tagGroup SexLearning to Swap Ch. 05

Learning to Swap Ch. 05


Susan and I joined Brooke and David for dinner at our Caribbean resort after meeting them on a cocktail cruise earlier in the day. The night before, my wife had watched her first porno and had gotten tremendously turned on. So turned on, in fact, that she was wanting to fuck and suck pretty much the entire today. She was walking around with a wet pussy, and the effect of the porn movie was lingering well into the following evening. In fact, Susan and I had agreed that we should try swapping with another couple and picked Brooke and David as the perfect choice.

Once again, during dinner we really hit it off with them. The food was great, the lilting Caribbean ambiance wonderful, and the conversation flowed easily. While enjoying an after dinner brandy, David and I were reviewing the recent World Series, finding that both of us were huge baseball fans. I caught a shred of conversation between Brooke and Susan and knew that things were moving in a new direction.

"Oh, my god!" said Susan. "I don't think I've ever been so turned on in my life! Have you and David ever watched one?" I knew immediately where the conversation had gone.

"You know, we used to when we were first married. Once the kids got old enough to understand things, we stopped. But yeah, they had the same effect on me." Brooke was responding to Susan's question about whether or not she and David ever watched porn.

"Hey," I interjected. "What are you two talking about?"

"Honey, I was just telling Brooke about the movie we watched last night. You know, the one with all the extreme close-ups of people doing nasty things." Susan smiled sweetly at David while she reached under the table and gave my stiffening cock a little squeeze.

David looked at me and said, "That sounds pretty hot."

Brooke chimed in, "I didn't even see the movie and I'm getting turned on just hearing about it." I knew that things were definitely moving in the right direction.

I gave David a friendly tap on the bicep with the back of my hand and said to him in a quiet voice, "I have never seen Susan as turned on as she was last night. It was the best sex we've had in years!"

Brooke, overhearing this, told David, "I want to watch one tonight when we get back to our room!"

Before David could respond, my wife, once again surprising the heck out of me, jumped in and said, "Hey, they're really expensive! We're going to watch one tonight, why don't you just watch with us?"

David and Brooke gave each other a look as if to say, is that all right with you? They both gave each other a big smile, and with the courage of the liquor and the adventure of a vacation, agreed that it would be fun.

We all immediately rose from the table and left the restaurant. As we walked towards our room, Brooke and Susan walked just ahead of David and I. The girls were talking and giggling as they walked, but David and I were pretty quiet. I think we both knew something pretty amazing and pretty sexy was about to happen and we were each lost in our own thoughts.

After an especially loud giggle between the girls, Brooke turned and said to David and I, "We get to pick the movie! It's girls' night at the movies!"

Susan chirped in with a "Woo-Hoo!"

When we got to the room I went to the bar and started making drinks while the girls turned the T.V. on and started going through the various offerings. As they went through the various choices: girl on girl, girls with toys, interracial, teens, BBW's, cougars, etc, they would both linger every time they read the description of a movie that involved group sex or swapping. When they got to the one we had watched the night before, Susan laughed and told Brooke, "Oh my god, I just felt myself gush when I just saw the picture from the movie last night. Damn, that was hot."

Brooke laughed and said, "Let's get started. I'm already horny just looking at the pictures and descriptions." These girls were definitely bonding. David and I looked at each other, smiled and clinked our glasses.

"Here are the drinks, girls. Pick a movie and let's get started," I said. They decided on a group sex movie that had 3 different scenes. David and I sat at either end of the long couch in the sitting area, and the girls joined us, Susan snuggling close to me, and Brooke almost on top of David's lap.

The movie opened with a couple of ads for phone sex and Brooke expressed her displeasure. "Isn't there a fast forward on this thing...I want to get to the good stuff!" She was obviously having fun and feeling pretty loose about sharing her arousal with Susan and I.

Finally the first scene started with raunchy music and three European looking couples. The men were smoking and sitting on an oversized round bed while the women danced and swayed in front of them, disrobing as they danced. The women were strikingly good looking with modern hairstyles; one with blonde hair, one with brunette hair, and a redhead.

