tagHumor & SatireLearning the World Ch. 01

Learning the World Ch. 01


First timer here. This entire project was actually too large for its own good, so I broke it up into 3 parts. Parts 2 and 3 are coming soon.


"Just keep doing what you're already doing. As you work, I'm going to place my hands on certain muscles to make sure you're not overly straining anything."

Gabrielle turned back to her task and rolled her eyes when she knew Gary couldn't see. She took pride in being a Freewind and being a Freewind came with knowing how to perform manual labor. But she harbored no ill feelings. Sometimes people, especially higher-ups, just had to be careful. The crop duster's daughter gently placed the cookie dough onto a high shelf. That was when she felt a hand placed on her lower back. When she looked behind her Gabrielle saw that Gary was standing right behind, looking down at her ass. Another hand dropped to her upper leg, and both hands began to firmly knead the deeper tissue.

"Continue working," Gary said, and Gabrielle complied. And the next thirty or so minutes passed in roughly the same fashion: with Gary periodically groping his temporary assistant's ass, stomach, legs, or back while she sorted supplies and removed boxes. This was probably the best day of his life.

Gabrielle went back to the supply pile and when she bent down to pick up a bucket of mint flavor, Gary placed both hands on her ass. "Hold on a second there," he ordered politely. When she held still he dropped to his haunches and actually slid his fingers up the back of her short legs getting a good grasp of her full butt cheeks. Everything was so firm underneath the skin, yet the skin itself was soft to the touch. It was as though the delicacies of such a youth, from the softness of her skin to the shape of her body, flourished on physical work. Gary's erection was struggling to burst out of his pants.

When he finished feeling Gabrielle's backside up, he allowed her to go drop off the bucket of mint flavor, only to stop her in that pose as well. This time he walked over and placed his groin right up against her ass, greedily savoring the feeling of her butt cheeks hugging his dick. Gary then reached a hand around her hips and copped a feel of her crotch.

"Uh...Gary? What's this for?" Gabrielle asked, confusion evident in her voice. Her temporary manager began to knead his cupped hand into her pussy. What he was doing felt oddly good to her but it wasn't really overtly registering as she still had a fairly heavy bucket of liquid mint in her arms.

"I'm just bracing myself against you to make sure your stance is appropriately sturdy, and that you're not going to pull anything in between your legs," lied the temporary shopkeep. "Just a little bit more, Gabby," he added, then brought his free hand up to grope her bare breast by slipping it under her shirt.

Cumbersome as safety procedures often were, any Freewind could tell you the importance of caution out in the field; at the end of the workday, precautions benefit all parties involved. However in this case, these procedures were quite conveniently inconvenient for our teenaged heroine, while certainly benefiting her "boss." Only, before recklessly charging any further into the meat and potatoes of this story, it's important to understand the nature of its beginning.


She is one of the sweetest hearts a man has ever known and she goes by the name Gabby. Her birth name is Gabrielle Freewind, but she simply loves it when people feel comfortable enough with her to call her by the nickname.

Gabby is the only daughter, and youngest child of Mark and Sally Freewind, in a farming family of four based in the "middle of nowhere" June Hills. Now, June Hills was a small small farming town, so Gabby along with her brother Jacob were home schooled their whole lives because of the lack of a nearby high school.

Unfortunately this meant that Gabby grew up short on maybe a few social understandings, as you might have guessed. However, social standing on the other hand, was never something Gabby lacked. Mark Freewind was a greatly respected man in town in part because of his personal reputation, and in part because he was a crop duster. Few people in June Hills had brains enough to read a text other than the Holy Book, let alone fly an airplane. But for some time now, Gabby had been establishing her own reputation with only the help of the family genes.

Even before she turned 18 her looks made her the talk of the town. At 5'8" with full breasts, wide hips and a firm butt to compliment the blue-eyed face of an angel, she basically had the hearts and dicks—metaphorically speaking of course—of all the boys her age, as well as the older men in the community. Adding to her local charisma was the fact that she very much helped out with the chores of the family business, which required her to keep her copper-brown hair at a workable shoulder-length. She was the town's tomboy-ish girl next door.

