tagBDSMLearning to Submit Ch. 02

Learning to Submit Ch. 02


Now Violet faced the lifeguard station, hands bound above her, oiled from heard to toe. Buckets of cold water made a semicircle around her. He reached to the front of her to pull her hips and legs out and back. Her arms stretched against the bonds. A cold dildo slid passed into her pussy until the flat base pressed against her bald lips, like a baby sucking a pacifier. She liked the way He fucked her with a dildo but He didn't fuck her. He taped 3 wires to each areola. She had no idea what this was. She was so curious.

Again He was behind her. She tried to look over her shoulder...and then she felt it. He pushed against her little asshole.

"Master I'm scared. I tried to be a good girl last time...I'm going to be good I promise Master....please not this time...I promise I'll be good," she stammered. Panic was rising in her voice.

That's just what He liked.

"Did you forget you are my slave? You will do as I wish. The last times I have given you anal training have been so simple. Can you not follow my instructions?"

Before she could answer He caned her across the ass.

"Yes Master. Yes Master I can. It's just that it's...I'm scared...I'm just scared Master...I'll be good I promise," she answered timidly. He swiftly administered 3 more swats. She pushed her ass up at him hoping He'd get it over with quickly. She was so relieved that it was very dark out and nobody could see what He was going to do.

"Last time," He spoke deeply, "my slave, I used such a small plug to train you. This time darling I brought something different. It's longer, dear, and shaped differently. I am hoping this will fit you more to your liking so that you will not feel the need to complain to Me again."

"Master I do not wish to complain ever, Master. I am sorry. I was just scared Master. I am sorry. I'll do whatever you wish. Please use me as you wish."

She felt the cold tip on her anus. He popped the first bubble into her and gave her no time to adjust to the shock. The next bubble spread her wider. She clenched her teeth to it. She was expecting a head then a smooth column. Her ass closed around it. He began with the 3rd bubble and her knees buckled.

She called out, "I'm scared...ouwwwch...."

He was furious. She tried to stand for him as He stretched her to the widest part of the 3rd bubble.

"I'm trying to be a good girl...I'm trying to be good...fuck....I can't Master!"

He angrily yanked it out. Her legs shook with the pain of it's exit. He unfastened her hands and pushed her onto her knees in the sand. He grabbed her hands out of the sand and fastened them high above her again, not bothering to brush them off.

He grabbed her cheeks and forced her mouth open so He could push a ball gag into it.

Again, He pulled her hips out, stretching the bonds of her arms. This time His pure anger gave him the strength to drive the 3 bubbles into her, brutally breaking her asshole. She was in shock. He didn't stop until her ass swallowed the fourth. She screeched into the ball gag, biting down hard, struggling against the plug. She tried to kick her legs but only sunk deeper in the sand. Worse than her asshole being demolished was the muscles just inside her anus being ripped apart. The rest of the bubbles were stretching her deeper than anything she had ever experienced.

"Nobody can hear you, love," her Master taunted gently. "This one's made specially for you!"

He sadistically pushed the huge 5th bubble to it's widest point then pulled it back to 4th and again to #5. She was being pushed passed the point. She shook her head back and forth furiously. She wailed into the ballgag. Tears and snot and drool ran down her face, dripping off her chin but it seemed to fuel him to push onward.

When he began #6 He knew it was too large for her so he went excruciatingly slow as not to tear her entirely. Her membrane was pinched and very thin. It felt like her ass was opened all the way out to her hips. She had stopped struggling and was only crying and begging into the ballgag for it to stop. Her sobs made her breasts heave. He was ready to blow his load at any moment.

He very slowly made her ass swallow the 6th bubble. He knew the seal was tight and extremely painful. He left Bubble 7 and the base hanging out, bobbing slightly. It was simply too big for her. She knew her body would never recover. Even though he stopped putting it in her she wasn't consoled. She hated him. She hated him!

She winced and whimpered as he snapped the wires onto the phallus'. She was broken in body and spirit. She wanted to claw at his face!

She hated him!

And she feared him.

When he turned the dials up high fir the first time her body jumped. She kicked and twisted without control. He immediately turned it down. He wanted her to recognize what was possible if she could not submit. He turned the dials so low the lightning was like a dull constant hum against her clit, nipples, and into her anus.

He placed a mat in the sand in front of her. He snapped the same wires into the mat. He yanked her up by her bound hands. He wiped her dirty face with a small towel, pulled back her hair, and stood her on the mat. He walked back to the small boxes which held the opposite ends of her wires.

"You have not exercised today, My slut. I would like to see you run". She did not do immediately as she was told so He turned the dial to intensify the flow of electricity to her cunt. She responded as He wished. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she agonized over pleasing her Master and managing the huge dildo her anus was locked around.

He turned on the mat. Every time her feet touched it she received a current. She pulled her feet up quickly like He wanted. He enjoyed watching her awkwardly perform through her gagged sobs. Her heavy breasts bounced. Her plug bobbled gracelessly. She was so relieved it was dark and nobody could see her humiliation from being so vulgarly splayed and obeying so unconditionally. He threw a bucket of the cold water on her. He laughed as she came to attention, outraged at the wall of freezing water that assaulted her already taught body. He replaced her into the sand, wind tightening her wet and oiled, young body. Her skin was tight over her ribs, hands fastened high over her head.

Her Master cruelly continued her electrical play at the lifeguard station. Soon the conflicting currents began to confuse her. She was overloaded with the pain of her anal stretch and penetration. The fluctuating lightening flowing against her clit was stimulating her without her consent, she felt the upsurge of her another orgasm.

He alternated between bringing her to excruciatingly powerful and unrelenting chains of orgasm versus building her to the cliff of climax then denying her release. Her body fell out of control, she screeched and bit into her gag, her body shook uncontrollably, her head rolled back and forth and she kicked.

Her Master stood behind His slave on her knees. She was agitated, in the throws of an orgasm chain. Cum was dripping down her shaking thighs. He knew she was vulnerable. He waited for the precise moment, the only moment He knew she would be able to accept the remainder of His gift. He reached down and slammed the flopping dildo into her until the base was flanked by her fleshy ass cheeks. The little slave arched pleasingly and thrashed, momentarily bewildered with torturous anal rapture. Immediately she lost control, a puddle of cum and piss splashed in the sand at her feet and she went limp.

Ah, He had taken all of her.

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Why is this abuse listed as BDSM? Honestly can’t find anything erotic about this.
He’s an abusive bastard and she’s gullible it’s a very one sided situation (the word “relationship” isn’tmore...

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