tagIncest/TabooLegacy: Aftermath

Legacy: Aftermath

byLost Boy©

All characters are 18 years old or older. Thomas has decided to track down books that reference antiques he has inherited from his grandfather. His concern is that the objects are in fact enchanted and might pose a threat to family or customers. He is on an overseas flight to the furthest point away from his home in California. The letter he had sent to his grandfather's friend had been replied to but not in the way he expected. A registered letter arrived and in it a first-class ticket to Hong Kong. He quickly packed a bag and raced to the airport. Traffic was an ever-present issue and so he kissed his mother goodbye and headed off.

Dream Engineer:

In all my travels, I had never flown first-class before. I placed my single piece of luggage in the storage bin and took my seat. I looked around and found that so far I was the only person in this section. I took out the spell tome and began reading the section that the author described as moderate level skill required. I had been pushing myself and strengthening my mystical muscles. I hoped I was up to the task. The next spell was described as a controlled wet dream. Now that sounded like a whole lot of fun. I delved into the phonetic components when someone walked past me. I glanced up and fought the urge to call out. The stunning blonde was none other than the famous actress Scarlett J. The man behind her and attempting to sooth her must be her agent.

"I bought up most of the tickets," he said and she frowned. "It's not my fault the jet needed last minute maintenance."

"I am not blaming you," she said her voice flustered. "I hate flying with the public."

"I know," he replied. "There's just the one guy and I'll make sure he doesn't bother you."

"Relax already," she said and looked at me. "He seems nice enough. I'm sure we'll be fine. Get going and I'll call you when I touch down in Hong Kong."

"Give Jackie my love."

The agent left the aircraft and I returned my attention to my book. The plane was sealed and soon it was in the air. Scarlett sat at the other end of first-class and seemed lost in her own world. I gave her the privacy she sought and delved deep into the new spell I wanted to learn. I sang the runes under my breath as I read the author's notes of the various effects that could be gotten from this spell. This was by far the most complicated 'song' I had to learn so far. The complexity of the tune was also challenging. The most common aspect of the spell was to pleasure a lover while they slept. It would set loose their sexual hunger and gave them a very erotic dream. Now that was interesting. I wonder what the range of this spell was? I continued reading and learned that a cunning mage could name someone they knew well and grant them the effects of this spell.

"Boy is she in for a surprise," I muttered under my breath.

"Sir, would you like a drink?" One of the flight attendants asked.

"I would love some good coffee." I replied looking into the eyes of the Chinese woman. "You are stunning... oh sorry... I..."

"Thank you," she said blushing. "I know just what you want. I'll have it brewed right away."

I watched her walk away and the naughty thoughts soon followed. I fought the urge to treat her to some serious pleasure. I went back to the tome and picked up where I left off. The second effect of the spell was to enter a person's dream and alter its architecture. The key to success was to remain hidden for as long as possible and work slowly. Change small things at first and then add to them. I liked the idea of playing dream master. I wonder what celebrities dream about? Do they replay movies they have been in? The third and last use was a little frightening. If the mage was strong enough he or she could influence a group of sleepers.

"I would so misuse that kind of thing," I said and closed the book for now.

"Excuse me," Scarlett said standing next to my seat.

"Can I help you Ms. Johansson?"

"Call me Scarlett," she replied. "The young lady informed me that the coffee, which smells amazing by the way, is all yours. She won't release any unless I ask nicely."

"Seriously," I said and looked at the attendant that had come by and she winked at me. "I am happy to share the coffee with you Scarlett."

"Thank you," she said and sat opposite me. "What are you reading?"

"Just a Latin text. I am an antique dealer."

"Latin, that is seriously old school." She said relaxing and settling into her seat. "What kind of antiques are you after in Honk Kong?"

"I am after a book actually. My grandfather recently passed and I need the book to reference some of his pricier items."

"I am sorry for your loss. What kind of items are we talking about?"

I left out the detail that the items were enchanted and possibly dangerous. I described the items and she seemed interested and soon she was asking me about specific items she was looking for. She had good taste and the items in question were quite rare and expensive. I took out my tablet and accessed the files on the antiques located in my shop. I had items that were similar but not exactly what she was looking on. Scarlett moved to sit next to me and I showed her the pieces I did have. None of them were on the dangerous list and she leaned close enough for me to take in her scent. The attendant showed up with our coffees and before I knew it I was chatting away with a world-famous actress.

