Disclaimer: The following story is fiction, cast in the future. Any resemblance to any person or group of persons, living or dead, is coincidental and should not be inferred.

This is a story about a fictitious place known as the Internet Cybersex Prison. Here the worst criminal minds among girls, ages 18 to 24, are incarcerated. They frequently are too dangerous to keep in normal prison populations. Here they are used in the most despicable ways imaginable. This story concerns one of the inmates and her usual activities. She is a beautiful, nineteen-year-old Asian girl named "Leena." The matron assigned to Leena, her Domme, is Chris.

Yesterday Chris was finally able to sate her burning desire to whip Leena. In addition to tying Leena's hands high above her head, spreading her legs with a leg spreader, and whipping her mercilessly, Chris was able to have Leena spread her ass cheeks and endure five swats with a riding crop on her anus. Leena was returned to her ten-foot cube concrete cell. The only object in the cell, aside from Leena, is a thick, brown wool blanket. Leena lies down and tries to sleep. Tomorrow may bring anything in the Internet Cybersex Prison. All Leena knows at the moment is that she needs to prepare herself mentally for her ongoing battle of wills with Chris.

In the middle of the night Leena wakes to the rumble in her tummy. She knows that some laxative has been put in her food. Now she must leave the comfort of the blanket and squat over the cell's drain hole. The drain hole is one foot in diameter and near the wall opposite to the steel cell door. Leena has been told to always keep eye contact with the pin hole cameras in the cell door. She has also observed that many Masters and Mistresses, the uniformed male guards and the female Dommes, find pleasure in observing a girl kneel over the drain hole in the so-called "Cutie" kneeling pose. Leena knows that she is constantly being taped. She does not know if it is continuously or by time-sequenced still photos. Maybe by a combination of both?

There are a number of kneeling poses for slave girls. The most common three used in the Internet Cybersex Prison are: the Tower; the Nadu; and, the Cutie. The Tower is a basic kneeling position where the knees and ankles are together and the girl sits, buttocks resting on her heels and her hands on her upper legs, palms downward. The Nadu is a Gorean slave position after the Counter-Earth novel series by John Norman. Basically, in the Nadu a girl's buttocks also rest on her heels but her knees are spread (often widely) apart, revealing her pudenda. Her eyes are traditionally downcast. In the Nadu the hands are also on the upper legs; however, a girl's palms are turned facing upwards.

The Cutie is a bit more difficult to describe. The Tower and the Nadu can be maintained for lengthy periods of time with minimal discomfiture to the girl. Not so with this kneeling position. The Cutie is a kneeling position with knees far apart and lower legs spread outwards. The girl's buttocks are either suspended or flanked by her lower legs. Her ankles are splayed far apart and her feet are turned, toes facing outwards. Her hands are on her upper legs and her palms are upwards. In both the Nadu and the Cutie the girl's shoulders are held back and her breasts are pushed forward for use or abuse.

Leena has observed girls in the Cutie position. She assumes that it is a voluntary position to transition into while being "parked." The girls practicing such a position seem to be pleasing to their Dommes. Leena decides to please the silent camera, if possible, by placing herself above the drain hole in the Cutie posture. She feels the tears swell in her eyes and her intestines cramp as the ejecta nears her severely bruised and swollen anus. She struggles not to faint or cry out as she empties her large bowel.

She cries copious tears; her nose runs; and, she drools as the bloody stool passes from her insides into the sewer below. There is no tissue, toilet paper, or Kotex(tm) in her concrete cell. There is only Leena, injured and dirty, and her thick, brown wool blanket. She proudly arches her back and displays for the silent camera her "B" cup teats. She cups and lifts the bruised breasts with engorged, tumescent, turgid areolas and nipples to the camera. Chris had whipped her thoroughly yesterday afternoon.

Back in the blanket Leena makes a fearsome discovery. Her period is just starting. She feels the telltale ooze in her pussy. This can mean only one thing: Chris will enjoy inserting the cruel inflatable pussy plug and "pumping her up." This could scarcely come at a worst time; just yesterday Chris had used a riding crop on her vulva and clit. There is no way that Leena will be able to avoid detection. Each and every morning there is the body cavity search. Chris will use her speculum. For sure she will notice the condition of Leena's cervix, distended and lacking its mucus plug. In addition, there is the menstrual fluid, light today as it may be.

