This is a story about a fictitious place known as the Internet Cybersex Prison. Here the worst criminal minds among girls, ages 18 to 24, are incarcerated. They frequently are too dangerous to keep in normal prison populations. Here they are used in the most despicable ways imaginable. This story concerns one of the inmates and her usual activities. She is a beautiful, nineteen-year-old Asian girl named "Leena." The matron assigned to Leena, her Domme, is Chris. Chris has a burning desire to tie Leena's hands high above her head, spread her legs with a leg spreader, and whip her mercilessly. Chris is frustrated because Leena has managed to please all of her Internet clients lately and somehow managed to accomplish Chris's tasking. But Chris is sure that opportunity will avail itself sooner or later.

Leena is back in her ten foot by ten foot concrete cell. Her day on the game grid is over. Tomorrow is her "sanitary day," when her head and pubes are sheared with clippers, her fingernails and toenails cut short, and her body examined and treated. There will be none of the invasive tubes or electrical attachments. She now waits for Oleg to bring her food and water.

Oleg is a male guard, assigned to Leena's matron, Chris. It is his customary duty to feed and water Leena. Leena has been able to bond with Oleg in a way. She has consented and encouraged him to butt fuck her. She gladly allows him to cuff her wrists behind her back. Guards are not allowed in a girl's cell if she isn't secured with handcuffs or the like. Oleg spoon feeds the bound girl. She kneels in the uncomfortable "Cutie" position to please him. This position is kneeling with knees far apart and feet splayed, does pointing outwards.

After being fed and watered, Leena bends forward into a doggie position, making her carved ivory derriere available. Oleg rubs some Vaseline(tm) petroleum jelly on Leena's anus and inserts his penis into her rectum. She squeals with delight. "Fuck me harder, faster, deeper," Leena cries. "Fuck my ass, tear it up, fuck me!"

Just as the two reach an orgasm, there is a sound at the door. It is Chris, Leena's Domme and matron. She enters. Oleg is unconcerned as he pounds Leena's asshole and cums inside of her. Leena is unable to cum; she is terrified at the appearance of Chris.

"I suppose she seduced you, Oleg?" Chris asks. "Tell me that it is consensual, Leena."

"Oh, yes Mistress," Leena replies, "I begged for this."

Chris notices the empty bowls and spoon. She remarks: "I see that you got spoon fed by my guard. I don't disparage his fun. But you did not ask my permission."

"No Mistress," Leena gulped. "Does a girl need permission to submit to a guard?" Leena knows that Chris has a leverage on her now. Chris has been wanting to whip Leena badly for some time, but could never come up with a satisfactory reason. Now she seems to have found a way.

"I'm going to summons Gus," Chris tells Oleg. "Get your stuff together. We are going to take Leena to the punishment room. She is due a whipping of twenty lashes. I have been looking forward to this for days, weeks even."

"Yes Mam," Oleg replies. He gets dressed, gathers up the bowls and spoons, cleans himself with baby wipes and tosses the spent wipes down the foot-diameter hole in the cell floor. Leena assumes the "tower" position. There will be no opportunity for her to clean up from the sodomy.

Gus arrives; Chris locks a leash onto Leena's collar. The four exit the small cell and head to the punishment room. Chris leading Leena by a leash; Gus and Oleg flanking the girl. The concrete and steel floors are cold on Leena's bare feet. Like all slave girls she is kept naked except for a steel collar welded about her neck. They arrive at the punishment room and Oleg removes the handcuffs. Leena is strung up to the ceiling, her hands above her head. A spreader bar parts her legs, making her pussy available, unprotected, and vulnerable. Chris goes over to the table of toys and the like. There are various switches, thin flexible rods, five-pronged leather whips, cats-o-nine-tails, and wide black leather belts. Chris chooses a four-inch wide leather belt.

Chris comes up behind Leena; she rubs and kisses Leena's shoulders and back just where the belt will strike. "You have such soft, blemish-free, smooth skin, girl," Chris tells Leena. Chris's soft lips cover Leena's shoulders and her pointed tongue moistens her back. "Such flawless skin," Chris exclaims.

"Thank you, Mistress," Leena responds. She is still tense, awaiting the kiss of the heavy leather belt.

"A girl begs for the belt and thanks her Mistress," Chris demands.

"Yes, Mistress," Leena answers, "please whip this worthless slut's back. Discipline her well, Mistress." Chris steps back and makes a full circular swing of 270 degrees striking Leena's right shoulder and across her slender back. Leena bucks and jerks. Tears flow freely from her eyes. She feels that this is the worst swat that she has ever endured. Leena struggles for breath and finally is able to respond: "Thank you Mistress. Please strike this dirty, filthy little whore again."

Chris tosses the belt over her left shoulder and makes an elliptical arc, crossing Leena's left shoulder and diagonally across her spine. Leena struggles not to cry out. She knows should she cry out, the punishment would be doubled. Leena struggles again to catch her breath and says: "Thank you Mistress, more please." Having to beg for her punishment is degrading and humiliating to Leena. She knows that failure to obey her Domme will result in even worse punishment, torture even.