The camera focused on the brunette woman as she slowly pulled her red lacy panties down. The camera went in for a close-up of her pussy, showing a nicely shaved snatch with just a dark landing strip. Suddenly a feminine hand came into view and began stroking her pussy up and down. You could hear the woman purr as the camera pulled away revealing the redhead, now with nothing on but her panties, stroking the brunette's pussy as she rubbed her breasts against the brunette's tits. The redhead pulled her hand from her friend's pussy and brought her fingers to her mouth. She slowly sucked her fingers into her mouth, licking the brunette's pussy juice from her fingers.

One of the men unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock and began stroking it as the redhead turned to the other woman and who also had nothing on but sheer panties. She hooked her fingers in the sides of the blonde's panties and began to slowly pull them down. She went down on her knees in front of the blonde as the blonde picked up first one foot, then her other as the redhead pulled her panties off each foot. The blonde took a wider stance and grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled the redhead's face into her pussy. The redhead began lapping at her cunt with her tongue.

As the redhead continued to assault the blonde's pussy with her mouth, the brunette climbed onto the bed and pulled the pants off the man stroking his cock. She grabbed his dick and started licking and sucking it like there was no tomorrow. The other two men took off their pants and started rubbing their cocks as they watched the brunette suck off their friend and the blonde standing in front of the bed fucking the redhead's face as she kneeled in front of her.

I was getting so into the scene that I was almost startled when Brooke groaned and said, "Holy crap, Susan. This is working for me, is it working for you?" David laughed and gave her a tickle and a little squeeze on her tit.

Susan gave a theatrical low moan and replied, "Oh, yeah. This is working. I'm starting to feel the need."

Following David's lead, I reached over and gave Susan's braless boob a squeeze through her sundress, and said, "I think that can be arranged." She squirmed in her seat and snuggled closer to me, resting her hand on my leg near my crotch. I looked over at David and he gave me a smile and the "thumbs up" sign. I took that to mean he was having a good time and wanted to keep going.

On the screen the entire group was on the bed naked and were in various positions of eating each other and licking each other. Nobody was fucking, but each person at minimum was either getting or giving head, and some were doing both. The camera closed in on one of the guys licking the blonde's pussy as she sucked on a hard cock. The guy was stabbing her pussy with his tongue, and then licking it up and down. The woman moaned around the cock in her mouth and picked up the pace of her blowjob as she got more and more excited.

About this time Susan moved her hand up and started stroking my hard cock through my shorts. I could feel her fingers kneading my hard shaft as she rubbed me up and down. After a minute or so of this, she reached her hand up the leg of my shorts and grabbed my bare cock with her hand. She gave it a squeeze and started lightly pumping it up and down. My butt lifted off the couch as I watched the lusty sex on the screen and felt her pumping my stiff member.

"Whoa," I whispered. "Take it easy, you're going to get me off if you keep that up." I was also worried that Brooke and David might be freaked out about us going at it. I looked over with a touch of embarrassment, but I saw David stroking Brooke's breasts through her blouse while she lightly rubbed his cock through his pants and watched the screen with rapt attention. As I watched, David began unbuttoning Brooke's blouse until he had it completely undone. He pulled it open and out spilled Brooke's perfect C-cup breasts.

Her nipples were a little darker than Susan's pink ones, but her they were just as perfect. They stood out about an inch-and-a-half from her firm, rounded tits, and I watched as David leaned down and took one nipple in his mouth and gently started to suck on it. Brooke closed her eyes for a brief moment from the sensation she was getting from David's lips and tongue on her stiff nipple, but then opened them again and looked over towards us. She caught me looking and our eyes met. She met my gaze for a brief moment, smiled a tiny little smile, then just slowly looked back to the T.V. and kept rubbing David's cock through his trousers. Game on, I thought.

I ran my hand up Susan's legs under her dress and felt her shift in her seat as she opened her legs to allow me access. I didn't waste any time and went right for her cunt, which was completely soaking. She gasped as I looked back to the screen and by this time the group in the movie was in various stages of fucking each other. Two of the women were playing with each other's tits while they were being thoroughly fucked by the two men. As I ran my fingers around Susan's dripping cunt, I watched as the two women in the movie began to cum. One of the men pulled his cock out of the woman he was fucking and after fisting his cock briefly, spattered his come all over her stomach and thighs.

