tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLee Ann Ch. 02

Lee Ann Ch. 02


Ch. 02 Becoming a slave

Lee Ann was still affected by the humiliating experience Richard and Robert put her through at the club. Robert swapped a blonde Bimbo for her, without Jim, her boyfriend, realising the consequences. Being swapped by the guys like nothing more than a baseball card, or some other trivial object, was extremely demeaning.

In the club Richard bought her from Robert, reinforcing the feeling of being nothing more than an object of pleasure. He used her body, as though she was nothing but a sex slave! It confirmed without doubt she had a deep submissive side, with a need to be controlled.

Still buzzing from what happened at the club she was daydreaming, while being driven home by Richard. Glancing around she wondered where they were.

"Err, I live on Elm, over at Woodland Heights," Lee Ann murmured.

"We are going to my house. Don't forget I bought you, and you agreed to be my slave," Richard firmly told her.

"But that was just a game, wasn't it?" she asked, with a look of incredulity on her face.

"Until your boyfriend buys you back, or someone else buys you, you belong to me. He has a woman now, Robert's Bimbo. So, until he figures out what happened to you, you're my slave," Richard firmly told her.

The compliant blonde beauty would suit Jim, so given the chance he would have taken her home by now. How could she go home looking so slutty, and with Richards sperm encrusting her thighs? If Jim had taken the blonde home, it would be terrible arriving there seeing them together. A feeling of guilt left her wanting to slink away, and hide out somewhere.

Lee Ann was desperately trying to regain some composure. She needed to find the words to counter this audacious statement. How could she be a slave? Did he really say he might sell her to someone else if Jim didn't collect her? The more she thought about being a slave, the more submissive she became. She felt so low and small, and worthless.

Unable to go home, staying with Richard seemed the only solution. If so, it was important to shake off the submissive feelings. Like this it would be difficult to defy him.

They drove into his garage. She just sat there, bemused, thinking about everything and nothing. He opened the door helping her out of the car. She stepped into the brightly lit kitchen, blinking her eyes, rubbing away tears.

"Get those slutty clothes off, slave," Richard demanded.

She didn't know what to do. She trembled with fear. For a moment she thought it was only right to serve him, while her boyfriend had that blonde Bimbo. The guilt left her thinking Jim deserved to have some fun with the blonde. She had to get a grip. It was wrong. The naughty game could only be carried out at the club. Being a slave here had to be wrong didn't it?

She had let Jim down, so he deserved to get his own back, by using that Bimbo. Did she deserve to be punished, by being taken as a slave? She shook her head, knowing these thoughts were a result of her arousal, and it was pushing her into making a wrong decision.

She would have to refuse to play Richards game now, before it was too late. She must demand to be taken home. She couldn't just give in to this madness. Someone couldn't be enslaved in this day an age. It was just a dirty game and had to end!

"I've, err, got to go home," Lee Ann quietly said. Intending to be more demanding her voice instead sounded pathetic. She couldn't go home and she dare not stay here.

Richard pulled her over his knee. While she was still stunned he pulled her shorts down.

"Hey! What are you doing, you can't do this. I'm a mature woman, not a naughty schoolgirl. Owww!" she bawled. She kicked her legs, desperately trying to get free.

He was too strong for her, and was used to such a protest.

"Stop it, please! You're hurting me! Please, sir," she bawled. "I'll be a good girl, honest, sir," she whimpered.

He spanked her until she became subdued.

"You are a dirty little slave girl, tell me what are you!" he fiercely ordered.

"I'm, err, I'm a dirty little slave girl," she murmured.

Although it seemed wrong, she became so hot he easily wrung the words from her. Her thoughts were torn between wanting to escape, and needing to be dominated.

He reached under her to pull on a nipple. He slapped her ass and made her repeat it louder.

"I'm a dirty little slave girl, master," she cried out.

He slapped her bare bottom again, while holding onto the nipple. He twisted the nipple and stung her ass.

"I'm sorry master. I'm your dirty little slave girl, master. I promise to do as I'm told, honest, master. Please don't hurt me, master," Lee Ann whimpered.

"In future you will do as you are told and jump to it, understood?" he asked.

"Yes, master, sorry master," she whimpered.

