tagIncest/TabooLegacy: Equilibrium

Legacy: Equilibrium

byLost Boy©

All characters are 18 years old. Mere moments have passed since the previous story ended. Thomas is home! He has some very lonely ladies to take care of and secrets are bound to be revealed. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and those new to my stories. I am coming up on nearly three thousand followers! I'd like to thank all of you. I'd also like to say I hope you had a great holiday and I hope the new year will bring happy times and growth for everyone. As always please feel free to comment, make suggestions and please vote for this story and the others. Once this story line ends I will be asking for which of the existing story lines you'd like to see continued and finished. Some have languished in limbo for years. I imagine you are curious why, it is this simple, numbers. Stories that started out strong lost viewers and petered out to nothing. It has made me a better writer. I would have a strong beginning and then meander off from the original story so far that it is unrecognizable. I will admit that is one of my flaws. I like linking them to the Shawverse and they lose uniqueness. I will also be throwing out one shot stories for your consumption as well. I get these bursts of ideas that don't fit the current characters and deserve to be seen. I jot most of them down but some I stop and flesh out a bit. That is why this piece took so long. I get distracted. I am only human after all.

Okay, without further delay, here is Legacy: Equilibrium.


Part One: Imbalance

Keisha stood in the doorway. I hesitated before I spoke her name. What the hell was she doing here, and now of all times? She moved aside letting me in. I could hear voices in the living room, so my aunt and I strode in as nonchalantly as possible. The entirety of my family was assembled except for my mother and the Greek twins. Snow, Qadira, and Violet must have just arrived. I set down my luggage and turned on Keisha.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came when I heard sis was ill." She said her eyes downcast and her fingers interlaced nervously. "I knew why she became sick, so they released me."

"Fine, why is she sick?"

"Eleanor has been poisoned," she said speaking my mother's name with a reverence any nun would have admired. "Before you ask, yes I know who did it. I have already added the antidote to her IV. She will make a full recovery."

It was Violet that set her hand on my shoulder. She told me everything would be made clear but first I had to see mom and then I needed to get some rest. I didn't argue. Eleanor, my dear mother, was in the second largest bedroom upstairs. I went up alone. The paintings that adorned the stairwell had been changed. They were the same paintings, but the order had been altered. My mother's image now hung prominently on the landing. You couldn't miss it as you topped the stairs and just before you turned to walk up the second flight to the top. I noticed the hospital smell when I reached the hallway leading to her room. They had gone all out in treating her. I wasn't surprised when I opened the door to see the transformed interior. It looked more like a room in a clinic than the elegant bedroom I recalled.


"Hush, you are supposed to be resting."

"I have been 'resting' enough. What happened? Everyone has been walking on pins and needles. They took away my phone and the television."

"Ah that, there was a small incident in Egypt."

"What has that got to do with you. You were in Greece, wait, you were in Greece, weren't you?"

"Most of the time," I began, and she cut me off with a series of curses. "If you promise to try and keep your anger in check I'll tell you what happened."

"I will try."

I sat on the edge of her bed and gave her the details of events leaving out things I thought would upset her too much. When I finished she glared at me and demanded what really happened. I laughed and so did she. I told her about the spider goddess and the assault on her lair as well as the assassination attempt aboard the jet.

"So that is why you sent Violet and the others on a different flight. You suspected betrayal and kept them out of danger."


"Your father would be proud." She offered as she tried to sit up straighter. "Still as weak as a kitten. Speaking of, where is that goddamn cat?"

"I am here." The sorcerer cat said as he leapt onto the foot of her bed. "Welcome back Thomas."

"What is wrong?" I asked and damn mom looked guilty.

The bedroom door opened, and my sisters arrived in mass carrying mom's big screen television along with her laptop and her smart phone. I watched as they hooked up her satellite connection and plugged in the TV. Mom picked up her remote and turned on the television and made sure it was working properly. I placed my hand on hers and she stopped switching channels. The breaking news report showed the aftermath of a massive explosion. The South African town of Graaff-Reinet had been wiped off the face of the planet, and the details were sketchy. There were live shots from helicopters and the blast pattern screamed nuclear explosion, but no one was wearing hazmat suits and there was the lack of scorching or wild fires outside the town. It was simply a huge circle of destruction that didn't make any sense.

