tagHumor & SatireLearning the World Ch. 02

Learning the World Ch. 02


As I work on the 3rd part of this tale, comments may affect how I edit it; so please feel free to provide me with some feedback as well as a vote if you'll be so kind.

Gabby's next stop was the local pet clinic. Just the same as with people, Gabby could sense what animals felt, and she was more than strong enough to heft as much weight as any boy her age.

Sadly, the clinic was undergoing remodeling, and had temporarily set up shop in Blue Lake – too far for Gabby to travel for volunteering.

It was pretty much the same story all over June Hills. The kids' daycare required her to take a series of medical tests over in Blue Lake that would take at least a month to complete; the bookstore's hours overlapped with the schedule she had for her farm chores, and so on, and so forth.

This brought her to an empty table at the town Coffee shop. She was contemplating her next move when Mrs. Grounds spoke up from behind the counter.

"Why are you looking to volunteer, Sweetheart?" asked the shop-keep.

Gabby had asked Mrs. Grounds if anything was available, but unfortunately it was solely a family-run business. Been that way for generations, and some traditions can't be broken, no matter how much one adored Gabby Freewind. Mrs. Grounds felt bad.

"Pa said Jake and I need to develop character if we're to prepare ourselves for the world at large. We want to go to highschool, so we need to do some community service. S'ppose you can say this is our time to learn the world."

"Well, your father's a sharp man, he is, and I couldn't agree with him more. Them city-slicked teenagers are a wild bunch..." She went on talking about how dangerous the concrete jungle could be for an innocent mind like Gabby's, but the girl wasn't paying attention anymore.

Instead, her eyes were on the news wall where something had caught her attention. It was a flyer that read, "Find Yourself, and Attain Well-Being." The young woman stood up and walked over to the wall, pulling it from its thumbtack.

Find Your Self, and Attain Well-Being

While Exploring a Bonded Community.

The Rose Light Children

We have a new home in June Hills:

1829 Creekside Ave.

Visit Anytime or Call us at 555-152-5354

Head Member Manuel Konn.

"What is this?" Gabby asked, still ignoring Mrs. Grounds' monologue.

"City kids are always looking for reasons to shed a sweet girl's clothes—"

"Mrs. Grounds?" she repeated, a little louder this time.

"Even the adults out th...hmm? Did you say something, Gabby?"

"Who are The Rose Light Children?" she asked, holding up the piece of paper. "And who's Manuel Konn? I don't recognize the name."

"Oh...'Couple weeks back that fella moved in to town and bought the old bungalows by the creek. Nice man, that one. Good looking too. Seems shortly after his arrival, June Hills saw an addition of maybe 20 new families."

"And what's this 'Rose Light Children,' here?" Gabby asked, curiosity growing.

"I hear it's basically a church group, except they don't actively convert. Mostly keep to themselves."

That was all Gabby needed to know. She loved church people, and if these people were new in town, they'd likely have room for help. There was still at least two hours of sunlight left, and she didn't want to wait until tomorrow to find out if she could volunteer, so she booked it straight over to 1829 Creekside Ave. It was only a 15 minute jog from the coffee shop.

***Rose Light***

"How can I help you?" asked the young man who answered the door. He was a slender fellow, very close to Gabby's age, with big eyes magnified by powerful prescription glasses. A white sheet wrapped his entire body in a toga fashion and he was barefooted. It was like something straight out of her studies, from the Classical Era.

Gabby had never seen church-goers dress like this, except maybe on Halloween, so she held up the flyer facing him. "Is this where I can find 'The Rose Light Children?'"

She may as well have been speaking in another language, though, as his eyes were naturally drawn a little south of her chin where he could see a healthy swell that led down to two nipples poking into the girl's well-fitted tank top. Of course the rest of her body was calling out to his senses as well. The firmly toned stomach, the generous flare of her hips, or the prize winning legs she–

"Hello?" Gabby asked, breaking the young man's reverie.

He cleared his throat, unable to completely look her in the eye. "Yes...yes it is. Did you need something?" he asked.

"My Pa told me I need to volunteer a summer before I can go to—"

She paused mid-sentence when the boy suddenly snapped into action and fumbled through his toga to take out a small booklet and pen, and then started writing down what she figured was her dictation. Gabby slowly resumed what she was saying after letting him catch up.