It was just a game. A bad dirty game, but something she had to do. This man owned her, so that made her his sex slave. There was nothing she could do but obey him.

It was just until her boyfriend fetched her back home, wasn't it?

Lee Ann quickly stripped off to stand before him, posing like a naughty girl. Her behaviour at the club had been so bad, when acting like a nasty slut, the spanking was deserved. She felt so small and insignificant before him, all doubts as to being his slave were abandoned. She was nothing but a humble slave and he was her master. It was what she needed and craved for, to be dominated and controlled.

"On your knees, slave," he fiercely demanded.

His deep commanding voice couldn't be disobeyed. Lee Ann crawled to him and undid his zip as commanded. Her sex was dripping wet from a deep uncontrollable arousal.

That night she served her master. It was impossible to question his orders, which he delivered with exactness and authority. It was so easy to submit to him she forgot about everything else except learning to serve his every whim.

From the moment she awoke next day, it was easy to slip into the role of slave. He collared her as a symbol of her servitude. It was the only thing she was allowed to wear. Being busy with household chores was the only shred of normality she was able to cling to.

"Very good, slave, you have learnt to serve me well," Richard informed her.

"Yes, master, thank you master," Lee Ann dutifully replied.

She carried on serving him in a dream like state, hardly able to comprehend it was for real. Being kept in a constant state of arousal had her meekly serving him. Every reward, including the wonderful sex, kept her compliantly pandering to his every whim. Much more of this, and she would be completely lost.

"After lunch, you will practice slave positions," he informed her.

Sitting on her haunches on the floor at his feet emphasised her lowly position. She thrust out her breasts and spread her thighs.

"You are a beautiful little slave-girl," he told her.

Lee Ann glowed with pride. He was very demanding, controlling everything she did. She even had to ask him to use the bathroom. Sometimes he supervised her there too. It had been embarrassing at first, but soon became used to it. She felt so wonderful now that he was please with her.

She wondered what Jim would think if he knew what was happening. A business rival was putting his girlfriend through an irresistible slave training regime. Richard had tricked her into this. Their meeting at the club hadn't been a coincidence, it had all been arranged. She had been deliberately aroused into a state of abject submission, and sold to him.

At last she was allowed to wear clothes. Lee Ann wore a leotard, stretched tight over her body. Everything was covered except her sex and breasts. They were rudely revealed, purposely out on display.

A visitor arrived and she was expected to serve them both. Lee Ann stood to attention, with a tray in one hand, ready to serve them drinks. The visitor, Sheila, wore an all in one leather suit. It looked as though she had been poured into it. Richard couldn't keep his eyes off the woman.

He tried to keep the conversation casual, though he was having an obvious difficulty concentrating, ever since she removed a coat. They ignored the slave during dinner, only acknowledging its presence to demand a splash of wine or morsel of food.

They settled back in large comfortable easy-chairs in the lounge. Lee Ann stood unobtrusively between them, ready to serve. She felt so pathetic being ignored, though that was preferable to being teased.

She dare not step out of line, for he would find a way of humiliating her; which would push her ever more deeply into a submissive role. Though how that might be different from how she was behaving now, it was hard to discern. He had her right where he wanted, behaving how he wanted.

"What do you think of my slave, Sheila?" Richard asked.

"It has a nice figure, and it seems well behaved," Sheila commented.

"Would you like to inspect her?" Richard asked.

"Of course, I thought you would never ask," she gently laughed.

"Slave," he stated, to gain her attention. "Stand there, and slip that thing off," he offhandedly ordered. He pointed to a spot on the carpet between them, where he wanted her.

Lee Ann lowered her head in supplication, feeling afraid, unable to refuse yet another degrading command. She stood between them stretching her body and the leotard, pulling at it, rolling the thin garment from her body. She shook her long blonde hair from around her face, and stood up straight.

"Turn around, let our guest get a good look at you," Richard casually said. He had seen it all before. He was watching Sheila's reaction, gauging her interest.

Lee Ann felt so terrible yet she could do nothing but obey. It was far more demeaning with the two of them examining her naked body. Her shaved pussy was on view, though she kept her legs together, hiding as much as she could.

"Take a closer look," Richard invited.