"What the holy hell?"

"Any ideas?" I asked the cat and he shook his head.

"I have collected data..." Tai said appearing without warning.

"Who is this naked... red skinned... Thomas?" Mom stammered.

"Tai, put on some clothes." I ordered, and her skimpy black leather armor appeared. "What have you got?"

"There is no fallout, radiation, or any signs of an EMP. This was not a nuclear weapon. Survivors have said that there was a bright light and a dome of blue light expanded until it stopped for some unknown reason. The people just outside the blast range are unharmed and showed no signs of radiation sickness. They also didn't feel any heat from the event or any kind of compression wave. Despite what this looks like this wasn't an explosion."

We fell silent and settled into positions and watched the coverage. On the bright side it was off season when this happened. The casualties were being estimated at under two hundred. I asked Tai to find everything she could about the town and see what might make it a military target. Someone's alarm went off and I saw Serena fly to her feet and leave the room. What was with that? We had cooks and other servant positions filled by cousins so where was she going so fast. I looked around and my sisters all wore the same strained expression. Whatever was going on I wasn't going to like what my sister was up to. I followed Serena. She was already half way down the stairs when I reached the hall. I looked over the railing and saw where she was headed. Why was she racing to the music room? I hopped over the railing and landed lightly on my feet. I hurried and saw the door close behind her. I listened at the door and picked out the rhythmic clattering sound that had a definite machine quality to it.

"You are late." A feminine voice said with a breathless quality.

"I'm sorry but uh... I'm sorry." Serena replied.

"But what," the other asked. "He is here, isn't he?"


I opened the door, but I wasn't prepared for the sight before me. There was a woman chained to the chair she was seated in. Her wrists and ankles were raw and bloody from her attempts to free herself. The chair was bolted to the floor and around the front legs were dried pools of blood. Behind the chair was an 8mm film projector, and standing next to it was my sister Serena. In her hands a metallic disk that was the next movie reel to be shown. In front of the chair was a large movie screen on a tripod. The mechanical sounds I had heard was the projector running. I looked at the silent movie being shown. It showed a dance scene. At the center of the women in their flapper dresses and the men in tuxedos was a woman that bore a strong resemblance to my mother. They could be sisters or at least closely related. The scene ended, and credits rolled on the screen. The actress that played the lead was none other than Victoria Blackstone.

The projector went silent as Serena switched out the reels. The woman in the chair cackled softly as she waved me over with her spindly limb. I glanced at Serena and she looked sick to her stomach. She finished her task and switched on the machine. The movie started, and she adjusted the focus by moving the cart the projector was on away from the screen. This wasn't a silent movie. My head swung towards the screen when I recognized the man's voice. It was my father and standing before him Victoria Blackstone. He laid his hands on her belly and announced to the camera that she was pregnant. The thing sitting in the chair cackled louder and Serena fled the room.

"Smile for the camera Vicky," he said rubbing her stomach. "This is history in the making. You are carrying the Golden Child."

"I am so proud." Vicky replied. "Why are you really filming me you pervert?"

"Well I promised you a late birthday present." Dad said his voice filled with venom. "Come in."

The camera swung around, and a hooded figure strode into the room. Vicky glanced at the newcomer and then towards my father. I saw my father lift the arm of a phonograph and set the needle on the record. A few seconds of scratchy noise was replaced with a jazzy tune. The stranger began to dance for Vicky. He remained hooded for a full minute until dad snapped his fingers and the hooded rope was cast off. Vicky cried out in shock as the naked Osirin stood before her. His massive erection brushed against her face as he continued to dance. The seven-foot figure was the epitome of Grecian ideal save the animalistic jackal head. My father left the room and they were alone. The camera caught everything that happened. Vicky worshipped the Son of Anubis' cock with her mouth and hands. He was literally hung like a bull. How she managed to deep throat him was beyond me.

"I was good, very good. I could do things that would put other women to shame. Watch... see what I could do."

