tagLoving WivesLee's Story Ch 4

Lee's Story Ch 4


I tried to get Lee to tell this story, but she really didn't seem inclined to, so I took over again.

Lee and I had headed out to a private resort not too far from where we live. It is a bit on the fancy side, and since we are currently on the flush side with capital, it wasn't that hard to become members.

The place has the reputation of catering to swingers, but it is also a no pressure environment. I was pleased to note that physicals were required, and we posted the result with management before we were even allowed to check in.

The cost was a bit startling, $579.00 a day. But no tips, meals, games, movies, anything we wanted was at our beck and call!

Lee and I started doing a bit of experimentation with sexuality in our lives, perhaps this is surprising considering I am getting into the 2nd half for my 50's and Lee will be 50 soon. Sexuality is something I deal with personally on a regular basis, my work as a Massage Therapist and instructor assures that.

I have a voyeuristic streak, there is no doubt about that, and when Lee discovered that I get turned on watching her give some good looking fellow a peek, well, we were off and running!

It might seem odd that we lived two decades of marriage before we got to this point, but that is the way it happened.

One thing we noticed quickly was that we were the oldest couple there by far. I was beginning to think that we had dropped close to $3500 on a nice week out in the country, when things started happening.

We were down by the little stream, a couple of guys came down and sat nearby, and Lee did a little "peek-a-boo" at them. The one man, Ben I soon found out, went "peek-a-boo" right back at her, it was almost hilarious. I was sitting there with my dark glasses on, doing my best to keep from laughing out loud at Ben and Lee sat there facing each other holding the legs of their shorts open exposing themselves!

Poor Jerry, his friend, was a bit on the reserved side, and sat there not quite sure what to do, although I noticed he looked Lee over closely!

Soon Jerry got up and took off, looking for their wives. Down the trail he came in short order with Kate & Jan. Kate is a big busty redhead, long flowing type hair, wide hips, a bit soft around the middle. Jan is a tiny woman, she simply can't be more than 4'10", I doubted that she was over 90 pounds.

Both were absolutely spectacular in their skimpy bikinis. I had noticed them both earlier up by the pool, Kate's heavy breasts sort of roll back and forth as she walks, and I had seen Jan stepping out of the pool, her short dark hair wet and plastered to her, the water dripping off one of the brownest bodies I have ever seen.

I knew I could encircle Jan's waist with my hands. Her Bikini top lay almost flat against her chest, but the prominant nipples poking out the front left no doubt that this was a woman!

Ben made a wisecrack about how Lee and he were having fun flashing each other, Kate grinned and reached down and pulled her Bikini bottom aside, exposing some beautiful red pubic hair and a set of prominant pussy lips that actually seemed a bit out of place on her body style. I just sat there with a big stupid grin on my face! Jan reached out and swatted Kate on her butt with a smack, telling her she was terrible, her grin giving away to the truth.

We chatted for a few minutes, everyone was right at ease except for Jerry, who stayed a bit quiet.

Someone made a comment that we should all go back to the rooms, I am not sure who, but we gathered up and off we went.

Somehow we all ended up in our room, and we all went through that awkward moment when waiting for someone to "break the ice".

I clicked on the TV to a music channel, and we passed back and forth some drivel about work and traffic jams and how nice it is out here in the country. Ben asked me what I did for a living, I explained about the college and my work at my home office. He seemed interested, then Kate decided she wanted her back rubbed. Well, I know how to do that, so I sat her in a chair and was showing a few strokes, she felt soft and relaxed, actually. I mentioned that "this works lots better with a table", and Ben grinned and said, "bet we can get one".

He reached over for the phone and called the desk, and sure enough, a nice portable massage table was delivered to the room by a guy with the biggest grin I think I have ever seen! He started to set the table up, Kate reached out and rubbed his behind, commenting something about "having to try this out before leaving". The guy actually blushed, we all laughed at that..

Once we got the table up, I had Kate stretch out, and started in. She was still in her Bikini, and as I was explaining a few things that I do, I noticed Ben sat down close to Lee and was soon lightly stroking the inside of her right leg.

