tagGay MaleLearning to Surrender Pt. 01

Learning to Surrender Pt. 01


When Rick was in college, he came across an erotic stories website. He loved the stories of women who surrendered to dominant men and learned to satisfy every need of their lovers. Then one day, he noticed a category of stories for gay men and the first story he read of a man essentially becoming a woman in another man's bed was seared into his mind. He signed up for a website to look for a partner to begin experimenting with. There were many responses eager to show a virgin the ropes. Many of them were intensely interested in meeting because they also had an Asian fetish. But Rick never had the courage to follow through and meet up with them.

Years passed. He got married, and even though he had an amazing sex life with his wife, he would often wonder what it would be like to be her. He loved it when she worshipped his balls and receive his seed. He loved pulling her panties aside wherever and whenever he needed to cum inside her bareback. He loved seeing her leak with his semen. But still, he would wonder what it felt like to be in her position. Also, as much as he liked oral sex, no girl had ever made him cum only using their mouth.

So he put up an ad on Craigslist. He had been looking at posts of older men looking to train first-timers. He was turned on by pictures of dicks so much bigger and thicker than his own. Some especially seemed to be looking for nervous and scared younger lovers and wanted to be their first.

Responses flooded in, but one stuck out. His name was Jack, Caucasian, 60, and he said he was looking for a long-term lover to train. He was very experienced and had a preference for younger Asian men. He said he was regularly tested. But most memorable of all was the photo of his thick veiny shaved penis and his enormous balls. It made Rick feel ashamed and small in comparison.

Jack lived nearby and wanted to meet up. He was very reassuring to take things slow. Jack told Rick that he wanted to be Rick's first touch, his first kiss, and his first everything. Jack was shocked to hear Rick had never experienced an oral orgasm and promised to change that. Jack even started calling him "Rachel, my girl."

The two of them exchanged emails a few more times. Jack showed him the kinds of toys he had to start Rick off on and even told him that he had lingerie he liked his boys to wear. He sent Rick pictures of his guest bedroom he used to bed young lovers and even pictures of his master bedroom for ones lucky enough to be considered dedicated "girl." "A man's bedroom was a holy place only for the right girl." He sent Rick pics every morning and night of how big and thick he was, ready to be drained. Some of the photos were of the unbelievable amount of semen he produced while thinking of "my little girl Rachel."

Finally, Jack picked a time and date for them to meet at a coffee shop near his house.

Rick made sure to clear his schedule and was nervous all day. He showered, trying to clean every bit of himself. When he arrived at the cafe, Jack was easy to spot. He wore shorts that showed off his muscular legs and thighs. His fitted polo made clear that he was still a heavy lifter. He had short hair and a clean shaven face. His forearms and biceps were huge. Rick thought he looked like a bull of a man.

"Hi, Rick? I'm Jack."

"Hi... pleased to meet you."

Jack's hand was nearly double the size of Rick's as they shook hands.

"Are you nervous?"


"We can walk away if you aren't comfortable..."

"No... it's ok... I'm just excited, thats all..."

"Here's whats going to happen. You're going to get in my car, and I am going to take you home. From the moment you get into my car, you will no longer be Rick. You are Rachel. And I am going to make you my girl. Do you want that? I need to hear you say it..."


"Yes what?"

"Yes, I want to be your girl..."

"Do you trust me? Speak up..."

"Yes, I trust you..."

Jack smiled. Rick could feel his dick starting to leak just from this conversation. The thought made him so ashamed but he still couldn't help it.

"Let's go..."

They got into Jack's truck. Not a word was said but Rick's heart was pounding.

"Open the glove compartment and pull out the top piece of paper."

Rick pulled out what appeared to be an STD test, negative for everything, dated only a week ago.

"I get tested every month and got this one done as soon as we started talking. I wanted you to see it. Do you know why?"


"Yes you do."

Jack was right. Rick knew why but he couldn't bring himself to say the words.

"Because you knew you were going to have sex with me..."

"Haha yes but what else. I need to hear you say it..."

"Because ... we're not going to need condoms..."

"Thats right. I don't use them with my girls. I believe in sex the way God intended. Raw. Unprotected. And I want you to experience a real man with nothing between us. Is this ok?"