The Osirin fucked her face with an easy steady pace and she never once showed any sign of gagging. He blew his load down her throat before yanking Vicky to her feet. She was still swallowing when he tore her clothing from her body. Damn, she was built like mom. Her tits were at least a double D cup. He spun her around and cupped her tits in his hands and they barely wrapped around them. As he mauled them his semi-hard member slid just beneath her sex.

"Gods what a lover!" She moaned lewdly from her chair. "He could fuck for hours."

The jackal headed godling lifted her up easily and impaled her on his raging cock. I watched the blood gorged organ pierce her to the core. How the hell could she take all of that? She did and more. He proceeded to fill every orifice she possessed with a massive load of cum. I winced when his cock pierced her ass. It looked like it hurt like hell, but the younger version of Victoria accepted his offering like a champ.

"My ass hurts just watching it again."

"I bet."

"My secret lover, but he found out. Old Black Thom learned my secret. I hated him. I loved him. I loved him so much I lied to keep his pride."

"What do you mean?" I said and then realized that the pregnant Victoria on the screen wasn't carrying my father's child. "Oh fuck!"

"You got it in one." She cackled. "My lover had gotten me pregnant not Thomas. I lied to him otherwise he would have killed both of us. He wanted a son so bad. I knew it was a boy from the beginning."

"Were you right? Did you give birth to a son?"

"I did." She replied, and her laughter reached a maniacal level. "...half Nephilim and half Osirin... a child of the Old Gods!"

"Where is he now? Is he still alive?"

"Alive... oh yes," she shrieked as she tried to stand. "He did this to me! He took so much life out of me. He drained me dry!"

"Is that why you feed off celebrities?" I asked, and she fell silent and quit moving.

"I hurt. I am so tired of hurting."

This was the woman that had fed off Robert. She had somehow snared and enslaved him. But my heart went out to her. She had been gorgeous once and childbirth had wrecked that. I walked over and stood between her and the screen. I could hear the lewd grunting coming from the projector as I reached out and touched her forehead. I sent a tendril of positive chi into her to test her chakra. She was dying. I looked for a way of freeing her, but I didn't have time to look for a key. I grabbed the chains one at a time and ripped them from their anchors in the floor. I scooped her into my arms and carried her to the only suitable piece of furniture in the room, a couch. I set her face down on the antique. I turned her head so that she didn't suffocate. I placed one hand on the small of her back and the other on the top of her head. As I had done with Marketa I sent a trickle of chi from my right hand upwards to her head. It took three minutes to form a complete and stable circuit.

"Wow." I gasped as I slowly poured on more power.


"I bet it does." I gasped as chunks of dark chi broke free and flowed into me.

I fought the urge to puke and endured. I maintained the current level of chi giving my body a chance to break down the poisonous energy. I swore that glaciers moved faster than the energy that I dumped into her system. I closed my eyes and let things flow as naturally as possible. Time passed slowly as larger and larger chunks of dark chi broke off and hit my system like psychic icebergs. I tried to slow but I felt her life force waver. I had no choice but to continue even if it poisoned me. Anger welled up as my entire system was overwhelmed with negativity. I wanted it over and I poured more and more energy into her. Her body rallied, and sustainable strength began to gather once more. A particularly large jolt of dark chi hit my system and I was consumed with rage. My vision narrowed, and I pondered murdering the old witch instead of saving her.

"Now, now is that any way for Old Black Thom to think?" Bambi the succubus whispered in my ear. "Give me that nasty old darkness and I'll put it to good use."

I screamed as the succubus dug her talons into my shoulders and extracted the negativity. There was a pulse of white light and I was hurled backward away from the old crone. I felt the wind knocked out of me when my back slammed into the wall. I came to staring up at the ceiling. I was being cradled in someone's lap. Her fingers gently ran through my hair as she told me not to move.


"Yes, it's me son." The voice said in a soothing tone.

My vision eventually cleared, and I saw that it was a naked Victoria that held me. Her youth and beauty had been restored. She really did look like mom. I tried to sit up, but I couldn't. I had spent far too much of my energy healing her. The sound of approaching footsteps drowned out whatever Victoria was trying to say. It hurt to turn my head, but I saw all my sisters arrayed in the doorway. They looked pissed and if there was any doubt of their anger Violet's outburst removed it.