"I didn't mean to listen in but the man that came with you mentioned give my love to Jackie."

"Yes, I am shooting a film with Jackie Chan. It's a Kung Fu comedy but I can't go into great deal about it."

"I understand. Do you ever get tired of travelling?"

"Sometimes," she admitted sipping her coffee. "I hate being away from home for too long."

"I get that," I said thinking of the miles I have travelled looking for treasures. "There aren't many countries I haven't had the chance to visit so far. But there are a lot of things I missed while on the road. Things like birthdays, holidays and the like. I bet you've seen some amazing places."

The hours passed and she yawned. She reclined next to me and closed her eyes. I waited until she was asleep to try the new spell. I closed my eyes and softly sang the notes that would allow me to enter her dream. I was in a house. It was huge with large windows that opened to an Olympic sized swimming pool. Scarlett strode past me ignoring my existence completely. She opened the sliding glass door and walked towards the pool. I followed her and watched as she sat down. She stared out over the hill beyond and further still the ocean. I sat down next to her and still I was invisible. I tried to make a small change. The water in the pool was a deep blue so I changed it to an aquamarine. Scarlett didn't seem to notice the change. I looked around and looked for other things to change. The sun was directly above so I pulled it towards the western horizon. The sky began to darken and lights sprung on around us.

"How romantic," I muttered and she seemed to react to those words.

Scarlett got to her feet and I watched as she began dancing to music only she could hear. I made another change and this one is a little bigger than the rest. Her clothing melted away until she was nude and sinuously dancing in place. I wondered how susceptible she was. It was time to find out. I stood up and my own clothes evaporated. I moved behind her and slipped my arms around her waist. She was startled and looked over her shoulder.

"It's you." She says pressing her ass against me. "I lied. The attendant didn't say that about the coffee. I made it up. I thought you were cute and wanted an excuse to talk to you."

"Good thing this is just a dream," I said as I began kissing her neck.

Her moans were soft and insistent. I ran a hand down her flat stomach to stop just above her sex. She growled in frustration and grabbed my wrist and pushed it further south. Her body shivered when my fingers slid between her labia. I teased her and she rocked her hips which allowed my erection to glide along her slick sex. I nibbled her ear and heard her repeating the same words over and over, just a dream. I cupped her breasts and she shuddered as she climaxed unexpectedly. The teasing continued until neither of us could take it any longer. I lifted her up in front of me and lowered her onto my erection. She watched the entire event unfold and growled as I began thrusting slowly.

"So damn big," she gasped. "Best dream ever..."

I adjusted my grip on her and she spread her legs so it was easier for me to hammer her from below. It felt as real as if we were fucking. The edges of the dream began to dissolve so I moved faster. I wanted to climax before it ended. She cried out and urged me on as my cock swelled inside of her warning her how close I was. Scarlett screamed as cum pulsed inside of her and the dream buckled under the pressure of her own real-world orgasm. I opened my eyes and she was sitting up and staring at me. Scarlett looked a little feverish but never said a word.

"You okay, you look a little overheated."

"I'm... just a dream..." she muttered softly. "Pretty intense is all."

"Not a nightmare," I said and she shook her head vigorously. "That's good I guess."

"Very good," she said and headed for the bathroom.

I wondered if her panties were soaked after my little psychic dive. She didn't sit next to me when she returned. I didn't make anything of it and picked up the spell tome and mentally checked off the dream spell as successful. I moved onto the next entry and read it twice just to be sure I had it right. A spell that made the target more sensitive and easier to climax. It heightened tactile pleasure up to a factor of ten. I thought about it and the implications were huge. I could use it and give someone a shoulder rub of their lifetime. I thought a little experimentation couldn't hurt. I picked a new target and tried the spell on the Chinese flight attendant. I watched her as she moved in the galley area. I sang the spell softly and watched to see if there were any obvious results. Nothing seemed to happen until one of the other attendants brushed against her. I watched as her cheeks flushed and she stopped what she was doing and ran her hand along her arm. Her eyes widened and I couldn't help but smile.