In fact, it was a recent discovery made by Gabby and her mother, Sally, that led to a recent boom in the family business: a 100% organic pesticide that was both cheaper, and safer for both environment and consumer than anything on the market.

Because the Freewind name held such respect in an already tight-knit town, this meant all of the males were extra careful around the impressionable 18-year-old girl. And as such was the case, she had never dated anyone. Not that this mattered. Gabby was too carefree to mind about dating—there was so much else in life to learn. This didn't mean that something wasn't missing though: sweet Gabby wanted to make some friends, and she couldn't very much do that with both home schooling, and work at the farm keeping her so busy. Worse yet, was that she only had one more year of mandatory school left to go! Which brings us to this random summer day, at the Freewind Farm.

"Pa?" Gabby asked her father, putting down her sack of grain.

"Yes Gabby?" he replied, wiping his hands of the biplane engine oil. "Give me my morning hug."

"Morning Pa." she received his hug nervously. Home school had been such a way of life that she had no idea how her father would react to what she was about to ask.

Mark sensed her apprehension. "What's the matter Darling?"

"I've been thinking about something a while now that I'd like to talk to you about."

"Well, out with it girl. You've got me all suspended!" Mark said, leaning back against a wing.

"You see Jake and I only have one more year of schooling left before we're done." She stopped a moment, raising her arm wipe moisture from her forehead. This immediately drew Mark's eyes to the swell of her breasts, which for some time now, had been a natural magnet to male eyes. Even though her father had no outward interest in her, lifelong habit drew his eyes the curves his daughter sported. The overalls she always wore for chores hardly showed off her ass, but her pert chest couldn't be hidden by a simple white tee and suspended jeans.

She continued, "What with both Jake and me being 18 now, and the family business doing so well, I was...Pa?" Gabby noticed her father wasn't exactly paying attention.

Another thing that the Freewinds were known for was their empathy for emotions, or even a lack there of. In this case she caught her father spacing out, but she had for a long time now been used to that, and thought nothing of it. Didn't even pay attention to the fact that his eyes were directed at her chest.

The snap-to was fast and Mark remade eye-contact, "Yes? You're 18 and the farm's doing well...Go on."

"Well I was really hoping to know what high school is like." She stopped there, waiting for a response. But the air stood still for a moment.

"You've been high schooling for the last three years, so I take it you're referring to public high school?"

She nodded.

"Jacob," Mark called out. Off in the corner of the barn, Jacob was repairing a broken wheel barrel, when he overheard the conversation. He was practically at attention before his name was even called. "How do you feel about this?" the father asked.

"Been wondering myself, Pa. High school sounds like a mighty interesting place. I know you've warned us of all the waywardness that goes on there, but it seems like one year couldn't undo everything we've learned."

"It could be a really important experience!" Gabby chimed in. "See just how bad the outside world can get. Maybe even see a few good things about it too. You always say it's best to know both ups and downs in life."

"That I do," Mark said, rubbing the whiskers on his chin. "How's your Ma feel about it?"

"Said she'd be fine with if it you were!" Gabby said, hopefully. Even Jake was looking brighter. Their father was about to seal the deal.

"On one condition. You have to earn it, and my trust that you can handle it."

"How do we meet that condition, Pa?" asked the young man. Brother and sister listened intently.

"You two want to get out into the world, start with June Hills first. Community service, kids. I want you to volunteer your spare time around town for the remainder of the summer, and if I like what I hear and see about your efforts at personal growth, then come next school year, I'll have you two enrolled in the neighboring county's high school."

"Oh thank you, Pa!" shouted Gabby, as she jumped up and threw her arms around her father's neck.

"Yeah, thanks a million, Pa!" added Jake, giving his sister a pat on the back.

The very next day Mark and Sally sent their children into the quaint town of June Hills to go looking for volunteering opportunities. Although they shared the goal of finding a place to volunteer, their searches took them in very different directions.

As it was, Gabby started out at the local ice cream shop. It matched her personality perfectly. She liked ice cream, and it was summer. What better place could there have been?

"Excuse me, are you back there, Mr. Mixer?" Gabby shouted into the kitchen, from over the counter.

Martin Mixer was the shop owner, who had always picked up summer volunteers to help with the flood of Blue Lake kids that flocked over to the popular Ice Cream Diddy's during their summer vacation. It wasn't Martin who answered her call, though.

