tagIncest/TabooLegal Heirs Ch. 01

Legal Heirs Ch. 01


NOTE: Quite a few letters came to me and not all were encouraging! I counted three letters accusing me of concentrating too much on Incest and tit fucking. While I do admit that I have had no experience whatsoever of Incest, I never could understand why it is considered to be taboo. Basically, I base the incest stories on a few families I know of (including my cousin sister) and the details I got from my roommate when I was doing my engineering.

As for tit fucking, I adore it! It's been my favorite fetish ever since my brother-in-law told me how his wife liked doing it. Of course, I indulge in it and would urge readers to give it a try. It's a heavenly experience.

Too much Incest and tit fucking?

Big deal!

* * * * * * *

Dad always encouraged sharing. "You all are my legal heirs," he would say. It almost seemed that it was a kind of a subtle threat. But Mom and the kids always obeyed him.

"A family that shares, lives happily" he would say.

And he was not wrong. Dad and Mom had three kids, a couple of sons and a daughter. Senior was now 20, the daughter was 19 and the youngest son was 18.

After the junior turned 18, Dad and Mom stopped closing their bedroom doors. Till then they had to wait.

"It's only fair for all to see what conspires in the room," he explained.

Dad worked for a computer office; he only had weekends off. Mom didn't work.

"I think it's a better idea if you stay at home," he had told her. "That is the proper way to raise kids. Besides, there's no need for you to work. I make enough dough. And there's a lot of work at home."

Senior was a salesman at a second-hand car company while Junior had just graduated out of school and was taking a course in computer. The daughter worked at Dad's office: she was his PA.

Their typical day went something like this:

Except for Saturdays and Sundays, Dad and Senior got into the bathroom first for their bath.

"Always finish off these chores first," Mom would say. "I've been doing that for forty years of my life. Brush your teeth, have your coffee, go to the loo, have your bath and come down to get your breakfast."

Mom was an early riser and she would be freshly bathed and the breakfast would be ready on the table.

When Dad was horny, he would get behind Mom or sis, depending on his mood and bang away till he would come. Mom would always wear a gown, so that he just had to flip it up and drag her panties down over her hips. As for sis, her uniform was a loose skirt and it was easy for Dad to raise it up and bunch it around her tiny waist. He would just unzip his pants and fish out his erect cock and slam into them. Or, if Mom were in the mood (she always seemed to be, though she had the luxury of having Junior around the house till almost late afternoon) she would bend down in front of Dad or one of the sons, fish out the cock and suck him off. Sis had the luxury of being with Dad in his office. So usually on working days, she would take her ways with one of her brothers when Dad wasn't fucking her. Often times, she would have both brothers sitting beside each other and would alternately suck them off.

Junior would patiently wait till Dad, his brother and sis left the house. As soon as they had (they traveled together to save on the gas), he would start upon Mom. Often, they would sit on the couch in the living room and he would begin by exposing her tits. Everyone, including sis, seemed to have a fascination with Mom's tits. They were incredibly huge with hardly any sag.

Sis too had large tits. "Like mom, like daughter," Dad had joked. But they dug Mom's tits more. Very often, sis and Mom got together and sis would suck and lick on Mom's tits for what seemed like hours.

Anyway, Junior would expose his Mom's tits and let the bra hang below them. He seemed to like it that way.

"That seems to make the sag lesser, huh?" Mom had joked and he had vehemently disagreed with that comment.

"I do that with sis too, Mom. It is a kind of a fetish. I love watching, playing, sucking and fucking with tits when they have a strip of bra below them."

"And what when I'm not wearing a bra?"

"We can't help it, can we? Stop wearing them and you will know."

So they would be seated on the couch, necking like crazy. He would suck the tits and lick the nipples while she would unbuckle his pants, or his nightdress if he were wearing that, and bring out his cock. His cock never failed to amaze her. Whenever they were in a mood, he would always produce a hard on at will. In many ways, he was like his father used to be (and still was) in the younger days.

They would never undress completely; because once they had and the postman rang the bell for a signature for a registered letter. He was furious and upset for the time he had to wait at the door, cooling his heels.

