tagGroup SexLeaving the Navy Ch. 07

Leaving the Navy Ch. 07


[If you haven't read the other chapters, odds are good this one won't make much sense. Chapter 8 has begun. It will post the day I finish it. Your votes and comments are encouraged.]


Jim and I drove to the community college. It was about twenty miles away. He went because I asked him. I wanted him to go in case driving with a healing collarbone became too much and because I wanted to get him looking at college again. Before we went I arranged for a student to give Jim a tour. A student could answer his questions better than I could and maybe discover what it was that Jim wanted to do with his life.

I signed up for a course in cabinet making and another course in child development. I met Jim back at my truck at three and we drove home.

"Dad, you know people all over, don't you?"

"I don't. Not all over. Why?"

"I need to get out of town. It hit me three times today. Krystn and I cannot live with you and our mommas. Everyone knows she's my sister. I know we aren't fully related, but the rest of the people who know us don't know all about genetics. They believe there is something wrong with me loving her."

"I've wondered what you were thinking about that."

"I know what to do. I've got to go away. Either to school or to a job somewhere. In a year, after Krystn graduates we can go away and live as married. We can even get married. I just need to go away."

"Any ideas about how you will earn money? You and Krystn can't go through life on twenty dollars from Sandra."

"I am getting pretty good at being a handyman. Ideally I would like to go to college and become a teacher."

"You could start that education at the college we just left. Then after Krystn graduates you both could go away to college to finish up."

"No. I'm trying to tell you, Dad. If I stay here I'm going to have sex with Krystn. It's harder and harder not to do it. We both know you all trust us. You let us vote on you and Momma Pat getting pregnant! We asked to be adults and now we feel the pressure more than ever not to screw up. I love her, Dad. Living with her and not being able to be in bed with her is torture!"

"I hear you. Loud and clear. Give me a couple days, would you? I want to see if I can help the two of you. Is this as painful for Krystn as it is for you?"

"She's afraid to be alone with me, at all. She wants to do it and we promised you that we wouldn't."

He sat quietly facing the window and not seeing anything. I watched the road and wondered how I could help.

At home Jim went off to help some kids with homework and I went to my office. When Sandra came into my office I slid my chair back from the computer and she sat in my lap. After a little friendly grope she asked, "Did you and Jim talk?"

"Yes. He wants to go to college. He's thinking about becoming a teacher. He needs to go away. He's willing to get a job as long as it's away. Living here with Krystn so close and both of them fighting their urges, is killing him."

"I thought that might be what was going on. Sometimes in the evenings Krystn is so frustrated she hides in her room and I hear her crying."

"I want to help them."


"I'm starting to look for where he can go to school, where he can work, where he can be away and close enough I can visit him once in a while."

"How's the search going?"

"I just started." She left my lap and said, "Maybe we ought to cool the PDA for a while. That might be making it harder for them."


"Public Displays of Affection."

"Like that's gonna stop!"

"I didn't say stop. I said cool. Right now we each kiss you and snuggle you and touch you every time we see you. Maybe we could cool it, a little, around them."

"And Pat could go live at the cleaners instead of parading around with her big belly evidence that someone's having sex around here."

"Oh. You're right. There's just too much love and affection around here for them to be comfortable."

"Let me get back to work on the problem, Ok?"

"Yes, Honey." I got one more kiss and she disappeared. I clicked keys on the computer for a while and suddenly a thought came to me. I called information and asked for Jenny Jackson anywhere in Montana. I knew she wouldn't stay in Butte. I found her. I called the number.




"Yeah. You Ok?"

"Yes. Thank you. I told you no money, no help. You don't listen any better than Jack, and I'm glad. I used the money to leave Butte and now we're doing Ok. Thanks."

"Enough. You're welcome. I want to ask you a few questions, Ok?"


"Is there a college anywhere near you?"

"Yes. It's where I work. I have a good job in the admissions office. It's a University. Good engineering and teacher's college."

"Is it too late to get a young man into the fall semester?"

"What young man?"

"I'm married and I now have an eighteen year old son. He both wants and needs to go away to school for a year. If he doesn't get out of town he and his girl will end up in bed. Her family and ours agree that they ought to wait until she's eighteen."

"Congratulations! I'll want details later. Let me give you my address. Give me yours. I'll send you an enrollment package. Have him fill it out and get it back to me as soon as possible."

