Disclaimer: The following story is fiction, cast in the future. Any resemblance to any person or group of persons, living or dead, is coincidental and should not be inferred.

This is a story about a fictitious place known as the Internet Cybersex Prison. Here the worst criminal minds among girls, ages 18 to 24, are incarcerated. They frequently are too dangerous to keep in normal prison populations. Here they are used in the most despicable ways imaginable. This story concerns one of the inmates and her usual activities. She is a beautiful, nineteen-year-old Asian girl named "Leena." The story relates the incredible humiliation and degradation in the Internet Cybersex Prison.

Leena counts six days on the game grid and one day on the so-called "sanitary day" each week. The six days are carbon copies one of another, with the exception of the paying clients on the game grid. They customarily transition through a sequence of sexual activities with a girl then move on to a new girl. To some aficionados of interactive cybersex the first encounter of a girl on the game grid is everything. Once thoroughly broken in and trained, they lack interest in the routine sex and torture.

Leena, as all girls in the Internet Cybersex Prison, is housed in a concrete cell, ten feet cubed. The floor is heated via deep inset water pipes. There is a gray steel door with a sliding panel and some pinhole cameras. Opposite the door there is a drain hole in the floor. The drain hole is one foot in diameter. On the adjacent walls are air ducts, upper and lower. The florescent lights and other electronic apparatuses on the ceiling are protected by a thick Plexiglas(tm) barrier. Everything is gray except for a thick, brown wool blanket. Leena and the blanket are all that is allowed in the room. There is no toilet paper or Kotex(tm). The air has a slight trace of Lysol(tm) disinfectant.

Every day begins with a body cavity search. Leena tries to wake up a few minutes before the matron and two guards arrive. She knows that should she fail to empty her bladder there might not be an opportunity to do so for some time. She tosses aside the wool blanket and scurries over to the drain hole. Since everything is being taped and recorded, Leena understands the importance of pleasing an unseen eye. She kneels straddling the drain hole. Spreading her knees as far apart as she can, she spreads her feet apart, toes pointing outwards. This particular pose is known at the "Cutie" in BDSM circles. Many masters find this uncomfortable pose especially arousing. Leena tries in every way possible to please the prison personnel.

The screeching of metal-on-metal as the door panel opens signals Leena to arise, back to the door, and present her hands behind her back to be handcuffed. She is never permitted out of her cell without being cuffed or chained. The male guards generally cuff a girl sufficiently to keep her restrained. The matrons, on the other hand, often enjoy locking the handcuffs abnormally tight to maximize a girl's discomfiture and humiliation. Once she is cuffed a trio enters the room: a matron and two uniformed male guards.

One of the male guards inserts three fingers into Leena's mouth and presses down hard on her tongue. Her jaws open and saliva drools over her chin and on her chest. She despises this condition. After groping her mouth, the guard generally wipes her spittle on her breasts. The two male guards then lower Leena onto her back. She squirms and writhes to avoid hurting her cuffed wrists or her back. Then with one man on each leg, they fold her knees to her chest. Leena's privates are exposed, vulnerable, available, and unprotected.

Leena's matron is Chris. Chris has a burning desire to whip Leena. She dreams of having Leena's hands bound above her head and chained to the ceiling. Then spreading her legs with a spreader bar on her ankles. Chris's favorite toy to whip Leena is a four inch wide black leather belt. But for now she will probe Leena's vagina with a speculum. The speculum is clear plastic. It has two duckbills which can be spread with the hand grip. Once open, the duckbills can be held apart with a thumbscrew. Chris lubricates the speculum with K.Y. Jelly and inserts it to the hilt into Leena. Chris then opens it wide and rotates it to have her cervix and G-spot between the duckbills and available for touch or torment. Chris knows the female anatomy and physiology perfectly. She knows each point for pressure, pain, or pleasure. Leena knows not to cry out or scream under any circumstances.

Once Chris is satisfied with her use of Leena, she changes places with one of the male guards. The guard puts on Latex(tm) gloves and applies Vaseline(tm) petroleum jelly to his fingers. With the middle finger atop the index finger he eases the two digits deeply into Leena's rectum. Once inside, he aligns his fingers side-by-side to stretch and dilate Leena's anus. The humiliation and embarrassment at the invasion is much worse than the pain. This body cavity search is always done; it matters not if Leena is sore, bruised, or swollen. Girls frequently develop hemorrhoids and have to endure that as well. Leena also knows the fate of a girl who clenches her ass cheeks to forbid penetration. An ass spreader will be used and the girl will receive five swats with a riding crop on her rosette, turning the tight, tiny, taut brown star into a wrinkled, swollen, luscious prune.

Oleg is the guard doing Leena's anal examination. He also is the guard who feeds and waters her at the end of the day. Leena has learned to beg his use to curry favor. Where Chris is the stick, Oleg can be the carrot. Leena forces herself to beg use and abuse that she finds disgusting and revolting. At least her relationship with Oleg is real. On the game grids the relationships are totally anonymous and artificial.

As said before, each girl has one "sanitary day" each week. On that day, after her intense body cavity inspection, she is paraded naked, wearing only a collar, some handcuffs, and a leash. She is taken to a preparation room where her hair stubble is trimmed back. Electric clippers cut her hair to one-eighth inch. She is left with unsightly stubble, rough to the touch. Her eyebrows and bush are also trimmed. Her armpits and legs are left untrimmed. The hairy armpits trap body odors. Since a girl is only showered down and bathed on her sanitary day, she can enjoy living with her own scent. To some men this is a turn on. For the girl Leena, used to upper class perfumes and toiletries, this is a mortification and humiliation. Her fingernails and toenails are also cut to the quick.