Junior also liked the sixty-nine the best. Especially with his mom; her cunt would always be freshly scrubbed and had a pleasant smell around it. Sis too had an equally beautiful cunt, but he liked the way Mom held on to him when she gave head while he sucked her cunt.

They would sixty-nine till one of them needed something more. Usually it was Mom.

"Ok, sonny, I need this monster inside my cunt now. Come on, get up."

There were variations in the way they fucked. Sometimes, they would do it in the missionary position, either with her on top or with him on top. Or, he would sit on the couch and Mom would straddle him, either facing him or facing away. She would often kneel on the floor and tell him to fuck her from behind.

"Like a bitch, son, you are the dog and I am the bitch. Shove your dick inside me from behind."

Moreover, Junior always waited till she came. It was only after that, that he would tell her that he was going to come.

Often, he would come on her cunt (though not inside it; Dad had a strict rule against that) or belly. She liked to take him in her mouth or aim his shuddering cock at her tits.

But the best thing that all the men liked was straddling Mom. They would then shove their cocks between her tits. Sometimes, one of them would sit on her belly and stick his cock between her tits and the other would sit on her face and insert his cock from the opposite direction. Having two cocks turned her on more than anything.

So Junior would get on top of Mom and shove his cock between her tits after she had come. Then he would begin rocking to and fro while she would hold her tits wrapped around his cock. He would let the first spray come in her cleavage, and then, she would slide down and take him in her mouth for her real 'breakfast'.

Most often than not, Mom would bathe Junior. "I like it, Junior. Running soapy hands over your naked body and bathing you is erotic."

She always took special care of his cock. There, she would soap him for the longest time. As though on cue, he would get hard again. She would wash off the soap and kneeling down on the tiles would take him into her mouth.

They all thought that she was an amazing cocksucker.

"Sucking cock isn't just about putting the meat into the mouth and bobbing your head to and fro," she had advised sis. "You have to bring your tongue into play even as you suck on it. Ever so often you should take out the dick and lick all over the shaft. Sometimes, you got to lick on the balls and take them one at a time in your mouth. Here, you have to be gentle. Men's balls are very sensitive. You also got to vary the speed of your sucking. Simply sucking it wildly isn't as good as sucking with different speeds. You have to suck the cock head too; slow and gentle like. If it starts to drop down a little, you got to take him in the throat. Now that's a difficult thing to do; not as easy as taking it into your cunt. You have to learn to relax the throat muscles and take it in a bit at a time. Very soon, you will learn to take it all the way in."

Sis had mastered the technique. But Junior was certain that Mom sucked him better, because she made him last so long. When he was about to come, she somehow would sense it and used one of her array of tricks to make him calm down again. She would either pinch his cock head, or grasp the base of his cock. Sometimes, she would pull his cock out of her mouth and then pinch him.

"I want to fuck now, Mom," he would say eventually.

Sometimes, she would just bend over the sink and he would enter into her from behind. She would hold the sink with her hands and he would grab her tits and fuck her.

"You are a master fucker, son," she would breathe.

And he would laugh delightedly and fuck her just as long as she had sucked him. He would often take out his cock and tease her by running the tip over her cunt lips and she would moan and scream at him, "Put it back inside and fuck me."

Then, he would enter her to the hilt and fuck away like crazy, pinching her nipples and kneading her large tits.

At other times, she would lead him to the bedroom (whose it was didn't matter). There she would lie down on the bed and spread her legs wide open.

"Come now, sonny, and give me your cock," she would tell him.

He would stand on the floor beside the bed and hook her legs up till they were resting on his shoulders. She would carry her hand down to spread her cunt lips and, holding her hips, he would plunge inside her.

"Oh god, yes, fuck me like that! Harder, baby, harder, ah yes, ah yes, now faster sonny, yes, yes, go deeper inside and rip my cunt apart!" she would scream.

He didn't need to be told how to fuck, of course, but she liked to talk anyway. The entire family was very vocal when they were fucking. Or sucking.

This time she almost never allowed him to come on her cunt or belly or tits.

