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Learning to Bargain


My name is Danielle. I'm in college and work as a waitress down at Carl's Tavern. I share an apartment with two roommates who go to the same college. I'm from a small town but this is my second year in the city and I'm getting used to how things work and what is different. It did take me a while to get used to how quick everything went on.

I'm about 20 and I can't say I have had a lot of experience in life. In my hometown, we were good church-going folk and we did our best to stay out of trouble. I had one boyfriend in high school but it all ended as we went to different colleges. He went to the local college but I wanted a better education and got a partial scholarship to a really good school. But it meant I had to move and that I needed a job to pay for everything else. The first thing that put me off about city living was how dirty everything seemed. In my hometown, there was a lot of dirt roads and everything certainly didn't sparkle, but things in the city were really...dirty...dingy...filthy really. My roommates always comment on how much I clean the apartment.

You can probably guess from the fact that I'm a waitress who is also in college that I don't have a lot of money. I do have a car. The only good thing I can say about it is I keep it very clean. But, it is older than I am and it is a piece of crap breaking down all the time. Today is no different. While driving to my job my car just shuts off. No sputter, no weird sounds, nothing. Just dies, and right at the intersection. I quickly jab the consol to turn on my hazards and of course, being evening rush hour traffic, I get a lot of horns and fingers back at me. I open my door and try to push the car to the side of the road but I couldn't get it to move. Suddenly, the car jerks forward and I hear a couple of guys behind me pushing the car.

"Hey there! We can push it over to that parking lot. Hop in and steer!"

Three guys were in the car two cars behind me. They were all quite muscular and well built and they didn't even need to strain to push my little junker car. I hopped in and steered as they pushed my car up and off the road into a small lot.

"Okay! That's good!" one of them yelled.

I pushed on the brake and the car squealed to a stop. I opened my door to thank them and they were already running back to their car so as to not stop traffic any more. My knights were running off to save another damsel somewhere.

I put my hand on my forehead and sighed, standing dumbfounded in the parking lot wondering what to do next. I didn't have a cell phone. My friend Mike, who normally fixed my car, is away for an entire week. And...I needed to get to work. It was a hot day and I was starting to sweat a little which was going to ruin my hair and makeup. I mentally prepared for getting chastised when I finally got to work...whenever that may be.

That was when I saw my salvation in the distance. I saw a garage about two buildings down so I decided to give it a try. It was about my only hope.

Dressed in my uniform I wore a black skirt, white stockings, black heels, and a white button up blouse. My hair was tied back in a tight ponytail. My attire was somewhat out of place for where I happened to be walking. The restaurant I worked was somewhat of an upscale place so we tried to look the part. It made me good tips but it took me forever to get ready every day.

As I walked in, a scruffy mechanic seemingly out of the movie Deliverance sat at the front counter. He was watching a small television off on the side and eating a candy bar when he saw me. I am never one to brag, but I like to think of myself as a good looking woman. I'm fit and trim. I have healthy long blonde hair and clear tanned skin. Many people have told me I have a pretty face. And I have to say I look good in a bikini. Judging from this guy's reaction, he agreed that I looked good as well.

"Well...Hello there ma'am. What can I do you for?"

"Hi..." I looked around the room and nothing seemed clean. Even for a waiting room, this was dismal. I would hate to see what the bathrooms look like. "Um...I'm not sure what you can do but...my car..." I said pointing out the window, "...broke down. I'm not sure what is wrong with it."

"Well you came to the right place then missy! That is just what we do here."

"I'm afraid...I don't...I don't really have any money though."

The man took pause and then said, "Well...let's see what is wrong with it and then we can talk about the price. How does that sound?" He looked at me with a weird glaring eye as he scanned my body. I had some serious doubts about his intentions, but I was desperate. I thought if I can't afford it, I can still just take it over to Mike.

"I just need one thing from you pretty lady..." He said finishing on a low note and leaning over the counter.

I paused and stared in suspense.

"I need your keys there little lady." He said with a smile.

I smiled back at him, "Oh...of course" I said as I handed him my large collection of key chains with a few keys on it.

"Bobby!" he yelled through an adjacent open door causing me to jump. "Come here and pull this car in!"

