I awake to a shaft of sunlight cutting through the curtains and shifting across my face. For a moment, I am drifting, thinking of all the things I will need to do today, all the errands, and the running around and the faked pleasantries as I plod through the day. I shift on the bed next to you and reality floats back to me like a dream. An air conditioner hums from the wrong location, the air smells different. And it is almost silent, except for your steady breathing.

This is not my bedroom and you are not my husband. It's not even morning. I smile.

I didn't expect to fall asleep. I suppose we both needed it, though, after that first round.

I sit up on the edge of the bed and realize how full my breasts are. Achy and pendulous. I've been away from the baby for too long. I half panic and check my phone. No messages from the sitter, but it's nearly time for school pick up.

Behind me, I hear you roll over toward me. Your large, warm hand runs softly over my back, chasing the anxiety away and triggering a roll of heat around my waist, settling in the low hollow of my belly, molten.

I close my eyes and try to dampen the feeling. "I need to go pick up the boys. We slept." You move closer, wrapping your arms around me and rubbing the stubble on your face into my lower back. I squirm and laugh and try to pull away. "Seriously, though!'

You bite a chunk of my ass as I stand up, and I giggle.

I skip to the bathroom to pee, picking through the trail of clothes on the way. I have no idea where my panties are.

Suddenly your wife's ringtone sounds. Your phone voice is good, convincing. True and perfect. You're just so swamped with work and so exhausted, you're just going to stay in the city at the room you got last night so you don't have to deal with the commute. Three day weekend after that, you'll do something special then, you swear.

The lying at once bothers me and excites me. I wonder how much you lie to me, too, even though you lie for me.

You had to get this room for two nights in order for us to have it around noon. The movies had given me the impression one could get afternoon hotel rooms for lascivious trysts, but turns out that's not a thing here. Maybe we're just bad at this.

I stand, looking at myself in the large mirror over the sink. My tits are tremendous and heavy, the nipples puffed, dark and engorged. I know I'm going to have to relieve them soon before they get painful.

I gently massage both of my nipples to try to get things going, rolling my fingers in a delicate squeeze from the behind the areola. Blobs of yellowish foremilk spring to the surface, swell, and roll down my skin softly.

"Hey, check out this nap boner!" you announce as you slide into the bathroom behind me. I laugh, still pumping my nipples, trying to get a faster flow. You stand there and look at me, absentmindedly stroking yourself.


"What what? It's hot, keep going!"

You press up against me from behind, your dick settling into the curve of my back, strong arms wrapping around me, hands gently caressing my breasts. I moan as my heavy let-down hits, creamy white milk flowing out of me and over your hands, dripping down my belly. You spin me around and begin lapping up the warm, sweet fluid. You are so cautious with my swollen, throbbing nipples, taking care of the hypersensitive skin. Then your mouth envelopes the whole of one, curving your tongue the way I taught you earlier. You suck gently, pulling my milk into you, drinking from me. I am so full and forceful, you are gulping. My other breast nearly sprays in your hand.

Then you are down on your knees, kissing my belly and nuzzling your face into me. You kiss lower and try to spread my legs. I half heartedly protest, the time is short, I need to go. But you tell me we have plenty of time as you tilt up one of my legs and kiss the slope of my thigh, then the top of my slit.

Your tongue slithers from your mouth, pushing between my folds, scraping my sensitive clit with an exquisitely slow back and forth stroke. I push at your head and say, "Too much, too much!! Everything is still so sensitive these days!" You laugh and go faster until I manage to push you away, but not before you've worked your tongue in a bit further, stealing a taste of the slick, ripe juice spilling out of my cunt.

You stand and shove your face between my boobs for a minute. "God these are just so... comfortable!"

You turn me around and look at us, together, in the mirror. Your hands roam all over my body. It's been weeks since we've seen each other, even longer since we've touched. Time is difficult to come by these days. And today is the first time I've let anyone touch me like this at all, since the baby arrived. I wanted you to be the first.

You're feeling my skin, the softness, the muscle underneath that's only just starting to come back. I'm different, but you seem to like it. Your hand lands on the little bulge on my lower belly for a moment. Something about that makes your still-stiff cock jump against my back.

A soft push on my shoulder means I should lean over. I fully spread myself over the counter, pushing my still leaking breasts into the coldness of the granite. I watch in the mirror as you skim hands over my back, the massage the pale white globes of my ass. For a moment you plop your thick rod over my crack and bounce your balls against my skin. "You're gonna have to move up a bit, shortie."

"I'm not short, you're tall" I proclaim as I put my right foot on the counter, barely touching the floor with my left toe. But it's good enough. I watch your face as you rub the head of your cock just outside my opening, wetting it.

I am swollen, my pussy engorged from hormones and lust. The head of your prick enters through my lips and is engulfed in a tightness, a push back. You take a moment for us both to acclimate and then surge further, commanding my fleshy hips with expert hands. I watch you the entire time in the mirror, studying your face, the way you look as you enter me.

You fuck me faster, I can tell you're watching the jiggle of my ass as you plow into me, each slam rippling through my body. I have to steady myself with a hand against the back splash.

You bend over a bit and pull me up at the same time, bringing my back to your chest. I am barely hanging onto the counter, impaled by you. "Rub your clit, cum on my cock, I want you to cum on my cock right. now." you growl in my ear. You voice slices through my body and send a chill to the small of my back.

I do as you say and dig into my clit, sometimes just for s second reaching further to feel your cock steadily rocking in and out of me like a perfectly timed piston, dragging itself against the walls of my cunt, stimulating every secret part of me. You can feel me tighten, a throb, a twitch. I am almost there. You slow up, stroking me to an ecstatic agony. As I begin to pulse in orgasm, you bend me forward again, roughly grab my hips and pummel me, making me scream.

I watch you in the mirror, red faced, sweaty. Your face contorts into pleasure that almost looks painful. You suddenly pull out of me and explode, shooting arcs of delicious, white jelly all over my back and butt.

I lean on my elbows, face in hands like a little girl, watching you in the mirror. You rub your dick around on my ass, shining it up with cum. You catch me looking and laugh. "It's art!" you claim.

"Get me a towel, I gotta get out of here."

You grab a towel and start cleaning me up. "You're a mess, are you sure you don't want a shower?"

"I don't have time. Besides, you know you want me to go home like this." I grin and take the towel, swiping at what I can, and hurrying to throw on my clothes.

Where are my fucking panties?!

As I'm walking around shirtless, you swoop in for one more suckle at my breast. I've stopped flowing now, but you still easily pull out a good swallow. The semi soft chub you press against me lightly twitches with every kiss you place on my tits, then my neck, then my face and lips.

I'm edging us backward toward the door, shoes and bra in hand, trying to slip my shirt on. We are both laughing. We are both completely ridiculous people, delirious on lust and maybe love. Maybe.

"Honestly, I NEED to go!" I slide through the door.

But just then, you catch my hand like a prisoner between the bars, saying, "Hey." I meet your eyes as you pause and I can see the humor as has run out of your face. And the color. There's a hesitation. Then, "Is she mine?"

A shot of steely panic cramps my heart. Your hand tightens on mine. "I - I don't know, I..." Stammering. I don't know. I honestly don't know.

"Will you come back tonight?"

I let out a heavy sigh. I know I shouldn't come back, but I will. I always will.

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Two women asked me to get them pregnant because their husbands could not. I mentioned this to my wife during sex. She said in a very possessive way that it really turned her on. Stay at home moms are justmore...

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