"Tell me when you are coming, baby, mummy wants some more breakfast," she would whimper, and when the time came for him, she would slide down the bed and take his cock in her mouth. She would frantically jerk the base of his cock and fondle his balls. He would explode into her mouth and she would happily swallow his come till he would be drained.

He had to go to his class at three. He would be back by six and that was about the time that everybody would be back.

Dad and sis rarely varied their routine. Since he was the CEO, he had a large independent cabin and he had installed a remote controlled latch lock/unlock device. Moreover, he had all the glass panes covered with sunscreens that were so dark, no body could peep inside and see what their boss was up to. Besides, little did anybody suspect anything strange going on. After all, wasn't his PA his own little daughter?

Dad had ordered sis to wear loose knee length skirts and loose business shirts. No bra. She had agreed on one condition.

"What's that?"

"You don't wear any underwear either," she had replied.

"Honey, if I don't wear any underwear with you around, everybody's going to think I have got a flagpole inside my pants. You know how horny I am."

But sis could be adamant and finally had her way.

Dad was damned good at his work and had trained sis personally so that together they would clear up the In-tray in less than a couple of hours.

By ten sis would sweep the table off all papers, and then, would climb onto her Dad's desk. She would sit in front of him and open her legs so that he could see her naked cunt inside her loose skirt.

He would push the skirt up her thighs. "Lift your ass up baby, let me get that skirt over your midriff."

She would lean back with her palms flat on the desk and raise her ass. Dad would push the skirt up till it was bunched over her waist. Then, holding her knees and spreading them further apart, he would plunge his head right down between her legs.

She would stifle a cry and hold the back of his head, lifting her ass up to press her cunt harder against his mouth. Dad was an expert at eating cunt. He loved it. He would begin by sliding his tongue up and down over her cunt lips. After a few minutes of that, she would open her cunt lips and moan, as his tongue would enter inside.

His tongue was so big and thick it was as if it were a cock sliding inside her. Expertly he would probe the insides of her cunt in a in and out movement that would have her sighing and moaning.

"Oh yes, Dad. Eat me up and drink me up. You do it the best! Shove that deeper inside, ah yes, like that."

And then, she would hoarsely tell him to "Suck my clit, Dad!"

Her every wish was a command. He would do precisely that, at the same time, shoving two fingers inside her cunt. He would furiously plunge his fingers in and out, sucking on her clit. One hand would go up and enter her shirt to cup her tit and squeeze and knead it.

Two minutes of this and she would shudder and breathe heavily to have her orgasm. Dad never minded that her thighs would be pressing together, clamping his head tight between them gripping him like a vice.

After her first orgasm at the office, she would slowly relax her muscles, feeling thoroughly drained. She would reopen her knees to let him lick off her juices. She would lean back with her palms on the desk again and allow him to unbutton her shirt.

Dad loved the way she looked at him through glazed eyes as he would capture her tits in his hands and begin to maul them. She loved for him to be rough with her tits. She enjoyed the way he would knead, pull, push together and finally squeeze them powerfully.

She would lean forward and thrust her hands down the desk. Hurriedly, she would unzip his pants and his naked, hard and pulsating cock would spring out. He would grunt and slide his ass forward in his chair when her hot hands would grab his cock and immediately begin to jerk on it, almost savagely. He would open his mouth and take one of her tit into it, sucking voraciously while pinching the other nipple.

She would grab his head, push it away and kiss him on his mouth, gratefully accepting his fat tongue in her mouth. She would taste herself there and would begin to suck on the tongue like it was his cock.

Then, pushing him away, she would hop off the table and go down on her knees between the desk and his chair. He would open his legs invitingly and she would stare at his thick cock waving in the air.

She had learned to fit his width in her mouth thanks to Mom's training. Slowly she would slide the length of his cock till it was half way inside her mouth. She would then begin to flick her tongue around the shaft, keeping him inside her mouth. All this time, she would lovingly gather his swollen balls in her hands and pull on them gently.

After she had gathered enough saliva to make him wet, she would begin to bob her head up and down. Slowly at first, and then, faster and faster till he would groan and begin to raise and lower his ass to fuck her mouth.