"I couldn't hear you Rachel. Is this what you want?"

"Yes Jack. I want it. I don't want you to use condoms."

"Good girl."

Jack put his hand on Ricks thigh to see how the boy would react. He could feel the boy tense and even detected a twitch in the younger mans pants. He smiled.

The drive seemed so short as they pulled up into Jack's garage. The garage door shut behind them and they went into the house. "After you Rachel," he said with his big hands on the small of Rick's back. "Want a drink?" Rick nodded. Jack made two 7 and 7s, extra strong for Rick, as they sat down. "Let's watch a little something and talk for a bit." Jack turned on a porn he had ready. It was of an older man and a young boy being slowly fondled and undressed. The boy looked like he was resisting the older hairy man's advances but was being broken down with every kiss and grope. The boy's hands were slowly guided to the man's enormous manhood and it seemed to mark his surrender to his fate as from then on the older man began to have his way with his new toy. Rick's brain couldn't stop racing as he started at this preview of what was to come.

"Come closer to me Rachel."

Jack put his arm around him. Rick could smell him - not the scent of cologne but just the smell of another man. White men smelled different and stronger.

"Are you a good kisser?"

"I ... don't know... I never..."

Jack drew him closer and kissed him. Rick felt like his heart was going to explode. Alarm bells were going off in his head. Here he was, cuddled next to a big older man being kissed. And Jack's tongue was trying to open his mouth but Rick was frozen stiff. Jack had one arm around him and his other hand was snaking up Rick's thigh, closer and closer to his hard-on. No man had ever touched him like this before. His big hands and thick fingers were so urgent and needing.

Then suddenly, Jacks hand slid over Rick's hardon and he gently squeezed. Rick moaned like he never did before. It felt like his body was on fire and his head was going to explode. At that moment, he opened up and let Jack's tongue into his mouth and dominate his tongue. He tasted another man's mouth for the first time. Jacks fingers began to dance and pull on Rick's much smaller manhood. When Rick came up for air, Jack pushed him over on the sofa and climbed put himself on top of him, his fingers undoing Rick's pants. As soon as his hand had enough room, he snaked his big manly hand under the panting Asian boy's boxers and grabbed his hard but small dick. Rick gasped, nearly cumming on the spot. There was no turning back down. A man's skin was touching his most private parts. Jack's fingers fondled the smaller balls as he ravaged the younger boy's soft neck. He began to undo and strip the rest of his prize's clothes, pulling them off a throwing them across the living room. They wouldn't be needed anymore. The more flesh he exposed, the more he kissed and bit. He was delighted that Rick was so smooth, not a bit of hair on his chest and body. Rick was babbling incoherently, eyes closed, barely able to breathe. His mind screamed at him. "You're completely naked underneath this man you barely know, who is determined to be your lover..."

"Are you my girl Rachel?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes... I'm your girl..."

It was time. Jack moved him up completely onto the sofa and positioned himself between his new girl's legs. He used his strong hands and arms to spread the thighs wide open and began to lick the shaft and balls. Rick was convulsing and moaning so loud anyone walking near the house was sure to hear. Jack pressed on the bottom of the shaft to make sure his girl didn't cum too soon and swallowed the tiny prick for the first time. Rick's head again almost exploded in cries of joy. It was so different to have a mans mouth and rougher tongue on his genitals. Jack was a master. He sucked and swirled and when he thought the young boy couldn't take any more, he released the hold on the base of the shaft, aggressively fondled the tiny, tight balls, and used his tongue like a master to milk the screaming Rick. The boy exploded. Jack was impressed with the spray of watery clear cum but it was nothing compared to his own virile and manly loads.

Rick laid there motionless, trying to breathe as his lover sat back on the sofa smiling. Jack knew he had him right where he wanted. Jack stroked the smooth hairless legs of the still recovering boy and noticed how little work it would take to make and keep him completely smooth. He noticed what a nicely formed butt Rick had. He would soon enjoy hammering himself into them.

Rick finally opened his eyes and knew his world had completely changed. There was no denying that he had found the right man to help him explore a new world of passion. He realized he was so naked and vulnerable and looked for something to cover up. He tried to reach for a cushion but they were too far away so he crossed his arms on his chest.

"How was that Rachel?"

"... Amazing..."