In an agony of embarrassment she felt the woman standing close, towering over her. They were purposely humbling her, making her feel low and mean. Richard already had her feeling like an object, something he owned. Despite the humiliation she felt a warm glow, as her master was showing her off like a prized possession.

"I paid a lot for her," he commented.

Lee Ann cringed at the callous remark.

Sheila took hold of a nipple and twisted it. With both hands she rubbed and weighed the breasts, then ran her hands down the slave's smooth flesh. Over her belly one hand glided, while fingers gripped and twisted a nipple.

Sheila pushed a hand lower, holding the slave's crotch, pushing upward, cupping its sex.

"It reacts easily enough. Does it always get sexed up from having its breasts worked?" Sheila casually asked.

"Yes. Its breasts and nipples are very sensitive. The slave responds uncontrollably by pulling on its nipples," he stated.

"Good! I like that," Sheila commented. She pushed two fingers into the slave's pussy, finding it flowing with sex juices.

Lee Ann flinched, from both the nasty comments and the fingers delving so carelessly into her private place. It was no longer hers, since he had bought her at the club, so it belonged to him.

It was in the club she had come to realise the truth. She was uncontrollably sexed up when someone, anyone, touched her breasts. It was an awful discovery. She felt pathetic to be manipulated so easily. Like a sex doll having its string pulled, her sex automatically opened up, ready to be fucked.

The woman expertly manipulated her sex and wrapped an arm around her body to press fingers between the cheeks. Lee Ann opened her mouth to let the woman explore with a wet tongue. The woman insistent tongue was tinged with the taste of red wine.

A finger found her asshole and pressed gently there too. Lee Ann tried to relax, not wanting to be hurt, yet her whole body was on fire in a tense state of arousal.

The persistent finger gently entered her. Lee Ann had fingers exploring her vagina, with a thumb finding her bud. The thumb pressed it, rubbed it, teasing it. Her breathing rate increased with urgent gasps, as the right pressure was found. The woman expertly manipulated her into arousal.

Lee Ann couldn't help it she was on the cusp of an orgasm. The finger in her bottom seemed to meet the fingers in her vagina, through the thin wall separating them. This dominant woman had worked her up into a torrid state within seconds. She was a helpless bundle of nerves, only just able to stand.

Her legs trembled. With her hands at her sides her whole body wavered around. Needing to reach out to this stranger she instead had to be compliant, while manipulated. She was barely aware of what was happening around her, or even where she was. Every sense was concentrated on that small area of her sex, and sensitised nipples.

The woman leant in and bit on a nipple, then gently sucked it into her mouth.

Lee Ann threw back her head, and yelped in the throws of an orgasm.

"What do you say?" Richard demanded.

"Thank you mistress, for the orgasm," Lee Ann murmured, with a look of shame. The automatic response had become a habit; deeply ingrained from the training.

"That was impressive!" Sheila sighed. "I feel in need myself after that," she huskily stated.

Sheila lowered the slave to her knees. Sitting down she beckoned to the slave with a crook of a finger. Her eyes were narrow slits, with a look on her face of intense sexual need.

"That was a real turn on," she murmured. "Here slave, you can learn to like a woman's taste," she smiled, and unzipped the crotch of the leather suit.

Lee Ann's face was forced between the woman's legs and roughly pressed into her sex. It smelt unfamiliar. She was used to a man's sexual heady aroma; learning to love it recently. Even the taste of sperm was now enjoyed.

Still in the after glow of an orgasm Lee Ann was compliant. As a slave she was obedient, so got on with the unfamiliar task of licking a woman's sex. The woman guided her with movements and instructions.

Richard was enthralled with the impromptu entertainment. At first his slave was hesitant. As a slave, giving pleasure had become her sole aim in life, so she soon became enthusiastic. He could tell it wasn't just to get the task completed as quickly as possible. His slave was licking and sucking with enthusiasm.

Watching Sheila in the throws of an orgasm was interesting too. She was an important member of the circuit with good contacts. He courted her approval for his own ends, and she mentored him for the same reason.

Sheila put a hand between her legs and cupped her sex hard. "I needed that," Sheila laughed.

"There's a private function this evening. I'd like to enter your slave, Richard," Sheila casually asked.

Lee Ann was sent away to fetch drinks. She was worried what they had in store for her, but by the time she returned they had completed the arrangements. As a slave she no longer had a say in how or where, or who she was to serve.