I reached up and flipped the catch on Kate's top, and she helped by shrugging it off her shoulders, then I stepped around to the foot of the table, and reached for her bottoms. She lifted her hips to allow me to slide them off. The massage sort of went out the window at that point, I glanced over and Ben was kissing Lee, and his right hand was clear inside the legs of her shorts, very busy. I looked over at Jerry and Jan, they were snuggling and just watching. Then Jan got up and went and sat on the other side of Lee, who now had lost her top and her shorts were rapidly heading south.

I was being quite busy between Kate's legs, exploring her marvelous pussy with my hands when she asked Jerry to "Come here!"..

Jerry stepped up to her, she reached out and unsnapped his shorts and grabbed him, then she sucked him into her mouth.

Now I can't imagine how difficult it is to give a blow job laying on one's stomach, but she was having no problem doing it! I just continued my manipulations, and it wasn't long before I felt Kate give up a first gentle orgasm. She had her legs spread as wide as she could and stay on the table. I realized that to reach her with my erection I would have to climb clear up on the table, and Jerry was having to stand a bit on tip-toe to keep his penis in range of Kate's mouth! All this hit me as funny, and I started to giggle. That soon became a laugh, Ben started to laugh, I looked over and Jan was now on her hands and knees between Lee's legs, licking her for all she was worth!

Kate let out another groan as I felt her orgasm again, still a mild one. I reached down to drop my shorts when I felt a tiny hand beat me to the clasp. I turned slightly, Jan was there, saying, "Let me!". I shot a quick glance at Lee just as Ben entered her, her head was back and mouth open, and the grimace told me that she was having a struggle. Ben has a bit of an advantage in the size department, he has a good inch on me which isn't so much but he was also thick. I could see Lee moving her legs trying to find a position, I don't think she ever in her life had anyone that large. Ben's size easily doubled my own girth, and he was being careful, just the head was inside, as he waited for her to relax and accept.

I decided that was OK quickly when I felt Jan's tiny hands encircle me. She dropped to her knees and began to lick and explore me, she could just get the head of me into her tiny mouth.

I realized she was still wearing her bathing suit, and I wanted to see her! So I picked her up, light as a feather, and carried her over to the other huge sofa.

Setting her gently down, I slipped my fingertips inside her top, and was greeted by a nipple hard as a rock. I slipped the top from her, she had almost no breasts at all, and I felt her tense as she came into view. "Oops, sensitive point" I thought, and then uttered, "My god you are beautiful". And she was, perfect button-like nipples, all brown, no tan lines at all.

She seemed to relax at that, I stroked her sides lightly, letting the touch tease and tickle, I reached up and stroked her earlobe, and was rewarded with a sigh. I soon slipped her bottoms, she lifted to help me, and here was this beautiful creature, not a single hair!

I did get one odd thought just as I buried my face in her, I could have sworn I was going down on Kate, Jan's Pussy was the spitting image of Kate's, just no red hair!

I lost track of things for a few minutes, but when I felt Jan was getting close to ready, I glanced around as I moved up into position.

Jerry was up on the table on top of Kate, pounding away at her, Lee was on her back on the other sofa, giving up a tiny little mewing sound with each stroke from Ben's big Dick! She wasn't grimacing anymore, though!

I turned my attentions to this tiny, beautiful creature before me. She lay back and opened her legs for me, I slipped up and in her, we fit like a glove! Perfect, absolutely perfect. We went on and on, just lost in feeling each other. Finally I felt myself running out of control, and knew I couldn't hold back. That was what it took, she sensed it and simply exploded as I orgasmed deep inside her.

We lay for what must have been 15 minutes, the sounds of sex and pleasure all around us. I could still hear Lee's soft mewing sounds, and wondered if Ben was still going? I whispered in Jan's ear, that Ben was going to wear out Lee. She giggled, and said "Well you can use mine some more if he does!" We started laughing again, holding each other tight.

I got up and took her hand, and Jan and I headed for the showers. Jerry and Kate were laying on the table side by side, it hit me that if either one of them let go, they BOTH would fall off! "Shower?" I said, and they hopped up to join us.

