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Left Myself Logged In


"I want to have some people over," Carrie said.

It had been a while since we'd had anyone over. We had three kids, I had a demanding job, and I wasn't very outgoing to begin with. Carrie had organized get-togethers at least once a month... before we had kids. How long had it been? Almost a year I think.

"Okay," I said. While I generally don't reach out to people and often don't know what to say to them, I'm usually not opposed to having them over if I'm not expected to be the only one talking with them.

"Just 'okay'? You're gonna help, right?"

"Of course. I'll get some food and set up."

"Oh, and I'm gonna have to do everything else?"

I wasn't even sure what 'everything else' entailed. We've had people over before, but Carrie has a way of doing things without drawing attention to herself, and then gets surprised when I don't know what she's done. Well, really I have a way of not noticing what other people are doing then they get annoyed when I don't know what they've done or, worse yet, think I've done as much as them when I haven't.

I tried making a little deal with her. "You're the one asking for it, so it's your show. Tell me where to pitch in," I said.

Sometimes me not just knowing what to do gets her angry, although I can't figure out why. But this time she smiled and said, "Okay. This will be fun!"

The biggest challenge was getting the house ready. Without any recent visitors, we'd kind of let it go. I found myself reorganizing, vacuuming, and even dusting. Once she got me busy with that, she made up shopping lists and started contacting people we knew. And somewhere along the way she found a sitter that would watch everyone's kids in the back rooms.

The day was upon us before we knew it. The last couple of days, she was frantic, and got a bit snappy here and there, but she apologized for that as the last hour started slipping away and everything that could be done had been done. Soon the first car pulled up and it was showtime.

We ended up with about a half-dozen guests, a few people I worked with before I changed jobs, a few parents of kids that our kids played with. I put out food and drinks, she got conversations going, and all went well. She seemed to become more animated with Jordan, a former coworker of mine than with anyone else at the party... including me. I didn't think anything of it - I click more with some people than others, and couldn't blame her for doing the same. Plus, we'd been to a couple of his small get-togethers and the three of us all got along. He had dark, wavy hair cut short, he was a little taller than me, in good shape... you know, "good looking". Carrie and I were in our early thirties, I figured he was mid-twenties. He and I were both programmers, and he was a darned good one. Almost as good as me, plus he had a knack for bonding with non-techies and an intuitive understanding of them that I didn't.

Anyway, I liked him, and it didn't surprise me that she did too. I saw her twirl her dark, straight hair while she smiled at him. I saw her put her hand on his shoulder while she was making a point. I wandered over, tried to join in their conversation, and got nowhere. I chatted with another former coworker about the merits of C# versus Java. Finally, I told Carrie that I was going to go outside for a while. This didn't surprise her; interacting with people, especially several people at once, wears me down after a while. She was cool with it as long as I came back within an hour and did all of the cleaning up.

It was nice out. The cool air felt good against my skin, and the silence felt good throughout my body. The stars were out, although I could only see a fraction of the stars I'd be able to see if I were far away from civilization. Life was good.

Exactly 59 minutes later, I headed back in. People had already started leaving, and those who were still there were clearly not staying for much longer. Carrie and Jordan and two other guests were chatting as they walked to the door, the other guests were saying they had such a good time, and all that jazz. Within 15 minutes, it was down to just me, Carrie, and Jordan. I went in the back to pay the babysitter. She was cute, but not nearly cute enough to lose Carrie or go to prison for (assuming I could have gotten anywhere with her to begin with, which seemed unlikely), so I gave her nothing but cash and sent her on her way. She headed to the door, exchanged a few pleasantries with Carrie, and was gone. I made a detour to the restroom before coming back out to the living room.

I came back out and headed to the dining room to start cleaning up. I grabbed a few plates and put them in the sink, then went back for a few more when it occurred to me to wonder where Carrie was. Had she already gone to bed? I looked over into the living room, and there she was on the couch. With Jordan. Kissing him.

I shook my head and looked again. I saw the exact same thing. What the hell?