"Your turn to drain me now..."

"Oh... "

Jack pulled him over and made the younger man sit on his lap.

"Now, show me how you treat your man who has so much more pleasure to give you..."

They kissed. This time there wasn't any fear. Rick let his man have his way with his mouth. He tasted the distinct flavor of semen. It was somewhat strange but Jack didn't give him a chance to back away. Rick started kissing Jack's muscular face, his neck. The smell of such a strong man, his unique scent, was intoxicating. He started undoing the shirt buttons. It was so strange to feel hard, broad pecs. He kissed Jack's chest submissively as he kept unbuttoning the shirt until it was off. Jack groaned. He loved having his chest kissed and worshipped submissively. Rick kissed, sucked, and tried to worship every bit of body revealed by the shirt coming off.

Which brought his face directly above an enormous bulge. It looked like Jack's cock would rip the shorts. Jack looked down and saw him hesitate. He stroked the boy's hair and pulled his hands to his pants and guided the smaller fingers to feel the hot, thick, full manhood that awaited. Rick couldn't believe how it felt, how it smelled. His fingers began to undo the button, pull down the zipper. Jack lifted up a bit, and Rick pulled his man's shorts down. Out sprang a very detailed outline of enormous manhood trapped by boxer briefs. Again, Jack guided the boy's hands to hold and explore his prize.

"Look what you did. You made me this big and hard."

Rick was so proud. This was what girls must have felt when they worked on their men. He felt how thick Jack was, how hot his manhood was. He could feel how big this real man's testicles were and how much heat they put off. He rubbed his face against the boxer briefs and lightly kissed the balls cradled in his hands. Jack groaned again. He couldn't believe how amazing of a first timer he had found. Rick wondered just how much cum was in those balls he was rubbing his face against.

"Take it off Rachel... Time to meet for you to learn a girl's duty. From now on, it's your job to keep this taken care of. A good girl always craves her big dick and always keeps her mans balls drained."

He lifted up a bit as a signal. Rick knew there was no stopping. He slipped his fingers to the sides of the boxers and pulled down. What sprang forth was something he'd never forget. Jack was enormous but beautiful and completely shaved. The tip was a gorgeous head shaped perfectly to enter younger flesh. The shaft was veiny and powerful. And the balls... so big and so full and so hot. Rick's hands naturally cupped them and his fingers began to fondle them. He leaned forward and began to kiss them... then lick them... and then suck on them, his hands holding up and gently stroking the shaft. Jack started to breathe heavily and Rick realized he loved hearing his man react to his work. All he wanted was more signs of the pleasure he was giving. The balls were too big to put in his mouth no matter how much he tried. Surely there was going to be so much cum. What was going to happen when the time came? He wondered how many men before him had sucked on this same manhood?

"Rachel. Suck me. Show me how much you want me..." For the first time, a dick entered Rick's mouth. It was so soft and hot and hard. He swirled his tongue and gently started sucking. Jack began to moan and stroke his manly hands through his boy's head.

"Oh that's a good girl... Such a good girl..."

Rick loved the praise. This must be how all the girls felt that he had been with. No wonder they went crazy. Jack began to move a bit and be more forceful, pushing further and further into Rick's mouth, eventually hitting the gag reflex. Jack choked and coughed.

"It's ok. You'll get used to it. Everyone struggles with me the first time."

Rick got into a groove, one hand fondling the enormous sacs of manly sperm below, one hand stroking and twisting the base of the enormous shaft and his mouth licking and sucking. Jack's breathing became irregular, his hands stronger on Rick's head. Rick could feel the manhood somehow getting bigger in his mouth.

"Rachel you're going to make me cum. A man is going to come in your mouth for the first time. And you will swallow your man's gift. Understand? Show me how much you love it... be a good girl..."

Rick moaned in approval. But he was scared. He couldn't control his man anymore. Jack's body was like autopilot, a single mission to unload his semen into a beloved receiver. Rick noticed the enormous balls beginning to tense up and pull up. The shaft got even thicker. He was afraid. And then it happened. With a loud grunt, Jack held the boy's head still and unloaded his seed. Rick felt his mouth instantly fill with a warm, slightly salty, tangy liquid. The shaft contracted over and over again as spurt after spurt of hot semen jetted into Ricks mouth. Fearing choking, he began to swallow as best he could. He swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until there was nothing. He knew it was over when Jack fell back, relaxed on the sofa. The hard manhood in his mouth began to soften in his mouth and the enormous balls he was still holding felt noticeably drained.

