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Learning To Share


My name is Don and my best friends name is Bill. We went to pre-school, grade school, junior high and high school together. We shared everything, toys, chicken pox, other friends, homework, cars and girls. Sometimes Bill would take out a girl and when he was through dating her, I would ask her out.

After high school, Bill went on to college and I got a job. We kept in touch by e-mail, spent time together over the holidays and during summer vacation. Bill had been chosen to be the "first to be married" for our high school yearbook, but Bill was having too much fun playing the field.

I met Linda at a New Years Eve party and it was love at first sight for me. She was five feet tall, long brown hair and the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen. You could get lost in those eyes and read her every emotion in them too. She only weighed about 100 pounds but those pounds were very well stacked.

By Valentines Day we were sleeping together and I had e-mailed Bill a picture of her. I told him I was planning on asking her to marry me. Bill e-mailed back that he thought she was a "hotty" and I had better grab her before he got home for the summer or he was going to try to entice her away from me.

Linda and I went to Bill's graduation and Bill and Linda hit it off great. By June we were engaged and making plans for a July wedding. Of course Bill was our best man and Linda was busy trying to match him up with any one of her best friends.

Linda was great in bed, but she wasn't very adventuresome. She was never the first to initiate sex, would suck on my cock, but I could not cum in her mouth, and taking my cock in the back door was something she wouldn't even consider.

Bill got a job in the nearby city and moved back to town. Linda and I had him over once a week for dinner and while Linda and Bill would be talking and laughing together, I would be day dreaming about watching Bill fuck my wife.

Once, after one of Bill's visits, Linda had drunk a little too much wine and I was hornier then hell. I grabbed her and ripped her clothes off, pushed her onto the floor and without any foreplay, rammed my very hard cock into her. I grabbed her hips and fucked her deep and hard.

"Gosh Don, what got into you tonight? You've never been that forceful before. You were like an animal."

"You seemed to enjoy it, you came five or six times and even screamed for me to fuck you harder."

"You're right honey, I did love it! It was a big turn on for me. Sometimes I've wished you would be a more aggressive lover. I've sometimes thought about being forced into having sex."

"What do you mean 'forced'?"

"Not exactly rape but being forced into having sex in an unlikely place, when I'm not really ready and not in our usual missionary position."

"Maybe we should have discussed this fantasy before. Do you have any other fantasies?"

"No, just of you making me do things I don't want to do. That's about it. What about you, do you have any fantasies?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I think about watching another man fuck my beautiful wife."

We had been in the shower cleaning up after our great fuck session while we had been having this discussion and after all this talk, I was sporting another hard-on.

"Don, I don't think we'll ever get to that fantasy. I couldn't imagine getting naked in front of any other man but you. Let's get to bed."

"Yes, get to bed, all this talk has made me horny again."

I pushed her down and held her hands above her head. I proceeded to lick my way over her twin peaks, across her belly and down to her pussy.

"I think I'd like you to shave off this bush of yours. I want to see you as naked as the day you were born."

"Oooh, that sounds erotic. Maybe one of these days I might surprise you."

I continued down through her fur and began sucking on her clit and pushing my tongue in her cunt. I then made my way down to her little, puckered, tight asshole but she grabbed my hair and pulled me away from there.

"Don, don't do that, it's nasty."

"One of these days woman, and this is a promise, that asshole of yours is going to be fucked!"

"Just hush and make love to me. You've made me horny again."

During the next week, Bill and I got together for lunch and Bill was bragging about his latest fucking partner.

"Don, you wouldn't believe how hot she was. She was not into the idea of anal sex at first but by the time I was through, she was begging me to fuck her harder and deeper."

"How did you get her to change her mind? Linda is really adamant about not going anywhere near her ass."

"It's all in the approach. It helps if you restrain them somehow and give them a feel for what it's like."

"Shit Bill, you tie them up?"

"Sure, sometimes women like it rough. Haven't you found that a lot of women think about being forced to do things they wouldn't normally do?"

"I guess I haven't been with as many women as you. I have always treated a woman gently because I never wanted anyone to accuse me of rape."