We exchanged information and half an hour later while I was looking at my email account I got an email from Jenny with the forms attached. I found Jim and handed him the forms.

"I think I can get you in for the Fall. Fill this out tonight and I'll get it to a friend. It's a good engineering and teacher's college."

Half an hour later I saw him sitting at the kitchen table filling out the forms. I realized I hadn't seen Krystn with him in over a week. The stress was killing both of them and since I was aware of it, it hurt me too.

Della, Sandra and Margie looked over his application and made some suggestions. They helped him write the essay and typed it all for sending to Jenny. By ten that night I had sent it to her.

Sandra's name showed on the die so I went to her room.

We cleaned up and snuggled into bed.

"Honey, who is Jenny?"

"Oh. Has that question been at the edge of your mind long?"

"Just since I saw the email from her. In all the time I've known you her name hasn't been mentioned once."

"She was the wife of my best and closest friend in the Navy. Lt. Jackson, Lt. Adam "Jack" Jackson. When the F-14 crashed on the deck he was between me and the blast. He caught most of it. Saved my life... at the cost of his own."

I was quiet for a while. My thoughts were about Jack and were about going to Jenny after I got out of the hospital.

"I went to see her after I got out of the hospital. Met their two kids and told her his last statements were about her."

"She's a good woman, and you care for her, don't you?"

"Yes, she's a good woman. I wouldn't think of sending Jim to her if she wasn't one of the best. Jack loved her so very much. While we were at sea he spoke of her often. I felt like I knew her before I ever met her."

"Good. We mommas worry about Jim, you know."

"I worry about him too."

Sandra kissed me and while it began as a PDA (private display of affection) it grew in passion and urgency until we were filling the bedroom with our joining. I have loved being inside each of my wives since we met camping. Each is different. Sandra smolders for a while and then she lets go of restraint and her body rules her for a while. On that night she smoldered for almost a minute. I checked my body for burns the next morning. There was no lasting evidence of the flames.

When she lets go like that she loves to be held down and slammed into. She loves it a bit rough. I am happy to give her just what she likes.

At breakfast the next morning we were joined by Della and Pat. The girls went to get their books for school so Pat could drop them off on her way to the cleaners. As soon as they were out of the room Sandra showed Pat and Della the small bruise on her breast.

"He bit me!"

"I hope he gets my name tonight. Maybe he'd be willing to bite me!"

"Count on my willingness, Pat. In fact, I think we should confer when you get home this afternoon."

"Oh, it's called conferring. I thought I knew most of the things it was called. I'd like an appointment to confer with you, Master Chief."

"Four o'clock. Your room. I'll bring lotion."

"Oh! Can I come too?" Della asked. The girls came back, ready to go and Pat ushered them out to her car. As she went out she called out over her shoulder, "Yes Della! You can come too."

After breakfast was cleaned up I finished up the shelves in Della's basement. We could store lots of seasonal supplies down there. When the shelves were done I came back to my office to scratch off another item from my Honey-Do List. I checked my email and there was a note from Jenny.

After I read it I printed it and called Jim. I asked if he had told Krystn about leaving. He had and while she wasn't happy about it, she understood the need. I gave him a copy of the email.

He posted it in all three kitchens. It read: "The University of Montana is happy to announce the admission of James Kingsley to the Fall semester 2007. Contact the admissions office for ..."

The personal note from Jenny I didn't print and didn't post. She wanted more information about my new family and about Jim.

I wrote her. I told her about meeting Della and Margie and then meeting Sandra. I told her about loving Mark and then Jim and feeling so accepted as Dad. I told her about Kathleen and Sam and how great they made me feel every time they called me Daddy. I asked her about finding Jim a place to live and perhaps a job.

For the next couple hours I worked on cleaning up the big bbq grill behind Sandra's house. I love cooking outdoors in the summer. In the freezer I had lots of chicken and three racks of ribs. As I cleaned the grill I thought about the smell of cooking ribs and chicken.

At a quarter to four Pat's car parked between Della's house and Sandra's. I washed off my arms and hands in the sink on Sandra's back porch and followed Pat into Della's. I went up to her room and inside I pulled off my clothes and went into the shower. The water felt good and I shaved as one of the first things after getting wet. Before I was done both Pat and Della joined me under the water.

