Leesha, Unleashed


Author's Note: A slight edit for continuity purposes.


Leesha stepped out of the tub, reluctantly leaving the steamy warmth of the shower. She reached over to shut off the water and grabbed the towel hanging in front of her. As she began to rub herself dry, she glanced over at the full length mirror on the other side of the bathroom. She took a moment to casually admire her reflected form as she felt the dry, fuzzy towel against her wet skin.

She was tall, slightly over 5'8", and last she checked around 120 pounds, her weight distributed evenly across her frame. Her legs were naturally toned with strong thighs molded to the seductive swell of her hips. Her stomach was flat, but not muscular, with just a hint of roundness that accentuated her slim waist and full, round breasts. Her tits had filled out steadily since adolescence, now overflowing a DD cup. They hung heavily from her chest, but showed little sag. Her large pink areolas and gumdrop nipples still pointed straight ahead, their delicate color accenting her flawless porcelain skin.

She turned slightly, looking over her shoulder to observe her backside. The globes of her ass formed a firm heart shape, tapering up to her waist. She flexed her glutes, noting the slight jiggle with a grin. She kept her gaze locked to her behind as she bent at the waist, running the towel over her round buttcheeks and over the back of her legs. She gazed at the delicate pink petals of her pussy peeking from between her creamy thighs before running the towel down to her ankles.

Straightening back up, she fluffed the towel into her shoulder-length, auburn tresses, deciding not to tie it back into its usual ponytail. She liked the way the unblemished features of her face looked when framed by her dark, silky locks. Her cheeks blushed slightly as she caught herself posing seductively in the mirror. She wouldn't have described herself as a narcissist, but she was very aware of her attractiveness and mostly enjoyed the attention she generated.

Her gaze drifted down again, past her tummy to her hairless crotch. Sprouting from the nexus of her fit thighs hung her partially stiff cock. She ran her towel up, catching the semi-hard dick and lifting it up to pat dry the pale length, light blue veins tracing just below the surface. Like her boobs, her dick had lengthened steadily over the years, currently a majestic eight inches when fully torqued. It twitched with pleasure as she carefully dried the uncut prick, peeling back the short foreskin to reveal the round, bright pink glans before patting it dry. She moved the towel down to rub dry the pair of egg sized testicles that accompanied the member. They hung heavily, obscuring the view of the rest of her crotch.

She dabbed at the wrinkled sack and her hand brushed her pussy, hidden just behind, and her dick twitched again. She could feel the stiff nub of her clit and the soft, puffy folds of her snatch. Her hand gently cradled her full balls, noting with dismay how swollen and heavy they were. It had been nearly a week since she had any relief, much longer than she was used to. Her entire crotch was tingling, eager for attention, sensitive to the slightest touch.

She flipped the towel at the mirror as she failed to stifle a yawn, breaking her self-examination. She really would have liked to jerk out a load or two before bedtime, but she was so tired, it would have to wait until morning. The last week had been hectic, her battle-axe of a boss had been running her extra hard. She was supposed to be an executive assistant, but it felt more like she was a personal secretary; in addition to her normal workload, she had to pick up dry cleaning and coordinate dinner parties. The bottom line: her balls would have to stew for a few more hours while she got some much needed sleep. The coming weekend would provide opportunities to properly relieve her tension.

She slipped a on a pair of cotton boy shorts, trapping her discouraged dick for the time being. Donning a tight ribbed tank that barely contained her heavy tits, she clicked on the small TV on her dresser, noting with some satisfaction a midnight monster movie just beginning. She turned the sound down low, swung her bedroom door shut and settled into bed. The sheets felt cool and dry against her shower heated skin as her head settled into the mountain of pillows beneath her.

Leesha's pent up libido turned her thoughts to her roommate and sometime fuck buddy, Gwen. Leesha had found her room empty, a common occurance on a Friday night; the gorgeous blonde would be out clubbing most likely. If she came home at all tonight, there was a good chance she would bring back company. Gwen called herself a lesbian, but Leesha knew she was pretty liberal with that definition. Though they were both in their mid-twenties, Leesha knew they were still exploring their sexual identities. Even sporting a dick that rivaled the biggest she had seen, Leesha' s love life didn't seem to be any more complicated than her friend's frequent entanglements.

