why else would she do this? Do I wait and see what she does or do I make some kind of move?

So I say, "It's a really nice day, warm but a little breeze." Maybe she's been thinking, too. Wondering if she just made a big mistake asking me up to her place. Because she's quiet, too. Looks at me and smiles and just says, "Yeah." Awkward for both of us,I can see. She turns in next to an apartment building and I go with her, around to the back, a ground floor apartment. As we go in, I look around and realize she's rented this place furnished. It's just what you expect in a furnished place, maple furniture, out dated and worn. We're in the living room, I can see straight ahead, through an open door, a bed with a dark comforter covering it. She's right in front of me as I followed her in, her back to me. We both have bathing suits on, hers a two piece.

I have to do something. And I have to do it now. I can't let things get even more awkward. I put my hands on her hips and lean down and kiss her shoulder. She doesn't react, at least not quickly. Just beyond her, there's a table next to a chair. I keep one hand on her hips and move slightly around her, taking off my prescription sunglasses and lean down to put them on the table. Still leaning, I start to turn back towards her and realize that I'm looking at her bare midriff. So, one hand on her hip, I kiss her stomach. I mean, it's right there, so I kiss it. She puts a hand on my head, touching my hair. I kneel down and kiss her stomach a couple more times, moving my lips around.

Then I pull back slightly so I can lean down and kiss her thigh, then the other thigh. I'm looking right at her pussy, covered by her bathing suit bottom. A green and white print. So I kiss her bathing suit where it most likely covers her pussy. She keeps her hand on my hair. I haven't said anything and neither has she. I touch her bathing suit with the fingers of my hand that's on her hip and put my other hand up on the other side to also grasp the top of her bathing suit bottom. I start pulling down on both sides and the cloth starts to move.

This is strange territory for me. I've never actually looked at a pussy up close before. I've never removed a girl's bathing suit before. But I think that's what this is all about. So I pull down. She actually takes her hand off my head and finishes pulling down her bottom, stepping back slightly and bending over to get it down and off her feet. And then she's standing up again and I'm looking at a mass of black, curly hair, about a foot in front of my face. I slide my hands from her hips around to hold her ass, lean forward and get my face into that mass of hair, stick out my tongue and try and find skin to lick.

I get hair in my teeth. I also realize we're both into this too far to screw it up now and she's not complained, even cooperated. So I lean back a little, still down on my knees, pick the hair out of my mouth, and say, "Janie, I've never done this before so you can guide me or help me a little, I hope." We're right in front of a chair, my glasses are behind me, on the table next to the chair. She doesn't say anything but moves to the side and sits on the chair. Barely sits, sort of props her butt on the front of the chair, spreads her legs open a lot and reaches down with her hands and pulls a little and opens up a shiny pink area. I move my knees a few inches to get between her spread legs and lean in to get my face to that pink area. I stick out my tongue and lick in that pink area. She makes a little moan. I've got to do something with my hands. So I put mine over hers, helping hold her pussy open to me and lick some more.

The taste is interesting. I've never licked a raw steak but I suspect it might taste something like this. There's a meaty texture. There's also an aroma, a smell. I've read people describing a musky odor and I guess that's what it is. Nothing exactly like I've smelled before. As I lick her some more she takes her hands away and I use mine to keep holding her open. Her hands are on my head, sort of caressing my hair. They sure aren't pulling me away, she likes this. O.k., George, think a little. Anatomy. Her vagina is here, lick down, it's got to be near the bottom. So I do and I lick and push and finally do get to an area where I can push my tongue in. It's so far down, though. I guess I never thought of it before when I fucked but I guess the hole had to be way down between her legs for us to fuck the way we did. So I push my tongue in and lick around, then lick back up a little. I can feel a bump. The clitoris, that's supposed to be the most sensitive thing, so I lick the bump back and forth.

