tagLoving WivesLee's Story Ch. 1

Lee's Story Ch. 1


I am writing this with the help of my husband, Ted. I wrote the story in my own words and thoughts, then he read it and edited for me. Ted told me to not try and write a "hot" story, just tell it like I would to a friend.

I first saw Ted sitting on the curb near the Hospital I was taking classes at. He was dirty, no filthy is a better word, head down, hair a mess. But a block or so away, I turned and looked back at him. He didn't see that, of course, and I have no idea why I took notice.

It was a few weeks later that we were assigned to find someone and try and nurse them back to something resembling human. On the way home that evening, I spotted him across the street, and made up my mind right then.

The next day, I confronted him on the street. I was scared to death, I had no idea at all what he would do. But at my orders, he got up and meekly followed me.

At the Hospital, I made him strip and shower, he did as I said. I looked him up and down, the frame was skinny as a rail, yet still, this was a big man. Something happened to me right there in that hospital room, that first day. I think it was his eyes, he looked at me and saw my heart.

But there was no male reaction, he stood there naked and unashamed, and did my bidding.

In just a few months I was looking at a big strong male, energetic, intelligent. He threw himself at work, almost like he used that to cover the pain. I knew by then of the loss of Carol, his first wife, that caused the crash in his life.

One day at his apartment, we looked at each other and knew we were in love. We just melted together, his touch had me in orgasm before he ever entered me the first time.

We married and began a life, one day his past found us. There was quite a large settlement from the tragedy of Carol. We used most of it to build the home we live in today.

The next 20 years or so of our life could well be described as normal. We weren't swingers, I never cheated, and even though I was well aware that Ted would offer a lady client pleasure as part of one of his massage sessions, you would need to know him to realize this is normal for him, too!

I have watched this man touch a new leaf on a plant, just looking and feeling it in appreciation. I saw him catch a wounded Crow one day, where most would have simply dispatched it, he treated it, nursed it back to health, and let it go. I have watched him sit out on our porch and catch Hummingbirds with his bare hands, I have no idea how he does that. He strokes them for awhile, they seem to sit calmly in his hands, then he lets them fly away.

Even after 20 years, he can look at me and make me wet, and bring me to orgasm just by teasing my breasts!

One day Ted asked me to be a massage model for one of his students, Carey. I like massage, but I can also do without but I agreed. Ted was there during the session, and said nothing when Carey began to take some liberties with my body. I was well aware of Ted's past, and the experimentaion with sex so common to youth. But he had never really approached the subject with me. Thinking it was what he wanted, I allowed the touch, soon Carey had his face between my legs, and I wanted him! Lord, I wanted him! So much so I told Ted, he just nodded and arranged another session.

Ted watched as Carey took me, the expression in his eyes was one of pleasure, but for me, not himself. Carey was nothing like Ted. He pounded into me and I loved it, I wanted more! So much so that I even thought it was where I belonged. I figured Ted would be all right, he suffers from periodic depression, which some medications keep in check. I didn't see the crash coming, and crash he did!

Our first argument, or first breakup, in fact this was the very first stress in our lives I can think of.

But the day I went to get some of my clothes, I simply could not keep my hands off of Ted. Not even with Carey sitting out in the Van waiting. Carey was furious, and hit me, and Ted was there! He just overpowered Carey, and pinned him to the ground. I knew which one was the man. Ted just gently cleaned the blood from my lip, and took me back into the house. I was home.

We had many long discussions after that. We both knew we had to be able to seperate the pleasure in our lives from the "us" in our lives. I told Ted of my sometimes need to be just ravished, Ted explained that he liked to see me dress sexy, it was exciting. He told me that it was always in the back of his mind, but suppressed. I realized it was sometimes in my mind, too.

That was the beginning, just a short year ago, of a much wilder lifestyle.

In the last year, we both have had a few extra partners, usually we are together or at least close by. The feeling of a different male is strangely good, but I always notice that even though I do orgasm, it is nothing like with Ted. There is some kind of magic there, we both know it. His hands release emotions somehow, I have no explanation. Some of it is the fact that he looks at me in exactly the same way he looks at any living thing. It is pure appreciation, I melt inside at that look.

