Learning to Live with Magic


That same pussy he had been pulled out of a mere 18 years earlier. How could a pussy that gave birth to Annabel and to him, still be so tight and greedy for cock? He did not know. All he knew was: It was a good thing. A very good thing.

But sweet fuck that his mother was, and he never would have fucked her without the enchantment, his sister was better. Fucking her was so sexy and hot he felt as if he were on fire when his cock was inside her. Was that feeling intrinsic to Annabel? Did every man who fucked her think that? Or was it just him?

Annabel was moaning as he pummeled her with his cock, not slowing down, enjoying every single thrust. They were all -- each and every thrust -- truly spectacular sensations, starting at his cock and rushing up to his brain in what became a pure endorphin overload. He heard a voice inside his head saying, "Every man who made love to Annabel feels as you do, Mark. But you should know that for Annabel, you are special. Very special."

Where was that voice coming from? Not from Annabel: She was too busy moaning and groaning with sexual bliss. There was nobody else in the room. Was he hearing voices? Maybe, in fact, he is insane, and his life as he knows it is one big hallucination?

After the fifth fuck, they were done. The two lovers rested a bit, and went downstairs. They found their parents, both naked, with their Dad freed from the blue snake. Clearly their parents had a wild sexual ride as well. They really did not need to see their post coital parents lying naked on the floor, but this was just a small component of a surreal weekend.

Mark and Annabel got dressed, and went out for coffee before Heather's extra Halloween party that night. Annabel knew that Heather became a ruined woman after her time with Donovan. She figured he had cast a spell over her, not allowing her to refuse the advances of a man; any man. All their friends knew Heather was a slut, and Annabel wondered what that meant for the party. But her finger left no question, and brooked no opposition: She had to go.

The word on the street was that if a man dated Heather, he could do her, even on the first date. Moreover, she was up for sex anywhere the man wanted: in the back seat of his car, in the woods, even one time in the school gym. Annabel was sure this was all due to her Dad, somehow.

"You fucked Mom, didn't you," Annabel said to Mark.

"I had to fuck her. She and I had no choice. Dad's spells are powerful, indeed. You know that, Sis," Mark said.

"How is she in bed?" Annabel asked.

"Annabel! How could you ask that?" Mark said, surprised.

Annabel giggled. "Is she a better lay than me? I'll bet she's a sweet fuck. Am I right?"

"Annabel, what's wrong with you? Are you jealous of our own Mom?" Mark asked.

Annabel nodded, still giggling.

"Well, Mom is great. Hot as hell. Nobody would ever be disappointed with her sexual talents. And you're even better, at least for me," Mark said. "Happy now?"

Annabel smiled. She nodded. "Yes. I'm happy. Also, I'm looking forward to Heather's party. I helped her to plan it, you know."

"What does that mean?" Mark asked.

Heather just smiled. "Wait until you taste the punch, Mark. By the way, you do know that Heather has become a woman of easy virtue, don't you?"

"Yeah. That's the word on Heather. I figure that some evil person made it impossible for Heather to say no."

"Yes, well she certainly does not say no often, if ever. Every boy I know has slept with her. She's good in bed, too, I hear," Annabel said, almost gleefully.

"Annabel! You can't talk like that!" Mark said.

"What? I can't talk like a boy? Like all of your friends talk? And speaking of sex, are you going to get laid tonight?"

Mark told Annabel about Melissa, and how he had eyes for only two women: Melissa and her, Annabel. Annabel was happy Mark had found someone, and she hugged him and kissed him. She should not have kissed him. He ended up leading her out of the café to the small woods behind it. He pulled off her panties, lifted her witch outfit's mini skirt, and once again enjoyed the sweet heavenly pussy of his sister, the witch.


Heather's Second Halloween Party

Annabel and Mark arrived at Heather's party on time, but the party was already well under way. The punch was delicious, heavily spiked, and it flowed freely. Annabel and Mark both had their finger gloves on. Heather was not drinking. She did not want to become a sexual doormat at her own party, in her own house. She knew that she would, but she sure was not going to help it along by drinking!

Annabel commanded a lot of attention, with her skimpy witch outfit barely covering her enlarged boobs. She had boys all over her, almost as soon as she entered the party. She was enjoying all the attention, and easily batting away the fresh hands that kept tentatively grabbing her.

The music was great, and Mark found a sexy ghost to dance with, while Annabel danced with a wizard, as her skimpy outfit always seemed to be on the verge of falling away, but never quite did.