Leena awakens to the metal-on-metal scratching as the panel in the door slides open. Normally she is able to anticipate the arrival of Chris and her two goons; however today she is sore and aching from yesterday's whipping. She curses under her breath---she did not have the opportunity to urinate. Under the close scrutiny she must endure this may be leveraged against her. Leena backs up to the door panel and presents her wrists for cuffing. Chris turns her right wrist, facing the palm inwards, and locks on a cuff in the tissue just below the arm bone. She presses hard to feel one final click. Then she locks the other cuff overly tight as well. Leena tenses in pain and knows that the day is already difficult.

The trio, Chris, Gus, and Oleg, enter the tiny cell. Gus begins by pressing four fingers into Leena's mouth. He presses her tongue down; she drools. Saliva drools over her chin and onto her breasts.

"Wipe the spit off your hands on her breasts," Chris orders. Gus obliges, rubbing her bruised breasts.

"Did you enjoy your whipping, Leena?" Chris asks. Leena knows how she must answer.

"Oh, yes Mistress," Leena answers feeling her wrists tighten. "Thank you for disciplining this worthless, dirty slut." Chris smiles. The two men are anxious to complete this body cavity search and move on to other things.

Chris motions for Gus and Oleg to bring Leena into the supine examination position. They get her on her back with her knees folded to her chest, baring her privates. Chris immediately observes something that pleases her. Leena's pussy is damp with menstrual fluid. Chris pets Leena's pussy.

"Mmmm, you are so soft today, Leena," Chris tells Leena. "Your vulva feel so warm and wet. Do you desire the inflatable pussy plug?" Oleg, hearing this conversation, opens his back pack and removes a bright blue inflatable pussy plug with its black bulb and connecting tube. Chris eases a finger into Leena's vagina. Despite the pain at her vulva, the inside is quickly aroused. Leena purrs as Chris touches her G-spot. "Would you like to cum before the plug goes in?" Chris asks. Leena nods affirmatively.

"Yes Mistress," Leena answers. Thereupon Chris lowers her head and begins to kiss, lick, and suck Leena's swollen, sore clit. Leena squirms and wiggles at the unexpected event. Minutes pass as Chris works Leena's privates. The two male guards are somewhat disturbed by the matron's behavior. The two look at each other, hoping that this debauchery is not demanded of them.

Chris works her slippery tongue into Leena's Holy of Holies. The inmate girl begs to be allowed to cum.

"Cum darling, cum my little slut," Chris demands. Leena arches her back and undergoes an earth-shattering orgasm. Blood, piss, and cum flow from Leena. And Chris laps with the rough blade of her tongue.

Sensing the impatience of Gus and Oleg, Chris reaches out for the pussy plug, unceremoniously inserts it and pumps it to the maximum. She then unscrews and removes the tubing, keeping the device inflated and impossible for Leena to remove.

"Oleg," Chris instructs, "forget her anal this morning only. It's my fault that we are behind schedule. I am confident that there's nothing inside of her. I will show you an interesting bite. She is a Cutie model!" Chris and Oleg both smile. The girl Leena is learning to please.


Chris leads Leena to a cybersex studio by a leash on her collar. Every girl in the Internet Cybersex Prison is kept naked and has a stainless steel collar arc welded about her neck. Hair and bush are sheared away with electric clippers, leaving a rough stubble. Hairy armpits and legs are the rule. As they walk along concrete halls and steel staircases, other girls can be encountered being led in the same manner. Those having their menstrual periods can easily be identified with a bright blue pussy plug jutting out from their vagina. Some girls have butt plugs; some have both inflatable pussy and inflatable butt plugs.

When the quartet, Chris, Oleg, Gus, and Leena, reach the cybersex studio there is a flurry of activity. They will have to wait a few minutes for an available station. Leena assumes a Cutie pose. Chis is muchly pleased that her girl is displaying herself in such a manner. She takes a moment to push her steel-toe black Oxfords between Leena's legs and spread her knees a few more inches apart.

"Thank you Mistress," Leena says, feeling the additional soreness of bruised privates and inner thighs.

"You are welcome, girl," Chris responds. Chris longs to have Leena back on the Saint Andrew's Cross again. Yet reason dictates that such extreme punishments only a day apart might require justification; moreover, another whipping coming so soon might impair her performance on the game grid.