I quit singing and she seemed to be okay. I was wrong. She loaded a cart with food and when one of her coworkers lightly touched her arm and she flinched letting out an audible moan. I noticed the signs of a powerful orgasm. She stood there panting and shivering while her color had flushed from excitement. I was going to misuse this one for sure. It was just too much fun not to. She recovered and piloted the cart to the rear of the aircraft. I moved onto the next spell. The author described it as a spell to make the recipient more attractive to the opposite sex. It was a subtle spell and made the person more noticeable or it could make them irresistible in the extreme. I had to think of how much attention I wanted when I cast it. The duration lasted until I cancelled it. I decided to try a middle of the road strength. I sang the spell and didn't feel any different. That was until Scarlett got to her feet and sat down next to me again.

"I..." she stammered her eyes wide and her skin flushed. "Hello again..."

"Hi," I said and she bit her lower lip suggestively.

"Have you ever... what I mean is... I dreamt about you." Scarlett blurted out.

"I guess I should tell you that I had a dream about you too." I admitted and she let out a triumphant noise.

"What was it about, your dream?"

"I am a little embarrassed but," I said and leaned close and whispered in her ear. "I fucked you rotten."

"I am so fucking wet right now," she said and then clamped a hand over her mouth. "I don't blurt those kinds of things out. What the hell? Tell me you are hung like a horse."

"Um..." I said as she clenched her teeth together. "I've never had any complaints. Would you like to meet me in the bathroom?"

"Try and keep me away. You go first and I'll meet you."

I got up and went to the closest toilet. I didn't lock it and waited for her to arrive. Instead of Scarlett it was the Chinese attendant. She locked the bathroom behind her and kissed me. As she kissed me she lifted the bottom of her uniform. I freed my cock and she pushed me back onto the toilet. She turned around and impaled her pussy on my erection. She was so damn eager to have a cock inside of her. I only understood about half of what she was grunting as she rode me. My Cantonese wasn't as good as my Mandarin. The limited maneuvering room kept her in charge and I was okay with that for now.

"I'm on fire..." she said as she made slow circles of her hips. "So intense... so much pleasure..."

Oh hell, she was still under the influence of the spell I had placed on her. It hadn't worn off. I sang softly and she let out a sigh of relief. That didn't stop her from riding me until she came. I expected her to stay but that didn't happen. She stood up, fixed her uniform and left me rock hard and only half way to my own orgasm. She opened the door and Scarlett pushed her way into the bathroom. She looked at my cock and licked her lips. She did exactly what the other gal had done but she was intent on me climaxing.

"You will come for me..." she grunted as she moved. "So stuffed... so big..."

I hated that the space was so damn limited. All I could do was sit there and take it. I did the only thing I could do. I closed my eyes and savored the pleasure she was so eagerly giving me. She cursed softly as her orgasm built up inside of her. My own climax was swiftly gearing up for one hell of a release. I warned her but I think my cock signaled her as it swelled inside of her. She was shaking now as she began squeezing me with her internal muscles and I clamped a hand over her mouth as she dropped down one last time and we came together. Breathless and covered in sweat she sat there shivering.

"Damn..." she said between gasps for air. "I am staying at..." Scarlett told me her hotel and begged me to visit her while I was in Hong Kong.

"What do you like to drink?" I asked and she laughed.

The maneuvering was awkward as I gave her the toilet so she could empty her bladder. While I stood in front of her she licked me clean and gave my cock a few goodbye kisses before I tucked in and zipped up. I splashed water on my face and slipped away leaving her to fix her face and adjust her clothing. I returned to my seat and one of the other attendants approached me smiling. She asked if I needed anything to restore my fluids. So much for getting away with fucking at thirty thousand feet. I asked for three bottles of water and she went to provide them. I settled into my seat and watched as a stunning Scarlett exited the bathroom. She looked radiant with her just fucked glow. The attendant returned with my water and I gulped down the first one but finished off the other two much slower.

"Thank you, I am sorry I... what I mean is..." the Chinese attendant rambled in her apology for jumping my bones in the bathroom.