I walked over to the couch. They didn't notice I was there. What was I going to say? I thought for a few moments and went with "Hey, what's going on?"

She broke the kiss and turned to me and said, "oh hey sweetie, we were just making out."

Well, that was weird. I just looked at her. She went on, "You left yourself logged in the other day. I read those stories you like. And the one you wrote - it's really good, you ought to submit it. Anyway I know what you've been fantasizing about." Then she went right back to kissing him!

That brought me up short. I had been reading - and, as she said, trying my hand at writing - erotic stories about unfaithful wives and the husbands who loved them anyway and sometimes watched them get fucked. I'd kept it a secret from her, because it seemed kind of weird and embarrassing for me to be turned on by that, and because having her actually do it might blow up in my face. So I really didn't know what to say.

She was right about one thing. The idea of her with another man turned me on. Seeing her kissing him gave me pangs of jealousy - and the most intense erection I'd felt in months.

Still, I wasn't sure about trying it in real life. So I gathered my thoughts, pushed through my embarrassment, and said, "yeah, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to actually do it! It's just a fantasy!"

She broke the kiss and told me, "if that's all it is, tell me to stop." Then she climbed into his lap, facing him, straddling him, and they resumed their make-out session.

I opened my mouth to tell her to stop, just like she'd suggested... and no words came out. This was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life - and that was with both of them fully dressed. Well, she wasn't wearing shoes, but her shirt and her skirt were still in place. For now. I couldn't bring myself to stop them.... I had to see where this would go.

After about a minute, I guess he figured I wasn't going to stop them. He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. She started playing with his hair. Not wanting to be completely left out, I lightly stroked the bottom of her foot. She flexed her toes, as if to say, "I know what you're doing and it feels good," but she was too busy to show any other reaction to it. She ran her hands up and down his sides and started flexing her hips back and forth.

He ran his hands up and down her back a few times. Then he closed his fist, grabbing a handful of her shirt, and untucked the back of it from her skirt. Then his other hand slipped inside and directly stroked her back without the shirt in the way. She arched her back, reacting to his touch.

He broke the lip-lock and lowered his head to kiss the side of her neck. She tilted her head in order to let him, then softly moaned as he found a nice sensitive spot there to kiss. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation for a while, then kissed him even harder when he raised his head again. I sat down next to them.

Soon he upped the ante. He untucked her shirt completely, and stroked her sides nearly up to her armpits and back down to her waist under the shirt. It didn't take much of that for her to up the ante even more; she broke the kiss once more and raised her arms up high over her head. She looked at me for a moment, perhaps gauging my reaction, then looked back at him expectantly. He pulled the shirt up, revealing a black lacy bra that I hadn't seen her wear in months. I wondered how long she'd been planning this. Had she been planning to be with Jordan, or just planned to take someone and selected Jordan after she saw who she had to pick from? He got the shirt over her head and high enough so she could grab it, pull it the rest of the way off, and drop it into my lap.

He ran his fingers up her spine until they found the clasp of her bra. About two seconds after that, he had it unhooked. She lowered her arms, waited for him to slide each bra strap off of the shoulders, then reached up with both hands and pulled the bra down her arms and handed it to me.

We'd been married for almost 10 years, and I still couldn't tear my eyes away from her breasts. They were small, but really nicely shaped, and right now topped with swollen pink nipples surrounded by crinkled areolae. And most of all, they were hers.

And incredibly, right now they were his!

I had no idea how either of them would react if I tried to touch her. So I didn't. I waited and watched, part of me silently willing them to go further, part of me desperately wanting her to stop this. He took a moment to marvel at them as well, and since he'd never even seen them before, I wasn't the least bit surprised. Finally he reached out and ran his fingers over one of them, stroking and then gently squeezing it. Then he pinched that swollen nipple in between his fingers, and she moaned again.