"I want to go to public high school, and so I was hoping you folks could let me volunteer over the summer with you. I live on the first farm you'll come to west of these parts; sorta makes us neighbors. My name is Gabrielle Freewind, but I go by Gabby too."

The young doorman scribbled for a couple more seconds after she finished and said, "Okay...be right back." He quickly took one more snapshot of her and left, closing the door.

Not two minutes later a new man in his mid thirties answered the door. He was clean-shaven with very short, dark brown hair, and a slight cleft in his chin. Like the young doorman who preceded him, this man had loosely flowing cloth wrapped around him, except his ended about halfway down to the knee.

"You must be Gabrielle?" he said, blatantly checking her out.

"I sure am," replied the crop duster's daughter, cheerily.

"Welcome to 'The Garden,' please come in."

"Thank you!" Gabby said, stepping through the door into a small albeit impressive waiting room with a skylight, and an almost hypnotic soundtrack whispering over the trickle of a small fountain.

Gabby leaned over trying to sneak a peak through the doorway that she hadn't come through when her host beckoned her.

"Please take a seat. I'm here to assess your request. My name is Jim Spotter."

Gabrielle took a seat on a futon, placing the flyer on the table and Spotter sat down next to her, facing himself so they can talk face-to-face. Spotter had a medium build with the beginnings of a middle-aged belly, so his looks didn't really make him stand out for someone his age. Though all things considered, he carried a non-imposing and even pleasant demeanor.

Spotter took out a pad and pencil, and then proceeded to interview the teenaged brunette.

"I was told you want to go to public school which is why you're volunteering. Does this mean you were home schooled?"

"I sure was." Gabrielle replied, perking up even more, "and by the best teachers this world has to offer: my family."

"Okay," Spotter said, staring at the exposed region of her chest as he blindly taking notes. "So what attracted you to specifically volunteer for The Rose Light, Gabrielle?"

"Hmmm," she started, thoughtfully. "I was told you were a church group by Mrs. Grounds, and I do like church folk. I think they're upstanding people. Tend to be an honest, and charitable bunch. D'you get me?" she asked, wondering how she was doing. She knew this was an interview so she was on high alert.

"I very much do, Gabrielle," offered Spotter, scribbling in his palm-sized notepad.

"Are you religious?" he asked, looking up to her face finally to admire the beauty of her features. He was caring less about the interview, and more about the young woman in front of him. However, he had a job to do for the greater good and so he would do it. His penis on the other hand grew harder under his garment.

"Well, I believe in things. But Pa always encouraged us to believe in what we learned from the world and so he never pushed a specific religion on us. 'Said that being open to the things and ideas around us is the only way to be sure of anything," the nubile teen finished, proud of her answer. Pa never led her astray.

"Your Pa sounds like he put a solid head on your two brea...er shoulders," he said, forcing his eyes to meet hers again. "We are very dedicated to open-mindedness, here at The Garden.

"We are a very respectful religion, and as such we don't push our beliefs on other people either. Because of this it is absolutely crucial that we keep our teachings very private. The teachings themselves may, under strict circumstances, be shared with other people, but Rose Light's association with them can never be disclosed or even hinted at. Do you understand me, Gabrielle?"

She thought about the words he used carefully. "I think so. Basically, I can tell people what you say, but I can't tell people where it came from. Is that right?"

"You're a smart one," Spotter semi-fibbed. By now he figured the rather large cloth-covered bulge in his lap would have caught her attention. But she was elsewhere, and he was okay with that. She carried on talking and listening with no hint of such understanding.

Ordinarily such signs would indicate stupidity through and through. Not so with Gabrielle. Her talk and ideas were sharp; and she was quick to accurately pick up a notion that a total idiot would still be trying to figure out, or have trouble remembering, let alone paraphrasing. This one was certainly special by many measurements. Noted.

"Now, tell me how important volunteering is to you."

"Oh, it's probably the most important thing to me since figuring the formula to a non-poisonous crop spray."

Spotter raised an eyebrow, but noted it anyway.

"I haven't wanted something this much in a long time, Mister," Gabrielle finished, biting her lower lip. She was getting nervous since her going to high school might very well depend entirely on how well she performed.