Lee Ann didn't like the idea of a wrestling match. It was ladies night at the health club and Sheila had entered her as a slave. Some of the mistresses were wrestling too.

After drawing lots, she was thankfully matched against an older woman, someone she would have a chance of beating. The opponent, May, was an important business woman she knew of, but hadn't met before.

The woman was bigger, though everyone was, for she was only five-four. Lee Ann had been working out at the gym for a few months, and was confident. Although she had a slight build it might be to her advantage, as she hoped to be quicker and more agile than the older woman.

There was a forfeit to be paid by the loser. It was worrying enough to have her trying hard to win. Her Mistress hadn't warned her about the price to be paid for losing. The forfeit was unknown as it would be pulled from a bag after the match. All she knew was that it could be highly embarrassing, humiliating, or just silly.

One slave had to clean a mistress's house at the weekend. A slave told her the girl Judy, would make a thorough job of it. She was so house-proud cleaning was more of an obsession than a duty. Everyone looked at Judy knowing it was an amusing and fitting forfeit.

The drinks flowed, loosening the mistresses up. They became more boisterous and demanding of their slaves.

After the next bout, slave Miranda had to run naked around the block. It was in the dark, but there were still a few people around to stop and stare. It was the fastest half mile she had ever run. Her large breasts bounced around as she stumbled in, out of breath. Everyone cheered and clapped, encouraging her like a champion runner.

Slave Nelly had to strip naked and stand in the gym's window, for passers by to ogle. There were few people around at that time of night; hurrying home, or on their way out to a bar. She stood absolutely still, hoping no one would notice she was a real person. It worked, until a bunch of young guys walked passed. Of course they had to notice her. They made rude gestures and comments through the window.

Having consumed enough wine to fire her courage she played up to them. She started to pose from their suggestions. She bent over, holding her ankles. She was enjoying the exhibition too much, so her mistress grabbed hold of her. She put Nelly over her knee and spanked her. It was in the window, right in front of the guys, who laughed and yelled with delight. The other mistress's pulled them in before the police were called. Eventually the guys got bored and moved on.

After that, Lee Ann felt obliged to carry out the dare, whatever it would be. She too was a little turned on by the exhibition. Not from looking at the naked slaves, but from the humiliating situations they had been placed in. The thought of displaying her naked body so blatantly to strangers, was heating her up.

Like everyone else, she wore a bikini for the wrestling bout. Finding the woman more of a challenge than expected worried her and she began to hesitate. The woman had oiled her body, so it was difficult to get to grips with her. May pulled her round, and hugged her tight, by her breasts. This was no good, for she was too vulnerable in this hold.

May gripped her breasts hard, squeezing her nipples.

"Are you ready to give in yet, little slave girl?" May whispered, in her ear.

Lee Ann became angry and struggled free, to receive a cheer. She turned around in a crouch meaning to grab a leg, to pull the woman down. The sudden move worked, and the woman fell onto the mat. Unfortunately she grabbed Lee Ann, pulling her down with her.

In a mass of slippery limbs they struggled for supremacy. The woman sat on her, rubbing her ass over Lee Ann's face. The crowed laughed as May played up to them. Lee Ann was red with anger and humiliation combined. She lifted her legs up, trying to wrap them around her opponent's neck in a winning hold. Instead, the woman pushed her thighs down onto the mat and bit her pussy.

With legs spread akimbo, arms snaking around near naked bodies, they writhed like an octopus. An arm wound around a thigh, pushing up tightly under Lee Ann's crotch. May wrapped her other arm under an armpit, gripping her opponent tight. She lifted Lee Ann off the mat, in a triumphal move.

Lee Ann was out of breath, panting heavily from exertion. She lay there defeated. She could feel the woman's bare arm tightly fitting over her bare lips, where the bikini had slipped awry. The top had been shoved up exposing her breasts, during a scrabble for a hold.

She could feel her pussy wet against the woman's arm, hoping no one would notice. The exhibition of her naked body was turning her on. A bunch of raucous strangers could see her body and how turned-on she was. She couldn't get out of her mind how embarrassing it would be, displaying her naked hot body before a bunch of young guys, like Nelly had.

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