This is a story about a fictitious place known as the Internet Cybersex Prison. Here the worst criminal minds among girls, ages 18 to 24, are incarcerated. They frequently are too dangerous to keep in normal prison populations. Here they are used in the most despicable ways imaginable. This story concerns one of the inmates and her paying client. She is a beautiful, nineteen-year-old Asian girl named "Leena." She has had her feet locked into steel high heel shoes. Her ankles are tethered together with a two foot chain. As with each girl in the Internet Cybersex Prison, she has a steel slave collar welded about her neck. Her Domme, Chris, made sure that Leena would have to struggle to keep up with her walking. Chris enjoys leading Leena on a leash through passageways and catwalks. Leena must take very short steps and struggle to maintain balance in the unforgiving high heels. Stairs are particularly difficult for her. After about an hour her feet are killing her and her legs are cramped. Chris enjoys seeing the gorgeous girl endure a daily routine, from which there is no escape.

The panel in the gray steel door slides open. Leena rises to her feet and backs up to the panel, holding her wrists together to be cuffed. One of the two male guards cuffs her today, locking the handcuffs loosely about her wrists but not so loose as to allow escape. Leena is always grateful when one of the male guards locks her handcuffs. Chris always locks her handcuffs painfully tight. Once cuffed, the door opens and the trio enter: Chris and the two uniformed male guards. The first male guard inserts three fingers into Leena's mouth. The body cavity inspection is humiliating and degrading. Leena wonders what she could possibly try to conceal? After all, she is chained or shackled all day long. Still the drill continues.

The two guards position Leena on her back and fold her knees to her chest, exposing her underpinnings and privates. Today Chris has a new toy to show Leena. Chris shows Leena a long, thin, red rubber tube. She manipulates it to extrude another tube inside. The interior tube is plastic with a rough appearance. Leena shudders and squirms. Chris enjoys Leena's apprehension and breaks the deafening silence with her explanation: "Dearest darling girl, you have done so well with your treatments. You have managed not to cry out when I placed droplets of hot sauces, alcohol, and the like on your cervix. I had been hoping so much that you would shriek in pain, but you maintained. I have wanted the opportunity to punish you with the riding crop. Now I have a new toy that may deliver." Leena's eyes widen as she sees Chris manipulate the tubes.

"Now we don't want to injure you," Chris continues, "as scars wouldn't allow the proper mixture of pleasure and pain. And we want tomorrow to be more intense than today as well. So here is how it works: first I insert this tube into your uterus. Then inject a droplet of the irritant of the day, which today is ethyl alcohol. It will burn and hurt. Then I pull back the red rubber tube and leave the rough plastic tube. It will pull away the mucus plug from your cervix and irritate the passage as it is withdrawn. Not enough to cause bleeding or infection, but more than enough to scrape away the outer layer of tissue. Then only a drop of alcohol to the unshielded, bare lining of your cervix. The pain will be exquisite. I have bets riding with Greg and Oleg, your two male guards, that you will cry out this time!"

Chris tells Leena more. She is excited in narrating the exact nature of the new toy and its effects: "I got this idea from another matron who devised a fiendish torment for her ward. She put a baby bottle brush inside a plastic tube. She inserted the tube and, once in place, withdrew it, leaving the baby bottle brush imbedded in the girl's vagina, metal handle protruding. Walking was painful and she had to avoid anyone touching or pulling on the brush handle."

Chris catches her breath as the two male guards are amazed at her dark, deep, depraved delights and painful, perverse playthings. She narrates more: "This is a miniaturization of the brush in a tube! It is localized on the cervix and the interior of the womb. But with only a drop or two of irritant. This allows a variety of substances to be tried... extreme chili peppers, hot ginger or other hot spices, alcohol, tincture of iodine, the list goes on. Oh, yes, the baby bottle brush could be re-sheathed and painlessly removed if the girl pleased her Mistress. You will not be so lucky, Leena. I am looking forward to hearing your scream. If not today, then the second day of your menstrual period. I will relate more on that when it comes to pass, so to speak." Chris laughs, finding something amusing in her last remark.

Chris inserts the speculum and opens the duckbills wide. She twists the device to expose the cervix. A long red rubber tube works its way into Leena's uterus, dilating the cervix and pushing aside the mucus plug. There is some pain and discomfiture on Leena's part, but it isn't severe. Then Chris pulls the red rubber tube out, leaving the rough plastic interior tube. A tiny drop of ethyl alcohol is pumped into the hapless girl's womb. She writhes and twitches in agony. Chris enjoys slowly pulling the rough plastic tube through the raw tissue of Leena's cervix, leaving behind a few tiny droplets of alcohol. The pain and cramping is nearly unbearable. Leena is soaking wet in sweat. Perspiration beads up on her forehead and drools from her hirsute armpits. She has an odor of fear and pain. The back of her knees and the small of her back are dripping. Somehow Leena manages to hold her primordial scream.

"You amaze me girl," Chris states. "When you begin to menstruate things will be different. Just you wait and see."

Christ pulls the speculum out without compressing it. Oleg decides to do his rectal exam without lubrication. He shoves two fingers, middle finger atop index finger, into Leena's rectum. This seems to irritate her more than the speculum. At any rate, the body cavity search is done for the day.