He lowered his head. She saw what he was doing, and leaned back to give him room. He opened his mouth and took her other nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it, then let it go and flicked it with his tongue. I could hear her breathing heavily. He went back to sucking on it, and she held the back of his head, playing with his hair and encouraging him to keep pleasuring her sensitive swollen nipples. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. Then opened them again and looked at me. She didn't say anything. I don't even know what my expression looked like to her.

Her hands hadn't been idle. She had untucked his shirt, and was running his hands over his chest and sides under the shirt. As he continued pleasuring both her nipples and running his free had all over her upper body and then up her leg and under her skirt, her hunger grew until she was ready for more. She reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. There was enough room to unzip them too, so she did that and opened it up. She reached in and felt the bulge in his underwear and her face lit up like a kid's at Christmas! I didn't have a good view of what he had, but judging from her reaction, she seemed to think it was a really nice one. She used one hand to pull the waistband of his underwear away from his waist, and slipped the other hand inside.

"Mmmmmm," she smiled as her fingers gently closed around his cock. Then "aaaaaah," as he reacted by biting down on her nipple. Then I heard a deep moaning sigh; I wasn't sure what caused that until I saw his arm had shifted more in front of him and deduced that the hand hidden her her skirt had moved from the outside of her thigh to the inside. There is a spot about two inches down that's really sensitive, and touching that spot makes her react like that.

Then she kind of stiffened, maybe hesitating for a moment, then relaxed again and started whimpering. She stared breathing more loudly and turned to me and said "his finger is inside me... ooooooh!"

Then she kissed him again.

In less than a minute. her whole body twitched, her toes clenched, and I saw her have her first orgasm of the night. It wasn't a really big one, but then again it probably wouldn't be her last. When it subsided, she leaned against him and kissed him really sensuously, then kissed his neck, lifted his shirt, and gave him soft little kisses on his chest. She got out of his lap, sort of sliding down instead of climbing down, and ended up on her knees between his legs. She pulled down on the waistband of his pants; he got the idea right away and lifted his butt up and helped her peel his pants and underwear down. She got them down to his ankles an he kicked his shoes off and lifted his feet out of them. She pushed them to the side, which was good as I didn't particularly want her to hand his clothes to me.

Now I could see just what made her light up earlier. I don't see a lot of cocks, not being particularly interested in them as a general rule, but this one was easily two inches longer and noticeably thicker than the one that was almost painfully erect in my pants. She just kind of stared at it for a little while then she looked at me. I looked back at her, wondering if she was going to say something. She didn't. Maybe she was daring me to stop her, maybe she was silently pleading with me not to stop her. I couldn't tell, but I could tell that she didn't want to stop. She glanced down at the bulge in my pants and, apparently satisfied that I (or at least my cock) didn't want her to stop, she turned back to him, pointed his cock more towards her then bent forward and moved her head towards it.

Once she got close to it, she hesitated again. This was a big step... if she went through with what she was clearly contemplating, it wouldn't count as "just fooling around" anymore. Maybe Bill Clinton wouldn't call it sex, but both of us knew that it would be way different from anything they'd done so far. Finally she closed the distance and just lightly kissed it with closed lips. Then kissed it again. Then stuck her tongue out and just barely touched his cock with it and tentatively gave it a little lick. She smiled and, apparently satisfied that it didn't taste bad or anything, gave it a much less tentative lick. She pressed the flat of her tongue all the way down by the base, and licked upwards. She reached the tip, gave the tip a little kiss, and went back down to the base and once again gave it a good lick as if it were a tasty lollipop.

After reaching the tip this time, she kissed it, then lowered her head and parted her lips, letting them slowly slide down the length of his shaft until they came to rest about halfway down.

This was it. She was committed, at least to this stage. Slowly and sensuously she bobbed her head up and down. She let go of the base of his cock and lowered her head more, forcing more of it into her mouth. She couldn't quite reach the base before she made a little gagging noise and came back up. She didn't let him go with her mouth, but she never went down quite that far again.

She started gently playing with his balls. Now the question was, would she finish him off like that or would they go further?

