Left Alone Ch. 02


Walter stood me up on shaky legs. After spinning me around to face each other, his hands grazed my bare, hairless skin until he hooked his fingers in my dress, which was wrapped around my waist, and tugged it over my hips letting it fall to the floor. His eyes wandered up and down my naked body.

I had never felt so desirable and sexy before. Here I stood, completely naked except for my white pumps, before a man that was my Dad's age. My 'clit' was harder than ever before. Walter's gaze devoured my whole body from my pigtails to my painted toenails. I cocked my hip to the side and smiled down at him. When his eyes finally met mine, I batted my mascara-assisted eyelashes and bit my lower lip.

He called me a "tease" and told me he couldn't understand why "little Derrick" wouldn't want to fuck me. He sat me down on the coffee table, laid me back and pulled the table toward him. When he had me where he wanted, he slipped his fingers under my knees and sort of motioned them up. I figured out what he wanted and raised my feet up on the tabletop. With my bottom partially hanging over the edge, I had to reach down and grab my ankles to keep from falling off.

I watched as Walter wet a finger in his mouth before stating "You have a very pretty 'pussy' Tonya." He then gently touched my little hole. I swear fireworks went off. My entire world changed in that one brief instant. I had touched myself down there and even experimented with a carrot, but neither compared to Walter's finger touching me. My back arched up off of the table and I shook uncontrollably.

Walter drew lazy circles around my little hole with his finger for a minute or two before applying pressure. It felt so strange, I got scared. Walter must have sensed this and laid his free hand on my tummy. "Just relax Tonya. Let it happen." He whispered reassuringly.

His soothing voice distracted me while his finger punched through the tight muscles of my 'pussy'. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" I chanted. It didn't hurt a bit, but the sensation overwhelmed me. Being penetrated by Walter, even if it was just his finger, had me quivering with excitement. I had always known I was born to be on the receiving end, now it was confirmed. I was so happy, I had dreamed of this night for so long and it was finally going to come true!

Walter forced his finger in farther, my hips gyrated and I pulled back on my ankles raising my feet back toward my head. While praising my position, he worked the rest of his finger inside me. "You are so tight Tonya. We're going to have to take it slow. I wouldn't want to hurt you." He whispered. All I could do was moan.

Walter began slowly working his finger in and out of me. Every nerve in my body was aware of his finger inside me. I kept arching my back and writhing around on the table as he increased the speed.

Before long, his finger had dried. He pulled it out and stood up, "We're going to need some lubricant before we go any farther." I relaxed and let my feet back onto the table. He had walked around the table while speaking and leaned down and kissed me before finishing his thought, "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere."

"I'm not going anywhere. Just hurry okay?" I pleaded with him.

I felt like I was alone for an hour, actually it was probably no more than a minute or two. I heard him approaching and looked toward the door. What I saw as he entered the room frightened and excited me at the same time.

Walter had stripped naked, he looked even bigger and more intimidating without clothes. His powerful legs, arms and broad chest were covered with dark curly hair. The skin usually covered by clothing was pale, but everywhere else was tanned. And his cock, holy shit, his cock was BIG!

It was stiff as a board with veins protruding up and down its length. His cock was at least twice as long and thick as Derrick's. I knew it was big from grinding against it for most of the night. But now fully exposed, it seemed even larger! The huge pair of balls hung low and swayed from side to side as he approached. And in his hand was a tube a lubricant.

He must have noticed my concern and asked, "Are you ready to loose that cherry Tonya?" He knelt down between my legs and looked into my eyes. I felt like he could read my mind. It was as if he could see all the worries and concerns bouncing around in my brain.

"Um, it's so, I mean, you are so big!" I mumbled while staring at his cock and unconsciously pulling my knees back toward my ears.

He reached up and grabbed my little 'clit' between his thumb and forefinger. He slowly slid them up and down its modest length. "Just relax sweetie, we'll take it slow."

From my angle, his massive cock was right next to my little 'clit'. The thought flashed in my mind that his cock was like a car and mine was the hood ornament.

My muscles were still tense as he released my 'clit' and squirted a big wad of lubricant onto his fingers. As soon as he applied them to my 'pussy', I immediately relaxed. The cool, slippery feeling of it calmed me. Before I knew it, he had slid a finger inside and began fucking me with it. My back arched up again and a soft moan slipped from my lips.

"That's better, nice and slippery." He whispered before slipping a second finger in beside the first.

"Walter, that feels so naughty." I regretted saying it, thinking it sounded like a word a little girl would use.

"Naughty indeed. Just wait, we are going to get really naughty." With that said he withdrew his fingers and picked up the lubricant. He applied a generous dollop onto his huge, throbbing cock. Looking straight at me while I gazed at his cock, he massaged it all over its length.