I slipped two fingers into Susan's slippery cunt started finger-fucking her, then looked over at David and Brooke. David was still sucking on Brooke's breasts and had his hand up under her skirt as well. Brooke's eyes were glued to the screen and she was scrunching up her face as she obviously was approaching an orgasm.

Just as the other two men on the screen pulled their cocks out of their respective partners and shot gobs of sperm all over the writhing women, Brooke let loose a gasp and an orgasm wrenched her body. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she cried as she spasmed, grabbing David's hand and pumping her cunt against it.

I speeded up finger fucking Susan and in seconds she went over the edge with a gasp and an "uh, uh, uh, uh" as she pushed against my hand and let loose a flood of juices. I looked again at David and Brooke and they were both watching as Susan climaxed and bucked on the couch next to me. I smiled at them and David pulled his hand from under Brooke's skirt. I could see his fingers coated with her love-juice as he gave me another smile and a glistening thumbs-up.

As Sue came back down to Earth the scene on the screen was ending, so I grabbed the remote and muted it. The only thing I could say was, "That was pretty incredible."

Brooke turned to me slowly, smiled, and said, "If you think it was incredible, you should have been one of us. I think the girls got the best of that scene."

"So," I continued. "Anyone feeling like what just happened was weird?"

"Not me," said Susan immediately. "I think I got off knowing you guys were watching. I don't feel weird at all."

"Me, neither!" piped in Brooke. This is awesome. I feel totally easy about this." She must have, because her top was still wide open. "Let's put the sound back on, I wanna see some more!"

I looked at David, gave him the thumbs-up, and put the sound back on. David had to get up and pee and I told him to hurry up because I couldn't pause the movie or the girls. He laughed and ran for the bathroom and he was back in moments. I took a swig of my drink and turned my attention back to the screen as Susan snuggled in again. Brooke hadn't bothered to put her tits back in her shirt, and was absently rubbing her nipple as she watched the next scene while David was in the head.

The next scene took place in what looked like a double-wide trailer, and it starred two black guys and a white girl. Within moments of beginning the scene, the girl was completely naked and sucking on two cocks, going back and forth between them. The fellows were standing on either side of her offering up their giant-sized cocks as she smiled, looking into their eyes as she took as much of their cocks into her mouth as she could.

I felt Susan reach over and start unzipping my shorts. When she got the zipper all the way down she unbuttoned the fly and started tugging on them. Brooke and David were both focused on the movie, so I lifted my butt off the cushion and Susan pulled my shorts down to my ankles. She grabbed my now throbbing prick and started giving it some serious attention with her hand. I reached over and gave her nipples a few light pinches and pulled and tweaked her left one, which was the most sensitive.

She slowly slid off the couch and knelt in front of me. Taking my cock in her hand, she brought her mouth towards my cock and blew on it with her hot breath. She started kissing up and down my shaft and I could feel my cock pulse with each kiss. I looked over at David and Brooke, and Brooke had turned her back partially to me, but I could see that she had David's hard member out of pants and was stroking him up and down. His cock was about the same length as mine, but it was fatter. Brooke seemed to be really focused on the movie as she stroked her husband's cock, so I glanced back at the screen.

As Susan took my cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking me with loud slurps, I watched as the two black guys got the girl on the couch, one behind her running his long dick in and out of her cunt doggie-style as she sucked hungrily on the other man's cock. I saw movement on the other end of the couch and looked to see Brooke go down on the floor in front of David and start sucking and licking his cock as well.

"This is awesome!" I said to nobody in particular and Brooke looked over at me and smiled at me with the tip of her husband's penis in her mouth.

She let his cock pop out of her mouth and said, "This is FUCKING awesome."

Susan responded by popping my cock out of her mouth, standing up, and pulling her dress off up over her head. She stood there for a brief moment completely naked as we all gawked at her beauty, then went back on her knees and started sucking my cock again.