The cleft-chinned man picked up on this nervousness and leaned forward. Placing a hand on her tanned thigh and rubbing it, he said, "Don't worry about the formality of all these questions." When she didn't move he inched his hand higher on her leg, and more inward. "You're doing well so far, and being nervous will do you more harm than good. We just want you to be your sweet self," he finished, reluctantly tearing his hand away from her warm skin.

"If you had to describe yourself, what kind of person are you?"

"Well, I'm very sociable. My parents and brother have convinced me of just how great people can be, and so I want to find more like them; maybe show everyone what my fam'ly has showed me. That's why I want to go to public high school so much. As I said, 'been home schooled with just my brother my whole life. I want to branch out, so t' speak."


"Luckily for you, Gabrielle, The Rose Light Children is a great place to branch out, as we are all very dedicated to each other and our common humanity.

"Now in order for us to let you into the Garden beyond this room with us, we'd have to let you inside. And we expect any insiders to be respectful of our traditions. This means you must follow our rules, even if you do not believe in the teachings they are based on. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Nup," Gabrielle affirmed, straightening her back and so puffing out her chest. She sensed the deal closing, like she did with her father just the day before. "I'll do my best to fit in like one of you."

"You might even feel at home here after spending some time with us," added Spotter. "I have one more question for you Gabrielle, and this is possibly the most important of all..."

There was a moment of silence as Gabrielle's young heart skipped a beat in anticipation.

"Would you like to start volunteer training today?"

"Would I!?" she shouted. "More than anything!" This was the first step to Gabrielle's victory. Come the end of summer, she would be enrolled in Blue Lake High School!

But for now she still had other things to take care of...

"One thing we need to take care of, Gabrielle..." Spotter said, as they both stood up. Now his erection was obscenely forming a tent in his garb. Of course, she didn't seem to notice. Well, it has to be said that she actually did see it; she was just too thrilled to pay it attention.

He was finally done writing and so tucked away his notepad.

"As I said before, my name is Spotter, but what I didn't tell you is that I am, among other things, a Guide Child..."

Gabrielle stared blankly at his assertion. As expected, she was didn't know what a Guide Child was. "All people are 'children' of the Rose Seed, Gabrielle, but being a Guide Child makes me second only to our Head member, Father Manuel Konn.

"What this means is that I am the one who has to oversee many of the traditions of The Rose Light Children. Getting you dress fitted for The Garden is one such tradition I am in charge of, and there is a strict dress code here.

"You see, our clothing is symbolic for the purity within the heart, and as such all Rose Light Children, even visitors such as yourself, must be dressed appropriately.

"So beyond this room, all men are required to dressed in a Loga, as I am," Spotter said, gesturing to his outfit; "and all women must wear a Wrap."

"I understand," Gabrielle said, fascinated by the culture unfolding in front of her.

"I knew you would. In order for me to get a wrap fitted for you, I have to get your measurements. Now, our sizes are based on a different scale from what you'll find elsewhere, so I need to take the measurements by hand."

"Alright," responded Gabrielle. "Is there anything I need to do?" she asked raising her lean arms up like a scarecrow in one of her fields.

Spotter smiled at how easy this was but wasted no time in approaching her, admiring how well defined every curve on this girl's body was. "Just stand there and follow instructions when given any." For just a moment he brushed his hand over his cock and felt it twitch. He was quietly ecstatic in anticipation for what was to come. "First I need your bust size," Spotter continued, reaching up and placing both hands on the center of her chest. He softly slid his hands outward and over her tank top until they cupped each tender breast—then squeezed them when they were in his hands, using his thumbs to pass briefly over her hardened nipples.

Jim Spotter's mental faculties were much stronger than those of Gary, so he was generally more able to maintain focus on his internal goal of exploiting the beautiful teenaged resource; but every now and then he would catch himself slipping away in her beauty. Gabrielle's natural disposition had a drug-like effect on him and he would have to be very diligent to maintain a presence of mind over her.

"Do you think you've got anything that'll fit me?" Gabrielle asked, looking down at his hands as they massaged her fleshy orbs. She looked back up to him. "I mean, you guys did your laundry right? I won't be stuck with the leftover pile, will I?"

