tagBDSMLearning to Please Ch. 02

Learning to Please Ch. 02

byMany Feathers©

It had been a long night, one of the busiest in recent memory. Fifteen deliveries. Deedee laughed to herself calculating backwards, wondering if there had been a blackout or some other reason that nine months ago, it had been a good evening for fucking. She sighed when thinking that. Except for Dr. Edwards wild little party, Deedee hadn't had much sexual relief, except from her own hands, and even then...she hadn't been properly fucked in a long while, a VERY long while!

She had only seen him once that evening. Obviously he'd been busy as well delivering more than his fair share of women's babies. He'd passed by her station only once, barely giving her a second look, though the brief glance her way had been a pleasant one, she had seen it in his eyes. But his brief hushed comment had stirred a fire between her legs that had been smoldering ever since.

"I know you're off at 2:00 a.m. But don't go anywhere. I'll be back to see you."

It was all he'd said, still without even looking towards her as he stood flipping through several charts. She'd watched as walked away to check on one of his patients, but he never glanced back towards her.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be off?" Sandra asked.

Caught in thought, Deedee hadn't even heard Sandra's approach as she entered the duty station area. Sandra was a recent transfer, third year nurse who was still learning the ropes. She liked Sandra well enough, she was intelligent, personal, but worse...she was also a knockout. Ever since her arrival "BD" had paid little if any attention to her whenever Sandra was around. Not that she minded really, she didn't. And was glad that good old Dr. "Big Dick" had someone else to harass. But she couldn't help but be envious of Sandra's flawless appearance, well rounded breasts that pushed enticingly against her nurses uniform, long legs, almost jet black hair that fell well below her shoulders whenever she wore it down. And worse, bright blue eyes that seemed to stand out in perfect contrast against that olive complexion with full lips that reminded her of Angelina Jolie's.

"Had some paper work that I needed to catch up on," she offered.

Just then she glanced up and caught sight of Dr. Edwards walking towards them. She noticed in doing, so had Sandra as she immediately smiled, her face actually turning a slight blush.

"Fuck! She has the hots for him too!" Deedee thought to herself. "Why doesn't that surprise me?"

To her added surprise, Dr Edwards stopped looking directly at her without so much as even acknowledging Sandra's presence. Something she got a deliciously wicked little kick out of even though Sandra continued to stand there as though hopeful of some sort of recognition by the overly handsome doctor.

"So, you given any thought to what you're going to do for me for my birthday?" he asked pointedly.

Deedee felt her face burning crimson! She was sure that Sandra wouldn't read anything into that, or at least she hoped so anyway. But Richard's blunt statement had caught her off guard anyway. Before she could think of a response, he continued.

"Actually, I have one for you. Am having a small intimate party this time. Bring a friend." This time he did glance, and even smiled towards Sandra though without addressing her. But it was enough. Deedee knew exactly what he'd meant by that, especially by his directed look. She suddenly felt her stomach tighten, a hallow emptiness deep within the pit of it. Without so much as another word, he turned and left.

"Want to go to a party?" Deedee asked with a forced smile. "But before you answer that, there's probably something you should know," she added conspiratorially, hoping against hope that when she 'hinted' at the kind of parties that Dr. Edwards threw, Sandra might not be quite so anxious in attending.

She was wrong.


It was bad enough that Deedee felt jealous of Dr. Edwards obvious inference towards Sandra, made even worse when Sandra suggested they arrive together so she'd know where to find the place, especially when she saw the woman, her white skin-tight evening dress accentuating her perfectly molded figure. Her long black hair giving her an even greater stunning look. Deedee moaned inwardly as they approached the door together where they were soon greeted by the butler, handing over their coats, then following him dutifully down the hallway towards a cozy sitting room. To her immediate chagrin, she saw two other women, both alone, also waiting there for Dr. Edwards to make an appearance. One of them she recognized immediately, it was Marsha.

"Well well, nice to see you again," Marsha said, though this time speaking in a tone of voice that was far more accepting than it had been the first time they had spoken. She actually felt herself smiling as she briefly embraced the woman, then introduced Sandra to her, as Marsha introduced Danielle, the other attractive looking brunette. "Like my gift for Richard?" she asked, adding without waiting for an answer. "Though I must say, yours is equally as beautiful, if not more so," she stated enviously.