A younger and no less dirty man walked in through the door and grabbed the keys. He was filthy wearing black coveralls that looked like they started as a light blue. His hair was a mess but if cleaned up a bit, he would certainly be datable. Even a bit hot I dare say.

"Sure thing Mitch...where's the car?"

Mitch pointed out the window at my car. Before Bobby could run out the door, he paused and took a look at me. His staring made me feel self-conscious and he wasn't very subtle in his opinions of me.

"Good lord...what has He delivered to us today?" he said as he tossed a rag over his shoulder and slowly walked towards me with a soft seductive look.

"Don't you worry about that right now...just go get the damn car!" Mitch yelled at him.

Bobby took off running for my car. I looked at him out the window and he had no trouble pushing it at steering it into one of the bays. He got some momentum and then just jumped in and steered it in. I looked at my watch and saw it was 5:50 PM and I was going to be late if I didn't hurry.

"Sir? I have to run to work. Could I call you tomorrow to find out what is wrong with it?"

"That shouldn't be a problem now...I just need a little information on you there." He pulled out a slip and wet a pen on the tip of his tongue. "What's your name missy?"

"My name is Danielle. Danielle Simpson."

After giving him the rest of my information, I started to get nervous about the time and also the potential cost of repairing my hunk of junk. God, just one rich boyfriend could fix all of this. Too bad I don't have one.

"Okay...We can't work on it too much tonight...we close in about ten minutes. We can get back to it in the morning."

"Okay...Thank you."

The thought occurred to me that since they were taking a liking to me, maybe a little flirting might help me avoid a large bill. My roommate Stephanie was a classmate of mine and she really taught me a few things about coming onto guys to get what you wanted. She would get guys to buy her meals and even pay her bills for her. She got professors to give her good grades and she got her boss to give her a promotion.

I saw my reflection in the glass of a cheesy car picture on the wall, fixed my hair over my shoulders, and licked my red lips slightly. I reached down to let my skirt ride up a little. I also managed to unbutton the top button of my blouse just before leaning over the counter playing the innocent schoolgirl.

This wasn't something I would have ever tried a few years ago. I was far too shy and would have been far too nervous even to try anything like this. My first year in college was a real awakening for me thanks to Stephanie. I started getting a few dates and then started fucking a few guys in school. I even tried it once or twice with some professors and my boss. Stephanie was right and I was always surprised to see how a little cleavage could help raise a test score or get a good tip.

"Gosh mister...I just hope it isn't too much. Like I said...I don't have much money." I said with a flutter of my eyes.

Mitch hesitated in his writing and his gaze looked up from the slip directly down my shirt onto my chest. He dropped his pen on the counter and I knew he could probably see the laced edges of my tan colored bra underneath.

"Oh...well...yeah...well...I'm sure we can...work...something out." He sputtered.

"Thanks Mister! I really appreciate it" I said with a little emphasis on my chest. I turned and ran out the door. Since my car was so unreliable, I knew the city's bus system. There was a bus stop just a block away to take me straight to work. I ended up being about 15 minutes late and got bitched out by my boss for another 10. Just the perfect end of a shitty night.

As it turned out, my tips were pretty shitty to match and I was able to walk out with about fifty bucks. Steve from work drove me home and I made it into my bed for the night just after midnight. The next morning I woke up just in time to get a ride to school with my roommates. After two classes and lunch, I got off to a study group before I had to be to work.

I got home after study group and there was a message blinking. Nobody else was home and I jabbed the button as I set my purse down on the table. It was Mitch...the mechanic.

"Uh...hello? This is for Danielle Simpson." He said in his rusty voice. "This is Mitch over at Kelly's Garage. We found what is wrong with your car but I can't say it is something cheap. Give me a call. Our number is..."

"Oh shit." I said out loud to nobody. My body slumped and pouted and I picked up the phone to call him back. Mitch answered right away.

"Kelly's Garage."

"Um...Hi. This is Danielle. You have my white Toyota in there. "

"Oh yes...the girl. Yes. We have your Toyota. As it turns out, your timing and fan belts broke. It looks like this is going to cost about $1,500 to get everything running again because they all did some damage up in there when they broke."