They had met and become fast friends at the office and decided to upgrade their living situation by sharing a posh, high rise mid-city flat. Their relationship had taken a more intimate turn when Gwen discovered Leesha's extra endowment. They dated briefly, but decided they were better off remaining friends, with benefits. Leesha would have gladly explored a serious relationship with the fair-haired vixen, but let Gwen have her space. She deferred to Gwen being the aggressor in their sexual encounters, relishing the passionate, if infrequent, intimacy they shared.

She unconsciously rubbed her crotch while thinking of Gwen's beautiful body, TV totally ignored. She reached for the remote and set the sleep timer before cuddling up with a few pillows and drifting off. Her last thoughts were of a marathon masturbation session before breakfast, the bulge in her cotton panties twitching one last time.

Chapter Two

The sound of movement and babble of voices roused Leesha from her slumber a few hours later. There was no window on this side of the flat, so she looked over at her alarm clock. 3am, just about right if Gwen was bringing someone home. She was just about to go back to sleep, when she heard a peal of laughter and girlish giggling just outside her door.

She could tell it was Gwen and another girl, but she didn't recognize the voice of the other woman. Gwen had a long list of regular girlfriends and Leesha thought she was aware of them all. The small pang of jealousy that stirred in her chest gave way to curiosity as she listened closely to the commotion in the hallway.

A heavy bump against her door made Leesha sit up, but soon the stirring shifted back across the hallway. She heard a slight grunt and the creak of bedsprings and another burst of giggling. They were on Gwen's bed now, probably making out.

Leesha's head tilted slightly as she continued to hear muffled whispers and shuffling of bedding across the hall. Normally, Gwen shut her door when she was entertaining a friend, leaving Leesha to her imagination, but she could still hear the low husky voice of her roommate telling her friend to get undressed. Leesha's curiosity got the better of her and she had to see what was going on out there.

Leesha moved quietly across her room, padding softly on the cool hardwood floor. She opened the door slowly, quietly, and peered through the slight opening. Leesha could hear Gwen and another feminine voice, the soft, lusty murmur drifting like a siren's song to her ears. The bedroom doors were offset to each other slightly, blocking Leehsa's view into Gwen's boudoir. She hesitated a moment, unconsciously holding her breath as she eased her door wider.

Leesha swung the door open to see her roommate at the foot of her bed slowly pulling a tight shirt over her head. Her ample breasts were contained in a black bra, but still bounced seductively as Gwen undressed. Her slim hips and toned thighs were framed by matching black panties, and a delicate golden waistchain winked in the shifting light, slithering across her flat belly. She had recently cut her honey blonde hair short, softening the sharp, aqualine features of her face. Her bangs were died platinum blonde as they slashed across her forehead, highlighting the fierce green of her eyes.

Gwen's friend was lying on the bed, naked, her full breasts jiggling as she anticipated Gwen's undivided attention. Leesha could only see long dark hair, and pale skin nearly glowing in the soft light. Leesha's hand slipped down to her groin, rubbing the stiffening length imprisoned in her tight shorts. Neither of the women across the hall had noticed their audience yet. Leesha felt a moment of doubt, wondering if she should be watching, uninvited. Her recently neglected libido argued compellingly, and won out without retort.

As Leesha's dick began to swell, she felt a rumbling from below as her pussy began to moisten. Gwen loved to eat pussy, and Leesha and her snatch were all too familiar with her oral skills. She watched as Gwen slithered up onto her bed and covered her friend with her toned, tanned body. Their tits rubbed together while they shared a deep kiss. The brunette's hands roamed across Gwen's body as Leesha drifted back to her bedside.

Leesha stopped and lifted the tight cotton tank from her full breasts and they bounced free with a lurid jiggle, while she slid her boy shorts down to her ankles. Her rapidly hardening cock swung heavily as she kicked her discarded undies to the side. She settled gently on to her bed, perched on the edge to take in the scene of Gwen's seduction.

Gwen had risen to her knees, between the brunette's legs and quickly removed her bra. Her breasts bounced loose, taking their perfect, teardrop shape, round rosy-brown nipples stiff with her excitement. The brunette reached up to squeeze the juicy orbs and Gwen covered her hands as they massaged her fantastic tits together. After a long moment of mutual groping, Gwen slid her friend's hands down to her hips and returned the favor. Gwen kneaded the titflesh before her and lowered her head down to suckle one red nipple, then the other.

