tagBDSMLeena_W3 Ch. 02

Leena_W3 Ch. 02


Disclaimer: The following story is fiction, cast in the future. Any resemblance to any person or group of persons, living or dead, is coincidental and should not be inferred.


This is a story about a fictitious place known as the Internet Cybersex Prison. Here the worst criminal minds among girls, ages 18 to 24, are incarcerated. They frequently are too dangerous to keep in normal prison populations. Here they are used in the most despicable ways imaginable. This story concerns one of the inmates and her usual activities. She is a beautiful, nineteen-year-old Asian girl named "Leena." The story relates the incredible humiliation and degradation in the Internet Cybersex Prison.

Leena is a tall and tan and young and lovely brown belt in judo. She is under the control of a mistress named Chris. She is fed, watered, and subject to an anal body cavity search by a guard named Oleg every day.

Leena has learned to submit to Oleg at her feeding time. "Oh Master," Leena begs, "please use this filthy, nasty slut's asshole. She longs for your cock to spread her ass cheeks and dig into her bowels. She cums when you are pumping her mercilessly." And so it goes. Leena also enjoys defecating after being fed. Oleg enjoys keeping eye contact with Leena, who is squatting over the drain hole in the Cutie position. At last she is bold enough to say: "Daddy, I'm through."

It seems as though nothing ever changes at the Internet Cybersex Prison, but they change. Little by little Leena is winning over the heart and mind of the male guard Oleg. By her money-making performances on the game grid she is able to assuage Chris's smoldering desire to string her up and whip her mercilessly with a thick leather belt. Life is becoming more bearable for Leena. Then one day things change.

Leena is sprawled over the drain hole as Oleg spoon feeds her. Her almond eyes stare gratefully into Oleg's myopic, astigmatic hazel eyes. "I have a job offer from a small private prison, Leena," Oleg relates. Leena keeps eating but utters a questioning sound. Oleg continues saying: "The Prison of Darkness is small and private. Faced with rising costs, they want an 'in' to the lucrative cybersex business. They are hiring me to assist them in this transition."

Leena wonders what this will mean? She has invested much time and energy into currying favor with Oleg!

Leena devotes herself even harder on the game grids. Now only a few skilled players can better the high-kicking brown belt. And, best of all, those players with high skill levels are more into competition and fighting than brutal BDSM or some deviate sexual perversion. Yet there are misogynists. And Roy Peach is one of them.

Roy had many encounters with Leena before he was finally able to capture, abduct, and imprison her avatar on the game grid. With such a victory he gained the privilege of prescribing a punishment or torture for her in Real Life and witnessing the event as well. He had planked down many hard-earned dollars and many more hours of gaming to reach this level.

At a prearranged time Lena is brought to a punishment room by Chris and two uniformed male guards. Leena fears the worst as she is strapped upside down on the Saint Andrews Cross. Extra ropes are tied at her knees and her legs rotated and bound to expose her crotch.

Oleg, one of the guards, lathers and shaves Leena's pussy and her perineum. After she is slick, some slimy ointment is rubbed over her vulva and clitoris. It stings and burns. Cameras focus and record as Chris flexes the black leather belt.

"You must not cry out, Leena," Chris demands. "After each blow you will thank me and beg another. Is that understood? This will last fifteen minutes, five with the strap on your pussy, five with a quirt on your breasts, and five with the bull whip on your back."

"Yes Mistress Chris," Leena answers.

Swinging with all her might, Chris lands a perfect swat on Leena's vulva. Leena retches and convulses. After a moment to catch her breath Leena speaks: "Thank you Mistress, may this worthless slut have another?" Leena is drooling and mucus flows from her nostrils. The burning and stinging in her pussy is amplified by the leather strap.

Leena is a very strong woman. The pussy whipping goes on for five minutes. Despite the pain she is able to keep from screaming or crying out. After Chris finishes with Lena's pussy, she had her turned upright and dedicates five minutes to her breasts with a riding crop. Leena is turned on the Saint Andrew's Cross and she endures a final five minutes of a bull whip on her back, shoulders, buttocks, and legs. When she is finally let down, Leena struggles to stand.

Oleg is amazed at the strength and endurance of the girl. He fetches a litter and carries her to her cell; she is barely conscious and clearly unable to walk. Oleg is sad to part ways with the girl, but his career is important.

21 February 2012 Taunus Trumbo

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