We just returned a couple of weeks ago from a short Reno trip. I was sitting there playing some silly slot machine when I looked up and Ted had hit a jackpot. I could tell from his reaction that he didn't realize just what had happened, bells and sirens were suddenly going off! It was enough money to make us blink, more than we had ever had, more than we will ever have again!

But while we were dealing with that, my name was drawn for one of those "Cash Whirlwind" gimmicks. Of course, Ted dropped everything and rushed over to watch me do it. Just like him to leave $1.6 million dollars sitting while he watched me in a booth trying to stuff dollar bills in a little slot.

When they hit the switch, up went my dress from the huge fan underneath. I tried to pull it down to no avail, then I thought, "The hell with it!" and started stuffing cash as fast as I could. There was one very large group of people that got a good look at my bare beaver, the thought made me instantly wet. There is something about being naked and helpless that is a huge turnon, maybe I have a little bondage or S & M in the back of my mind, I don't know. I do know I was hot as a pistol by the time they shut the machine off. I collected the small amount of money, and realized that the announcer was hot, too! I glanced down at the bulge in his pants, grinned and licked my lips for his benefit. He just grinned at me, and said, "Well, we didn't expect that!"

Later, I noticed that it seemed that almost everywhere I turned, here was this guy, who I found out was Brad. Good looking, 5'10" or so, in his late 30's. He made a number of comments that made it obvious of his interest, so I went looking for Ted.

I found him playing a $5 slot machine, that shocked me for a minute until I remembered that we weren't exactly short of money at the moment. We talked a bit, I explained to him that Brad was hitting on me, and I would go if he would go. I had picked up on Ted noticing the little Blonde nearby, and the Redheaded cocktail waitress that was flirting with him outrageously!

So I went off to find Brad. I found him standing by the promotion center, walked up behind him and asked, "Got a room?" He turned and looked at me, then realized, and almost stammering, handed me a keycard. I smiled over my shoulder and headed off to the elevators.

I had just stepped out of the showers, wrapped in a huge towel when I heard the key in the slot, and Brad stepped in. He just smiled at me, and without a word, reached out and slipped the towel from my body. He looked me up and down, and said, "seeing you in that booth made me hot for you!" I just grinned and basked in his gaze, as he kneeled down in front of me. His tongue came out and licked me, sending shivers through me. In just a few moments, he picked me up and lay me down on the bed. I watched as he undressed, nice muscular chest, slim waist. As his pants came down, then the briefs, his 7' circumsized erection came into view. It stuck almost straight out. I reached out and fondled him, lifting his balls with my fingers. They were tight as a drum, he was ready to blow already, I knew.

Then he was in me, almost just like that. I felt flooded with wetness instantly, and knew he had come right then. But he didn't stop, and didn't lose his erection.

I lifted my hips to get him against me, we didn't fit quite right, it was a struggle. I would move to a point where I was starting to build, he would move and I would lose it. This went on for what seemed like half an hour at least.

He was stroking my breasts and sides, nuzzling and biting at me. I found I liked that, but the one surprise was how hard he was. That thing could have been steel!

Finally, in some frustration, I rolled over on top. "Get away from me now, you SOB" I thought, as I ground down on him, pinning his butt to the bed. I forced him into the postion I needed, and soon felt my own pleasure build and build, until I exploded in a nice solid orgasm.

We lay there for a brief period, then Brad jumped up and said something about being on shift. "Stay as long as you like", he told me.

All I could think of was getting dressed and getting back to Ted.

"I sure hope he has something left", I thought with a giggle. I wondered which one he had picked, the mid-30's blonde, or the cute Redhead? Knowing him, it might even be both.....

If you read some of the other "Reno" stories, you can find out how Ted did. He always does pretty well, actually.

But right now, we are going in to watch the 500 on TV. We have been locked up inside the house for days, it seems everyone on the planet wants to borrow money or sell us something. It will blow over, we hope. In the meantime, we are together, and in love. Some of you will understand, pleasure is just that, but love with pleasure is a really good thing.

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by Anonymous

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by oldbearswitch07/23/18

Poor explanation of the circumstances of the fight

And the sharing incident, nitpicky, I admit. Good story arc otherwise.

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