tagIncest/TabooLed Astray Ch. 05

Led Astray Ch. 05


In preparation for college my parents bought me new luggage and clothes, although I think grandpa really paid for it all. Poppy went crazy and bought a big expensive Motor Home parking it at an RV lot a few miles from my campus. He said it was for weekend family visits. Hum… wonder what he has in mind?

Mom, dad and grandpa waved goodbye as I pulled out of he driveway on my way to college. During the two hour drive I reminisced about the sex filled summer we had. Sadness came over me as I realized there would be no free flowing sucking and fucking, at least for a while. I smiled as I felt wetness between my legs. Hmm just remembering made me hot. I rubbed my pussy as I sped down the highway and almost had an accident as I made myself cum. Although he would laugh at my crashing while cumming, grandpa would be plenty pissed off if I wrecked the new car he had just bought me.

Struggling to carry my suitcases and computer to the dorm several upperclassman (at least they said they were) grabbed my luggage and helped me to my room. I could tell from the way they were eyeing me they would have loved to help me out of my clothes as well. I thanked them saying “if there is anything I could do for you….” They cut me off and with a smile, saying don’t worry and they would take me up on the offer.

I had just begun to put things away when my roommate arrived. Lisa is from China and has lived in he states for a year prior to coming to college. The fist thing you notice about Lisa is her beautiful and innocent face. Though nineteen, she appears to be much younger. She has lovely long black hair that flows to the waist of her five foot six inch frame. Her soft smooth skin stands in contrast to her sparkling dark eyes. From her quick smile and friendly hello I knew I was going to like her. We chatted as we unpacked. Lisa was concerned that her English was not very good. I assured her that her use of the English language was actually better than mine. It turns out we had several classes together.

That evening we had an orientation class after dinner. On the way back to the dorm I asked Lisa if she was a virgin. She stopped with a stunned look saying,

“Well…. Erh… Aha… yes…. a few boys try … I was not sure…. but they did not know what they were doing…… I would like to find someone who knows about sex. I need to find …. someone experienced.” Blushing she put her and to her mouth. “Oh I have spoken too bold…. I should not say such things.”

“No, Lisa go on I would like to learn about your life in China.”

“Okay?… a Chinese girl’s attitude to sex is that of curious.. We don’t know how to express the want. Girls are passive to love and sex… but we talk about boys and sex knowledge with each other. General speaking we like men older than us. We desire them out of respect for their wisdom and longevity.” Smiling she put her hand to her mouth and continued, “while I admit I am abnormal to love the dirty old men, sixty or older…”

Wow, my new roommate is hot. I love to hear her talk…. especially about sex. I was getting turned on, my pussy getting wet as she spoke. “Go on Lisa, tell me more.”

“Most Chinese girls may have the chance to watch or hear their parents or grandparents have sex because when we were young the living conditions were not so good and they might have to share one bedroom. I know it is what arouses my curiosity. We do masturbate….. secretly….. But it is not all about sex,” she continued.

“We study hard to be smart and want to be professional. While we are reserve we are good students at any aspect. Once we learn the pleasure of sex, we will start to love it and explore it actively. I want to be a princess in classroom and a nymphomania on bed.” She said blushing.

“Oh Lisa you are special. We are going to have a great year together…. Are you serious about wanting to be with an older man?” Lisa nodded. A big smile broke out on her innocent face. “Lisa, I know just the man…. “

Lisa indicated she respected and was curious about older men finding them sexy but had not known any as both her grandfathers had died when she was very young. I began to undressed in front of her. Initially she appeared to be shy but watching me she undressed as well.

“Oh Renee you have such a nice figure… and such full titties… I feel so small next to you.”

Lisa’s body is firm and tight. Her 34A perky tits are capped by long pink nipples and aureoles Her slim waist flows to a black triangle of hair in stark contrast to soft white thighs. Lisa’s long hair brushed against her curvy hips and firm butt cheeks.

“No Lisa, your body is so tight and fit. I wish my nipples were as big and stood out like yours… You know many older men prefer small tits… it reminds them of young girls.. and they find them so suckable…" I added.

“Have you ever been with a women?” I asked. Shaking her head she asked if I had.

“I…. I’m… I guess I may be… bi…or…. just questioning…. I really prefer men and only do women when it’s a threesome or so.” I couldn’t tell her my only experience was with my mother.

Lisa shared, “I did kiss and play with some girl…. friends when we talked about boys and sex. It is that I have not found pleasure from boys….. I am searching …. I am curious…. confused…. and very… horny. Masturbating does not always please me… If I am making you uncomfortable I can stop.”