Mark saw a girl dressed in a body hugging outfit of a black cat. She had a dynamite body and an eye mask on. He went over to her. "Are you a friend of Heather? Perhaps from her college?" he asked.

The cat smiled, a bewitched, amused smile. "No, I'm a friend of a friend of a friend of Heather, but it's cool, Heather welcomed me here with open arms, once I explained."

"Explained what?" Mark asked.

"I'm the lover of one of the men here," the cat said, with a twinkle in her eye.

"No doubt he's quite a lucky man," Mark said. "I don't want to offend you, but your eyes: they are beautiful in exactly the same way as are those of the women I love."

"Why would that offend me?" Cat woman asked. "It's a great line, too. Are you coming on to me?"

"Well, I don't know you, and that is quite a personal thing to say," Mark replied, explaining why he had said he did not want to offend her. He ignored her remark about coming on to her.

"Why don't you remove your finger glove, and you can get to know me in the Biblical sense, handsome," the cat woman said.

"What?!" Mark exclaimed. "Did my sister Annabel tell you? What's going on?" The cat woman smiled. Cats are inscrutable.

Heather rang a bell. "It's time for the magic competition!" she announced. "Who wants to be the first to compete?"

"What is the prize?" came the cry from the local heckler.

"Halloween sex, of course," Heather said.

"What does that mean?" the heckler asked. Heather ignored him.

The first person to compete did a sequence of magic tricks. They were good, and he got a loud, almost raucous applause. Everyone especially liked when he pulled a live rabbit out of his hat.

The second person was Mary, a psychic, and she asked Mark's friend Steve to think of a playing card in his head. Steve did. Mary nervously guessed, "Jack of Spades?" And Steve confirmed that was the card!

"That's a set-up," the heckler yelled. "You discussed it in advance!"

"Okay, bozo, pick a card. Any card!" Mary said, as she spread a deck of cards in front of him. The heckler picked one. He looked at it, smirked, and put it in his pocket.

"You picked the Jack of Spades, remarkably," Mary said, and everyone watched his smirk fade. He sheepishly produced the card from his pocket, and it was the Jack of Spades. Loud applause ensued, with cries of "Bravo!" all around.

Jason and Susanna performed next. Susanna was dressed in an outfit as skimpy as Annabel's, and she too was at risk of putting on a show if her outfit fell away. She stood perfectly still, although one could see her nervousness by the trembling of her boobs. Jason had a magic wand, and he pointed it at her.

As Jason pointed the wand, it began to vibrate, and then slowly, ever so slowly, Susanna rose into the air, floating a good foot or more above the ground. While she was floating, Jason yelled out, "Anyone want to see Susanna's boobs?"

Huge raucous cries of agreement filled the room, and Susanna, still floating, blushed deep red. Jason's wand vibrated again, and Susanna's top fell to the ground, revealing beautiful, perfect boobs. This trick generated a truly massive applause, with cries for her bottoms, too, but Jason refused, and he used his wand to lower the hapless and topless Susanna to the floor. She made no effort to put her top back on.

Jason then pointed his wand at Annabel, and her top too fell to the floor. The applause was deafening, as Annabel blushed, covering her breasts with her hands, until she gave up, giggled and just let herself stay topless. After all, she too had great boobs.

Jason and Susanna's act, especially with the added twist of Annabel, was impossible to follow, but the Cat Woman whispered to Mark to use his finger and to do something spectacular. Cat Woman was relentless. Mark beckoned Annabel. He explained, and Annabel nodded. He volunteered to be the fourth magic act.

Annabel, still topless, stood next to Mark. They both took off their finger gloves and together they pointed their fingers at the Cat Woman, who smiled mischievously at them. "Do you know who she is?" Annabel asked Mark in a whisper.

"No. She's a fried of a friend of a friend of Heather, or something like that," he whispered back.

"She has one hell of a body," Annabel whispered. Mark whispered back, "Yeah. I know."

As they pointed their fingers at Cat Woman she rose from the floor, almost to the ceiling, and she began to fly around the room above everyone's head. There was huge applause with this trick, the one trick based on magic, and not sleight of hand and the like. But Mark and Annabel knew what they had to do to win. They also knew their fingers demanded it.

As Cat Woman flew about the room, her outfit came off and fell to the ground, accompanied with the shrieks of the Cat Woman, who was horrified. She was flying about in her panties and her mask. The party goers began to chant, "Take it off," as the Cat Woman shook her head no.