He scooted further between my wide spread legs while aiming his cock at its destination. I was scared. The sheer size of that thing would have to split me in half, wouldn't it? What had I gotten myself into?

"Um, Walter, don't you want me to suck on you first? I, I give a pretty good blowjob?" I prayed he would take me up on my offer.

He looked up and said, "No, it's alright Tonya. There's plenty of time for that later. Right now, I have to get inside your pussy. You've been teasing me all day. Now it's time to break your cherry." The look on his face was stern. He wanted my cherry and he was going to take it from me.

With my legs pulled back so my knees were resting on my chest and my feet in the air, I was open to his invasion. He scooted a little closer and felt the swollen head of his cock make contact with my 'pussy'.

Terror washed through me with that touch. Tears began pouring out of my eyes and I sobbed, "Walter I'm scared. It's gonna hurt, isn't it. It's gonna hurt really bad!"

With one hand still on his cock, he raised the other and pressed it against my lips, "Shhh, it's alright. I am not going to hurt you. We will take it really slow."

Just as I got myself under control, he pushed forward until the head of his cock popped inside me. My tummy cramped up and pain screamed from my 'pussy' as it was stretched to its limit. I let go of my legs and wiggled around on the table trying to get away. I was once again crying like a baby and trying to push him away from me. Oh God it hurt so badly!

Walter was calm as he reached up behind either knee and pushed my legs back toward me. He held me down and didn't move his cock a millimeter, keeping perfectly still until I had stretched enough to accept him.

We must have stayed locked like that for several minutes with Walter assuring me the pain would pass. Eventually, the pain did pass although the discomfort of having something like a baseball bat inside me remained.

It must have been the expressions on my face, because Walter knew when he could proceed. Inch by inch his cock disappeared inside me. After every inch, he would pause to be sure I was alright. When I finally felt his balls against my cheeks, I couldn't help but smile. He was all the way inside me! I had taken his entire cock!

It wasn't exactly painful, it was more like being so full I was cramped. With his cock buried inside me, he leaned forward and kissed me briefly. I'm sure the discomfort showed on my face. When he was close enough that I could smell his cologne, he whispered, "Tonya, you are the sweetest thing my cock has ever been inside. You are squeezing me so tightly right now. It feels incredible." He kept telling me how good my 'pussy' felt to him, how pretty I was and how happy he was that I let him take my virginity.

Listening to him took my mind off the ache in my lower body and made me focus on what was happening. I had a huge cock inside me! My prayers had been answered and all my dreams had come true. Joy this time made tears roll down my face.

With the discomfort at a bearable level, I rocked my hips toward him and uttered, "Walter, I think I'm ready."

Reaching for lubricant, Walter poured some down between us. After setting it back down and pushing down on my legs, he asked, "Know what?"

Before I could respond, he slowly slid his cock out to the ring around the head. He pushed down on my legs until my knees were nearly touching my ears.

Sharp cramps plagued me as he pulled out, but they passed quickly. "Mmm, what?" I groaned.

He slowly slid that massive cock of his back inside me until his balls slapped against my cheeks. I squealed in a high pitched voice and gasped for air.

"You aren't a virgin anymore." He stated with a wicked grin on his face.

My lips spread in a smile which became an 'o' shape as he slid back out slowly. I gripped the edge of the table tightly as my eyes rolled up into my head.

This time he didn't pause, when he was almost all the way out, he pushed forward and buried himself in me again. "If that pool of juice under your 'clit' is any sign, I would have to say that you like my cock in your 'pussy'."

I glanced down at my stiff 'clit' and the puddle that was matting down my 'landing strip', I didn't even know I was hard? I gazed at him with lust in my eyes as I gasped, "Oh God yes!"

"Oh God yes, what Tonya?" he asked while sliding in and out at a steady pace.

"I LOVE your cock in my pussy!" I was finding it hard to believe that my 'pussy' had taken all of his enormous manhood. The discomfort and pain had changed, it wasn't a painful-pain, it was a holy-crap-that-feels-good kind of pain. Feeling his balls slap against my cheeks with each thrust was so very satisfying. The sheer feeling of him throbbing inside me was so erotic. I felt so proud of myself for making him feel so good.

With that response, Walter picked up the pace of his fucking and pushed down harder on my legs. I clung to the table's edge to keep myself from being pushed back. Each one of his inward thrusts was rewarded with one of my squeals. The pace increased until his cock was slamming in and out of me.

He pummeled my 'pussy' until we were both covered in perspiration. The combination of his expression and the throbbing of his cock let me know he was close to cumming. I somehow reached down and pinched my 'clit' between my thumb and finger and began to rub it. I knew I was close and wouldn't last long.

