tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLee's Story Ch. 2

Lee's Story Ch. 2


I am writing this story with my husband's help. He told me to just write it like I was telling it to a friend, then he would edit, so that is what I have done.

The first 20 years of the marriage between Ted and I were uneventful. I had no need to sleep around, in fact it never crossed my mind. After all, this man can make me come by licking my nipples. There were a few other lovers before we met, of course. Some of them, actually most...did the same thing. But Ted is different, and I have no explanation for it.

In all those years, Ted never mentioned that he had an interest in watching other men look at me. There was no mention of swapping, swinging, nothing. I was well aware of his activities in his massage practice, he made no secret of it. I couldn't even be jealous, for him, it was and is perfectly normal.

He did buy me a few articles of clothing that could best be described as naughty, though. I sometimes wore them around the house for his benefit. Usually that would end up with him reaching for me, and I absolutely love it when he does that!

Then one day about 3 years ago, we had plans to attend a big picnic. It was out at a park on the Sandy River, not far from Portland. There were to be about 150 people there, just one of those weekend get-togethers the Massage School Ted teaches at puts on once a year.

That Saturday morning we woke up, it was hot as hell outside. By 9 in the morning, it was already 95°, and heading up!

I was in no mood to suffer in a blouse and pair of slacks, so I slipped on a pair of thin panties, some baggy shorts, and a loose thin T-shirt that had the sleeves cut out. I just skipped the bra, figuring I would be fine sitting around in the shade.

When we got to the park, there were a bunch of young guys over by this huge barbeque making monstrous clouds of smoke, trying to cook some steaks and hot dogs. The ladies were spreading things out on a long row of boards they had set up on some cement blocks, with dish after dish of potluck. It all looked wonderful. I set down the big dish of Potato salad I had made with half a dozen others, and turned to head for where Ted was spreading our blanket. Just then one of the ladies asked me if I would help serve the salad as the folks came down the line.

No problem, I could do that, so I took my post.

As soon as the platter of cremated remains arrived, we started serving. The blocks they had all the food on was very low, I had to bend over to scoop up the salad, and I didn't even realize that ever time I did, the t-shirt would fall away from my chest and bare my breasts! Anyone standing on either side had a completely unobstructed view through the armholes, too!

I happily served up the salad for about 15 minutes, when I looked up and spotted Ted watching me intently. I knew the look on his face all too well. Slightly confused, I went back to serving. After I finished up, I fixed us a couple of plates and went over and plopped down on the blanket to eat.

"God you looked hot!" Ted told me. "Hot?" I asked, "What do you mean?"

He realized that I didn't know that I had just leaned over one at a time in front of at least 50 men in a row and given them a clear look at my small titties. So he told me, I gasped in shock, glanced down at my T-shirt, and tried to pull the armholes together.

"No, don't," Ted said. "You look great, and I like it".

"You did?" I asked him, suddenly feeling the warmth in the pit of my stomach. I thought of all of those guys looking at me, suddenly my nipples erected, and stuck out.

"God, I flashed everybody, didn't I?" "Yes," he replied, "The women, too!"

I suddenly felt right on the edge of orgasm, all Ted would have to do was touch me.

"I think I liked that too," I told him. He just grinned at me and said, "Let's have some fun, then. No prudes in this bunch!"

"Like what?" I asked him. He leaned over and whispered in ear to go to the restroom and lose the panties. "I can't do THAT!" I answered, a shudder giving me away.

Ted just smiled and leaned back, taking a sip of his beer. We chatted with a few folks who dropped by, finally, I got up to use the restroom. Ted looked at me but didn't say a word as I headed off.

I was thinking about it, and I started to go back with them still on, then changed my mind and removed the soft panties and stuffed them in my purse. As soon as I got back to the blanket, I sat down and pulled the huge legs of the shorts I had on together at the top. It didn't hit me that as long as I kept my legs flat on the ground, I was fine, but the minute I pulled my knees up, the bottom side would gap down.

It was just a few minutes before I noticed that there were 4 young men, all students, sitting on a blanket nearby, and they kept sneaking glances my way! I soon figured out from the direction of their glances that they could see all the way up to my bare behind. I started to get a little wet at the thought. About that time, Stanley, one of the instructors from the school came over and plopped himself down about 3 feet away, right at my feet. "Now or never", I thought, and leaned back.

I pulled one leg up, letting my knee fall over a few inches. The legs of my shorts were very loose, and the crotch was cut very low for comfort. I knew that if Stanley couldn't see all the way to my pubes he would have to be blind! I slipped on my dark glasses, and lay my head on a cushion, pretending to be soaking up the sunshine. I watched through slitted eyes as Stanley's gaze went right to my crotch. I was getting hot as I could and still maintain control. I opened my legs just a little farther, I could actually feel my lips begin to seperate.

That did it, I couldn't help it, I had a small orgasm right there, untouched!

I heard Ted's voice in my ear, "We need to go!"

I sat up and smiled at him, we walked swiftly hand in hand down the path to the river, then upstream for a ways. Finding some soft grass, we lay down, and he was on me! We made love there by the river, the soft sounds of the rushing water seemed to push me right over the edge. I came when he entered me, then again and again and again.

It was one of the most powerful climaxes in my life, Ted was like a machine in me. This was past lovemaking, this was animal, complete and total.

I have never worn underwear since that day...

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