Pat's belly was just a bit swollen. All three of us washed Fido and laughed. Then we washed Della and laughed some more. I love the slippery feeling of soaping a woman's body. Their bodies feel great soapy. Mine lathers better than theirs. I believe it's because of my having so much more hair. I am so thankful that women shave or just don't have as much hair as men. I'm also glad women don't ask us to shave all our hair off. I know there are men who shave. I would do it for my wives if they wanted me to, and I'm so grateful they haven't asked me to.

I shaved their pussies while we were in the shower. I also tasted them both while we were in there.

We dried each other and when we went into the bedroom I saw that one or both of them had prepared the bed for our playtime. The quilt and top sheet were folded and stacked in a chair. The restraints I had built into the four corners of the bed were pulled out from under the mattress and ready to attach to whoever I attached them to.

The dresser drawer full of toys was open.

"Ladies, I want you to do some yoga stretches. You need to limber for the playtime today. Do not touch the bed until I ask you to."

"Yes, Sir." They said in unison. I watched them stretch for almost fifteen minutes. I joined in some of the moves. Occasionally I slapped an ass or tugged on a nipple as they limbered up. When I did they thanked me and kept stretching.

"Pat, please lie on the bed face up. Della, please help me restrain her arms."

Della attached a leather cuff to her right wrist while I attached one to her left. We snapped the cuffs to the restraint ropes and Pat was on the bed with her arms stretched out with no slack. Both Della and I knew Pat was very sensitive in and around her arm pits.

"Cuff her ankles, would you please?" I phrased it as a question but both women knew it was not a question. Della applied the leather cuffs to Pat's ankles. I attached a small rope to her left wrist cuff and had Della lift her leg up toward the headboard. I ran the end of the rope through the ring on the ankle cuff, over to the other ankle cuff and down to her other wrist.

Her pussy was open and defenseless.

I slapped her ass a few times and asked Della to slap Pat's ass a few more times. Della climbed on the bed and slapped her cheeks five times each.

"Della, find a blindfold please, and put it on Pat."

"Yes, Sir." She got my favorite blindfold and quickly attached it to Pat. There were white letters on the black leather that spelled out "Surprise me!"

I grabbed Della and moved her where I wanted her. I bent her face to Pat's pussy and had her lick Pat. When she touched Pat with anything but her mouth I slapped her ass hard. I only slapped her twice before she understood the communication.

Pat began moaning and moving her hips in response to Della's talented tongue. I moved behind Della and played with her pussy. I used my hands to spread her lips wide. I bent and touched my tongue to her inner wetness. She moaned.

I withdrew and saw that Della was holding Pat's ass in her hands. I slapped Della's hands. She pulled them away from Pat's ass. Her face never left Pat's dripping pussy. Pat encouraged her.

"Yes! Oh Della, eat me! You know just how to please me. Yes!"

I whispered, "Della, don't let her cum. If she cums too soon you won't cum at all."

"Yes, Sir." She said. It was muffled by her face being in Pat's pussy.

I positioned myself behind Della and slid into her pussy. She moaned and Pat said, "He's fucking you, isn't he? He's inside your cunt isn't he Della?"

I stroked and Pat talked. "I can almost feel him inside us both! It's like your tongue is an extension of Nick's cock. Oh, Della fuck me with Nick's cock! Make me cum!"

"Grab her nipples, Della. Squeeze them hard! Make her scream."

Della grabbed onto Pat's tits and squeezed and pulled. Pat arched and moaned loudly. "Yes! Oh, Yes! I can feel that all the way inside my pussy. Pinch my nipples!"

Della pinched hard. I slammed into Della and each stroke pushed her face into Pat's pussy. I knew Pat was very close. Should I let her cum and then punish her or stop the action and let her cool down? I stopped and pulled Della away from Pat.

"Della, give Pat your pussy. Straddle her face. Pat, from first touch until Della cums you get two minutes."

Della climbed over Pat's body and lowered her open pussy onto Pat's mouth. Pat opened and began eating like a starving woman. I moved and aligned my cock with Pat's pussy. I rested my cock at her entrance. She could feel me, right there at her entrance but no matter what she did I would not enter her.