"Wal... ter... are... you... gonna... cum?" I asked while he furiously pounded in and out of me.

"Yes, and I'm gonna cum inside you. Who knows maybe you'll get pregnant." He answered with that same evil grin. "Would you like that Tonya? Would you like to have my baby?"

That was way too nasty and my little 'clit' began to squirt its juice all over my belly and chest. Just as I was almost done, Walter slammed into me hard and groaned. I felt his cock throbbing hard inside of me.

I didn't think it would happen, but I actually felt his hot cum erupt from his cock. As with hot liquid coated the inside of 'pussy', I realized that my little 'pussy' had made Walter feel good enough to cum. And that made me feel like a slut, a nasty little slut. And that is not a bad thing!

As the final spasm left Walter's cock, he collapsed on top of me. "That was unbelievable Tonya. We're going to have so much fun over the next couple of weeks."

I giggled beneath him, "It'll be like we're man and wife!"

"Uh, no I'd say more like Daddy and daughter. We have a bit of an age difference." I shivered and he must have felt it, "Does that bother you?"

I avoided his eyes, not believing what I was about to admit, "No, well, I sort of have a fantasy along those lines."

"Oh really, you have a thing for your Dad?" he sounded shocked.

"No, no, no, not MY Dad. A Daddy, you know like a Sugar Daddy." I couldn't help but giggle after saying that.

"Well, that just makes it all the better." He changed his tone to imitate a judge, "From this point forward, until things have to get back to normal, you'll be my daughter, Tonya, and I'll be your Sugar Daddy." His smile let me know he was going to enjoy this as much as I was.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a million kisses all over his face. "This is going to be so much fun!"

He kissed me back with that same loud, wet, sloppy kiss we had earlier in the kitchen. He remained on top of me until his cock had softened and slipped out of me. I could feel his cum seeping out onto my cheeks, so I broke the kiss and announced, "I better go to the bathroom and get cleaned up before I make a mess."

Before sliding off of me, he said, "I'm sure this will be the first of many messes. I have very, uh, 'naughty' plans for you."

"Sounds yummy." I whispered, feeling more comfortable using words like that. I kissed him again before squeezing my cheeks together and awkwardly standing up. My knees were shaky and I felt a little dizzy. I cupped my hand under my 'clit' to keep my juice from dripping onto the floor. After getting my legs back, I waddled to the bathroom. My 'pussy' felt like someone parked a truck in it overnight.

After sitting on the potty for a bit, I cleaned myself up. I slipped my arms back into the dress and slid the spaghetti straps up my arms. When the skirt part of the dress fell down below my waist, I suddenly felt extremely feminine. That feeling of a skirt falling around my legs makes me wonder why everyone doesn't wear them, it is so erotic.

My hair was a mess and my make-up was smeared everywhere. I washed the mascara from my cheeks and outlined my lips to clean them up. Smiling at myself in the mirror, I spun around and admired my bottom. Just minutes ago, Walt.. Daddy's cock was buried inside me. I felt sore and weak. I didn't know it would be such a workout being fucked.

Walter was sitting the solitary chair and greeted me as I sauntered back in the room, "How do you feel Tonya? Sore? Does it hurt?"

"I'm okay Daddy. A little sore, but nothing I can't handle." I exclaimed in a chipper voice.

When he heard the word 'Daddy', he almost laughed. As I turned my back to him with the intention of sitting on his lap, he placed his hands on my hips to hold me off. "I am beat and need to go to work tomorrow. We're going to have to call it a night."

"You're kidding, aren't you?" I pleaded.

He stood up behind me, placed his hand on my lower back and guided me toward the door.

"Can't you call in sick?" I whined.

"No sweetie, I have to go in." he answered, the tone let me know this was not debatable.

As we got to the door, he spun me around, pressed me against the wall and kissed me hard. His tongue lashed at mine. I felt weak and think I raised one foot up off the ground like the women in movies.

When the kiss broke, he opened the door and handed me two movies on my way out, he thought they might be of interest to me. As I took those 37 steps back to my house, I read the titles of movies, "Anal Training -- Sissy Boy". On the cover, a young guy was dressed as a French Maid, he was on his hands-n-knees, an older man stood behind him and was driving a huge dildo into his butt. The second was titled, "The Naughty Sissy". On this cover, another younger guy was dressed in a tiny spandex dress. He was laying across the lap of an older man with the skirt pulled up. A pink butt plug was buried in his butt and his cheeks were bright red from the spanking he was receiving.

I quivered with excitement as I rushed home to watch them.

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