"I'm sorry, he's gone fishing at the lake...Hi" responded Gary, coming out of the kitchen. As soon as he had seen who he was talking to his pulse deepened. The young nubile teenager in front of him wore jean shorts that sported a long and soft pair of tanned legs, and a light blue tank top that nicely hugged her ample breasts, while exposing a toned stomach. He instantly began wondering what the backside of this lovely creature looked like.

It was only a moment before the man realized he was practically drooling, but once he returned his gaze to Gabby's blue eyes, there wasn't a hint in the world of her being aware of his private day dream.

"Can I wait for Mr. Mixer to get back?" Gabby asked, not paying attention to his wandering eyes.

"He'll be back in two days. But I'm overseeing things until he returns. Is there something I can help you with?"

"I wanted to offer an able body to help out for the next few weeks. You know, volunteer?"

"Well, I don't know about the summer staffing, but I can use some help right now. And all the schedules are logged away in a folder I can look into for you, if I can first finish these chores I need to get done."

"That sounds fantastic!" Gabby shouted, giving a quick jump, pulling the man's eyes back down to her chest as it bounced. If she helped him out, he'd be able to find out whether or not there was room for her help over the coming summer. If there was, this gentleman could put the good word in for her to Mr. Mixer. "I knew coming here would be a good idea. Sir, I'm Gabrielle Freewind." She held out her hand for a shake, saying, "What's needed of me?"

"Well," he answered, taking her hand and shaking it, " Nice to meet you Gabrielle."

"You can call me Gabby," she beamed.

"Okay. Call me Gary." Gary wasn't a local, but he was the brother of Martin Mixer's wife; and that's the only reason he got the job of managing shop, as Martin never liked his brother-in-law very much. Gary was what many people would call a bad guy. Not overtly evil so much as he was selfish, but still, an unpleasant fellow. "I'm preparing for the rush of Blue Lake High kids we're expecting next week. "Basically, I'm sorting all the pre-mixed flavors and toppings in the kitchen. If you'll come on back..." Gary said, opening the counter top to the young Gabrielle. She followed his lead and walked through to into the kitchen. He deliberately let her move ahead of him so he could get a look at her ass, and boy was that a good call. It took a lot of willpower to keep his hands off of her bubbly butt. This girl had to be getting a regular workout to be in this great of a shape.

Once they were both in the kitchen, Gary explained to Gabrielle that the pile of boxes on the floor needed to be emptied, and its contents first sorted into flavors and toppings, before then being placed into their respective storage places.

Gabrielle was super excited to help out.

"However," Gary paused, wondering if he should try pulling something unethical off with this girl, "if you're going to be helping in the kitchen, it's official policy that you can't be using clothing from the outside, so—"

"That's okay, Gary, I can work with my clothing off" Gabrielle interrupted, peeling off her shirt, and dropping it to the floor. This left her standing there in her bra and shorts, looking so soft yet so firm it almost wasn't real.

Now, the first thing that went through his mind was how amazing this teenager looked in front of him in her bra; her breasts pressed together, cupping a hint of moisture from the outside heat. The second thing that occurred to him was that he couldn't go through with this. Just then, Gabrielle reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.

"Hold on a second!" he said quickly. She stopped and tilted her head in confusion. "There's no need to work without any clothing. We have uniforms for that kind of thing." That's right, Gabrielle's beauty made Gary stupidly good: reformed by foolishness. It was only a momentary lapse on Gary's part though. The moment Gabby's arms dropped back to her side, he silently cursed himself for backing down. "Okay...so where's the clothing?" she asked curiously, standing in her shorts and bra.

The man sighed, disappointed with his own error in judgment. "I'll get it and be back in a moment," Gary said leaving the young beauty where she stood.

When he came back, the smile had returned to his face as he had handed Gabrielle the shirt and shorts she would be working in. Gary was already back in the game. Of course he didn't bother to turn away as she changed, and she didn't even hesitate to do it in front of him.

"Aren't these a little small?" Gabby asked, once she had pulled on the shirt and shorts he provided. The shorts bared her lower butt cheeks as well as her white cotton underwear, and the top was so tight he almost didn't need to imagine her without it on. In fact, all regret convincing her to wear it was dissolved.