Leesha's tingling clit could remain untouched no longer, one hand sliding down her body settling at her needy crotch. Her hand slipped under her smooth swollen balls, her fingers beginning to slowly stroke the tender, wet lips. Her cock had stiffened to its full length, foreskin pushed back to reveal the bright pink cockhead. Leesha looked down at the bulbous glans, its puckered slit beginning to ooze with precum. The heavy shaft lay against the taut skin of her stomach, the head occasionally butting against the bottom of her tits as she reached to grope her crotch.

Gwen had moved away from her lover's nipples and slipping her panties off, she slid backward. Gathering her knees underneath her, she lowered her face to the brunette's waiting pussy, tight ass wiggling in the air as she went down. Leesha could only imagine the brunette's cunt to be as wet as hers, as she slipped two fingers into her damp depths. Her fingers probed and Leesha gasped as they found the sweet spot hidden in her clammy cunt. She lay her thumb against her hot, hard clit, lightly rubbing as she began to slowly finger herself. She could feel the first waves of orgasm begin to build deep within and her manicured digits picked up speed.

Leesha stifled another moan as she began to masturbate in earnest, while Gwen dove into the brunette's muff. Gwen's face disappeared from Leesha's view as the brunette's hips bucked up to meet the blonde's talented tongue. Leesha's fingers stroked steadily, slowly churning her quivering quim.

Leesha's dick had swollen to its full glory, twitching as she flicked her bean with her thumb. A steady trail of clear precum was emitting from the round, flared crown, smearing a glistening trail just under her boobs. Leesha sighed as her hand remained dedicated to her cunt, her body beginning to quiver as she felt the coming rush of orgasm.

Gwen's brunette had reached nearly the same state, her breathing deepened and Leesha could hear her making low, moaning noises as her skillful cunnilingus continued. Leesha could see Gwen's elbow and upper arm moving steadily, pumping fingers in and out of her lover's slit.

Without realizing it, Leesha's own fingers fell into the same rhythm as Gwen's as the first waves of her orgasm began to crash down upon her. Leesha had begun making deep, low grunts as her breathing quickened. The orgasm began to hit her, lightly at first, but increasing in intensity with each pump of her fingers. She could feel hot, wet juices begin to trail across her hand, dripping between her flexing buttcheeks as she began to shallowly hump her hand. Her pussy gushed, her shivering body raptured in pleasure.

Her body clenched, toes curling beneath her, fingers digging into the bedsheets under her unoccupied hand. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her, her eyes squeezing shut, biting down on her lower lip to keep from screaming out. Her pussy clenched around her fingers, causing her rock hard cock to jump, slinging little drops of pearly pre across her sloshing tits.

As her orgasm reached its peak, Leesha was no longer aware of the brunette climaxing under Gwen's skilled caress. Leesha's body went nearly rigid as the final, mind-blowing wave of pleasure gripped her sensitive cunt. She fell back on her bed so she could frantically rub her clit and slit with both hands. Her cock felt like it might burst as it slapped onto her stomach with a wet smack.

She pulled her juice-soaked fingers from her spasming twat, and wrapped them quickly around her stiffened rod. The skin of the shaft was hot and dry, compared to the gooey dampness of her nethers. Her slickened hand began to furiously stroke away, her eyes squeezed tightly shut as she felt a mighty load of spunk work its way up her shaft. Her breath drew in sharply as her pussy clenched one more time, and the first, hot load of jizz erupted from her swollen rod.

She continued to pump steadily at her fuckstick as the first gluey shot of pent up sludge issued forth. She barely noticed as the thick goop landed in a puddle on her cheek. Caught in the throes of a full body orgasm, she was only vaguely aware of the next two rapid-fire jets of jizz covering her right breast in a viscous glaze. Her body ran red hot as more and more issue squirted out of her engorged cock, slathering her face and tits in warm, sticky slop.

Leesha's eyes remained shut as she lazily pumped out the last goopy drops, coating her swollen member and mixing with the cunt juices on her hand. She took in a deep breath, her body shuddering, covered in her own seed. She began to notice the sensation of the jizz puddled over her face and chest, thin rivulets beginning to run down her tits, like tiny tickles.

She was also aware that she was being watched. She opened her eyes and rose up on her elbows to find Gwen and her new lover staring at the cum-soaked mess before them. They were both still naked, and Leesha felt her cheeks begin to blush in embarrasement. She thought she might get scolded for her voyeurism, but their lusty gawking told Leesha her night wouldn't end with just a furious wank.