"Buddy, you don't know what you're missing. You were awfully quiet the other evening while Linda and I were cleaning up and joking around. What's going through your head? You're not jealous are you?" Bill asked laughing.

"I was watching the two of you, who I really love, and I have been thinking about watching you fuck my wife!"

"God man, funny you would say something like that. I have been dreaming about getting my hands on your wife probably from the first time I met her. I enjoy being around her and laughing and joking with her. I've been afraid that you were jealous about how we get along. Does Linda know how you feel? Would she be receptive?"

"After you left the other night, I was so horny I ripped her clothes off and threw her on the floor and really fucked her good. Believe it or not, she really loved it. But when I told her that I would love to watch her being fucked by another man, she sort of brushed me off."

"Have you told her what other man you've been thinking about?"

"No, I just told her 'man' in general."

"How about this week when I'm over for dinner, I start out by touching her a little more, especially when I hug and kiss her hello and goodbye? Maybe slip her some tongue and rub across her boobs or grab her ass?"

"I think that would be a great start. You have to remember though that you have my okay as long as I get to watch. No sneaking behind my back."

"Don, buddy, I've only kept my hands off because of our friendship but if I have your approval to go ahead, give me a month and you'll be watching your fantasy come true."

"You pull this off Bill, buddy, and you can even have her virgin ass. Will there be a problem, if I get too horny, if I join the two of you in bed?"

"I won't object as long as your hands and cock are for her!" Bill laughs. "I have often thought about doubling up on a girl. I think it would be great if that girl was your wife."

I could hardly wait for our usual Friday night get together. I opened a bottle of wine even before Bill arrived and Linda was rushing around trying to get dinner on the table and didn't realize she had two glasses of wine before Bill even got here. She also didn't notice me trying to adjust my semi-hard cock.

I greeted Bill at the door and he had a bottle of Linda's favorite wine as his usual contribution to our dinners, and a small bouquet of flowers, which he had never brought her before. When he handed them to her, she hugged him and he winked at me over her shoulder as he grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter into the embrace. Linda looked a bit flushed as she put her flowers in water and iced up the wine.

Bill always helped Linda clean up the kitchen after dinner. Our kitchen is on the small side so it wasn't surprising for them to bump into each other. But this evening Bill seemed to orchestrate more than the usual bumps. As I watched, Bill reached over Linda's shoulder, while she had her hands in the sink full of water, and pushed her from behind, firm against the sink.

"Oh, sorry Linda, I was just reaching for the paper towels so I could clean up the table."

"No problem, Bill, the next house I get has to have a bigger kitchen."

They joined me in the living room for dessert and Bill said, "it's my turn to pick what movie we watch."

We usually watched a drama or action flick, but this time, Bill chose a romantic comedy with some great sexual scenes.

"I've been wanting to see this film for ages but the only time I watch TV is when I'm over here with you guys."

He kept topping up Linda's wine glass whenever she was distracted.

Bill sat on the couch with Linda, but a lot closer than he usually did. Linda started asking Bill if he was dating and if he was still playing the field or if he was ready to settle down to just one woman.

"Linda, Don was lucky to grab you when he did because the girls that are available now don't want any commitments. They're only interested in Sex!"

Linda laughed. "That's a first! My girlfriends used to tell me that that's what all you single men would say. You want me to fix you up with a friend or two of mine?"

"No thanks, darling, I wouldn't want to come between you and your friends and I want us to remain close friends."

By the time the movie was over, Bill was making noise about leaving. Linda said, "you don't have to rush off just yet. Don you and Bill, sit and visit. You guys hardly ever have time anymore to talk. I have some laundry to do. I'll stay out of your way."

"Bill, how do you think it went? Do you think your plan is going to work?"

"She didn't bite me when I slipped my tongue in her mouth when we kissed hello and she didn't slap my face when I grabbed her ass. I think it's going better than I expected."

"Give me a list of things you would like available here when you do manage to get Linda naked and eager. I'll make sure to get whatever you need."

"I'm way ahead of you pal, here's the list of things every guy should have in his bedroom. Do you and Linda ever watch porn movies?"

"We have a TV and VCR in our room, but I haven't asked her if she would like to watch any porn movies."