"The rest of the clothing is out being washed. I'm afraid that's all we have," answered Gary.

"It's kind of uncomfortable, you know?" Gabby asked, straightening her back and throwing her chest out, trying to stretch the material.

Garry's heart was in his throat, but he couldn't show it if he wanted this to work. While on the one hand he could conceal his nervousness, the bulge in his pants was another story. But Gabrielle remained oblivious to this as well; she was focused instead on the shirt, which was far tighter than anything she wore on the farm.

The temporary manager stepped up to the girl and placed a hand on her left breast and squeezed it softly.

"Hmmm," Gary said thoughtfully, as if trying to figure something out. As he brought his other hand up to cup the other breast, Gabrielle turned her head up to Garry looking for the answer he was working on. "I think I know how you might make it more comfortable," he added as he gently massaged her soft globes.

"Gary?" asked the teenager, noticing that he'd entered one of those brief trances men seemed so frequently to enter.

"Yeah! Sorry. You could take off your bra, and the shirt might fit more."

"Oh! Good idea."

Just like before, she peeled off her shirt, and this time unclasped her bra letting it fall to the floor. When her breasts were revealed Gary's hard-on grew to full mast; if it wasn't hallucinating, they didn't drop when the support of the bra was no longer a factor. Adding to an already perfect moment, Gabrielle's soft, pink nipples grew hard and their color deepened as the cooler air touched her warm skin. Needless to say, Gary was already contemplating the next move that would allow him to grope this luscious, naive creature.

Once her shirt was back on, Gary went on to explain where everything went: which shelves held the toppings, which closets contained flavors, and how everything was organized. When he had nothing left to explain, Gabrielle headed to the boxes and immediately started emptying them and sifting through their contents.

'Truth of the matter was that Gary himself had been tasked with all of these chores three days before, when Martin Mixer left for his vacation, and had put it all off until that day. When Gabrielle arrived, Gary had really just been sitting around doing nothing. Were it not for the crop duster's daughter he would have put it off until the very day of Martin Mixer's return, and possibly even failed to do it on time.

Unlike Gary however, Gabrielle was hauling ass. Within fifteen minutes, she was completely done emptying the boxes of their supplies, and already beginning to put the toppings away into their shelves. And what a show she put on for him. Every time she bent over to pick something up, he was provided a direct view of her half-exposed ass, and a fabulously toned pair of sturdy legs. The air itself had a hint of her scent on it as she was working up a light sweat. Only under the morning sunlight coming in from the windows were the fine hairs on her strong lower back visible, and even those called out to his inner animal.

Wherever she came from, one thing was sure: this girl knew how to work. But to this realization, horror struck Gary. She was finishing up the only chores he had in a neck-breaking pace, and soon the pleasure of her warmth would be gone. Another play had to be made.

"Hold on a second there, Gabby," Gary said, uncrossing his arms and walking over to the girl.

The teen came to a halt mid-heft with a tub of cookie-dough bits in her arms.

"Another thing I have to do," Gary continued, "in order to maintain safety conditions is observe the way you lift and carry heavy items. Standard procedures, you see."

Gabrielle knew how to lift and carry heavy things; if there was one thing that you'd learn from living on a farm, that was it. But she supposed standard procedures were standard. The only thing that surprised her was how many 'standard procedures' needed to be enforced in such a small town business.

"Okay," Gabrielle replied, still holding the position she stopped in when Gary spoke up. "What do I do?"

"Just keep doing what you're already doing. As you work, I'm going to place my hands on certain muscles to make sure you're not overly straining anything."

Gabrielle turned back to her task and rolled her eyes when she knew Gary couldn't see. She took pride in being a Freewind and being a Freewind came with knowing how to perform manual labor. But she harbored no ill feelings. Sometimes people, especially higher-ups, just had to be careful. The crop duster's daughter gently placed the cookie dough onto a high shelf.

That was when she felt a hand placed on her lower back. When she looked behind her Gabrielle saw that Gary was standing right behind, looking down at her ass. Another hand dropped to her upper leg, and both hands began to firmly knead the deeper tissue.

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