"That's it, George," I hear, "Just keep doing that." So I lick up and down and back and forth on the bump and she moans a lot. "Push a finger into me, too." I move one hand and get it up under my chin. I have to feel around a little but I find the place and slide a finger inside her. I keep licking. "Slide your finger in and out while you lick me." I can feel the bump is a bigger bump, almost like a little soft finger . I slide my finger in and out and keep flicking my tongue on her clit. She almost sounds like something is hurting her, whimpering, soft moans interrupted by gasps of breath as I suck her clit.. It's as if her insides have swollen a little, I don't need to hold her open any more and the pink inside of her pussy is all available. I glance up and see that she's removed her bra and is pulling on her nipples with her hands while I lick her. I try and grab her clit with my lips, sort of sucking in her whole pussy as I keep finger fucking her. It's only been a couple minutes and she starts almost screeching but as if she's trying hard not to be too noisy and I can feel a lot of fluid coming out around where my finger is in her. Her hips are starting to jump, her legs seem to close on each side of my had and then open again and then close again and she keeps on moaning and I keep on licking and moving my finger.

And then her hands are pulling on my hair. "That was terrific, George. If that was your first time, you did great." She's leaning back in the chair, her hands still holding her breasts.

"I liked it, Liked it a lot. I hope I can do that again, often."

She smiles. "I think so," she says as she starts to stand, sort of reaching to get me up. "I need to thank you," she says and puts a hand around my neck to pull my face down to her. I must be about six inches taller than her. She kisses me. "You taste like me," she says and uses her tongue to lick around my mouth. Then we're kissing again and her tongue pushes into my mouth. Her free hand slides down my stomach, inside my boxer-type bathing suit and finds my very erect cock and grasps it. "Now I get to do what I like to do a lot," she says and disappears, dropping to her knees in front of me and using her hands to pull my bathing suit down.

Her one hand is under my balls, holding them, her other is holding my cock in her fingers, while she kisses it and then licks around the head. And I'm hard, I didn't need to worry. A girl sucked my cock once before. Just leaned over in the front seat of a car and started sucking me. It was very good but this is a lot better. Janie really seems to want me. She's swallowing my cock, sliding her lips back and forth on it, using her fingers to sort of jerk me off as she sucks on me while her other hand plays with my balls.

She has my whole cock in her mouth and it feels as if she's humming, enjoying herself. This is more arousing than the actual fucking I've done before. Her mouth is more active on me than the vaginas were before. Her head is sliding back and forth, giving my cock a real work out. It's fantastic and I know I won't last long. She lets my cock flop free and she looks up at me and grins and then grabs it again with her lips and starts swallowing it again. I think she really is humming, it feels great. I can hear slurps as she moves her mouth back and forth, her hand fondling my balls, moving them back and forth. She pulls off and sits back slightly and jerks me off for a moment while she looks at my cock and smiles, almost like she's happy with herself. Then she swallows me again, the whole cock in her mouth. I can feel the head hitting the back of her mouth.

And then I'm shooting off. She holds me in her mouth as I empty my sperm then starts sliding her lips back a little as if she's trying to milk my cock and get everything I have. She finally pulls back a little, looks at my very red cock and then up at me. I use my hands to pull her up, get my arms around her and kiss her. I move my hands up and down her back as we kiss, feeling the very sexy way her back swells out into her ass. A firm, solid feeling ass. "You're fantastic, Janie," I finally manage to say. I feel her ass some more. "Maybe we can move onto the bed," I suggest.

"Okay," she replies, "I'd just as soon keep this going a while, too. But we're not going to fuck."

"Oh," I can't help saying. "Oh, okay," I finally add. I mean here's this gorgeous girl and if all we do is eat each other, I'd rather settle for that than nothing.

"My sister had a baby before she finished high school. I saw what her life was like trying to handle a baby and find a job and decided that was never happening to me. So there's never been a real, live cock in my vagina." We're heading into the bedroom and she looks at me and grins. "Other things but no live cock."

We climb on the bed, laying on our sides facing one another. I kiss her and move my hands to her breasts. "I'm glad you did," I start to say, "but why pick me? I've seen lots of guys hitting on you."