Suddenly, Cat Woman lost her panties, too. Mark had noticed they were blue. They floated down right into Mark's hands. There was a cheer when he caught them and held them over his head, for all to see. At the end, the only thing she still had on was her mask. She flew around like this, naked, above the crowd, to huge cheers, until finally she smiled. She flew over to Mark and landed next to him, and then kissed him passionately. At that moment, he knew she was his true love, Melissa.

As they kissed, Mark grabbed her cute little bubble butt. Heather announced, "Do we all agree the winner is Mark and Annabel?" There was a huge cheer in response. "Let the Halloween sex begin!"

Three men approached Susanna and surrounded her. Her reaction was to giggle. Two men came up to Annabel, and she was rendered naked quickly. The rest of the party began to pair up. In the commotion, Mark spirited Melissa to Heather's back yard. There they found Heather and Steve, and Heather was already naked. Melissa shrugged, and undressed Mark.

"Who was that witch you came with? She's a real sexpot," Melissa said. Mark could tell she was jealous.

"She's my sister Annabel. Want to meet her?" Mark replied.

"Later," Melissa said, as she enveloped Mark's engorged cock into her mouth. She stopped blowing Mark just long enough to say, "Touch me with your finger later, lover? Promise?"

"Fuck me first, Melissa. Then I'll finger you with it. You will not be disappointed, I assure you," Mark said.

"I love you, Mark," Melissa said.

"You love me, or my finger?"

Melissa giggled. "Both, you silly man. Now fuck me. Fuck me like you mean it, handsome." Melissa got on all fours. She wiggled her little bubble butt at Mark. Mark took the hint.


Donovan Gets What He Wants

Annabel and Mark returned home late that night, after their Halloween party. Everyone wanted to know how they had done that trick with the Cat Woman flying around the room. It was the big mystery of Halloween. Mark took Melissa to his bedroom, touched her with his finger as he promised he would do, and fucked the bejesus out of her, to Melissa's enthusiastic delight.

Annabel went to her bedroom alone. She had successfully fought off all the men coming after her except one, and -- she had to admit -- she had enjoyed the sex with him a lot, as the others watched. The whole experience, however, of having casual sex, and having it in public, freaked her out no end. It also turned her on in the extreme.

Annabel was enjoying being alone, and her finger had turned into a dildo again as she proceeded to get herself off. Then her arms sprang up and her feet spread apart and a gag filled her mouth, as invisible bonds restrained her in a spread-eagle position. Her Dad walked in, and he was green. So was she, she realized. She felt an overwhelming need for him to fuck her.

"I want to fuck you, Dad. You don't need the bondage," she said telepathically. She could not speak due to the gag, so her finger was helping her to communicate.

"Your finger is amazing!" her Dad said. "I know it's not needed. But it's sexy to be bound and gagged, don't you think?"


"Good, then. You are a sexy little devil, Babydoll," Donovan said. He had called her Babydoll from birth. He was deliberately reinscribing the incestuous nature of their mutual lust.

"I know," Annabel's finger told him. "So are you, you stud."

"Mark and Melissa are fucking their brains out, at this very moment, you know. She seems to be a sweet girl, even if she is Jewish," Donovan said.

"You're a bigot, Dad."

"I know. But there are millions of good Catholic girls out there. And he has to find a Jewess?" Donovan the bigot said.

"Do you really care, Dad? Are you being a good Catholic by fucking your daughter? You are in fact about to fuck me, aren't you?"

"Touché," Donovan said, as he climbed up on top of Annabel, played with her boobs, and then -- for their first time -- gently inserted his cock into her waiting and eager pussy.

Donovan could not believe how good it felt to fuck Annabel. It was as if all of his life he had been searching for pleasure such as this. She felt better than her friend Heather had felt, and even better than his wife Rebecca, whom he had previously thought was the best lay on the planet.

By all accounts, Annabel was loving it. How and why was he so lucky as to have such a fucked-up daughter, who welcomed incest with both her brother (yes, he knew about that) and himself? Would she also have lesbian sex with Rebecca? Time will tell, he thought.

"I'm not your first tonight, am I?" Donovan asked.

"No, Dad," Annabel said, between moans and gasps, as Donovan continued his relentless assault of hard thrusts. "You're after Mark and Steve. I'm a horrible slut."

"I am so lucky to have a daughter like you," Donovan said, as he drove Annabel to her first orgasm with her father. There were many more to come, that memorable night.