Brooke, not to be outdone, stood up and took off her blouse and stepped out of her skirt. My god, she was beautiful. She had a perfectly shaped body. For a brief moment I saw her glistening shaved cunt lips as she stood in a sexy pose in front of her husband, turned towards us. Then she, too, went back to sucking her husband's dick.

By this time on the screen the woman was on her back being ravaged by a huge black dick while the man fucking her held up her feet to his ears. The other man was perched on the arm of the sofa and was offering his dick to her as she threw her head back and sucked greedily.

I started pumping my ass in time to Susan's ministrations and I said, "Oh, baby, you're gonna make me cum."

Brooke looked over and with a wild look in her eyes, said to Susan, "Make him come, Susan. Make him shoot his load. I want to see that."

Susan picked up her pace and I was fucking her face for all I was worth when I felt it coming on. It rose up from the bottoms of my feet and slowly worked up my legs from my feet to my ankles to my calves to my knees to my thighs. When it reached my crotch, I felt like the top of my head was blowing off as the orgasm hit me with full force. I grunted twice, then as Susan pulled her mouth away and jacked me off with her hand, I shot my white sperm into the air. I spurted once, then twice, then a third and fourth time. The fourth was every bit as strong as the first and my pleasure didn't begin to subside until I pumped my sixth ejaculation into the air and onto Susan's hand and wrist.

"Fuck," I said as Susan slowed down her hand, slowly stroking my cock and squeezing the last bit of jizz out of the tip.

"Nice job, man," said David. I looked over and saw both David and Brooke watching me with rapt attention.

Brooke said, "That was awesome, Jack." Then she turned to David and said, "Your turn, big boy."

As Susan and I watched, Brooke spit on her hand and started pumping on David's cock. She took the tip into her mouth and began swirling the head around in her mouth as her hand worked like a piston on his fat cock.

I watched as Brooke's tits bounced back and forth as she worked her mouth and hand on her man. Her ass was sticking out as she knelt on the floor, and I made note of how perfectly shaped it was with smooth skin. David closed his eyes and let his head fall back on the sofa as Brooke pleasured him. Susan came back up on the couch next to me and at first I wasn't aware of what it was she was doing. As we watched Brooke give David great head, Susan was putting her hands on my shoulders and pushing down on them. Suddenly I realized what she wanted. She was trying to push me down to the floor so I could eat her pussy.

I don't usually like eating pussy right after I come, but this was a special occasion, and I was more than ready for it. I slid down and Susan spread her legs about as wide as they would go and slid her pussy to the edge of the cushion. I dove in and started running my tongue up and down her juicy slit. I could still watch Brooke giving David head as I licked her pussy up and down and sucked on her erect clit.

I took a finger and slid it in her and started rubbing the tip of my forefinger against her G spot. I tickled her clit with my tongue, gently fingering her and applying pressure to her G spot. Brooke was really going at it on David's cock and I was amazed at his staying power. Brooke and I continued to service our spouse's sex with our mouths and I began to feel like we were falling into a rhythm together.

Brooke increased her pace on David, and I slipped another finger into Susan and picked up the pace with my tongue and hand. I could see David starting to get close to coming and I tried to keep up with Susan. Soon David's legs went out straight and I looked up at Susan as I lapped at her clit and juices. She was watching Brooke working David's cock with her full attention. David grabbed Brooke's head and started to come. Brooke didn't pull her head away, and I could see her starting to gulp and swallow as David pumped his creamy load into the back of her throat.

That was enough to bring Susan to climax and I felt the force of her juice as she had a full female ejaculation against my face. She grabbed my head and mashed my face against her pussy as she maximized the pleasure of her climax. "God, I'm still coming," she said after 30 seconds. She held my head and moved her pussy lightly against my face.

"Don't stop," she said, and began moving against my face more quickly. Then she gasped and came again, once more mashing my face into her pussy and rubbing her gash against my nose. Finally, I had to come up for air. Brooke and David both applauded and were giving us "Bravo's" and "More!" as they laughed.

"Oh," Susan said as she looked over at Brooke. "I've never come again so fast. I think I just had my first multiple orgasm!"

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