I told her she was not making me uncomfortable and asked, “Do you really want to experience an older man making love to you?”

She said, “Yes and I would be grateful if you could help me find one”

Smiling, I told her I would see what I could do but thought we better get ready for bed. I was the first to shower. While Lisa showered I call Poppy to see if he could come for a visit the next weekend. I told him I had a big surprise for him. My sexual discussion with Lisa got me really hot and horny so I slid my dildo under the sheets giving my pussy a good fucking. I tried to muffle my cries as I came. I could hear Lisa making soft moans as she was cumming.

With classes and homework the first week flew by. We talked about sex and our frustration with younger guys. Lisa spoke more about life in China and I shared what it was like growing up in America. Friday afternoon I told Lisa I had a surprise for her, she should pack for the weekend and come with me. She kept questioning where we were going and almost jumped out when I pulled into the RV park.

“Is this a trailer park thing I have read about?” She asked.

Laughing I assured her it would be a wonderful experience and parked next to Poppy’s Motor Home. We had beaten him there which was my plan. Lisa was impressed with the opulence of the RV. She indicated it was larger than some older homes in China. I told her to go in the bedroom, take off her clothes and lay on the bed.

“I am going to blindfold you… but I assure you nothing crazy will happen. Just lay back and wait for the most wonderful experience of your life.”

Lisa looked so sensual. Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulder partially covering her left breast. As she laid back her slender fingers moved to her pussy pelt entering her love lips. I was wet just watching her. Hearing Poppy’s car pull up I closed the bedroom door. I greeted him with a big wet kiss and hug as he entered. Our bodies pressed together and I felt his hard dick pressing into my belly.

“Oh Poppy you’re already hard…. You dirty old man.” We both laughed.

“Why aren’t you naked little one?”

“Well Poppy I will be later but first…. you have been so generous and kind to our family so I found a way to say thank you. I have a big surprise for you in the other room…. How would you like to pop another beautiful young cherry… a Chinese cherry?”

I could tell from the ear to ear grin on his face I was giving him the perfect thank you gift. Keeping my clothes on I began to undress him. First his shirt, kissing his chest teasing and biting his nipples. He tried to touch my tits but I said no touching and he must do exactly what I told him. He obeyed as I slid his pants to the floor. Poppy’s purple headed shaft sprung up as it was freed from his confining shorts. I kissed the knob and slid my lips down his throbbing cock. I felt him grow in my mouth. I sucked and swirled my tongue as I raised and lowered my head. I had become pretty good at gauging that time right before the cum. Just before he approached the point of no return I grabbed his cock and squeezed as hard as I could to keep him from cumming.

“Ohhh Renee…. god I want to cum.. Ohhh.”

Holding on to his prick I led him to the bedroom and opened the door. With out a word he knelt between her legs. Lisa stirred as Poppy kissed her pussy lips which peeked out her jet black fur. He then ran his tongue up her body stopping at her cute little bellybutton and swirled his tongue, frenching the indentation. Continuing to her tits he circled the pink halos framing her erect nipples and sucking them retraced his path to her slit. Using his nose to part her pussy lips he ran his tongue up and down, swirling against the sides of her wet, tight cunt. Lisa moaned as his nose stimulated her clit with each movement.

“Ohh feels sooo good….. Oh good… oh yes…Ooohhhh yes…. Uhhh…. Ohhh.I am cumming… I… cumming.”

Lisa’s body stiffened and then trembled as she reached her climax.

Poppy raised up and kiss Lisa’s lips giving her a taste of her own juices. Her mouth opened and their tongues danced together. I was getting so wet watching them but this was Lisa’s party and I was going to stand back and let her enjoy. Poppy removed her blindfold.

“Lisa, I want you to meet my grandpa, Poppy.”

“Your grandpa?…. Your grandpa?….. I don’t know….. I… I… I know you are excellent pussy licker…”

Poppy interrupted, “ You are a very beautiful and tasty young lady, Lisa. And you are my first Chinese woman…. Lovely!”

Poppy asked if she truly wanted him to take her virginity. She said yes with a resounding certainty. He began on top, different then when he took my cherry.

“Now I’m going to ease in… if you get uncomfortable or it hurts too much just let me know.”

Poppy laid the now crimson head of his penis on the lips of her vagina and slowly eased it in. Lisa jumped as his large tool penetrated deeper.

“Okay sweetheart?…”

Lisa nodded and clawed his back as his continued. Poppy was about half way in when he began a slow rhythmic thrust. Lisa cried out,

“Oh yes Ohh it .. It Ooooo … Agh… Oh that’s better…. Ooou you’re so big… Mister Poppy.”