By this time, he usually had her shirt off and she would have her skirt off till she was gloriously naked. He would always keep his shirt on, but she would have his pants down over his ankles.

After allowing her to suck on his cock for about five to ten minutes, he would grunt and rising off the chair, he would pull her up with him till they would both be standing.

"Get on me, baby," he would say in a gruff voice whereupon, she would give a slight hop till her legs would be wrapped around his ass, and he would hold her there in position by cupping her ass cheeks.

He would laugh when she would gasp and that was at the point of the entry of his pulsating cock plunging inside her soppy cunt.

"Ride on, honey," he would laugh, beginning to walk around the office. She would move her ass to and fro, fucking his cock with her cunt, as he would bend down once again to suck and lick on her tits.

Their fucking would almost always be intense. Fast, furious and savage, both breathing heavily, he with sexual excitement and she with the exertion of her rapid movements.

Depending up on his mood, he would end up in this position, or, lay her back on the desk and pound her cunt mercilessly. She would beg for more and more.

"Yes, dad, more, oh yes, deeper, deeper, oh my god, faster, faster, oh dad, fuck, fuck me, fuck my cunt, oh yes!"

When at last, she would have had her second orgasm, he would always put her down on his chair, shuffle forward and jam his cock into her mouth.

"Don't let mess the office, baby! Don't miss a drop!"

He would explode into her mouth and she would take him in deeper, swallowing desperately to gulp down all his juices. She noticed, that in spite of her efforts, there was almost always a lot of his cum dribbling out of her mouth and spilling down on to her chin and from there to her tits.

That would be end of round one.

Like Mom and junior at home, she would revive him again, usually after lunch. They always had their lunch in the privacy of his office. He would make her go out of the cabin to fetch some files or letters; that ensured the rest of the staff that their boss and his PA were working.

They would have their lunch in the small antechamber at the back of the cabin. It was while they would be midway through lunch that she would begin her games. With her mouth full of food, she would reach over and unzip him. She would bring out his cock and get back to eating as if nothing had happened.

She would nibble on her food for some time and then, open her shirt and hang it neatly over the back of the couch on which they would be sitting side by side. Then, with her tits exposed, she would start to eat up her lunch again, playing with her tits and occasionally, reaching out to fondle his cock. Invariably, his cock would start to erect, till it would be thumping against the table.

Most of the times, she would calmly finish her lunch, wash her hands and get back to the table. While he would still be eating up his food, she would crawl under the table and take his cock in her mouth. Talking about having desert, she would suck on him, varying the speed and the penetration just like Mom had taught her to.

He too would calmly finish his lunch, pull his cock out of her mouth, walk over to the sink and rinse his hands. Then, he would come back and sit on the edge of the table, allowing her to suck him again. He had this way of pulling out his cock, thumping it against her face and forehead, then shoving it back into her mouth. He would always take time to fuck her tits after lunch. She loved that. He would make her lean back on the table and would kneel on the chair facing her. He would then push together her tits and slip his cock into her cleavage. She would moan and groan and pant and puff, begging him to fuck her tits harder and faster. He would then hold her shoulders, rise on to his feet and start to plunge back and forth, up and down and to and fro, sliding his hard cock between in the voluptuous tunnel made by her tits. When it would be time for him to come, he would rise above her, tell her to open her mouth and jack off till his juice would erupt from his cock, right into her mouth. She would drink up all of it.

So far for the routine of Mom and junior and Dad and sis.

Poor Senior had no such luck; most of the time he would be busy showing the cars to prospective clients and trying to drive a hard bargain. But he had one thing going for him: he was the first one to come back home.

After junior would have gone for his classes at three, Senior would come back home at four, which meant he would have at least two hours with Mom.

Mom knew of his predicament and would always be waiting for him with a cup of coffee. She would be dressed up in a bra and panties, sitting on a chair. Senior liked it that way.

He would let himself in with his key, delighted to find Mom sitting on the chair in the kitchen, half naked. He would always undress hurriedly and crouch up on the chair, facing her. He would grip the back of the chair on which she would be reclining and pull out her bra.

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