"Rachel, that was amazing. You are so talented. You were born to pleasure me..."

Rick was ashamed how happy it made him feel to hear such compliments. Maybe it was true. Maybe he was meant to be a man's pleasure.

"Keep your hands on my balls. I want you to always be holding them. Besides, they'll reload faster with a girl's touch."

Rick did as he was told as they sat together on the couch. The heavy sacs of manhood seemed to be a perfect match for his smaller hands. He couldn't believe the strong flavor of a real man's semen in his mouth. It was so different from what he tasted of his own when kissing earlier.

"Rachel, I want to clean you and prepare you for what's next."

"What do you mean?"

"I still have needs and you know you didn't come just for oral sex right?"

"... Yea..."

"A real man isn't done until he unloads inside his girl properly. Right?"

"... Yea..." Rick knew Jack was right. He know it was inevitable no matter how scared he was.

"Once I take you into bed, I am going to breed you."

"I know..."

"As the your first man, and as your first bareback experience, my semen will mark you in the deepest parts of your body and you're going to be mine forever."

"Yea... I know..."

"You know how girls never forget their first time?"


"It's going to be the same for you. And seeing how talented you are in taking my seed just now, I think you're going to be fine.

Jack saw the nervousness in the young mans eyes. "What's on your mind Rachel?"

"What do you mean by prepare?"

"Oh Rachel, I like like my girl very clean, deep inside. I have special tools. I love preparing my girl for what's about to happen. I also like my girl to be absolutely smooth. You're just about the smoothest naturally I've ever seen, but I like shaving my girl totally. Do you know what I mean?"


"Ok lets go to the first floor bathroom. But walk with me and keep holding my balls."


They got up. Jack put his arm around Rick and walked him down the hallway. Rick, as he was told, kept one arm around Jack and the other cradling his man's testicles. The bathroom had some odd looking things on the counter and the shower was a big walk-in, 2-person shower. One of the shower head attachments had an odd looking nozzle. Jack turned on the water and began to clean his prize. He couldn't wait to get the boy into bed but firmly controlled himself and didn't show too much excitement. Rick had never been cleaned by someone else before but loved being scrubbed down by his man. Jack began lathering up the boys entire body and started to shave him down. The chest, arms, back, stomach, legs. Jack even shaved the armpits. Then he told Rick to bend over and hold onto the stool. He used his knees to spread Ricks legs as far as they would go. With one hand spreading the boy's cute bubble butt, he carefully shaved the Rick's ass. Rick could not believe what was happening but knew he had to submit. It felt so weird to be shaved down there for the first time.

Then Jack brought in the enema. He taught Rick how to use it and cycle through until the water was clear. Rick had never felt anything like it in his life but trusted Jack completely. He told Rick to bend over again and used the special water nozzle to gently press against the boy's hole. When it pushed in, Rick yelped. It was the first time anything solid had ever entered him. He could feel the water clean him even more.

"Ok... go out, take the towel, and go wait for me in the bedroom across the hallway. I'll be right in."

Rick got out, wrapped a towel, and nervously walked across the hallway. There was one bedroom he had seen in the photos. There as a red circular bed in the middle of the room with mirrors on the ceiling and on each wall. There were many extra pillows. He turned on the light and the single ceiling light glowed red. It was clear that this room had only one purpose. He sat down on the edge of the bed and wondered how many boys had been here. How many had seen themselves be taken in these mirrors? There was one dresser in the corner. Out of curiosity, he opened up the drawers. They were filled with carefully laid out toys. Rick saw things he didn't know existed. Dildos of all shapes and sizes and colors, some with fake balls. There were what appeared to be vibrators of wierd shapes. More curious were the restraints, cuffs, and ropes. One drawer was full of lingere. Everything looked brand new. He wondered what was going to happen to him as he sat back down on the bed. Footsteps could be heard upstairs, coming down the steps.

Jack entered the room wearing a robe. "Sorry, I like to be super clean too before sex..."

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