tagIncest/TabooLed Astray Ch. 02

Led Astray Ch. 02


The next morning I showered and dressed in a cotton top cut off at the midriff and tight white shorts. Grandpa greeted me as I entered the kitchen.

“Wow don’t you look good..... Going to give the boys a thrill today?”

“No I’m just meeting some friends at the mall..... Where is Mom and Dad?”

“Oh they left about an hour ago. Your dad was called out of town on an emergency and mom is out showing her new car to her friends.”

“Great, I was to drive and my car is in the shop. How am I going to get there now?”

“Why don’t you have some pancakes I made for you and we will discuss your transportation dilemma.”

Grandpa offered to let me use his Porsche. I couldn’t believe it. He wore a golf shirt and a pair of baggy shorts.

“There is only one test before I let you have the car.... You have to find the keys.”

I looked around the room and not seeing them gave a frown. As I passed by him he told me I was getting hot. On a lark I began frisking his torso and digging into his pockets. He laughed and said he was ticklish. As my hand went deeper into his pocket I found the keys and the hard cock I had seen explode the night before. My first instinct was to pull back but he held my hand on his shaft asking if I found the keys.

“Yes here they are... You are such a tease..... I should be home by six.”

Blushing, I ran out of the house and started the car. When I returned the house seemed empty. I called out and Poppy answered he was in his room. I went up to find him unpacking clothing which arrived while I was gone. He told me mom had called to say she was going out with friends and would be home late. I assured him I was a good cook and would prepare him a wonderful supper.

“What would you like?”

“For you to model that new bikini I bought you.”

“No I mean for dinner?”

“For you to model that new bikini.”

“Oh Poppy you’re such a tease..... Okay I want to see how it fits anyway.” I came back into the room posing like a model. The suit was a perfect fit.

“My... my... what a lovely young lady you are. I guessed at your size... 34 B seems just right for those perky little tits of yours... and Poppy loves how your tight little bun cheeks peek out of your panties..... Come here and give old granddad a big thank you kiss..”

I didn’t resist as Poppy took me in his arms and gave me a deep tongue kiss. I felt his hard dick press into my tummy and my nipples harden against his chest. He reached behind me and unsnapped my top. As it fell to the floor his lips moved to my breast and he began licking circles around my nipples. As he took one into his mouth and began sucking I swear I could feel it in my lady.... Err.... Pussy..

“Oh Renee.... I love sucking your puffy nipples...... Mmmmm feed you grandpa...”

Tracing his tongue to my belly he knelt and pulled down my bikini bottom. Poppy laid me back on the bed and began licking my lady lips.....

“Ohhhh... Poppy...... Uhhh.. That feels so good... Ohhh... Lick my lady... Eat my pussy.”

His tongue entered my open lips sliding it in and out. Finding my button he flicked it with the tip of his tongue as I felt a finger enter next to his tongue. His pace quickened and my body began to spasm.

“Ohhh grandpa..... Ohhh um.... I’m..... I’m ...... Goddddd....... Ohhhhhhh... Suck my pussy... Suck your little girls cunt... Ohh Poppy... Ohhh my god..... Ohhhh yes.... yes”

I had just experienced my first oral orgasm..... It was wonderful. Grandpa brought his mouth to mine and we kissed. I tasted my own juices on his lips.

“You taste wonderful baby.... You just had a great cum.... All over your granddaddy's face... Now I want to teach you how to help Poppy do the same...”

He shed his shirt and pulled down his shorts. There was that man meat I had seen and was curious to taste. It looked a lot bigger this close, a pulsating shaft and red knob. Grandpa gently guided my head down to his dick and said,

“Here baby... Grandpa wants to feel those sweet young lips around his old cock.... Kiss the knob... Uhhh that’s it... Now open your mouth.. Oh yes..... Yes run your tongue up and down my rod like your licking a lollipop.... Mmmmm.... that’s it baby.

Now go back to he head ... Kiss it... Ohh.. Open your lips.. Now slowly....... Take in as much as you can.. ohmm.. Like that... close your lips... raise... lower ...yes... yes that’s it little granddaughter... like you’re sucking a Popsicle... hehe... Poppy’s Popsicle.............

Oh yes... Suck your grandpa.. Suck granddaddy's cock..... Yes baby... Yes... Faster... Ohhhh god.. Faster... ohhh yes baby Poppy’s gona cum keep going... Ohhhh YESSSsss!”

I wasn’t ready for what happened next.... That explosion that went into the towel last night was now filling my mouth.... I swallowed some but began to choke... Coughing I spat what was left on Poppy’s belly. He laughed and grabbing my head pulling me up and kissing me.... His cum and my juices mixed on our lips. We stayed in each others arms for a while and talked.

“Baby girl you are one fine cock sucker... A natural.. You have one great future as a cock sucker.”

“Oh grandpa you made me feel so good when you made me cu... Cum.. is it?” He nodded. “I love how you eat my lady... I mean pussy.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching porno videos as he instructed me on the finer points of cock sucking, gang bangs, hand jobs, facials, various positions for fucking as well as butt fucking. He showed a tape of two girls eating pussy, although I doubt I would ever lick a pussy.

We touched and stroked each other as we watched the films. I stroked grandpa’s cock while he finger fucked my pussy. We must have cum four or five times..... At least I did!

I wasn’t sure what was next but Poppy said we should stop for today, have dinner and be on our best behavior when mother got home.

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