Deedee merely nodded her head without speaking. "Let her think whatever she wants to," Deedee thought. "Agreeing to even come here is her problem now, not mine," she considered as she briefly glanced towards a slightly bewildered looking Sandra.

"Are we it?" Deedee finally asked.

"For the first half of the evening, yes. One or two of his closest friends will probably be dropping by later. Until then..."

"Until then..." Richard said interrupting Marsha's thought as he suddenly entered the room. "Since this is my fortieth birthday, I thought that having four women, each one representing a decade of my life would be most appropriate. Shall we?"

Without explanation, he beckoned them all towards the doorway. "I've arranged a very special room for us to spend some time in together. A chance to get to know one another a little more intimately," he grinned, though his eyes were feasting on Sandra and Danielle. "Glad you came," he told the two women without acknowledgement towards either Deedee or Marsha for that matter, though she found very little comfort in that. Wondering once again if her even being here was such a good idea after all.

"Marsha? Would you care to unwrap your present for me?"

Dr. Edwards took the ONLY chair, facing the four women as they stood in front of him.

"Slowly...please," he added smiling.

Deedee looked briefly towards Sandra, wondering if she would bolt once any of this had sunk in. And though she looked surprised to some extent, she also appeared curious, even beginning to relax, smile as Marsha slowly began undressing Danielle as she stood there.

"Nice...very, very nice," Richard stated as Marsha continued to seductively remove the elegant evening gown that Danielle was wearing.

Deedee noticed immediately that Danielle hadn't been wearing a bra. As soon as one of her breasts was bared, Marsha immediately leaned over and began licking the taut hard nipple.

"Take your time," Richard cautioned her, relishing the moment.

Both she as well as Sandra continued to stand, watching the ongoing, slow taking spectacle before them. Marsha continued to reveal more and more of the woman's nude body, kissing...licking, and fondling every square inch of her as she was revealed. When at last she stood entirely nude, only then did Richard turn towards Deedee.

"Now you may unwrap my next gift. Oh, and Deedee? Did you see how expertly Marsha unwrapped hers for me? I expect no less from you. And in fact...should you fail to please me, you will spend the next hour regretting that. Understood?"

The last thing that Deedee wanted to do was spend the next solid hour in some sort of humiliating position, or worse. If anything, it would be most likely Sandra who would end up doing so anyway. If she submitted to this, allowed Deedee to undress her just as Marsha had done with Danielle, it would be her embarrassment and not her own that would occur here. With that thought in mind, she found herself actually smiling, that sudden feeling of control, power giving her a heady rush as she eased the single strap off Sandra's shoulder, allowing her fingers to caress, glide and slowly tease their way down the entire length of the woman's arm before returning. She took a small risk in glancing quickly towards Richard, caught what she thought to be a bemused expression in his face, and continued.

For her, Sandra became a faceless doll, a mannequin, something to be played with, dressed, or rather undressed as she saw fit. And just as Marsha had done, so did she. Revealing Sandra's breasts, she took her time fondling, caressing, licking and finally even pinching her nipples, much to Richard's delight as she elicited a small tiny moan of pleasured discomfort from Sandra in doing so.

"Again!" he told her upon hearing that. "Make her cry out again!"

Deedee pulled, pinching the woman's tit even harder this time, almost giggling with delight as she heard Sandra's struggled gasp of agonized breath. "Ouch!" she wailed a moment later.

"Ouch? Ouch?" Dr Edwards questioned, standing. Worriedly, both Deedee as well as Sandra glanced in his direction as he reached down and began undoing his belt. Deedee wondered briefly if it was his intent to now fuck the woman as some form of humiliation, punishment. But then it became clearly obvious to everyone, that wasn't his intention at all.

"Do you wish to stay? Or to leave?" he asked allowing the belt to slap loudly within the palm of his hand. "Decide now...right now, one way or the other!" he admonished her with a no-nonsense expression upon his face.

Once again Deedee had to wonder. "Would she finally bolt? Or remain...resigned to her obvious fate just as she had once been faced with?"

Wisely, Sandra remained silent, failing to respond verbally, but she did suddenly hike up her expensive dress, revealing the white garter and stockings beneath it along with the exposed fleshy portion of her exquisite looking ass. Silently she walked around where Richard stood, reaching his chair where here she bent over balancing herself on the armrest, and waited.