After having been sheared, trimmed, and washed with a stinging detergent, Leena is examined by one of the medical assistants. On a gynecological table she is spread open and scrutinized. A speculum is used both vaginally and anally. This is an examination for disease, abrasion, infection, or damage. Her nose and ears are checked. She is catheterized and forced to drain her bladder. The urine sample is collected. A blood drawing is also performed. At the last station she is given enemas until the ejecta is water. After her stay at the sanitary station she is given over to her matron, Chris, who is certain to try and get her to disobey some order or make some mistake. Should Leena fail to please or perform, Chris would enjoy taking her to the punishment room for a whipping.

With Leena, tall and tan and young and lovely, Chris is often disappointed. Leena is strong and versed in the martial arts, having a brown belt in Judo. She is often able to work through situations that would undo another girl. She has one vulnerable situation that is difficult to overcome: her monthly period.

At the first light trace of blood Chris enjoys inserting an inflatable bright blue pussy plug in Leena. Chris pumps it up to retain the menstrual fluid and make Leena absolutely miserable. Chris enjoys parading Leena around on a leash with the bright blue balloon protruding from her vulva. The black inflation bulb and tube are removed so that Leena cannot deflate the blue device. On the game grid the pussy plug has to share Leena's abdomen with a hard rubber butt plug, which provides a potpourri of sensors as well as electrical knobs and connectors.

The gray walls, the endless routine of body cavity searches, and the feeding arrangement slowly but surely undermine a girl's ability to resist. In the battle of wills between Chris and Leena, Chris is guaranteed eventual victory. Oleg feeds and waters Leena once a day. She has no utensils to eat with and is forced to eat with her fingers. The meal is a bowl of cooked cereal, like oatmeal. Oleg can force Leena to eat rapidly and drink her bowl of water. More and more Leena has learned to beg Oleg for time to finish eating.

It did not take long for Leena to submit to Oleg. She allowed him to cuff her hands behind her back and feed her with a spoon in exchange for offering him her anus and rectum. Leena would plead, begging his use and abuse and telling him how much she loved such attention. This was completely contrary to her own personal likes and desires. However, told often enough it seemed to be her truth. Being spoon fed was so much cleaner and more desirable than being forced to eat with her fingers. With no running water, toilet paper, or soap, when Leena was dirty there was no convenient means of cleansing. Moreover, as Leena was able to please Oleg, she found bits of fruit and meat in her food bowl. Of course there was no mirror either. Leena learned to have Oleg describe her face and features. Slowly but surely he became her true master. Every morning his fingers probed her bowels, spreading her comely rosette. She could not see him without her Glory of Glories twitching and puckering.

"Oh Master," Leena begs, "please use this filthy, nasty slut's asshole. She longs for your cock to spread her ass cheeks and dig into her bowels. She cums when you are pumping her mercilessly." And so it goes. Oleg takes advantage of his supply of aloe baby wipes to clean himself and Leena. Needless to say, being cleaned by another is humiliating. She feels like she's being treated like a small girl child. But it is an improvement. At last she is bold enough to say: "Daddy, I'm through." Leena also enjoys defecating after being fed. Oleg enjoys keeping eye contact with Leena, who is squatting over the drain hole in the Cutie position.

The "Cutie" position is new to BDSM circles. Before its wide-spread usage the two most used kneeling positions came from John Norman's Gor series: the tower, where the knees are together and the buttocks rest on heels; and the Nadu, where the knees are spread far apart and the buttocks again rests on the girl's heels. In the Cutie the feet are also spread far apart with the toes pointed outwards.

The main source of revenue for the Internet Cybersex Prison comes from clients who pay for the use of girls. In a competitive market, the Prison must offer more and better experiences than other porno sites. The typical user pays for one hour of time on line with a girl. Actually, it's fifty minutes, ten minutes for preparation time. The girl is wired into the computer to relay vital signs as well as a host of other bio-metrics, muscle activity, and neurological measurements. The girl usually wears a Virtual Reality (VR) helmet, where some 3D virtual world is displayed. There are electrodes attached all over her face and head. An inflatable dildo is generally in her mouth. Body readings are usually obtained from a hard black plastic butt plug. In addition to vital signs, such as temperature, pulse rate, oxygenation level, the "black beauty" records and displays Galvanic skin response, muscle tension, moisture level, among other metrics. It is impossible for a girl to fake an orgasm, or nearly impossible.

A girl may play whatever role the client demands, be it slave girl, warrior princess, witch, dominatrix, or animal. Electrodes are attached over much of her body, with special attention to her nipples and clitoris. There the electrodes are held in place by biting alligator clamps. But the big bucks come from extra items: the indwelling urethral catheter, the inflatable dildo, and other sex toys. A girl can be delivered to her session exhausted from an hour on a treadmill, which doubles the cost, or sleep deprived, which is very expensive, or having been flogged or whipped, which is the most expensive. Stretching of the vulva or anus is also a major money maker. But the appearance is more than the performance. The typical girl acts as if her situation were much more grave and severe than it is.

The avatar projected into the VR helmet is always a beauty pageant winner! Who would pay to see a bald headed girl with hairy armpits and a stubble for a bush perform? Well, some might, if the price is right. Some pay for watching a girl straddle the drain hole to relieve herself. Leena learned that some pervs get their jollies watching a girl in the cutie pose urinating or straining over a hard stool. Whatever makes a profit for the prison is fair game.

Leena got good at the cybersex video games. Some gamers prefer a good challenge to a simple submission. And Leena, once a brown belt in Judo, is certainly able to master the physics of combat. Of course there are girl-on-girl events. And even the ultimate surrender events in the octagon cage.

25 Nov 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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