"No harm no foul," I said and she smiled.

"Perhaps I can help you with your visit to Hong Kong. I have family in the city."

"I am looking for a book collector." I told her and she asked if I had a name. "Yeah, he goes by the name of Ma Yaun."

"Oh my," she said the color draining slightly. "I have heard of him. He has a questionable reputation. While his goods are rare and expensive there are rumors."

"What kind of rumors?" I asked and she paused before answering.

"Trafficking," she said frowning. "Women disappear and not all of them are Chinese."

She left me with a vague warning. I would be on my guard and keep a low profile. That little thought prompted me to cancel the spell I had placed on myself. I didn't need that kind of attention until I found Ma Yaun and see if he still had the book I was looking for. We still had three hours before the flight landed so I decided a second nap wouldn't be a bad idea. I closed my eyes and let my thoughts drift. I had three specific books to get my hands on if I was going to be able to find out the history of specific items. There was still the elusive tome that the Eronomicon had been penned from. I would love to get my hands on that. While the sex orientated spells were great I would prefer to expand my skills into other areas.

I am a sex mage. Maybe I should make up business cards, Thomas Blackstone Sex Mage. It had a certain ring to it. Ooh, I could call myself an eromancer. That sounded better and I could help woman having issues climaxing. I could get them off without ever laying a finger on them. I thought about the fog shrouded dream landscape and wished I had more details so I could locate the mansion. I drifted off to sleep and dreamt about Scarlett and the mansion. While she danced naked on the manicured lawn I tried to pick out unique details that would allow me to find this place. I tried to alter my dream as I had while hacking Scarlett's dream. I blew out my breath willing the fog to vanish. To my utter astonishment it worked. I could see hundreds of yards in any direction. There was an ornate fountain in front of the hedge maze. There was my landmark. The fountain had a definite Germanic style and I memorized as many details as I could before the dream collapsed.

I awoke smiling. I sat up and found a slumbering Scarlett next to me. She yawned and stretched looking over at me. She kissed my cheek in front of everyone. I blushed not prepared for the sudden show of affection. She grinned and said two things that got my attention. First, she told me how cute I looked blushing the way I was. Second and the more interesting that she had dreamt about me again. I blurted out that she had been dancing and her eyes went wide in shock. I was saved by the pilot's announcement that we were on final approach. This was repeated in several languages. I put on my seatbelt and gathered up the tome for safe keeping. Scarlett tried to ask me how I knew she had been dancing.

"What else would someone as gorgeous as you be doing?"

My compliment derailed her thoughts. The seatbelt lights came on a final notice of our impending landing was announced. I gripped the arms of the chair as the tires contacted the earth. I let out one nervous breath and relaxed. The only thing that made me anxious was taking off and landing. Now that we were on the ground I was eager to find Ma Yaun and see if he had the book I was looking for. The correspondence between us indicated that he did but there was a hint of doubt in my gut. Scarlett offered me a lift to my hotel and I thanked her. We disembarked the plane together and the press was waiting near her limo. The driver held the door open for us and we waited as her luggage was loaded into the trunk. I began to wonder if I was going to show up on TMZ or another talk show. Was I going to end up being that mysterious man with Scarlett? The limo dropped me off in front of the Hilton and I promised that I would stop by later tonight. I checked in and settled into my room that looked out over Hong Kong harbor.

"Hey, I've checked into my room," I said calling my mom as I had promised.

"Good," Mom replied yawning. "How was your flight?"

"I met someone on the plane," I said trying to figure out how to tell her. "No not like that but you might see something on the news about it."

"Who did you meet?" She said suddenly quite awake.

I told her and it sounded like she was jumping up and down breathlessly. When she asked if I got her autograph I laughed. I shared what had happened and my joining the mile-high club. The other end of the phone fell silent. I waited for her to recuperate and mom had me go through the story in minute detail. By the time I had hung up I had shared my story about Scarlett with two of my sisters besides my mom. She had woken them up so that I could share with them that I had seduced a celebrity. The price of magic isn't always so black and white. I was about to learn the hard way why to leave some things alone. I hung up and called for a cab to take me to the address provided by Ma Yaun in his letter.

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