She quickly ran her eyes over the pair as they stood framed in the doorway. Both girls were striking beauties, she could see why they would be attracted to each other. Gwen was taller, slender and toned, the brunette petite, with wide hips and round thighs. While she was curvy in all the right places but Leesha couldn't call her fat or plump; she looked ripe. Her pale skin was a striking contrast to Gwen's tanned body. Her tits were slightly smaller than Gwen's, the globes spread elegantly across her chest, and a belly button piercing winked in the soft light. The brunette's mound was shaved clean, Gwen's crotch sporting a tightly shorn triangle of light blond fuzz. Her hand was on Gwen's hip, idly toying the gold chain, while the blonde's hand snaked around the brunette's back to tease her lover's lovely tit.

"Why do I suddenly crave a glazed donut?" Gwen spoke in a throaty purr, breaking the silence. She smiled wryly and her pale emerald eyes flashed as Leesha snaked out her tongue to taste some of her salty spunk that had splashed across her pouty lips. Gwen released the grip on the brunette's titty as she sauntered to Leehsa's bed.

Leesha's response was cut short as Gwen moved in swiftly and captured her jaw in a delicate caress and turned her face so she could lap up the puddle of jizz sliding down her cheek. Leesha felt her tongue glide across her face cleaning off the sticky goop in a moist slurp. She brought the mouthful in for a sloppy, cummy kiss, the goop swiftly turning into a slimy cocktail of jizz and spit, as they shared back and forth. As their lips pressed together tightly, Leesha detected another spicy tang that could only be the flavor of the brunette's pussy. Leesha felt Gwen's hand begin to roam over her splattered tits, smearing her goo around taut nipples.

Leesha still held the base of her cum covered cock as the roommates shared their messy kiss. She felt a small, delicate hand grip hers and then the familiar feel of tongue on her tingling member. The brunette was tongue-bathing her dick, she could feel her mouth slurping up the copious load covering her rod. It sprang back to attention as Gwen broke their gooey liplock, Leesha swallowing her own mouthful as she watched Gwen gulp down hers. Leesha smiled as she watched Gwen lick her glistening lips enjoying the briny treat.

Leesha looked down to see the brunette peel her sticky hand off her cock and take the cummy digits slowly between her soft, ruby lips. Her tongue danced along Leesha's fingers, freeing them from their goopy covering. Gwen and Leesha watched as the dark haired girl slowly pulled Leesha's fingers from her mouth, a large dollop of goo escaping from the corner of her lips and drifting down her chin. Gwen pulled her in to share her mouthful, their tits dangling across Leesha's, smearing her cooling load across their nipples and areola. Leesha brought her right breast to her mouth to quickly gather the spend coating the nipple into her mouth before reaching up to join Gwen and her friend in a three-way cumswap.

Their tongues wrestled passionately, spit and jizz dripping, splattering on Leesha's midriff and rapidly hardening cock. As they continued to pass the viscous concoction back and forth, Leesha felt Gwen's hand lightly grip her rejuvenated rod, stroking it slowly. She ran her fingers lightly over its pulsing length, wrapping around the swelling cockhead and squeezing gently, rubbing the kiss drippings along the stiff member.

Gwen broke away from the three way kiss first, but Leesha continued to explore the brunette's hot, wet mouth. Leesha's eyes remained lightly closed, but she could feel Gwen watching lustily as the brunette's hands began to tease her stiff nipples. The brunette broke away from Leesha's lips, pulling the whole load of jizz they had shared with her, swallowing the sludge in one hard gulp as she held Leesha's gaze with her glittering hazel eyes. Leesha's cock throbbed as she watched the pretty brunette swallow her load.

"This is Rachel," Gwen whispered into Leesha's ear, introducing the brunette. "I told you about her the other day. She wanted to...meet you..."

Leesha remembered a passing conversation with Gwen about a hot brunette earlier in the week, as Gwen brushed her earlobe with her hot tongue. She almost reached out to offer her hand to the brunette before realizing the girl had just swallowed her cum. Leesha wondered if Gwen had left her door open on accident after all. She decided not to overthink it and enjoy Rachel and Gwen's lusty advances.

Gwen had moved down to suckle at Leesha's left breast, slurping at the remaining cum stuck to her tit. Rachel joined, gripping Leesha's other boob, squeezing and sucking at the sensitive titflesh. Leesha was still propped up on her elbows, her head lolling back in the ecstasy of the two eager titlickers.

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