"Get away from him, you crazy bitch!"

"Stand down Violet," Sorcerer cat ordered. "You don't have all the facts."

"I... I don't understand."

"Relax and let Thomas explain."

"I healed her." I gasped fighting my body's urge to sleep. "She didn't hurt me. I need to sleep. Don't do anything until I wake up, understand."

"Yes Master." They all replied lowering their eyes.

The blackness leapt out and engulfed me. I was walking in an area surrounded by thick fog. There was no sense of direction as I walked. Had I died after healing Victoria? A breeze sprang up and the fog thinned. The sun blazed ahead, and I felt warm sand beneath my feet. My father was lounging in a recliner on this beach. The island was populated by a huge variety of naked women of all races and proportions. There was one clear commonality among these women, they were all gorgeous. Some had small tits while others had pendulous swaying breasts. Some were tall with long legs and some were short and petite. I sat down next to dad and enjoyed the view.

"You've been a naughty boy."

"I healed her. Why is that so wrong?"

"You have a good heart son," he said, and a pained expression spread over his features. "But you picked the wrong woman to be generous to."

"She cheated on you." I said, and he nodded. "Why an Osirin?"

"You saw him. He was hung like a freaking god."

"Wait, did you feel intimidated by him?"

"No, not exactly, she fell in love with him..." He said and frowned. "She lied to me. I didn't find out until after she gave birth."

"She carried the Osirin's child to term."

"Yeah. I thought he was mine. His hair and his eyes... I sensed the power in him and knew I had finally sired a golden child. But I hadn't, it was all a lie!"

"I never knew I had a brother or cousin." I said and gods how he looked at me. "I don't have one do I. Did you kill him?"

"NO! I raised him as my own!" Dad screamed as he wept.

It took a few seconds to puzzle it out. The shock as the truth hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't have a brother or male cousin. I was the child of Victoria and her Osirin lover. The man that had raised me as his own wasn't my biological father. The questions began to bubble up from deep inside.

"What is your connection to Victoria?"

"She was my oldest daughter. She was my favorite until she snapped and went feral. There is a reason why humans and Osirins don't breed. The strain of carrying the child is draining on the mother. Most don't have the strength to do it. You really are a miracle."

"I stole her vitality." I blurted out.

"Yes, she began to age rapidly and did what she felt she had to. She was a gifted Taoist Sorceress and used those talents to feed off donors. I don't understand it really."

"So, when I blasted out all that dark chi her body restored itself, good for me."

"You sound proud of yourself."

"I am. I hurt her when I was born, and I was given the chance to make amends."

"You almost died. If Bambi hadn't intervened, you would have perished."

I smiled and hoped Victoria's sanity had been restored along with her health. A sense of serenity flowed into me and I felt myself waking up. I told him that I loved him, and my last sight was my dad smiling at me.

I woke and felt the aches even before I tried to sit up. I let out a groan as I levered myself into a sitting position. I was in my bed, but I wasn't alone. The life like hologram of Talon sat next to me. Tai seemed to have adopted the ruby skinned beauty as her favored avatar. I was naked save my smart watch on my wrist.

"Welcome back to the world of the living. It was touch and go there. I have been monitoring your vitals and you rallied a little while ago. How do you feel Master?"

"Like I have the flu and a hangover combined. How is Victoria?"

"She is fully recovered both physically and emotionally. You saved her."

I leaned back and picked up a glass of orange juice that was sitting on my end table. I sipped the juice slowly and Tai watched me with those blazing gold eyes of hers. She had made subtle tweaks to the original avatar. Her nipples were inverted now as well as her sex had 'innie' labia. I wanted to ask her about the aesthetic changes, but I felt it was too personal.

"I have noted that you find certain aspects of female anatomy more appealing. I changed my nipples and vagina. Am I more attractive Master?"

"You are getting goose bumps," I noticed, and she shivered. "Are you getting aroused?"

"I like the way you look at me. I know that I'm not corporeal, but the programs make me feel... good. I can do things now." She said as she cupped her tits and squeezed them. "See how wet I am. My pussy is soaked because of you."

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