"Girls?" he announced addressing everyone. "This...is what I'd like all of you to do."

Handing Marsha his belt, she automatically walked around and behind where Sandra continued leaning over the arm of the chair. "Deedee? Danielle? Each of you take a breast...or rather a nipple. Every time that I instruct Marsha to give her a strap with my belt, the two of you are to pinch one of her nipples...hard! Understand?"

Both women nodded their heads in understanding. Deedee also watching and noticing as Richard unzipped his fly, retrieving his rather hard, very erect prick with his hand. Positioning himself in front of Sandra, he spoke.

"And you, you naughty girl you...are to suck my cock. One suck...one hard very firm suck each and every time you feel the belt upon your ass, and the pinch of your nipples being twisted. But understand something, if I feel the edge of your teeth on my prick even once, you'll be asked to leave here and never invited back again. Do we understand one another?"

"Yes!" Sandra moaned softly.

"Yes what?" Richard demanded.

"Yes...Doctor!" she replied, to which he smiled in acceptance.

"That's what I like hearing," he grinned evilly as he placed the head of his blood-engorged penis at the opening of her mouth. "Marsha? You may begin. One easy little slap of the belt for the first one," he told her. "Let her get used to this a little at least," he cautioned wisely.

Giving Marsha a barely noticeable nod of his head, he slipped the tip of his prick between the woman's lips. Marsha raised her hand, the forward strap of the meaty belt coming down against the side of one of her exposed ass-cheeks. Not hard, but hard enough to be felt, let alone heard. As she did, both Deedee as well as Danielle twisted her nipples, pinching...pulling, briefly before letting go. Sandra sucked, a wince as she did, yet her mouth remaining firm, soft and she sucked Dr. Edwards prick, a mewling cry escaping her lips, mouthing his prick when she did.

"Again," he commanded. And again came the belt, no harder, no softer than before, though on the opposite ass cheek this time. And again...Deedee fingered the woman's nipple, finding the tautness suddenly even more so as she pinched, pulling simultaneously, lifting the woman's breast upwards and away from her body as she held on to the exposed tender nipple with two fingers.

"Very good," Richard spoke softly. "Now...a bit harder this time. And Sandra? You may also suck a bit harder, a bit longer this time as well."

Half a dozen strokes later, he smiled stepping away. "Well done," he told Sandra. Then turned towards Deedee.

"You're turn," he said without expression.

"Wha...? Why?" she stammered before thinking, fearful as she caught the displeasure within his eyes.

"For failing to fully inform your gift to me as to what all might be expected," he admonished her. It is obvious that she really didn't know until arriving here what she might encounter. The fact that she has stayed says enough. But that still doesn't let you off the hook for your own failure to me!" Richard moved, taking the belt from Marsha's hand as he did. "Undress her," he told the three women.

If she hadn't felt humiliated or embarrassed before, she did now. Especially as the three women hurriedly removed her dress without fanfare, leaving her vulnerable and naked before them.

"Bend over," he said simply.

She did so, expecting to feel the strap of the belt, steeling herself for it as she leaned over, already Danielle as well as Sandra holding an exposed breast within their hands.


Marsha walked around to where Richard stood though she couldn't see what was going on without turning her head. She dared not. She continued to lean over, waiting, anxious. Even more anxious as she heard the sound of Richard's voice whispering.

"Yes Doctor!" Marsha responded professionally as though in surgery with him.

In the next instant, she heard the sound of Marsha spitting onto her ass, followed by the press of a finger against the tiny star of her exposed asshole. Likewise, she also felt the tips of Marsha's fingers as they invaded the furrow of her cunt, seeking her moisture, which came surprisingly, and without warning.

"Very good...now, lick her," Richard instructed. "And you're to keep doing so until told to do otherwise. Sandra? Danielle?"

"Yes Doctor?" they replied in unison. And though she couldn't see it, didn't dare turn, the momentary pause caused her to see him smiling in her minds eye.

"Suck her tits...bite them, pull on them and do whatever I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it," he spoke.

It was then that Deedee felt his cock pressing urgently against the opening of her ass. Felt the tip just barely penetrate her tight opening. As she felt that, she also felt Marsha's tongue beginning to dance upon the floor of her clit, flicking it softly, though rapidly with abandon.