At last a station is open and Chris leads Leena to the computer work station. She is outfitted with a Virtual Reality (VR) helmet. Electrodes are clamped onto nipples and clitoris. This is a minimal VR arrangement for gamers wanting 3D playmates or combatants. Then comes the ultimate sensor. To ensure that a girl is actually aroused and experiencing an orgasm as she might claim, the sensory butt plug is needed.

When Chris tries to insert the hard black plastic butt plug into Leena's rectum, she clenches her ass cheeks tight.

"Mistress," Leena begs, "a girl can't relax. It's too painful. Please!"

Chris is undeterred. She calls on Oleg to get the ass spreader, which he fetches from his back pack. The two men lay the young girl on her belly. Oleg wraps a belt around Leena's waist and pulls nylon straps between her legs. With constant pressure they glide the straps into the crack of her ass and spread her butt cheeks. Her Glory of Glories is no longer the tiny, taut, tight brown nut but is now the large, purple, swollen prune. Chris cannot resist touching Leena's pouty, puffy rosette. Leena twists and squirms.

Christ applies some topical anesthesia to Leena's tender anus and lubricates the butt plug well. With slow, gentle pressure she eases in the sensor. Once the "black beauty" is inside Leena's rectum, she is taken to the chair in the VR station and strapped firmly in place. Just then the startling realization comes to Leena: to masturbate she will have to use the bright blue pussy plug as a dildo.


Leena's avatar is that of Sabrina, the Gorean Kajira of Thorne. Thorne is an intrepid Tarnsman, a warrior of Gor riding a huge bird known as a Tarn. Leena has to admit that Sabrina is a beautiful woman. The avatar is a brunette but the skin is that of Sharon Stone at age 24, her most gorgeous year. Only the neck scar has been removed. At 5'6", 125 lbs, 35B-25-35, she is the girl that any man would kill or die for.

Sabrina is wearing translucent, gossamer, pellucid, diaphanous red silks. She is in a gondola, suspended beneath the huge Tarn, ridden by Thorne. They are soaring high in the air above verdant fields. Below peasants, dressed in brown clothing, tend fields of grain and raise domestic animals. Sabrina is bound hand and foot and is partially covered with the skin of some animal known as a Bosk.

Then there is a screech! Pirates on Tarn birds are attacking Thorne. Thorne dips low and releases the gondola a few yards above the ground to engage the pirates. Leena feels the powerful jolt as electricity fluxes through her areolas and clitoris. She feels nauseous at the video monitor. Chris has dismissed Gus and Oleg and is watching the action on a 3D video monitor. Thorne downs one assailant after another. This is video action. Leena must simply wait until either Thorne kills off the pirates or gets killed off himself. Should Thorne lose, Sabrine can expect rough treatment from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. They are merely "extras" for the fifty-minute action episode. The gamer pays for his hour of battle and conquest on the game grid.

Arrows and spears fly. Thorne gets slightly wounded but maneuvers his Tarn adroitly and counter-attacks with his long bow. Combat is at intermediate level.

It is not surprising that Thorne slays the three pirates in fifteen minutes of prime time combat. After all, Sabrina is the main entree. The Tarn lands near the gondola and Thorne debarks. He crawls into the gondola and kisses his girl Sabrina. He then presses his massive member, throbbing with pulsating irregular veins into her pouty, pink lips. She feels the rubber dildo in her VR helmet press her parched, chapped lips. At least there will be lubricant for her mouth. Leena is not pleased with the chemical taste of the rubber dildo. At least the prison chemists could come up with synthetic sperm!

When Thorne cums on line Leena receives a blast of hot cream. She is hungry and thirsty and the small offering of rich malted milk is welcome. She sucks the rubber dildo in her VR helmet until it softens and retracts. Thorne unties her wrists and ankles and decides to take her. This poses a problem for Leena. She has no vaginal vibrator, only the bright blue pussy plug, holding her menstrual fluid inside her vagina. She will have to rub that nasty plug back and forth to masturbate and climax for the paying client. Chris is hoping that Leena, wearing the avatar Sabrina on line, will fail to achieve an orgasm in the hour. Chris enjoys thinking of whipping Leena again in Real Life.

Chis is disappointed and frustrated. Leena is able to arouse herself despite the pain from her bruised vulva and the indwelling pussy plug. Sliding back and forth on the chair, she is able to work the bright blue pussy plug and the black beauty butt plug in her ass. The vital signs indicators in the butt plug indicate first arousal and then orgasm. Leena is fast becoming a valuable asset, a pain slut. For sure she will be "most sought after" on the game grid.

21 Nov 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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