He answered that question. He took hold of her head, guided it up and down for a little while, then pulled it away until his cock was completely out of her mouth. Then he reached under her arms and stood up, pulling her to her feet with him, and started unbuttoning her skirt. She helped him pull the skirt down over her hips until gravity took over. The front of her black lace panties were already noticeably wet. He looked her up and down, then tugged at the waistband of her panties. This time she didn't help him, just waited. He got them off her hips and let go, and they fell to the floor at her feet. She stepped out of them, twirled around, and said, "you like?"

He nodded his head. Pulled her against him and kissed her, skin against skin, his cock pressed against her belly, sliding his hands up an down her back and then gently grabbing a handful of her bare ass. Then he took hold of her, guided her back to the sofa, and sat her down next to me. Now it was his turn to kneel down between her legs.

He started at her swollen nipple again, and she made soft happy noises at that. Then he kissed his way down her stomach. Then lifted her legs, rested them on his shoulders, and lowered his head between her thighs.

He slid a finger inside her. Then his tongue came out, went between her pussy lips, then slid upwards until she went tense again. Now that he'd found the spot, he closed his lips around it and started gently sucking while his tongue flitted over and across her no-doubt swollen clit. She reached down and played with his hair and held his head in place. Soon her breathing got ragged. Her legs squeezed shut, trapping his head between her thighs, and her arms and legs started twitching again. Her hips came up off the sofa and started working back and forth, her sexy little toes clenched, and her moans got louder than ever.

This time he didn't let her come down right away, just kept right on pleasuring her and making her twitch and scream. Finally she pulled his head up, unable to take any more for the moment. She pulled him up further and kissed him and wrapped her legs around him! One of his hands slipped behind her back, the other went back to her delectable little breast. She seemed to be enjoying her own taste on his lips and tongue.

There was now only one thing left that she had shared with me and me alone since we met. How much longer would that be true? Could I bring myself to stop them in time? Would she even stop now if I asked her to? Wait, was he inside her already? I couldn't see, but I figured she'd react in an unmistakable way, so I figured he wasn't.

She broke the kiss and looked at me. This was it. Now or never. I opened my mouth... and again, no words came out. She smiled and got an excited look in her eyes as it dawned on her that I really was going to let it happen. Now I definitely couldn't bring myself to stop her; she would have been unbearably disappointed now if I did. She turned back to him and finally said those fateful words.

"Fuck me."

He raised himself up a bit, but the sofa was at an awkward height for that. So he said "lay down." She scrambled eagerly to comply, unwrapping her legs from around him, twisting sideways, laying her head down in my lap. She was now on her back, with her knees pulled up and apart, her arms out in front of her ready to embrace him, everything she had to offer on display for him. She didn't look at me again. I reached down and started playing with her hair; her only reaction was to tilt her head slightly in acknowledgment while she waited for him.

She didn't have to wait long. He sat down at the other end of the sofa facing her and lowered himself into her waiting arms. She kissed him and wrapped her legs around him again, and this time she reached down between them until she had hold of his cock. He wasn't using any protection, and she wasn't on birth control, and she didn't seem to care in the slightest. She looked right into his eyes, positioned his cock so that its head was pressed up against her opening and held in place by it, then slipped her arms around him again. Then she took a deep breath, threw her head back, froze like that, apparently unable to scream or even exhale from the sensation of him finally penetrating her. I couldn't see exactly what was happening, but his butt was sinking lower and there was no question he was now inside her and sliding further in with each heartbeat. Then she suddenly exhaled a moan and used her arms and legs to hold onto him for dear life.

Her breath was ragged, her moans were starting up again.

Then he pulled out a bit and sank back down. And down. And down some more. "uuuuuggggggh!" then "ooooooh yeaaah!" And finally another deep breath and she hurriedly whimpered, "hoooly crap that thing's huge!" in one breath.

Finally he stopped sinking, his hips were firmly nestled between her spread-open thighs, and he stayed there for a moment, all the way inside her. Then he kissed her again.

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