The pull of her nipples within the hungrily sucking mouths of her two female captors sent additional shivers of unexpected delight coursing through her. She felt herself begin to succumb to their ministrations, even as she felt the pressure of Richard's hard stiff prick begin to slowly violate the tight passage of her exposed ass, which is also when she felt the first hard slap of his hand upon her left cheek. The shock of which nearly took her breath away, just as Marsha latched on to her clit with her mouth, sucking it forcefully. His prick in fact driving inside her with one quick powerful thrust, hilting himself fully though he remained, unmoving, allowing her a brief respite in getting used to his fullness filling her completely.

"Very good," he said calmly. "Again."

Only then did she feel him withdraw, pulling out of her completely though resting the head of his dick against her opening. Once again Marsha's tongue tickled...lightly so, as did the tongues that gently flicked her rock hard nipples.

As though on cue, she felt the sudden increase of pressure, felt Marsha's lips once again surround her sensitive clit, drawing it in, sucking. Each nipple likewise captured, devoured as the hard slap of Richard's hand came down upon her ass, the opposite cheek this time, even as his prick slammed into her wanton passage, filling her depths, forcing the breath from her own mouth in a pain/pleasured groan of unexpected delight.

"Ohhh!" Deedee moaned unabashedly, as pleasured signals erupted from everywhere at once, her nipples discharging a wave of ecstasy, her clit suddenly on fire even more intensely than before. Her ass now a tingle of mixed sensations as Richard's cock buried itself, throbbing deeply inside her.

"Finger-fuck her!" Richard commanded Marsha. "Finger-fuck her cunt as you lick it," he instructed further.

"Danielle? Sandra? You may both undress completely now," he said smilingly. "Each other," he added as an afterthought. "While I watch and fuck our misbehaving girl here," he told them.

Deedee found herself with a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, she did feel slightly humiliated at her obvious exposure. On the other, she also felt highly aroused, almost intoxicated as Richard slow-stroked, softly yet forcefully penetrating her ass with his prick. Even the sweet sensation of Marsha's tongue and fingers as they explored her juicing cunt seemed to further escalate her arousal, her inhibitions melting away like butter within the hot pan of her cunt.

The decadence of the moment not lost on either Danielle or Sandra either. Both women now provocatively caressing, undressing one another much to Richard's approval.

"Slap her right tit," he told Danielle, which she did, striking Sandra's breast giving it a little sting of the hand across her nipple, which Deedee found herself wondering as to the feel of it, almost wishing it had been her own.

"Now you," he told Sandra, "do the same to Danielle."

With each slap of their hands upon one another's breasts, Richard fucked her. Each command brought yet another slap, another thrust, and another shivering lustful want of his prick fucking her again.

Surprised, she found herself teetering on the edge of climax, two...perhaps at most three more powerful thrusts of his delicious prick and she'd come. Which is when he removed himself from her completely, much to her involuntary agonized moan of disappointment at his sudden uncoupling of her ass.

"Marsha? Undress!" he commanded, "Its time we got serious here."

Reseating himself within the chair, he motioned the four now naked women to approach him. "Deedee? Straddle me so that I may suck your cunt," he told her. Deedee felt her face flush expectantly, excited beyond reason though she knew the wickedly exposed way in which she would present herself, especially in front of the others. "Sandra? You my dear...may suck me now. Marsha? Danielle? Each of you come stand beside me so that I may finger your cunts while you suck on Deedee's breasts."

Balancing herself on the arms of the chair, Deedee soon found herself squatting over Richard's face, her cunt slowly lowering until she felt the tip of his tongue beginning to assault the super-sensitive nubbin of her exposed clit. For balance, she placed her hands on the back of the chair, felt hands and lips as they once again began teasing her nipples. From behind, the loud sucking sound of Sandra as she wildly began sucking Richard's cock taking obvious, delirious delight in doing so. The frequent 'popping' sounds of her lips as she worked it, mouthed it, moaning and groaning wildly as she did.

"Now...all of you," Richard laughed wickedly. "Sing happy birthday to me!"

Deedee felt Dr. Edwards's lips surrounding her clit, sucking it forcefully as she began to sing.

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