You should see the showers in this place, there are two faucet heads, and let's just say it seats 4.

Jan, Kate, Jerry and I were taking turns rinsing off when Lee and Ben walked in. I looked at Lee with a grin, she smiled and said, "He almost wore me out!" Jan piped up with, "Don't worry, it will grow back!" and we all just roared at that..

I reached over and flipped the switch for the sauna cycle, and we all relaxed and got quiet as the heat built.

I think I might have actually dozed, but I heard Kate's voice say, "Look at that!" I opened my eyes and she was staring at me, glancing down, I realized I had another erection. "Not bad for an old guy!" I wisecracked.

"Mine!" Kate laughed, and reached out and grabbed me. We were all sitting a bit close, like I said, it seats four but there were six of us in there..

In no time at all, Kate leaned me back and straddled me. I reached out palm up and slipped a finger into her, letting my thumb brush her clit. It hit me again how she and Jan looked just alike in that respect. Then she was over me, and sliding down.

What a difference, though. Where Jan was slick and snug, Kate was courser feeling and a bit looser, I was in her easily with no resistance. Well, she had just went at it with Jerry, and if she was getting if from Ben on a regular basis, then I could understand. But in just seconds, she adjusted to me, and we screwed facing each other. Her huge breasts were right in my face, this is a big woman. Natural, too, no scars or sense of implants. I nuzzled and licked her nipples and we felt each other, she would squash her lips against my pubic bone, and since we were both wet, we were getting some pretty serious sounds out of the act.

This got everyone giggling again, in short order, I noticed Lee was on Jerry's lap, taking him into her. One thing about Lee, when she is excited, her nipples first firm up, then protrude about an inch.

I looked at her, and she was fully arroused, no doubt about that.

As I continued with Kate, and Jerry with Lee, it hit me! This put "big Ben" with Jan! "No way" I thought, but I looked over and Jan was on Ben with her head thrown back, bouncing up and down. I could see almost his entire length as she lifted up, paused, then just let her body drop!

He was simply ramming her, it wasn't like I had done at all. Our union was soft and slow, gentle, these two were simply fucking!

I couldn't believe he could even get that thing in her, but then I would have bet Lee had a tough time, too!

The six of us carried on like crazy kids, shower heads running, Sauna heat wide open, steam rolling all around us.

Finally I let go again, Kate had preceeded me with at least a dozen small orgasms. But she didn't have the huge one I wanted her to.

Then just as I was starting to come, she increased her movement, and started to cry out, "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!" And then she blew with the orgasm I was looking for!

It hit me what the fantasy was, and being older, I was it. I just let it happen, let her go to the pleasure of the moment. Finally she settled down, we stayed joined for a few minutes as her breathing returned to normal.

Then she lifted up off of me, looked at me and leaned down and kissed me. "Thank you!" she said.

Later that evening as we all sat around talking, I happened to mention that I found it surprising that both Kate and Jan's private parts looked almost exactly alike. Kate piped up with that was the only thing alike, and it was surprising since they were twin sisters!!

All I could say was, "Uhhhh...twins?" a bit stupidly.

"Yes, twins!" Jan said. "We think Mom had a party that night, too!"

We all laughed some more at that..then it hit me..This couple had been swinging on and off for some time, Lee and I were the target!

I have to say this experience is probably the most pure fun of any Lee and I have ever had.

But there was even more. Later on we three guys watched the girls in a 3-way naked on one of the beds. While this was going on, Ben went out on the balcony, which overlooks the pool. There was a couple making out in the pool, all by themselves, no one around. He watched for awhile, then called Jerry and me out. The guy was about 30, the lady around the same age, and she was spectacular! Long brown hair, with a body one would describe as a model type.

Being a bit bold, I hollered down, "Hey, you guys need to bring that up here!" They looked up at the 3 of us standing there in just our shorts, then looked at each other.

"Be right up!", the guy said....

"Oh, oh!" I thought, thinking of my slightly sore and completely limp dick...I wonder if.....

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