Spotter chuckled not knowing where the odd question came from. "Of course we'll have something for you. The Rose Light's resources are vast. We'll have you looking like one of us in no time."

"Thanks Mister! I can't wait to join the others in the rest of The Garden."

"I need to get a shirtless measurement," he said, dropping his hands from her chest for a moment.

"Let me help," Gabrielle offered, taking off her tank top—relieved to drop her arms from the scarecrow position she had them in. This whole deal was like the initiation process of a secret society, and she kind of liked it.

Once the full teenaged breasts came free of the tank top Spotter's mouth dried up. The crop duster's daughter probably had the best breasts he had ever seen, certainly the best he could remember. They were perky and had a gentle rosy blush as well as the most mouth re-watering nipples he'd ever dreamed of laying eyes on, let alone his hands.

The man absolutely had to drop his hand to his erect penis for a second to give it a squeeze and a stroke or two—so he did. Gabby caught the act but thought nothing of it, as she often saw her Pa and Jake scratching their groins around the farm and the house.

When he was done reminding himself that his cock was in fact wanting action, Spotter reached up to her tits again. "That's it," he said, "we're getting solid measurements here. You have a lovely pair of breasts, Gabrielle."

"Thank you, Mister!" she said, beaming with pride. She always knew her Ma and Pa built her up pretty well, but it was particularly nice having that confirmed by someone else.

"Uh huh..." he responded half-mindedly. His eyes half closed as the intoxicating scent of her skin reached his nose; the Guide Child was transported somewhere else for a moment.

His cock throbbed, but Spotter took a deep breath and resumed. Patience was a Rose spirit's nourishment. "Gabrielle," he said, releasing her breasts. "I have to get your lower measurements, but I need you out of your shorts and underwear."

Gabrielle thought nothing of this requirement, as she was too thrilled to be getting what might have been the only volunteering opportunity left in June Hills. Standing there topless in front of the admiring Guide she unbuttoned her shorts, opened them up, and let them drop to the floor. When her underwear followed, she stepped out of them and stood before Spotter completely in the nude.

The Guide child dropped to one knee and placed one hand on Gabrielle's stomach, and one on her ass. He ran his hand over her butt cheek, which filled his hand exquisitely, in little circles. Something about the way this girl smelled was hypnotic. "You're going to look great once we get you dressed," Spotter complimented, caressing her stomach.

"Gee thanks, Mister! You're full of compliments aren't you?" she said, straightening her posture, which leveled the trimmed hair of her pubic mound with his eyes.

"Well, you're just full of things to compliment, Gabrielle." Spotter dropped the hand on her ass to her leg and the one on her stomach to her cunt. Gabrielle kept the hair above her vagina short and clean around the edges. "Interesting," he said aloud, not caring if Gabrielle heard or not.

"Is something wrong?" Gabrielle asked, as Spotter explored her pubic region with finger tips and eyes. His face was leaned in so close she thought his nose might have bumped into her.

"Not a thing," he reassured, smoothly absently running his fingers down her inner thigh. "You'll find at The Garden, that with this region of the body," he explained using his finger to indicate her neat little mound of hair, "that people prefer to either completely remove the hair, or they will do what you've chosen yourself, which is to keep it's natural shape, but just refine the details; unlike most other people your age who instead shave silly little shapes into the hair. However, Rose Light does not officially prohibit it; it's just something that's universally intuited." He looked up to her, not bypassing the flat tummy, and pert breasts. When eye contact was re-established, he smiled and asked, "What do you think?"

Gabrielle realized this was a good opportunity to shine, and so she looked up for a moment to crank out an answer. As the young brunette brainstormed, something she was vaguely aware of began to happen between her legs: things were getting warmer and starting to slicken. But her concentration was on trying to understand why Rose Light disapproved of certain pubic hair shapes.

"I think The Rose Light probably views the human body as...maybe a temple?" she asked, only to conclude for her self that the metaphor fit well enough. "And that shapes which deviate hard a lot from what was naturally provided are similar to desecration."

"Very impressive, Gabrielle. You take to understanding the ways of The Rose Light like a fish takes to water," he affirmed, turning his finger tips downward and onto the lips of her vagina.

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