Della was getting close to having an orgasm. I leaned forward and touched her ass with my hand. She leaned forward, opening her ass and pussy more to my access. Pat was sucking on Della's clit and using her tongue. I pushed into Pat and went as deep as my equipment allowed. My right hand grabbed Della's tit and squeezed hard.

"Thank you, Nick! Hang on to me, please. Pat, I'm so close. Bite me! Hurt me as I cum for you both." Her back arched and she shuddered for a long time. Pat swallowed her juices and kept at her pussy. I increased the intensity of my strokes inside Pat and suddenly she moaned loudly and arched. I felt her walls spasm around my cock.

Della and I untied Pat and removed the blindfold. We snuggled together for a while and talked. They were both concerned about Krystn and Jim. Della had an idea and bounced it off us. We liked it. She promised to talk to Margie and Sandra and then I would put it into action.

I had dinner with Della and Pat. Pat cooked. She made red beans and rice with andouille sausage. It was great. She made fresh cornbread to go with it. When the meal was over I volunteered to clean up. Della went and talked to Sandra and Margie.

About the time the kitchen was clean she was back.

"Go talk to Krystn. Sandra told me she saw her crying today."

I went to her room and knocked. She asked, "Who is it?"


"Just a minute, Dad." A minute later she opened the door. She had on a pair of shorts and her sleep tee.

"Can we talk?"

"Sure. Come in."

"I need your help tomorrow. I'm going out to the houseboat to work on the outside and I need a woman's touch on the inside. I'd like it to be your touch."

"Doing what?" She sat on her bed and I noticed her shorts gapped open and I could see her pussy. It was red and swollen. I had interrupted her masturbation.

"I want to take her out with the whole family on the weekend. I want you to do whatever needs doing to have the insides serve us. Get plates, plastic stuff, paper goods and have it ready to go for Saturday."

"Momma Sandra would be better."

"Maybe, but you're a woman of the family and I'm asking you."

"Can we go out on the lake while we work?"

"Thinking of getting some sun?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Then bring that scrap of cloth you call a bathing suit and some sunscreen. Can we leave at about eight?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Then, yes we can do that. We'll go to the HB, make a list. You'll go shopping and when you get back we'll go out on the lake so you can get some sun, swim if you want and see how you like the HB."

"You just want me to do this because you know I'm depressed."

"How would I know that?"

"I mope around. I spend a lot of time in here crying. I don't even eat dinner with anyone."

"Oh, that. I just thought you were angry because you didn't get to go to summer school."

"Dad! No one wants to go to summer school!"

"How would I know? I'm new at this job, remember?"

"Ok. Maybe I'm not depressed. But, if this isn't it, I never want to be depressed."

"Deal. You'll go with me?"

"Yeah. I'll go.

We went. Krystn loved being given the keys to my truck and a credit card with her name on it, with mine. She was back in about an hour and a half and I helped unload the truck. Four good sized boxes of stuff.

She hadn't noticed the freezer on the HB was big enough to hold two ice cube trays and nothing else. The frozen stuff would go home with us. I got the boxes on board and told Krystn to change into her suit, I would take the HB out of the marina.

I piloted from the top deck. Before I had cleared the buoy at the edge of the marina Krystn plopped into the seat next to me. I have seen smaller bikini's but not on Krystn and not without getting hard. It was a pale pink bikini and the material inside the two triangles almost covering her breasts was quite thin.

"Dad, don't look. I bought this suit for sometime when it would be just Jim and me. I know everything shows. I was going to wear my other suit but I couldn't find it this morning."

My eyes wanted to stare. My head ruled and I quit looking at her. It took a few minutes but we both relaxed and enjoyed the trip across the lake. I anchored us in a quiet cove and told her to enjoy the sun while I went below and stowed things.

It took me almost half an hour to get things put where I wanted them. Then a thought struck me. I hadn't seen Krystn have any sunscreen with her topside.

I called out to her. "Krystn? Did you slather yourself with sunscreen?"

"I put some on this morning, after my shower."

"You need more, a lot more! The sun reflects off the water and you'll burn."

"Ok. There's a bottle of sunscreen up here."

"Slather it on all over."

I worked on some other little things inside and about another half hour went by. I called out again, "Krystn, you need to cover up. I'm coming topside and we're heading back pretty soon. Is there a shirt of something I can bring you?"

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