"There you go again! Don't ask, just put one in and tell her to watch. Tell her to let you know which scenes she likes. Over the next couple of weeks keep her aroused but not exactly satisfied if you know what I mean?"

"You mean no mind-blowing orgasms like last week, just her usual small one, right?"

"You got it! Now, I'm going to give your wife an arousing kiss goodnight. Then follow me out to the car. I brought some great porn movies for the two of you to watch."

"Linda, darling, I've got to be going, come say goodbye."

"Bill, thanks for the flowers and your company," Linda said as she came into the living room dressed in her nightgown and robe.

"Same time next week, Don" as he slapped me on the back.

"Thanks for the wonderful dinner, Linda" and he grabbed her, pulled her hard against his body and kissed her one long, hard kiss.

"I'll be right back in hon, I'll go out to see Bill off."

"Don, that woman gets my blood boiling. I pulled her close enough that she had to have felt my full-blown erection. WOW. I can't wait to finally get to fuck her while you watch and approve. What a great friend you are! Let me know on Monday if she says anything to you about tonight."

"You bet. I've got a hard-on just from watching the two of you kiss!"

"Okay – just remember, put in the movie, tell her to watch. Fuck her but leave her wanting more."

"Talk to you on Monday."

Bill got in his car, handed me the tapes and drove off. I headed into the house with the tapes and found Linda sitting on our bed.

"Hi honey. I'm going to take a shower, I'll be right back. How about I pop in a movie, you watch it and let me know the best parts." I grinned as I turned the TV and VCR on and then headed to the shower.

When I returned to the bedroom your eyes were glued to the TV and your face was flushed.

"Like the movie, dear? Did I miss anything?"

"Don, do people really do these things?"

"What things?"

"So far this woman has sucked this guy off and SWALLOWED his cum – at least what didn't spill out onto her chest. He shaved her pussy bare and now he has her on all fours ramming his cock into her from behind!"

"Sure people do that stuff. You want me to shave your pussy? Anything else you see that you might like to try?"

You were really distracted but you said "if you want to shave me I guess it's okay while we watch this. I didn't know that watching all this dirty stuff could be so arousing."

I quickly went and got towels, shaving cream and razor. While you were totally into watching what was happening on the screen, I shaved your pussy as clean as the day you were born. I also noticed how wet you were and knew it wasn't from the shaving.

"Oh my God, Don, look as this guy – he is huge and he's putting two – no now three fingers in her back end. You don't think he's going to put his penis there? It won't fit – he's way too big!"

I was so turned on by your surprised comments I got you on all fours and rammed my cock into your cunt.

"Oh my, you've never been this deep in me before. Is that why they make love in this position?"

"I'm going to fuck you deep and hard. Did you even notice how bare you are my little girl – put your hand down there and feel yourself. Play with your clit because I'm not going to last very long baby."

You had never played with yourself before, at least not in front of me, and watching you sent me over the edge.

"Baby, I'm cumming – damn I'm cumming hard – take this slut!" I yelled.

"Wow, you were really excited tonight. You've never cum that quick before – I didn't hardly get to cum. That movie was erotic but you didn't let me see if that guy really put his cock in her rear."

"Rewind that part and I'll watch it with you. I've been telling you that couples do it there – a lot, now you can see it for yourself. Does it give you any ideas?"

"I think you're too big – it would never fit there on me, but she sure doesn't seem to mind it. Oh my, she took it all the way in. I'd be screaming my head off – it must hurt!"

"She's screaming – but just to be fucked harder. Why don't you at least let me touch you there next time?"

"We'll see. You want to make love again?"

"Gee honey, I'm really tired. It was a long week. See you in the morning" and I rolled over and tried to get to sleep.

The next couple of weeks is really going to be tough.

"Spill the beans, buddy. Did Linda say anything about my touching her or the kisses? What happened the rest of the weekend? You look bushed!"

"I hope you can get her in bed sooner than three more weeks. I've never seen her like this. She is crazy about the movies and she has even been trying to entice me. She's hugging me more, sitting on my lap, she even grabbed me by my cock after my shower. It was hard not to fuck her as much as I would have if we weren't planning her initiation into more sexual freedom."

