tagLoving WivesLee's Story Ch. 5

Lee's Story Ch. 5


Ben, Jerry and I stood out on the balcony watching the young couple make out in the pool.

They hadn't noticed us up there, we watched them for a good 10 minutes. I had found out why the resort we were staying at had a quiet reputation of catering to swingers!

All one had to do was look around, in short order one would notice that the lady that was sitting with one man would be with a different guy later in the day. Oddly, it was all quite discreet, there was no blatant nudity, or sex in public, nothing like that.

Just a nice resort, with opportunities. There was no one else in the pool, so the young couple went ahead and started fooling around. Her hands were obviously down the front of his trunks, and he managed to slip her top aside and get his mouth on her nipple.

Lord was this woman stacked, tho! Obviously a model type, every muscle in her body just rippled with good health. I notice things like that, since my practice as a Massage Therapist means I work with bodies almost daily.

Ben and Jerry were running on a couple of beers, I barely drink, but I still had half of one in me. For some reason I opened my mouth and told the couple they needed to bring that up to the room!

They looked up with a start, then a smile, and up they came!

I opened the door and let them in, we did introductions all around. The guy was Carl, and the lady was Mira, "short for Miranda" she told us.

I couldn't help but look Mira up and down in appreciation, her abdomen actually tucked in over her hipbones, leaving a small gap at the top of her bikini bottoms. The suit was still wet, her nipples were as big as silver dollars, and poked out nicely through the thin material.

Carl was about the same hieght, around 5' 9" or so, but heavy chested with a mass of hair on his chest.

We offered them drinks, then Mira asked where where all the women?

I grinned, and said, "Come on, I will show you!" I got up and led them to the other bedroom, here on the bed was an amazing sight! Lee, Kate, and Jan lay in a circle facing each other, all three of then quite busy between each other's legs.

"Company!" I called out, as Carl and Mira just stood there, looking at three naked ladies so engrossed.

Lee looked up and smiled, and then they all got up and came out into the living room.

I went and got some snacks out, and some drinks, passing things around. It seemed odd to be in a room with 4 couples, four men all wearings trunks, one lady in a Bikini, and the other three stark naked.

Carl and Mira sat together on the big sofa, obviously a bit uncomfortable at this point. Mira then stood up and stretched, and reached back and slipped the catch on her suit top. She caught the top, we all held our breath as she teased us for a second, then allowed her fine pair to spring into view.

Huge dark nipples crowned a set of breasts that I like to describe as "ski slope" style. No sag at all, but they both seemed to curve up and out on the top, full on the bottom. Then she looked right at me, sitting there with a stupid grin on my face, and down went the bottoms! She stepped out of them, and sat back down on the couch with Carl.

Carl's hands went right to her, we all sat quietly, just watching.

Lee came over and snuggled up next to me, I noticed Kate went to Ben and Jan curled up by Jerry. In short order, Lee had me out of my shorts, and was softly stroking me. I managed a half-hard, and was pretty sure that was going to be it. I can't say the same for Ben, Kate had him up to full size in just seconds, Jerry wasn't going to go anywhere, though, it was obvious quickly. In fact, he soon got up to go use the restroom, Jan came over and sat on the other side of me, and began helping Lee with her efforts.

I also noticed quickly that Jan was at least as interested in Lee as she was me, her tiny hands kept reaching out to stroke lee's breasts.

By now Carl and Mira were completely involved, she lay back on the sofa and opened her legs as he slipped up into position.

The whole scene was almost unreal, Ben was sitting with his head back, Kate was on her knees on the sofa next to him, somehow every inch of his huge member was vanishing down her throat. Lee and Jan were taking turns kissing and fondling me and each other, Jerry was nowhere to be seen, and Carl was now shoving a solid 7" inside Mira, who was pushing up with each stroke so hard she was lifting him up off the couch!

I was starting to get close to a full boner again, it was that erotic.

But Carl was done in short order, I could see that Mira hadn't quite made it, she was trying but it just wasn't enough. He pulled out, and sat back, satisfied. I looked at Mira, she was still ready, Lee knew too. "Go help her!" Lee told me.

"Well, we shall see", I thought, and I disengaged from Lee and Jan and walked over to the sofa. Carl saw me coming, smiled and got up and walked over to the other couch with Lee and Jan.

Mira opened her eyes, and saw me. She looked down at my 90% ready to go 8 incher, and smiled. I just lay down on her and slipped myself in.

Lord she was wet, I allowed myself to slide in all the way, almost no resistance. I knew she could feel my larger size pressing her open, I could feel my foreskin roll back with each stroke. In just a half dozen or so I was up and fully hard!

I knew this was going to take some time, after all, I had already unloaded twice in less than a couple of hours, and while I have managed a 3rd time in one day, 3 is pressing things at my age!

But this woman was hot, and she was wild, she seemed to love it. I varied the strokes, sometimes deep, sometimes soft, then even rotations and side to side, feeling for her reactions. Finally I felt a little ripple inside her, then another..There was no doubt she was right there, so I withdrew almost all the way and paused. She let out a little yelp, "No!" and I drove in all the way, pressing tightly against her as I finally could no longer hold back!

She went right with me, I steadied into a rythmm to let her extend it some, then we just lay there, soaking in each other.

Then I had awareness of the room, I heard Ben say, "I got 20 minutes!"...I noticed he was looking at his watch with a smile.

"Good cooking takes time!" I wisecracked, and everyone laughed at that.

I looked at him, he grinned at me, then I realized they were ALL watching Mira and me. I got up and grabbed a towel, and handed another fresh one to Mira. Then we lay there and rested.

Suddenly I realized there still was no Jerry...and no Carl, either!

"Ohoh!" I thought. I glanced at Lee, she read my mind and just cocked her head toward one of the bedrooms. "Well, whatever" I thought, making a mental note to keep out of reach of both of them.

We all dressed shortly after that, and Jerry came out. Jerry and Jan left, she slipped up on tiptoes and kissed me, then Ben.

Carl came and talked to Mira, who surprised us by telling us she was going to go find her husband, and she also gave me a big hug and a kiss. After they left, Ben, Kate, Lee, and I sat around and chatted. Then it was time for them to go, but Kate came over to me and gave me a big hug, as Lee hugged Ben goodbye.

Then she leaned forwards and whispered in my ear, "Can I come see you tomorrow, Daddy?"

Just going with the flow, I told her, "Sure, Daddy will be all better by then!"..

She beamed, grabbed Ben's hand and out the door they went.

Lee and I went in and made some sandwiches, and we sat at the kitchen nook and had a bite to eat.

She looked at me and asked, "Well, which one was best?"..

I just smiled and told her, "You are!"....

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