My eyes shut and I almost fainted. "But the car isn't even worth that much. Are you serious?! How am I supposed to pay that!"

"Now...now...don't get all huffy there girly. I think there is something we can do for you. I have an old car like yours in the back that uses a lot of the same parts. I can save you a ton on the parts and then we can work something out on the labor."

"How much will it all be?"

"Well I don't know right now. Let me look at what I can do for you and get back to you."

"Okay...thank you. I really appreciate anything you can do for me. I will just do anything!"

He paused for a few seconds before responding, "Um...okay."

We hung up and I started to get ready for work again. Mitch didn't call me back before I left and I worried what was going to happen. I chewed on my pens all night anxious about how I was going to pay the bill. Maybe I could borrow the money but everyone I know is just as poor as I am. I thought about just getting rid of the car. It sometimes seems more trouble than it is worth anyway. Then I thought about how much easier it was to just jump in the car and go wherever I wanted. Riding the bus sucked. Waiting in the cold or the heat. Taking what seemed like hours to get some place that normally would take 20 minutes in the car. I guess I would have to keep it...if I can afford it.

The next day, Mitch called after I left to school and talked to my roommate. She met up with me later and gave me the message to swing by the garage tonight at about 5:30 to pick up the car.

I smiled and thought, "Maybe he is going to let me off easy. Maybe a little boob and he will just give it to me free!"

Later, as I got ready for work I showered and put on a pair of lavender thong panties. I hated panty lines so I always wore a thong. Then I put on a low cut matching lavender lace bra pushing my boobs together and then rolled black stockings up my legs. At the restaurant, we had to wear very specific colors. So, I finished off my outfit with my usual black skirt and white blouse. I did make some adjustments to see if it would help take anything off my bill so I chose a tight mini-skirt to show off my curves. It also had a habit of riding up and showing a lot of thigh so I usually had to adjust it and pull it down. It always got me really good tips so I figured it just may help do the trick with Mitch. I hopped on the bus taking me by the garage and my heels clicking on the sidewalk the rest of the way there.

It was a warm day and the back of my neck perspired as I walked. I hated getting all sweaty before work. Luckily, I called them and told them I would be late because I was picking up my car. If this is quick, I can clean up before heading in.

Just before walking in, I looked at my reflection in the glass and unbuttoned my top two buttons of my blouse making sure to expose every advantage I could. As soon as I walked in the door, Mitch was standing there almost waiting for me. He smiled at me and said, "Oh...there you are sweetie. I'm glad you made it." He gawked at me as I sauntered up towards the counter setting my bag down, and put my elbows on the counter and fluttering my eyes at him.

"Well...it wasn't easy little lady, but I got it down to $800 for you." He said with pride and a gleam in his eye.

"What?! I don't have that kind of money!"

His face grimaced and changed to disappointment, "Oh...well then...that took me a lot of work and called in a few favors to save you that money girly. Just what do you have?"

I stood there stunned. Was he taking advantage of me and just charging me whatever he wanted? I didn't know a thing about cars so I had no idea if he was really trying to help me or screw me over. I had no position to say if the $800 was a good deal or not.

"I have...like...$200. Isn't there something we can work out?"

Mitch shook his head and clicked his tongue. "Oh no...that just won't do there missy. I can see you like to tease. What else can you do for me?"

"I don't have any more money. What do you want?" "I'm sure you have...something...I want." He stood on his tiptoes and emphasized his point by intentionally looking down my shirt.

"Maybe we can...uh...work something out." I said getting frustrated. I had trouble maintaining my sexual power.

Mitch was able to take over and I felt like I was losing control. I stood there and considered my alternatives. I could just leave the car and forget about it. But I needed the car. It would cost me more to get a new one. I looked at Mitch and thought about what I might be willing to do to him. I got a little sick and wasn't sure I could do anything...he's too gross.

Mitch walked around the counter and looked at me from my chest down to my toes. He then slapped my ass and yelled, "Hey Bobby....we have someone here who can't pay!"

Bobby materialized in the doorway with a huge smile from ear to ear and his eyes locked onto my 36c breasts peeking out through my undone buttons. I regretted even trying to flirt with them now. I just walked into all of this and it was getting out of hand. From behind me, the lock on the front door clicked as Mitch flipped the closed sign for the day. I quickly figured something was going to happen...and it wasn't going to be good.