"If you can keep her frustrated, maybe we can step this up – say maybe this weekend?"

"I'll do my best. Hey, she got real excited about the butt fucking in the video's you loaned us. She actually let me touch her anus last night. I also shaved her clean as a baby and she liked that too."

"I can't wait to see that. One of the ladies I've been with actually has hers waxed – think she said it was called a Brazilian wax. She says it lasts about a month. I asked her if it was painful and she told me it hurt at first but now she gets turned on by the pain/pleasure thing."

"Maybe we can eventually get Linda turned on to a little pain/pleasure thing, do you think?"

"I have to ask you – is this just going to be a one-time deal with me fucking Linda?"

"Not at all. We'll see how it goes, but I really love this role of loving pressure and I'm hoping we can turn it into at least an every weekend affair."

"Damn I'm glad you said that because I know once I fuck her I'm not going to want to stop. Should I be stocking up on condoms?"

"No way, man! I threw out her birth control pills and we go bareback all the way."

"What if she gets pregnant?"

"Why do you think I threw out the pills? I want us to knock her up."

"But how will you be sure you're the father?"

"Who cares! One of us will be and I can't think of a better person to share fatherhood with, after all, we've shared everything else!"

"Man, I am lucky to have you as a best friend. Now we have got to get moving ahead quicker. Did you get all the things from my list?"

"On Saturday I went out shopping and got everything on the list except the condoms. What were those pills about?"

"A little cheat-thing. Someone told me that if we can't get her by the tricks we're using, we could give her a couple with some alcohol and she'll be putty in our hands."

"We won't use them unless absolutely necessary because I'm really getting into the idea of pushing her into it whether she likes it or not!"

"Then let's go for this Friday. Just keep her sexually turned on and totally frustrated. I'll take it from there."

I could hardly wait for Friday. I was finding that the hardest thing was not giving in to her pleading to take her harder. I did have sex with her but did not let her cum.

On Friday I took off work early. Linda doesn't work on Friday's so she was home cleaning. I came in and kissed her, ripped her t-shirt off and sucked on her nipples. I got her aroused and then told her to finish cleaning without her shirt.

When she got into the shower, I got in with her. My cock was rock hard and as I soaped her up, I said, "suck my cock until I cum all over you, slut."

I was surprised how quickly she complied. She was giving me the best cock sucking she had ever done when I told her to stand up. She pouted.

"I was thinking of letting you cum in my mouth this time honey."

"No! We don't have time. Bill should be here soon. Wrap your hands around my cock and pump it – I'm going to cum all over you."

I had told Bill to come a little early since I was finding it rather difficult keeping her frustrated. As we were drying off, I picked out a rather short, peach colored, tight dress for her to wear.

"Don't wear panties or a bra!" I told her when I handed her the dress.

"Honey, this shrunk in the dryer – it's too tight."

"Perfect. I want you to look like my slut tonight!" I heard her mumble "oh no! What will Bill think?"

I smiled. Bill and I had already talked about this. We both wanted you to look and feel slutty.

"I'll get it." I yelled as I heard Bill ring the bell.

"How is it going?"

"She's getting dressed and I left the door open some. Why don't you pretend to go to the bathroom and take a peek."

I grabbed the wine and put it on ice as you slinked down the hall. You made it in time to see her raise her arms and struggle to pull the dress on over her naked body.

"Honey, Bill's here, hurry up!"

Bill patted me on the back, wet his lips and said "you still want this Don? I'm not sure I can stop unless I leave right now!"

"Are you kidding? I've thought of nothing else since we started talking about it. I can hardly wait. No backing out now. LET'S DO IT!"

You gave me a thumbs up sign as Linda came down the hall.

"Hi honey!" you said as you grabbed her and pulled her into your arms. You gave her another long kiss, grabbed her ass with both hands and started grinding your crotch against her.

"You look good enough to eat!"

"Bill, what's got into you?" she whispered.

"I had a great day! I got a promotion and a raise. Let's celebrate! I'm taking you both out to eat."

"I'll have to change," Linda said as she turned around and started to head down the hall to our room.

"No honey, we'll be late. I made reservations. Besides, you look wonderful just the way you are. Let's go."

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