She leans to me and kisses me. The fingers of my hands are tweaking her nipples. "I moved as far away from the area where I was raised as I could. I found this really good job and came here about three months ago. I've realized more and more that I needed sex. I don't know how those good girls do it, going without. But I wanted a guy who would eat me, do oral on me. Lots of guys want you to do them but won't do you back. I saw the way you looked at me and figured you would and I was right. You actually did me before I did you, I could have never sucked you and you would still eat me. But I love cocks, Too much, maybe. Every cock I've sucked, I've really enjoyed, even when it wasn't really my choice. Besides, you're a good guy. I felt I could open myself to you and you wouldn't take advantage or do anything to hurt me. Also, you're not bad to look at."

By then I had slid down a little and was licking a breast, then started sucking on the nipple as I played with the other breast. I had thought she didn't have much in the way of breasts but these were terrific. More than the proverbial hand full. Dark nipples that hardened as I sucked on them. When I started on the second nipple, I slid a hand down to feel her pussy. She's wet. Warm and moist and ready. She'd be terrific to fuck right now. "I should move more slowly," I tell her, "but my tongue wants you." I slid on down to get between her legs. She rolled her hips, moved her legs up so her knees were almost to her shoulders and her pink, juicy pussy was right there so I started licking, flicking my tongue quickly.

I don't know why I like doing this. She gets more out of it than I do. But somehow it's just so darn sexy. I try and grab her whole pussy with my lips and suck on it, grabbing her clit with my lips as I push a finger into her. It's almost like I'm continuing the first time, her insides seem as swollen and juicy as they were late in my first try at this. She's back into the whimpering noises and gasps of air. Her h ands are on my head, pressing me into her. I can feel room so I pull out my finger and put a second next to it and push then both into her and start sliding them back and forth. I'm doing everything I can think of with my mouth and tongue to her pussy, licking, sucking, pulling on her clit, that's now grown into a teeny finger. She gets louder. She's been trying, I think, to keep from being to loud but can't control it much anymore. The juices starts coming out of her and she's really yelling. I just keep licking and sucking. Her h ands are pulling on my hair. I think she wants me to stop but I really love doing this and just keep licking and sucking until she moves her legs down and that moves her pussy down until I can't get at it any more, so I sit back on my haunches and look at her and grin. "I really like that," I say.

"You like it?" she answers, grinning, "I love it. Now you know how I feel about sucking cocks, it's just like your loving to eat me." And them I'm over her and we're kissing and feeling each other.

Soon we're again laying facing one another, she has her hand down feeling my cock, urging me up again. "In my neighborhood," she says to me, "girls fucked their boyfriends. And I wasn't going to fuck and get pregnant like my sister. So I wasn't going to get a boyfriend. This one guy seemed pretty good so I managed to get his cock out and hold it. I'd never felt anything so sexy in my life. I still think a good, hard cock is what sex is all about. I jerked him off and kept his interest. My sister told me, 'don't fuck em, suck em' so I tried that and the first time he came in my mouth was a surprise but I learned to love it. Well, that kept him for a couple months but then he wanted more. So that ended that. I did this with several more guys, each time lasting several months. And I think I was getting a bad reputation as a cock sucker."

"I was out of school by then, working at a lousy job, so I went on a job interview to be a secretary. I could type and file and all that, I'd learned it in school, The guy who interviewed me would be my boss if I worked there. He surprised me and pulled out his cock and told me a lot of girls wanted the job and I could have it if I also sucked him. I reached and grabbed his cock and held it. I know it was dumb but I actually got turned on. So I asked him what the job paid and he told me. I told him that was the pay for a girl that didn't suck his cock, what would it be for one who did and I slid my hand up and down on his cock. He upped the pay some and I leaned over and licked the head and then sat up and let him know that wasn't enough. So he upped it again and I sucked him off and ended up doing him a couple times a week for a couple years as I worked for him. I wasn't a secretary but an administrative assistant at a better pay level. I also had boyfriends on the side and found the first one that wanted to do me, too, and I discovered how great that was. Then I found a few more."

At that point in her story she slid down, got on her hands and knees and leaned down and started licking on my now very erect cock. This time was every bit as good as the first time. I don't know if there are different techniques or not but if there are, she had a great one because I loved what she did for me. I lasted a little longer this time but finally shot off and she milked me dry and licked me clean. "I can get your whole cock in my mouth," she tells me, "without gagging. It's very nice." And then we're kissing and holding one another but I'm wondering, "is she telling em I have a small cock?"

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