It never occurred to Donovan, nor to Annabel, nor to Mark, to wonder what had become of Rebecca? At Heather's request, Rebecca had kept Heather's parents Jim and Gloria busy during the party. They went to dinner, and then to a club, to listen to jazz until the wee hours. They all three returned to Jim and Gloria's around 3am.

They found the floor littered with naked teenage and twenty something bodies, as the orgy had mostly ended. There was one couple still enjoying each other, but mostly it was done. Gloria needed sleep; she had drunk too much, and she passed out as soon as she hit the bed. Heather was asleep with two men in her room, naked and quite the sticky mess.

Jim and Rebecca left, and Jim took her to his office, where he had a large couch for them to sleep on. But they did not go to sleep right away. Drunk as a skunk, Rebecca lost the will to resist Jim's advances. Truth be told, she was completely freaked out about having fucked her own son, even if she had been green and had had no choice at the time.

Rebecca had never experienced sex without enchantment since she her freshman year in college. She wanted to experience it again, and she hoped it might cleanse her of the guilt she felt from the incest earlier. Why she thought adultery could cleanse her from the guilt of incest, she could not explain. But she did think it, and the result was that Jim had carte blanche with the hopelessly sexy Rebecca, and not being stupid, he took full advantage of the opportunity.

The whole family was having sex at the same time. Rebecca with Jim, Mark with Melissa, and Annabel with their father Donovan. The fingers were happy. Unbeknown to their owners, the fingers also had a little party of their own: they got one of the men to come upstairs and seduce Gloria, and the two men sleeping with Heather awoke, and they double teamed her. It was quite a night.


The Birdwatcher

Mark and Melissa became inseparable. Most of the time, when they made love in the natural way people do, Jim the birdwatcher, now Jim the voyeur, often secretly watched. On special occasions, Mark's finger would emerge from its glove, and they would have a marathon session of enchanted sex. Melissa loved those times, but she too wanted them to be occasional, and to remain special.

Melissa never recovered from becoming naked at Heather's party, flying above the crowd, with all the men gawking at her naked body. She loved the memory of it. She began to dress in more and more revealing ways. Mark did not mind. In fact, he loved showing off his sexy, pretty girlfriend.

One time when Mark and Melissa were making love, Melissa noticed Jim and his friends watching them. She could not see exactly who it was watching them, but she could tell it was three men, using binoculars, sitting on the hill. Melissa changed her behavior: She began to be naked most of the time she was in her room. Jim was now a near constant sight, with his binoculars, over there on the hill.

She knew she should not do this, but she put on a robe, and walked outside, over to the hill where this guy was sitting. She recognized him, since he was in one her classes. "Hi, Jim," Melissa said. "You like to watch, don't you?"

"I like to watch you, yes. You're beautiful, Melissa. I love your body." Jim knew the gig was up, he had been outed, so he was simply honest in his replies.

"Only from a distance, or do you like to watch close up and personal?" Melissa asked.

"Both, you sexpot," Jim said.

Melissa sat down, next to Jim. She opened her robe, showing him her boobs and her snatch, as well as her belly button pin. She had a fake tattoo over her pussy that said, "Insert your hard cock here." She had it made for Mark, of course, but now Jim saw it. "The tattoo is not for you, Jim."

"What is for me?" Jim asked.

"A feast for your eyes. No touching, please." Melissa lay down, spread her legs, and she began, ever so slowly, to play with herself. She touched her thighs, progressing to her soft pussy lips. When she was sufficiently wet, she inserted a finger. Her breathing changed as her arousal grew, and she made sure, of course, that as she pumped her fingers in and out, they constantly brushed her clit.

Soon she had two fingers inside, as they searched for her G spot. She had never been able to find it. She did not find it just then, either. She looked at Jim, whose mouth was open in shock as he stared at her. Suddenly she climaxed, rather violently, and gave a little cry as she was overwhelmed.

As Melissa lay there, recovering and coming down from her high, she noticed Jim's pants were off, and his hard, erect cock was out. "No, Jim. This was just a fun show for you. No sex, please."

Sadly, Jim either did not hear Melissa, or it did not register, or he simply did not care what Melissa said. He had a naked, wet, and ready sexpot lying there, defenseless, right next to him. Obviously, she wanted him; why else would she have done this? Nobody teases Jim Southern like that and then leaves him hanging. No, sir, nobody!

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