Chris rubs and massages Leena's ass. "You have the smoothest, silky ass girl," Chris tells Leena. I love to squeeze and massage those glorious hemispheres. She slaps each ass cheek and asks: "Girl ready, willing, and able for her next whacks?"

"Yes Mistress please," Leena answers. Chris positions herself to Leena's side and rotates her entire upper torso. The belt crosses both cheeks and wraps around kissing Leena's abdomen as well. "Thank you Mistress more please," Leena asks in a rapid staccato response. Her buttocks are crimson red and the pain is fiery and intense. Chris decides to wait. She rubs Leena's slit---Leena's vulva is wet. Without notice Chris quickly swats Leena again, the fourth of twenty lashes. Again Leena thanks and asks more. Chris obliges, this time striking between Leena's legs. Leena is not expecting this obscene blow. She would have tried to pull her legs together, had she only known.

Chris walks to the front of Leena. She licks the salty wet tears from Leena's hot pink cheeks. Then Chris licks and sucks Leena's armpits and nipples. She runs the rough blade of her long, pointed tongue over Leena's hairy armpits. She kisses, nibbles, sucks, and licks Leena's nipples and areolas. Leena is becoming aroused. As Chris pets Leena's vulva, Leena closes her eyes. Chris smiles and delivers a swat to Leena's left underarm and then to her right. Leena jerks and writhes in unexpected pain.

"A girl can tell so much from breasts, darling," Chris narrates. She kneads and fondles Leena. Leena is covered with a thin sheen of perspiration. She has the scent of animal fear. Leena tries to recall better days. Those wonderful salad days when handsome, athletic young men vied for her attention. The irresistible young Italian who duped her into leaving the party. If only she could recall through the chemical mask of the rophies! The two breast blows cross the nipples and areolas. Chris counts out numbers eight and nine. For the tenth lash, Chris gets a leather riding crop, a quirt. She rubs the riding crop up and down Leena's slit, lubricating it for a swat directly at Leena's comely clitoris. Leena is now struggling with consciousness. She goes limp for an instant, only to be brought back to full consciousness by Chris's bitch slap to her face.

"A... a girl begs Mistress to whack her precious pearl," Leena requests. Her request is quickly granted. Leena wonders what the next ten strokes will be? Then Chris orders Gus and Oleg to remove Leena from the ceiling chain and position her, upside down, on the Saint Andrew's Cross. She is to be strapped on to a horizontal cross which will be raised into position. They oblige, strapping her ankles in place and then her knees. A thick belt is wrapped around her waist and her wrists are strapped. Unless being suspended from the ceiling, Leena is completely unable to shield or maneuver her privates out of the way of the whip. Chris buries her face in Leena's cunt, kissing, licking, and sucking her labia and perineum. The next five lashes will be downward directed using the four inch black belt.

Chris tosses the belt over her head and behind her back. Swat, swat, swat, five times Chris swings the belt, holding it in both hands and imparting as much force to it as possible. Leena is crying, drooling, dripping mucus from her nose, and retching some yellow bile. But she is able to keep from crying out in pain. Only five lashes left. Chris has been saving up her best for last.

"Take her down from the Saint Andrew's Cross," Chris orders the two male guards. "Tie her on upside down face to the wood. I want her hands cuffed in a waist belt so that she may reach and spread her own ass cheeks. Understood?"

The two guards, Gus and Oleg, look at each other and reply: "Yes Mam; upside down, hands to ass, backside showing." The two men set about strapping Leena in as commanded.

"Now girl," Chris relates, "you can participate. Let me see you spread your ass cheeks and expose your comely rosette." Leena grasps each buttock and spreads her ass cheeks. She is still slippery and greasy from Oleg's use earlier in the day. Chris seems unconcerned. "Now beg! And remember, do not clench those ass cheeks. The anus must be available at all times."

"Oh Mistress, please punish my dirty asshole," Leena utters. Her voice is flat and toneless. Never before has she had to ask for something that she absolutely doesn't want. Leena has absolutely no idea if she can hold her cheeks apart. They will involuntarily clench at the first blow. She digs her short fingernails into the fleshy glutes to keep control over them.

The riding crop perfectly makes its mark. Leena is numb at first, feeling nothing due to the intensity of the swat. Then her anus puckers and tightens as her abdominal muscles, pubococcygeal muscles, and sphincters all convulse and contract.

"Mistress thank you again," Leena manages to squeeze out her mandatory response. The count is sixteen with four more to go. Chris rubs Leena's anus with a latex-covered, K.Y. Jelly coated hand.

"Oleg will have fun with this!" Chris tells Leena. "Well, let's get done with it. I guess that you can manage the next four swats." In rapid succession Chris punishes Leena's most sensitive, private part. Then Leena is removed from the Saint Andrew's Cross and returned to her cell. Chris kisses Leena good night. At long last Chris has been able to whip Leena. But by tomorrow her obscene desire to whip the beautiful girl will rise again.

17 Nov 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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