"Today we don't do our walk, girl," Chris tells Leena. "We have a client who wants three girls to dance for eight hours straight. Well, with one ten-minute break each hour. I will unlock and remove your ankle chain but leave those high heels on. If you don't make the whole eight hours, expect to be whipped, hands high above your head. Does a girl understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Leena answers.

The three girls assemble in a room. Chris reads the agreement: "We have three girls here to obey the dance commands. Lita has not been allowed to sleep or rest for 48 hours, Leena is wearing steel high heel shoes, and Trisha hasn't been allowed to eat or drink water for the last 24 hours. Should any fall or fail, there is the overhead chain, the leg spreader, and a suitable whip. Are we ready to start?"

The client is visible on a video monitor. He is morbidly obese and depraved. This is obviously his one and only way to control a girl. The caller begins: "Step to the left; turn about; cha-cha-cha;..." At the end of the first fifty minutes the girls try to relax. Lita is made to stand but given water. Leena is permitted to lie down and drink water, but Chris spanks her pussy. Trisha is allowed to sit and watch the other girls drink with a parched throat and dry, chapped lips.

After six hours Trisha falls. The others continue to dance as they watch male guards string Trisha up. Mercifully she is given water to drink before her whipping. Chris chooses a broad leather belt and starts behind her on her shoulders, then back, buttocks, and legs. Trisha screams out when Chris strikes her between her spread legs. This means even more strikes to Trisha. At last Chris works Trisha's breast and armpits. The client is satisfied and Trisha is taken back to her cell.

After the seventh hour, Lita and Leena are still dancing. Both hope to make it for the duration. Chris now allows both to lie down and rest without punishment. Both are given water to drink. Leena's feet are swollen and bloody in her high heels. Lita falls into a torpor from lack of sleep. Then it is time to return to the dance floor. Chris slaps both girls' breasts to motivate them.

"The two are to dance together," Chris announces. "Fast dance." The two girls suffer and writhe. It seems like the fifty minutes will never end. At long last it is done. The client is satisfied at the look of the exhausted girls. The various vital signs monitors indicate both are nearing collapse. Chris has stretchers brought to return the girls to their cells---neither is in condition to walk.

Back in her cell, Leena is unable to stand. Chris locks the two foot chain to her ankles. "You may think that you can avoid the hour walk tomorrow, but you can't. I have wanted an excuse to whip you for some time. But somehow you have garnered enough strength to avoid the riding crop, belt, or bullwhip. It's just a matter of time. My arithmetic shows that soon you should begin your menstrual cycle. Then I will enjoy inserting and pumping up your inflatable pussy plug. Methinks that in that state you will cry out and afford me my dessert."

"Yes, Mistress," Leena responds. She is now engaged in a battle of wills, trying as hard as she can to avoid the whipping. The image of Trisha between whipped all over hardens her resolve. She recalls the primal scream when the heavy leather belt smacks Trisha's pussy. Could any girl keep from crying out under such circumstances?


The next morning Leena feels a dampness between her legs. Her period is beginning. There is no way she can conceal it from Chris. She knows that once the speculum is inserted that it will be obvious that this is her "time of the month." The sliding panel opens in the door. Leena presents her wrists for the handcuffs. She is relieved that one of the guards, Gus, has cuffed her loosely. As the three enter the room Chris makes an announcement: "Our little dance queen is on the rag, that is, if she only had a rag." Oleg produces a pussy pump from his backpack. Chris wastes no time. She doesn't even wait for Leena to be put in a supine position. The pussy plug goes in and the pumping begins. Leena struggles to avoid collapsing.

"Enough for today," Chris says to all present. "Tomorrow when this little slut is full of her own menstrual fluid we will exercise her a maximum." Chris removes the inflation bulb and tubing, making it impossible for Leena to deflate and pull out the inflated indwelling bulb. Leena feels a certain melancholy and helplessness overcome her. They are leaving her alone in the cell, her hands cuffed behind her back? She can only imagine the torment the morning will bring with her vagina filled with menstrual fluid. What special things does Chris have that she alluded to?

Later in the day Oleg enters the cell and brings bowls of water and oatmeal. Leena now realizes that she might have to eat with her hands behind her back. She tries negotiating with Oleg: "Please feed me, Master," she pleads. Then she coyly smiles and adds: "A girl consents to anal sex. You may sodomize this dirty little slut and she will never tell or complain." Even though the girls are prisoners, the male guards are limited. Oleg fetches a spoon from his backpack and feeds Leena.

After she has been fed and watered, Leena turns over on her stomach. From her prone position she spreads her legs, inviting the use of her Glory of Glories. Oleg parts her glorious hemispheres and observes her nictitating brown star. Her anus winks a naughty brown eye inviting penetration. Oleg wastes no time in driving his massive member into Leena's tiny, tight, taut rosette.

Leena rocks and squirms, talking dirty to Oleg: "Fuck this nasty, dirty little slut in her ass. She loves your cock in her butt. Spread that asshole, Master." Oleg gladly obliges her in that regard. "Tear it up, Master. Harder, faster, deeper." Oleg doesn't notice the tears and drooling of his subject. Leena knows that eating with her hands cuffed behind her back would be too difficult. She knows that she will need her strength for the morning. What will Chris do to her on the dreaded "day two" of her period.

11 Nov 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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