"Okay hold on there guys. I don't know about this...maybe I can some money."

"Oh no...we need the money now. Or...we need some ass." Mitch said giving me another slap. I jumped covering my ass and turned to keep them both on one side of me as I backed up away from them.

"Why don't you start by sucking our cocks? If we like it, we will see if that takes anything off your bill." Mitch stated bluntly.

My eyes shot open and I felt disgusted with the thought of sucking his dirty stinking smelly cock. Mitch walked towards me and lightly put his hands on my breasts giving them a gentle squeeze.

"No..." I said slapping his hands away. "I'm going to scream! I'll call the cops!"

Bobby moved around behind me and grabbed my wrists as he put his hand over my mouth. The smell the oil and dirt all over his hand consumed my nose.

"Oh...you aren't going to do anything like that. Besides, it is just your word against ours you little tease. We haven't done anything...yet." Mitch lifted my skirt exposing my lavender lace thong underneath. I struggled against Bobby's grip on my wrists.

"Oh...looky here Bobby. We have a live one. She is already wet for us."

He had to be lying, but then Mitch forced his hand between my legs and rubbed my crotch and I could feel he was telling the truth. I was getting wet! What the hell? How could I get wet from these filthy dirtbags putting their hands all over me?

"Bring that tease in here Bobby." Mitch said as he turned and motioned to the garage.

Holding my hands behind my back Bobby pushed me forward into the garage area. My tight mini-skirt crawled up over my hips exposing my panties as I walked. Once inside, I saw four service bays and two cars in there. My car was in the first bay and an SUV sat on the rack in the third. Along the back of the garage was a long bench covered in oil, dirty car parts, and dirty tools. A few flickering fluorescent lights dimly lit the garage and the heavily tinted windows on the service bay doors kept out most of the sunlight. They also made it hard for anyone to see what was going on in here.

I felt doomed. I instinctively tried to justify my actions. I had no money. I had to have my car. I had no other choice. If I ran, I had no evidence they did anything and the cops wouldn't do a thing. In the end, they had my car and I had something they wanted. I started to come to terms with it. If I just give them a blow job, I'm done. No big deal. Whatever.

Mitch stopped and Bobby led me passed him to the second bay where he finally let my arms go. I quickly fixed my skirt and stood there as Bobby walked over next to Mitch.

"Now you are going to do exactly what I tell you to do. Otherwise, I'm going to keep your car and send it to the junk yard. You got me!" Mitch commanded with a stern voice sending chills down my body.

"Yes..." I said as I pulled away and avoided eye contact.

"And don't try to run or anything. You aren't getting out of here and it is just going to make me mad!"

I stood there shocked wondering what was going to happen next. I had no idea what they had in store for me. I had to do something. Maybe I could still talk them out of it.

"Look...guys....you don't have to do this. I can get your money."

"Oh...your sweet pussy is going to be much better than money."

"But you said you just wanted me to suck your cocks!?"

"Oh...you can do that too...but now that I smelled that so sweet pussy of yours, there is only one thing I want now. Besides...I would never pay $800 for a blowjob. How good do you think you are?"

I was speechless. I didn't know what to do.

"Now...strip your clothes! Nice and slow."

I froze hoping he would somehow say he was only kidding and I could go. No such luck for me.

"STRIP! NOW!" He repeated after waiting a few seconds.

I jumped and reached up and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I took my time not only because he told me to, but also because I just didn't want to do it. I didn't want to let them do what they wanted to do even though I had no choice. Unfortunately, my shirt only had about four buttons so it took less than 30 seconds to finish unbuttoning them.

I pulled my shirt out from my skirt and slowly pulled it open revealing my lace lavender bra I put on especially for them not that they knew it. I now regretted accentuating my breasts and building up my cleavage. The lace on the bra showed more skin than it actually hid. I looked at them and they just stared with slack jaws waiting to see more. Bobby was rubbing his crotch making room for his growing cock inside. I could see the outline of Bobby's cock growing down his pant leg and saw he was fairly well endowed. Mitch's cock was also obviously growing in his overalls as evidenced by the tent growing in front of him.

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