Leather and Lacy Ch. 01


"Yes sister."

When Ellen raised her eyes, she saw the sparkle of excitement flashing in them, letting herself go, she slapped her, shuddered with pleasure then slapped her again. Being surprised at the intensity of her excitement, her hand went to her vagina as she used the belt on Ellen's back. Standing up close to Ellen with her pubic mound pressed against her face, she slashed her ass with the belt, while Marie's insistent voice came to her as if from a distance. "Make her do it. Make her cry. Make her give you her pleasure. Call her a bitch."

"Yes Auntie," came from her mouth without thought as she circled Ellen, using the belt as she walked around her leaving bright red splotches across her body, masturbating as she did. Commanding Ellen brought her as much pleasure as using her hand between her legs, or the belt on Ellen's ass while her order rang out powered by her lust. "Get your hands in your cunt bitch. I'll beat your fucking ass until you get off."

The crude words coming from her own mouth shocked her: She never spoke that way. As Ellen moved her hands to her vagina, she lowered her head onto the rug. Looking up, her eyes filled with tears as she begged. "Please sister. Please don't make me do this. Don't make me do it in front of our Auntie. Please."

With sparkling eyes filled with excitement and lust, the pleasure in her mind was as full as the pleasure in her vagina as she concentrated her lashes on Ellen's upturned ass, which was bright red when her tears began to flow. Ellen's hips were alive with passion as she crooned out her pleasure while she worked her hand furiously across the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of her vagina, singing out her orgasm.

Unable to stand she collapsed onto the rug, pulling Ellen's head to her open wet vagina, commanded her with her new found power. "Eat me bitch. Eat me like a slut. Make me cum." While using the belt on Ellen's back and thighs, she became lost in lust, using the belt for her own pleasure. All that mattered to her was her pleasure, and as her orgasm rose she looked intently at Marie, sharing her pleasure with her through her eyes, finding even more pleasure seeing Marie's contentment. As she shuddered out her orgasm, she shared it with Marie, having no thought of Ellen or of her pleasure, accepting her mouth and submission like a dildo. Falling back into a cloud of bliss, nothing existed for her, but her waning pleasure and Marie's smile.

Lightly petting her vagina as she watched, Marie's pleasure was not sexual, however her dominance of the two women preforming for her brought her as much pleasure as sex did.

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