Poppy’s cock was straining against her very tight twat. He felt her inner muscles tighten and relax with each hump. Lisa’s hips raised and lowered with Poppy’s plunge. It was a beautiful and erotic sight to see. They were in complete harmony. My roommate and my grandfather fucking away. I couldn’t take it any longer. Tearing of my clothes I fingered my pussy to their rhythm.

“ohhH Ohhhh Mister Poppy it… it… ouooh… Oh yes fuck me fuck me.. Make love… take my cherry… Ohh … I cumming…. Ohhh Cumming Mister Poppy..”

Grandpa shot his wad as well. He pulled out and still kneeling swung around so his dick, dripping with cum, was just above Lisa’s face. She knew exactly what to do and took his cream coated cock in her mouth sucking and tasting the commingling of their juices. Poppy bent over, face between her legs licking and slurping her honey hole.

“You two were awesome. What a show to watch…. How do you feel Lisa?”

Wiping love juices from her chin Lisa said, “Your grandpa is what I have been seeking….. I… I want to be a lady…. but my body don’t.“ She said with a sly smile.

Nodding to Poppy and then me she asked, “Do you fuck?”

“As often as we can.” Grandpa said with a smile.

“What about your parents? Do they know?” She said looking at me.

“Oh yes and you’ll get to meet Renee’s mom and dad soon.” Responded Poppy.

I left the room to get a pitcher of ice water as we all had worked up quite a thirst. When I returned I saw Poppy sitting on the edge of the bed with Lisa kneeling before him. Her gorgeous long hair flowing to her waist as her head jerked up and down, her lovely lips wrapped around grandpa’s now rigid rod. Her stunning but innocent face glowing as she sucked his cock. Poppy’s ball sack in hand, she squeezed with each downward thrust of her magical mouth. Oh… it was extremely exciting and erotic to watch this 'pure appearing' young girl sucking off my grandpa.

I heard Poppy whisper some instruction and then, perhaps to Lisa’s surprise, he unloaded his jism in her mouth. With a stunned look this sweet little girl gulped and swallowed her first full load of cum. She smiled as the residue trickled from her lips and droplets fell on her erect nipples. Poppy pulled her up to his mouth. They kissed a long and deep kiss.

Lisa and I laid on the bed with Poppy between us. I French kissed him then he sucked on my nipples while Lisa stroked and kissed his limp cock in an effort to bring it, “awake,” as she said. It didn’t take long and grandpa was ready to ride again. I wanted to feel that big thick meat sliding in and out of my wet love canal. I move down and straddling him lowered my quivering love lips on to his fuck stick. Meanwhile Lisa sat on his face enjoying his tongue fuck.

Lisa and I were facing each other and out of instinct I began to play with and fondle her tits. I got more and more turned on by the cock pounding in my sex starved pussy and my hands… and now lips on Lisa’s nipples. She had a startled look on her face but like my first time with mother, she mimicked everything I did.

“Oh Renee you are such sexy woman… I love how you touch me and grandpa… Aha he licks sooo good…”

I could feel Poppy expand inside me and I knew he was ready to blow. The pace of each quickened. Lisa’s breathing became heavier and I began to make the little ‘Ohuuu’ sound I do just before cumming. With a fierce thrust of his hips, Poppy exploded filling my cunt with cum. Lisa whimpered as she came and ground her pussy down on grandpa’s face. Realizing what she had done she raised up, giving him a chance to catch his breath.

Lisa‘s joy juices dripping from his face Poppy said, “Wow ladies, that was some action… I think I’m going to have to take a break.”

Getting up he opened a drawer and pulled out an eighteen inch double headed dildo.

“I was saving this for you and your mom but it looks like you two could use it now… and I think I will enjoy the show.”

Lisa gave me the strangest look when Poppy said, “you and your mom.” I told her I would explain later. Poppy had us lay with our pussies facing each other. He slid one end of the rubber dick into Lisa’s dripping hole while he shoved the other in my sopping cunny. Grandpa sat at the end of the bed stroking himself and watching the two young women he deflowered fuck each other with the double dong. Periodically he would stand and kiss each of us or rub our tits, pinching our nipples. I took more and more of the play prick in my eager pussy moving closer and closer to Lisa. My legs were arched over hers and our butt cheeks were pressed against each other. Hanging on with one hand each we rammed the cock deeper and deeper into each other until we reached the mega orgasm of the day.

“What was that about your mother?”… Lisa asked.

“Renee’s mom and dad will be here tomorrow so you can see for yourself.” Poppy said with a smile.

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